Hey Reddit, I'm here again!

After starting standup at 19, I wrote, starred, and produced my own television show TITUS from 2000-2002. After I pissed off the Network President and the show got canned I've done seven 90 minute comedy specials and I'm working on my eighth called Amerigeddon, which is touring now.

I also just finished my first feature film called Special Unit, a cop movie starring actors with real disabilities and my emotional ones. We used handicapped actors in a way that has never been done before, in a balls out comedy that is as if Mel Brooks made Lethal Weapon with retards. You can check out the movie below.

Special Unit:
Available Here
And on iTunes

No I have not heard the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the wise, and one more thing...catapults, no question.

My Proof: https://imgur.com/a/KLw0j
Tweet at me: https://twitter.com/titusnation
Instagram me: @TitusNation

Bring it!

EDIT: I need to jet people! Thanks so much for the questions and some of your hilarious responses. If I get some time later I'll come back and answer a few more! And guys, PLEASE see the movie, no bullshit you'll laugh your ass off. If you don't want to give the corporate overlords at Apple any money you can get it on my website Until we meet again Reddit!

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Greycloak4248 karma

I just wanted to say how much I miss your show. It seems like after it was cancelled all television kind of went to hell. Any chance we'll ever get to see another sitcom from you?

RealChristopherTitus35 karma

Yeah, I was in charge of all of it and when I went away everything just sucked. Except for Breaking Bad. Honestly I am working on a new show for me and Billy Gardell and another one called "Devils Music." It's all a crap shoot though.

NDaveT15 karma

Any chance you will appear on Jerry Seinfeld's "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee"?

Is falling into a fire really a one step program?

What does Cynthia Watros smell like?

RealChristopherTitus12 karma

It would be an honor. Yes. Fresh pumpkin pie.

LokitheMischievous10 karma

First off, I’m a big fan!

Your comedy has always been extremely personal in subject matter. This may seem like an obvious question, but has making light of those events in your life made things, for lack of a better word, easier to cope with and process?

RealChristopherTitus20 karma

Yep, stopped me from killing a bunch of people in a KFC. ( I used to work there) Once I put all the pain and bull in joke form it became absurd, funny and easier to deal with. My family won't talk to me though... because I have shredded them. I understand.

vivet8210 karma

Is there any you will ever come back to Montreal ?? I would love to see you live

RealChristopherTitus21 karma

I love the festival I want to go back but Canada needs to have real money first. I love the monopoly aspect of it but it makes me uneasy.

twolvezfan10 karma

Will the stand up routine you did In Minneapolis last year be coming to video or audio recording at any point? It was my favorite one of yours next to norman Rockwell!

RealChristopherTitus15 karma

I think we are going to shoot Amerigeddon in February. Unless the nukes drop then I will do it around a campfire while we eat the vanquished.

AManWithout7379 karma

When will backers be getting their rewards? I already laid out $130 for a DVD, I'm not going to spend more money for a streaming version.

RealChristopherTitus9 karma

Listen we never made our goal. But we are we are working on the indiegogo people but FundAnything was backed by Trump and I cant get the records. DVDS will be out near Christmas. "We are on the motherfucker Jules."

Tim50007 karma

Always a fan, just want to thank you for coming to South Florida again.

What is one joke that you thought was funny as hell, but every time you told it, never got the reaction you wanted?

RealChristopherTitus11 karma

Every show has one or two of those. Sometime I just let them die and sometime I beat them to death and punish the audience with something I love and they don't get. You gotta save a couple for yourself.

BenevolentRascal6 karma

Hello Mr. Titus! What's the most rewarding thing about a career in comedy?

RealChristopherTitus15 karma

Bitches! Seriously from "Please welcome" To "Thank you goodnight" All the other stuff, travel, hotel beds that 30000 people have slept in and soiled, shitty food. It's all work but the heroin of laughter is the best.

demonspawn794 karma

Bitches love heroin.

