We are Noah Z. Jones and Joel Trussell and we're responsible for the Disney XD animated television show Pickle and Peanut. The show definitely has a different vibe than what you might expect from Disney, but we ask you to give it a watch before jumping to conclusions. Load us up some questions and we'll do our best to answer them.


Season 2 premieres today on Disney XD


UPDATE: Hey thanks everyone for the ???s. Hope we shed some light on some serious issues. There's a new Pickle and Peanut every ding dang day for a while so check it out on Disney XD and the Disney Now app. It should induce many laughs, nightmares and indelible memories. We're sticking a fork in this mutha!

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buckfuttner38 karma

Is it true that Brendon Walsh worked on the show and he's the most handsome employee you ever had?

howisyourmother32 karma


liamquane33 karma

How did you pitch the show to Disney? :~)

howisyourmother108 karma

We actually didn't pitch. We got on Craigslist and hired a freelance druid to cast a desire spell on the Disney brass. Best 65 bucks we ever spent.

CatheterC0wb0y27 karma

Just watched some clips and I must say this show is hilarious... my question is how you were able to get the “no one cuts my little pickle” past the censors?

howisyourmother45 karma

You know. Now that I read that out of context I see how that can be taken the wrong way. Pickle has a pet bird named "L'il Pickle", clearly that's what he's talking about. Oh and he's uncut.

TajesMahoney25 karma

What led to the ultimate decision to have Pickle and Peanut be those specific food items? Were there other edible choices you were fond of? Do you have anything to say to the allegations that southern peanut farmers forced your hand in the hopes the success of the show would raise their crop prices?

howisyourmother54 karma

Okay, here's a tip for everyone. Those Southern Peanut Farmers are ROLLING IN CASH. They'll throw a couple mill' at anything with two legs. So yes, we did sell out. Yes, we can be easily bought. Yes, our yachts do have fancy Japanese toilets.

kianworld23 karma

How much stuff does Disney let you get away with? Sometimes it feels like this show was an Adult Swim show edited down for kids. Which isn't a bad thing!

howisyourmother39 karma

Disney has been very tolerant of us, but we definitely kept the S&P department busy. We only got individual episodes banned in four different countries, so that was good. They secretly love us I'm sure.

sadderdrunkermexican7 karma

What got banned and why?

howisyourmother8 karma

Oh there's a small list that we won't bore you with. Different countries have different levels of tolerance and apparently we tested them too much and set a new record of banishment. We don't mean no harm.

tricktricky17 karma

How did you guys manage to pitch this zany idea to an organization as strict in brand management as Disney?

howisyourmother26 karma

We went for the funny every time and despite the show being a potential contrast to what was the typical Disney fare... we got the laughs. In the end, I heard we were classified as a "brand extender".

trespeak13 karma

Hey guys! I just wanted to let y'all know that since I stumbled upon the show at like 3 AM on one night last year I've went from being curious to just mildly obsessed. Thanks so much for making this weird, beautiful thing.

So, my primary question: how'd you two land on the show's aesthetic? One reason I enjoy it as much as I do is the unorthodox character designs.

(Also, is it possible that we'll get more story driven episodes like "Australia" in the future? That one's incredible.)

howisyourmother12 karma

3AM is the NEW Must See TV! We're killing that time slot!

As far as aesthetics go, we wanted to see what happens if you go in the opposite direction of the Disney norm. We took the Beavis and Butthead approach where the show looks like it might have been designed by the characters themselves. Glad you're into it!

Australia was actually done in a mad dash rush of two weeks. We were surprised there was a story there at all at the end of the day. More story driven-ish stuff on the way!

toaurdethtdes12 karma

Hey! Atleast you didn’t make fanboy and chumchum!

  1. Do you hate fanboy and chumchum?

  2. Favorite show?

  3. What’s the last meal you ate?

howisyourmother19 karma

Thanks for the kind words.

  1. To be honest, we don't watch kids cartoons. blush

  2. Curb Your Enthusiasm, Game of Thrones, Maury Povich

  3. I just drank a can of Modelo and ate a salted caramel cupcake

ironman8210 karma

what do you think of the situation in venezuela?

howisyourmother21 karma

We actually address it in our season 2 episode "Tweenage Lupinus"

ironman8213 karma

is that the one withthe hot milf latinascene with salmas hayack and emma stome and emma watson

howisyourmother16 karma


CaptainBZarre10 karma

  1. So I've been noticing that the show has a lot of dark content in it, which is surprising considering the channel it airs on (Disney XD). Were there any times where you were restricted by Disney's TV content rules or did they give you free reign over the show?