RealChristopherTitus18 karma


Jungletouch4 karma

I used to watch your sitcom when I was a kid and after all of these years you look younger than me. WTF, man?

RealChristopherTitus5 karma

I moisturize...and I was bitten by a Vampire

kazman1014 karma

Hey Chris! I got into your stand up early on when my dad would play your standup specials late at night. Your film Special Unit resonated with me; my brother has Duchene Muscular Dystrophy and has been wheelchair bound since elementary school. He doesn't let his disability get in the way and we always make sure to treat him equally. Even when he lays a sick burn on me that makes me want to curl up in a ball and cry.

My question is have there been any hecklers in your standup career that have truly rattled you?

RealChristopherTitus12 karma

Glad you dug the movie. It was a ten year quest. Did your brother see it. He will pee himself. The only heckler I had a moment of fear was in Orlando when a dyde walked to the stage and we were yellng at each other and the bouncers were outside. My wife saw that and stood behind him with an empty wine bottle ready to crack him. Good times

nummakayne4 karma

I just wanted to say thank you for making me hyper aware of my inner retard.

Question: Everyone I've introduced to your specials (Norman Rockwel is Bleeding, Love is Evol, Voice in My Head et al) absolutely loved them and asked me, "How come I have never heard of this guy?" Do you think it's an area you could work on, gain more visibility?

I just think it's weird that you have fantastic material and equally great delivery but you aren't as popular as you deserve to be.

I did buy your Right Amount of Wrong Collection recently and noticed it wasn't available on any of the big video distribution platforms (Google, Apple, Netflix etc.). Are you averse to working with or publishing your work with the big guys?

I'm from India btw and we did have Titus in syndication like 15 years ago.

RealChristopherTitus5 karma

"Visibility" is something that takes up time. I'd rather make comedy and hopefully the visibility will come. Thanks for the compliment though. I was a big fan of Prince and he took over all of his distribution and production. He didn't sell as many maybe, but made twice the money and the fans knew they were supporting him and not a monster conglomerate. I love that. I've also been reemed a couple times. I may write SLAVE on my face like he did.

1step2step3 karma

Titus given how everythign turned out with your ex-wife, do you l ever watch the old show and think god was I naieve?

Also given how many issues of yourwith your ex-wife mirror wat happened between your father and your mother, did that give you empathy and a closer relationship with your father? Did he see it coming and help you through it or just let you figure it out.

BTW. I loved your show. I wish there cold be a miniseries intersplicing clips of your old show with you talkign to yourself knowing what you know now.

RealChristopherTitus5 karma

No, I knew at the time but I was always trying to placate her. I've learned now that life is to short to be with a Life Vampire. My life has paralleled my Dad's in a bunch of ways. My kids even did the same thing to me I did to him. Great idea for a show. If I could tell myself what I know know when I was 12, I would be John Titor.

Mysticspider3 karma

Any chance of you doing a show far up North in Alaska?

RealChristopherTitus12 karma

Once Trump acknowledges Alaska is part of the US I will perform there.

Vgatv3 karma

First off I wanted to say thank you for all of your standup specials. I travel a ton and they have brought me many hours of enjoyment as I drive through some of the less desirable portions of the country.

My question for you is this. Have you had any potential material for a show that has been vetoed by your wife or family/friends? You share a tremendous amount from your life, good and bad, but was just curious if you came up with something that your wife went "nope, you aren't telling that one".

RealChristopherTitus10 karma

I think the next one is called " Stories, I shouldn't tell" It should really isolate me. But I'll get all my holidays free.

jacksclevername2 karma

Are there any plans for a Killer Klowns From Outer Space sequel?

RealChristopherTitus8 karma

I've been hearing about it for years but i died in that movie... so fuck em.

wordnerd10232 karma

Titus, thanks to your specials, I learned that it's okay to make jokes to get through dark times. We enjoyed your show last week in Boise! Please keep coming back! Any idea when you'll tape Amerigeddon?