  2. What has been your favorite episode of the show that you worked on? Personally, "Yellow Snow" was hilarious because of the awful CGI and "Australia" was a really good two part episode. I can't wait to see what you do this season.

  3. How's your mom?

howisyourmother18 karma

  1. We get lots of notes from Disney about junk they're not comfortable with, usually we end coming with something funnier (but mostly just weirder).

  2. From season one, 90's Adventure Bear is hard to top. It's a mashup of Tailspin and Birdman. Watch out for "L'il Chugger the Face Train" coming up in season two. It's pretty stellar.

  3. She's fine.

cobaltcollapse10 karma

Do you see season three happening?

howisyourmother10 karma

Anything is possible, right? Life is funny.

Frankfusion10 karma

Best advice for writers trying to get into animation writing?

howisyourmother21 karma

Don't! I'd look into training to be an MMA fighter, those guys are badass.

finch_beaks9 karma

Which Disney legend were you most inspired by when developing Pickle and Peanut?

liamquane9 karma

Hi all! Can I ask, what is it like running a show? Thanks :~)

howisyourmother20 karma

It's easy. It's shocking we get paid to do it. All day we just take naps and eat candy and yell at underlings.

SillyFlyGuy8 karma

This is the first I'm hearing about this show and, aside from the brief bio for the Pickle and the Peanut in your link, I know nothing of it. If you overheard someone talking about the show, what description would make you proud?

howisyourmother16 karma

"It's my favorite cartoon on Adult Swim"

ethanwc6 karma

Rick and Morty stole the Pickle idea...

howisyourmother13 karma


JohnAdultman7 karma

Who was your least favorite Disney executive and why?

howisyourmother13 karma

This is a trap. Is this a question from Disney? We won't be fooled again. Plus John, you seem like a real creep.

lordoflightbynight3 karma

Lay off of Khaki she’s a nice laaaaady

howisyourmother3 karma

Khaki is the best.

MatthewLewisRoyer7 karma

Is it true you had something to do with the death of George Michael?

howisyourmother8 karma

Again, those Southern Peanut Farmers have a lot of dough to throw around. Maybe one day you take a few bucks and maybe George Michael goes away for a little bit. Life's funny.

BenTheUltimate7 karma

Hey guys. Do you think that there will ever be a pickle and peanut video game in the future?

howisyourmother12 karma

Yes, but it's an xbox exclusive :/

GumBro7007 karma

Since this is the godliest series to ever brace the faces of my face, will it ever be given the glory of having it's own feature film?

Also I want to see Peanut's nemesis Pretzel.

howisyourmother4 karma

We don't have a feature film planned, but you can watch the HOUSE PARTY films and just imagine that Pickle and Peanut play the lead roles. Peanut=Kid, Pickle=Play, McSweats=Martin Lawrence

BBFriendshipExpress7 karma

  1. How are you guys able to create such great live-action content.

  2. What is your favorite episode?

  3. Why is 90s Adventure Bear so great?

howisyourmother9 karma

  1. Joel Fox and Jennifer Day were our live action team for Pickle and Peanut. Fox also worked on Yo Gabba Gabba. Check him out here... http://joeldepartment.com

  2. How about a season one top 5: Wiz Fest, Sewer Shark, Sneaky Patty Sleepover, Francine, 90's.

  3. 90's was our homage to Disney Television Animation so there was real love there. We have a full blown 90's episode coming up this season where Pickle and Peanut don't even appear.

Migahn6 karma

If this is what made it to TV- what was some of the stuff you had to cut?

howisyourmother9 karma

We recently had to cut a scene where a ghost girl had black goo oozing from her eyes and puking everywhere. We're good at compromising though. We don't have goo oozing from her eyes anymore.

monster-battle6 karma

Hi guys!!! I guess around a couple years ago now, I was the agency designer tasked with creating Pickle and Peanut promo content for Disney XD's social channels when you guys first launched the show that summer. My team and I got to watch a bunch of the episodes before they aired and while we definitely knew the show was gonna tip some people's rockers, we thought it was so freakin funny and loved it and believed in it from the very beginning.

Which episode had the most difficulty getting through sensors, which was the most fun to make, and who is your favorite character in the series?

So glad I ran into your AMA and thank you for giving me a reason to get paid for making a looping gif of live-action slop hitting a lunch tray over and over again among other things.

howisyourmother4 karma

Hey there! Thanks for helping us make the madness! We had many eps that were hard to get out the door, but Cookie Racket takes the trophy. We had to do some big changes 2 days from airing which is bananas. Most fun to make was this year's MoCap Christmas Special... stay tuned. Best character is undoubtedly McSweats. Nice hearing from ya!

thebenroyer6 karma

Is it true that the best episode is the Christmas episode this season?

howisyourmother10 karma

Is that the one guest starring Melissa Joan Hart? SPOILER!

MatthewLewisRoyer5 karma

I've also heard this

howisyourmother6 karma


Burnout076 karma

Who hurt you? Just kidding. Is it strict working for Disney? Do they monitor every little thing you do on social media and in public?

howisyourmother7 karma

Our meds help stop the hurting. Disney has been pretty tolerant, but let's hope they don't shut down this dang AMA! SHHHHHH!

hurtsdonut_6 karma

How many marijuanas do you guys smoke before writing each episode?

howisyourmother18 karma

We have really really bad glaucoma and migraines and junk.

Leo_Panthera6 karma

Pickle and Peanut ends up accruing a lot of internet hate, but what is the "best" internet critic quote you've gotten?

Also did you know there is a very very small r/Pickle_And_Peanut subreddit?

howisyourmother7 karma

We love them all, so it's very hard to pick. How about bizzenboom from Cartoonbrew.com: I didn't think it literally about a pickle and a peanut though. I thought they would be cats or something.

Banankartong5 karma

I would like to see the show but i am currently on a really slow computer without sound. What is the best way you can describe the show in text, so I could see it in front of me?

howisyourmother4 karma

Here's an episode in binary:

0110100100101001001010100100101001000010010101010111010101001001010010011110101010011101101010101010100010101001001010011010010010100100101010010010100100001001010101011101010100100101001001111010101001110110101010101010001010100100101001101001001010010010101001001010010000100101010101110101010010010100100111101010100111011010101010101000101010010010100110100100101001001010100100101001000010010101010111010101001001010010011110101010011101101010101010100010101001001010011010010010100100101010010010100100001001010101011101010100100101001001111010101001110110101010101010001010100100101001101001001010010010101001001010010000100101010101110101010010010100100111101010100111011010101010101000101010010010100110100100101001001010100100101001000010010101010111010101001001010010011110101010011101101010101010100010101001001010011010010010100100101010010010100100001001010101011101010100100101001001111010101001110110101010101010001010100100101001101001001010010010101001001010010000100101010101110101010010010100100111101010100111011010101010101000101010010010100110100100101001001010100100101001000010010101010111010101001001010010011110101010011101101010101010100010101001001010011010010010100100101010010010100100001001010101011101010100100101001001111010101001110110101010101010001010100100101001101001001010010010101001001010010000100101010101110101010010010100100111101010100111011010101010101000101010010010100110100100101001001010100100101001000010010101010111010101001001010010011110101010011101101010101010100010101001001010011010010010100100101010010010100100001001010101011101010100100101001001111010101001110110101010101010001010100100101001101001001010010010101001001010010000100101010101110101010010010100100111101010100111011010101010101000101010010010100110100100101001001010100100101001000010010101010111010101001001010010011110101010011101101010101010100010101001001010011010010010100100101010010010100100001001010101011101010100100101001001111010101001110110101010101010001010100100101001101001001010010010101001001010010000100101010101110101010010010100100111101010100111011010101010101000101010010010100110100100101001001010100100101001000010010101010111010101001001010010011110101010011101101010101010100010101001001010011010010010100100101010010010100100001001010101011101010100100101001001111010101001110110101010101010001010100100101001101001001010010010101001001010010000100101010101110101010010010100100111101010100111011010101010101000101010010010100110100100101001001010100100101001000010010101010111010101001001010010011110101010011101101010101010100010101001001010011010010010100100101010010010100100001001010101011101010100100101001001111010101001110110101010101010001010100100101001101001001010010010101001001010010000100101010101110101010010010100100111101010100111011010101010101000101010010010100110100100101001001010100100101001000010010101010111010101001001010010011110101010011101101010101010100010101001001010011010010010100100101010010010100100001001010101011101010100100101001001111010101001110110101010101010001010100100101001101001001010010010101001001010010000100101010101110101010010010100100111101010100111011010101010101000101010010010100110100100101001001010100100101001000010010101010111010101001001010010011110101010011101101010101010100010101001001010 credits

lilbrite5 karma

Appreciate the 90's episode for us 90's kids, Noah and Joel! Any episode pitches you've had that you thought Disney would question airing?

howisyourmother6 karma

Yeah we have stacks of episodes we couldn't do, but we're happily surprised that Disney has let us make such a little and bizarre show.