RealChristopherTitus1 karma


Wasas92 karma

Chris, big fan since the TV show. I frequently use the line "Dune Buggggieesss" and get blank stares from my friends.

I know you had said there were talks of a Titus 2.0 a few years back, are those talks over or still on the back burner?

RealChristopherTitus8 karma

FOX flat out said we couldn't use any of the characters or names. FOX owns my family now. I miss them.

evitulich2 karma

Hi Chris! I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your show, I really loved it! I know it pushed a lot of limits in regards of black comedy back in the day, but the way the TV has evolved made me hopeful that some day we could have a fourth season. That being said, what is your best memory from those days? Is it true that you got intimidated by Stacy Keach?

RealChristopherTitus3 karma

At the audition Stacy was SOOO good. We finished the Audition and after Stacy left Jack and Brian (Other exec producers) said "What do you think?" I replied " He scares the shit out of me!" They said "He's the guy" In the final audition with the network we had to fight for Stacy because they thought he was "Too Real" WTF?

drypaddle2 karma

what would you say has been your best and worst fan interactions?

RealChristopherTitus6 karma

My people are usually thinkers. I don't know why. They have usually been through some shit in their life and are always cool. I did get attacked once in Austin but that was because a dude heckled because his girl was into the show. They had to break us up in the Merch line.

mybustersword2 karma

Hey Titus! My question is how true to life was your show? Was it based on your life growing up at all? Do you hate to be called Titus?

RealChristopherTitus10 karma

Almost every story on the show was based on a real story from my life. A few we manufactured and those have a ring of fake. I prefer Titus and will respond faster. Also Numbnuts...I miss my dad

I_Am_DragonbornAMA2 karma

Did...you really pee on your dad's dead body?

Also, Fetus is a fantastic foil to you on the podcast. Love it.

RealChristopherTitus6 karma

NO, but my father really did say that was how he wanted to be buried.

j0n-Stam0s2 karma

Hey Titus, I've been a huge fan of yours for years. I love your stand-up shows, love the podcast (shoutout to Fetus). I'm 21 years old and when I was 18 I went through pretty heavy depression that lasted until I was 20. And days when I was at my worst I would watch your stand-up on YouTube and listen to your podcast and hearing you talk about your family and your own mental issues, it gave me comfort and made me laugh when nothing else could. So I want to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart. You are the best. As for my question, what's the best advice you could give a young guy like me?

RealChristopherTitus5 karma

Know that it's all made up. What happened, happened. How you see it will transform your life. My Dad was an abusive alcoholic, OR he was single father who did his best in an impossible circumstance. Up to you to decide how you see it. Even if it's not true shitty things can give you power if you choose to see them like that. You can also ride the vengeance and that is fuel too. I took the Landmark Forum, changed the way I saw everything. I know I've talked about it a lot but it really made a difference in my life. Best Advice: TAKE THE FORUM

coryrenton2 karma

what's the skeeviest thing you've witnessed fellow comics, network execs or military personnel do?

RealChristopherTitus2 karma

Comics : Sleeping with the skanky waitress. (guilty when I was younger) Network execs : Telling a comic what they think is funny without ever writing or telling a joke. Two exceptions Jon Landgraf and Doug Herzog. Both great execs. Military: Honestly the whole time the only thing that happened was an Air Force pilot refused to fly us to a show for the troops in Iraq because he was "Tired." Everlast lost his shit about that, me too.

Whalebait_992 karma

Been a fan of your standup and your show ever since I first saw it in 2012. I love doing a little bit of standup here and there, myself, and I was just wondering... how do you go about your writing/scripting process? Do you write the jokes first, then weave them together, or just kind of see where it goes, adding that big punch at the end (that's really my favorite part of every show)? Thanks for your time, keep up the good work!

RealChristopherTitus10 karma

Go to Bert Kreishers Podcast. I did a whole thing on how I break down a real story from your life and turn it into a 12 minute bit. Every sentence is just a setup for a punchline...except for this one.