WallyGropius5 karma

most hated? how is this claim verified?

howisyourmother7 karma

I submit as evidence...


DepressedCartoonist4 karma

What advice would you give for someone interested in breaking into the animation industry?

howisyourmother8 karma

Step 1: Alienate yourself from all your friends and family Step 2: Sell all your worldly possessions Step 3: Move to the talent mecca of Glendale, CA Step 4: Regret Steps 1-3

KingDeDeMe4 karma

Does the show's popularity in Japan surprise you guys?

howisyourmother8 karma

Yes. Most of the world was not ready... but Japan... JAPAN GETS IT! We heart Japan!!!

BillNyeTheSavage_Guy3 karma

What are your thoughts on some of the other Disney Channel cartoons?

howisyourmother2 karma

I should try and watch them.

Clipdodgecharge3 karma

Hi Noah and Joel!

I love the use of stock images in the show. Why the use of it though?

howisyourmother10 karma

Whoa whoa whoa. Joel and I took the photos of P&P. There's nothing "stock" about them. Peanut is a peanut and Pickle is a cucumber lubed up with olive oil. DM us for outtake pics.

Everything else, yeah those are stock photos because we're super-duper lazy.

NudeSpaceMonkey3 karma

The buzz on the Season 2 episode Gregazoids is tremendous, with Disney historian Leonard Maltin calling it the best thing Disney has ever done. Will it live up to the hype?

howisyourmother4 karma

Here's the thing, he's wrong.

T-D-S3 karma


did the perverts at Disney love the whole penis/vagina thing about a pickle being phallic shape and a peanut vaginal shape ?

howisyourmother2 karma

What a wonderful view of the world!

Space_Lord-3 karma

Can I be an extra on your show? Just give me a line and I'll say it.

howisyourmother3 karma

We have a hard time even getting ourselves on the show. (; _ ;)

-0-7-0-3 karma

do you eat ass?

howisyourmother6 karma

Let me switch subjects... How's your mom?

TurtlesWillFly3 karma

So how does it feel knowing there's a alternate reality with Cucumber and Cashew?

howisyourmother2 karma

Exhilarating yet crushing.

Banankartong3 karma

How is your mother?

howisyourmother3 karma

My mother is only with us in spirit.

Angrant963 karma

I have no idea what's going on in here. What is this? Who are you?

howisyourmother7 karma

Quick! Push your LifeAlert button! Someone help this person!

DuMbJoY3 karma

What inspired you two dudes making this show?

And I really want the P&P outro becoming a tru Windows screensaver. btw, how's ur mom?

DuMbJoY3 karma

and really, how'd you guys managed to slide in the wtf reference i the pilot episode whthout being censored? asian version managed to censor the 'what the hecks' and junk, but this didn't.

howisyourmother1 karma

We're guided by voices. We want a screen saver too. We love moms. And sometimes things slip through the cracks. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

ArthurGM3 karma

Did you expect the show to get the hate?

howisyourmother1 karma

we thought it might disturb some people

TheMostIronicMemes3 karma

Why did you think this show was a good idea?

howisyourmother2 karma

So you'd comment on our AMA! Oh I did I tell you we're FLUSH with MERCH!

empw3 karma

Did you like working with Reza?

noahzjones7 karma


empw3 karma


howisyourmother8 karma


deadseeds1173 karma

Why is your show one of the greatest things ever made? Also will there be a DVD/Blu-Ray release anytime soon?

howisyourmother5 karma

We can't take all the credit. We are simply vessels for a higher power that communicates to us through a mystic crystal. Also... there won't be a DVD, but you can always get the digital download through Amazon. The crystal is upset about this, but has come to terms with it.

reddogtheprirate3 karma

Pickle bears a strong resemblance to Super Pickle. Coincidence?

howisyourmother3 karma

The secret's OUT!!!

dancingmrt3 karma

Wait, hated more than Teen Titans Go?

kianworld3 karma

that's cartoon network

howisyourmother15 karma

Give us a chance and I bet we can created Cartoon Network's most hated show too!