EDIT: Here it is - http://bertcast.com/?p=408

zfry832 karma

So you have mentioned some of the people that inspired you to do comedy (Carlin, Cosby, Robin, etc.), but are there any comedians today that make you laugh like that?

RealChristopherTitus11 karma

Most everybody has something that cracks me up. I love standups. Ralphie was a great comic. I can watch John Mullany and Mike Birbiglia all day. They are masters.

Ranndym2 karma

I notice a lot of comedians, yourself included, voicing strong opinions about Harvey Weinstein's sexual harassment and rape on twitter, but most comedians are mum on a certain fat ginger with a goatee whose harassment is an open secret.

Do you think it's hypocritical to be outraged over Weinstein but quiet about about a sexual predator inside your inner circles?

I'm not saying that you necessarily know about the man, but Tig Notaro is the only big name I see addressing the issue at all.

RealChristopherTitus9 karma

Usually it gets around if its a problem. I heard about Cosby when I started. Louie has been around forever and I never heard weirdness. Not questioning Tig, she's nothing but honest. It was just never talked about inside until lately. I still haven't heard but then again i'm a bit of a loner.

Lyokomaster1 karma

Hey Chris, big fan here. Have loved your stuff since I started watching. My question is this: What keeps you going? I've always found solace in dark humor and helping others, so I've always loved your material. You've had a lot of rough times in your life, and not many people could have made it through all you did. As someone who has had his fair share of shitstorms and epic failures, I wanted to ask what keeps you going?

Thanks, Kris

RealChristopherTitus1 karma

I said it before, I took the Landmark forum.

natty12121 karma

If you were to make your TV show now, would you do it the same way, with the look of a traditional sitcom, or would you go for something more modern and/or experimental?

RealChristopherTitus3 karma

I'd really always like to try to just be laugh out loud funny. If something crazy adds to that then hell yeaH. If it detracts, nope.

groggboy1 karma

In lite of the new Hollywood scandals, did anyone try to get you on the casting couch?

RealChristopherTitus5 karma

Harvey never touched me and I auditioned in crotchless chaps. Still heartbroken.

RDubz751 karma

Missed your show in Syracuse, NY at the Funny Bone! :(

Will you be coming back to the Central/Upstate New York area anytime soon? PLEASE COME BACK!

RealChristopherTitus8 karma

Going back in December unless the movie makes billions then I'm buying a plane and hiding out until Trump blows this bitch up. Then I will BE Mad Max

Burnsey1111 karma

Is the reason you and RaeRae are not doing stand up in Canada is because you are worried that if you leave the US, Trump won't allow you back in?

RealChristopherTitus2 karma

Or he might bomb Canada because your President is so much cooler.

Burnsey1113 karma

We don't hav- Okay, funny!!! LOL

RealChristopherTitus6 karma

Prime Minister, which is a great wrestler name.

HallieS861 karma

You've talked a lot about your work with USO and support of the military. Is there a favorite memory you have from your multiple visits? Also, is there any veteran-specific cause here at home that you support or wish to be more involved in?

RealChristopherTitus9 karma

My Favorite trip was to the FOB out in IRAQ called Asrah. Everlast went with me and he played his acoustic to 30 soldiers still covered in dirt from their mission. Really made me realize how tough, badass and underappreciated our military is ANY veterans cause, fuck, lets just fix the VA. Everlast also did music for the movie.

twolvezfan1 karma

Who is your favorite stand up comedian?

RealChristopherTitus11 karma

Carlin and Williams, also Pre-Serial rapist Cosby. I guess there is no Pre-serial rapist Cosby. Lets just say "before we knew."

Misgunception1 karma

Is there any topic you'd never tell a joke about? Something completely off limits?

RealChristopherTitus6 karma

No. In the new movie there is a funny school shooting. It's all in the approach, what are you doing with it? Are you being edgy just to be edgy? Or are you trying to solve something. And sometimes I just do poop jokes. Also in the movie.

alwaysz711 karma

You've had a show, comedy specials, you're own company, a podcast and a movie. What's next for you? What's left on your list of things to do?