GamoTron213 karma

Have you guys seen the Mr. Enter video?

howisyourmother3 karma

Chaspen3 karma

How did you react to the overwhelming negative feedback? Where you heart broken?

howisyourmother7 karma

It's a polarizing show, so there are people that hyper-hate and people that super-love it. Every once in a while we turn a hater...


Casper0423 karma

Did you sell to Disney or join them?

If the latter, Sonora?

howisyourmother4 karma

Disney paired us up to be in development, then we made it in-house. Sonora was the spot! Glendale REPRESENT!

Casper0422 karma

I work with some of the IT guys there every so often. Vendor for a server company.

I always find it interesting that DreamWorks is right around the corner (I was camped out there all last week), Disney Feature animation a few miles away, and DreamWorks TV in downtown Glendale not far away either.

Aside from Pixar being up north, Glendale / Burbank is like the motherland of Animated content.

howisyourmother3 karma

We like to think it's Nerd Central.

VisLegis3 karma

Which show would you like to crossover to?

howisyourmother4 karma

Breaking Bad or Doc McStuffins

VisLegis3 karma

Lastly, any holiday specials planned?

howisyourmother3 karma

We've got a winter holiday special that may be the best thing of all time.

The_Doctor_Bear3 karma

Hey guys! Love the show with a passion.

What’s your favorite peanut butter texture?

And honestly, who did the friendship tunnel as a kid?

howisyourmother4 karma

Friendship Tunnel was a Jones real life experience. Friendship tunnel was a whole different to me as a kid which I wouldn't get near.

howisyourmother4 karma

Oh and we're more of a Nutella type of guys, but we're not picky.

jaozinspooky3 karma

What do you think about a crossover episode with another Disney show?

howisyourmother3 karma

Only if they bring back Jessie! J/K we'll crossover with anyone at anytime.

ThatTVAGuy2 karma

Plans to do a TV Movie like Phineas And Ferb The Movie and Battle For Mewni?

howisyourmother17 karma

Yes, but it's xbox exclusive :/

finch_beaks2 karma

whats it like have so much exciting merch made from characters that came from your head?!

howisyourmother5 karma

It's weird how much merch was generated. Hopefully other current shows will get some too. It's an embarrassment of riches!!!

finch_beaks2 karma

Which one of you is pickle and which one is peanut?!?

howisyourmother12 karma

Finch Beaks, is there a way I can block you?

reddogtheprirate2 karma

Are Pickle & Peanuts friends off the set as well?

Is there any truth to the rumor that Peanut walked off the set in a huff screaming "Talk to my agent!"??

howisyourmother3 karma

You think these guys can score an agent?

KingOfLife2 karma


howisyourmother2 karma

This is a common question that I'm bad at answering. Luckily there's wikihow which is how I like to find solutions...


Are you interested in becoming a beach bum instead? This is a pretty good read too...


eccentric-vagabond2 karma

Dear Noah, why do you look like a shark on methamphetamine?


howisyourmother3 karma

Is this Amid Amidi?

ThanksIObama2 karma

How much budget does Disney shell out for these shows? For the live action shows, it looks like enough money to recycle an old set and hire a dozen child actors. But how about the animated shows? Is more or less money shoveled in?

howisyourmother9 karma

Our budget is between 50 and 60 bucks an episode. It's not much. Sometimes I cash in a bunch of old beer cans to splurge on things like making it in color.

ItsJurgi1 karma

Do you pc game?

howisyourmother6 karma

Is that like Amazon Prime Now?

ItsJurgi2 karma

Naw man video games

howisyourmother7 karma

Aw that's too bad. We love Amazon Prime Now and PS4.

Kickyourass52-12 karma

In the gory agnes episode, was the relationship with the ghost supposed to alludebto the fact that the American dream of a family and white picket fence and family is just a ghost of the past and how people are now trying to grab smoke in trying to replicate the ideal? Or is it just because you're stupid dumbfucks who wrote a shotty fucking show and have nothing to show for it besides a post on reddit, fuck you losers

howisyourmother13 karma

You're confused and hurting. We understand. We're here for you, Kickyourass52.

Kickyourass52-10 karma