RealChristopherTitus2 karma

MAKE ENOUGH ON THIS MOVIE TO MAKE MORE! Making this film was the most fun I've had outside of standup. It was making funny on a much bigger scale. Many more pieces, like going from making lego rockets to building real rockets. Not trying to piss off the lego people.

BigMike6711 karma

Huge fan. Any idea if and when you may be coming back to Des Moines? Also, will there be a hard copy release of Special Unit?

RealChristopherTitus1 karma

No and Yes

sky72851 karma

Hi Titus,

I am excited to watch Special Unit! Thank you for using actors with diabilites! (I have mild CP) What was the spark that lead to you writing your unsual but greatly needed script?

RealChristopherTitus3 karma

My buddy Mike Aronin. I saw how people treated him all the time. Either they treat him like a toddler or ignored him. I wanted it to be balls out funny and show people that the disability is the last thing Mike was. It was just something he lives with like my oddly shaped left testicle. There you go reddit.

MarzipanMarzipan3 karma

Is he the one who tormented the waitress? That is still one of my favorite stories.

She DID deserve it.

RealChristopherTitus3 karma


Burnsey1111 karma

If you decide not to do a sequel to Special Unit, what Genre 'Musical, Film Noir...' would you think of for your next movie?

RealChristopherTitus2 karma

I wrote a script called Curly and Mo' that will stop racism. So yeah. I have a buddy action suicide comedy called FUN that is my dream. I'm a huge Mel Brooks fan and if you are gonna pick a genre you have to do it better than Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein, Silent Movie or High Anxiety. Special Unit is a cop genre buddy film. I kinda used 48 hours as the template. The premise is so weird in this movie that I wanted to ground it in something people were comfortable with, the cop genre, so the disabled angle didn't rattle.

Globalist_Nationlist1 karma

Holy shit man that's amazing.

I was a big fan of your show when I was a kid and I love your stand up.. And I've got a little brother with severe special needs who loves actions movies..

Am i the exact audience you're targeting?

Seems like it..

RealChristopherTitus1 karma

Holy shit you just describe my target audience. "Disabled people tired of being treated like shit by the world who love action movies" There's just no category for that in the MPAA ratings.

demonspawn791 karma

Hi Chris. I used to watch Titus religiously. My emotionally disturbed mother left when I was four. My dad was a physically and psychologically abusive alcoholic sociopath. I watched your show because I could relate and I hoped I'd be able to cope the way you did. Unfortunately it didn't work out so well for me, but I just wanted to thank you for having the courage to talk about stuff from your childhood. Your courage made me feel more comfortable about talking about my own upbringing.

Hey, you know how when you see a dude in a wheelchair you pretty much know his legs are fucked? Can we get wheelchairs to put on our heads?

Edit: Oh yeah by the way, if you really want to get yourself back out there do Hot Ones with Sean Evans. Tell your agent if you don't know. If he doesn't know then get a better agent.

RealChristopherTitus2 karma

I was totally jacked, depressed and suicidal, upset about life and the way I was raised then I took the Landmark Forum and transformed my life. Now I'm a movie director. Love the "wheelchair for your head" thing

Michael_APKPLZ1 karma

Hi Mr. Titus, I loved your show for the brief time it was on.

Your comedy always seems to be distinctly American and masculine to me (not in a bad way). Have you found that you get crickets from audiences in other countries, since they might lack some of the context for your jokes and stories?

RealChristopherTitus2 karma

I've only performed in South Africa and they were so receptive and dare I say smarter about America than we are. I want to do a world tour. Just gotta find the way.

thenagel1 karma

Mr. Titus, Sir.. i just wanted to thank you for doing what you do. you're not only funny, you're thought-provoking. my whole family watches everything you do, faithfully, and we love every minute of it. we love you, and we hope you continue doing comedy for a long long time.

my question is, do you have any plans to do a show in alabama?

RealChristopherTitus3 karma

Just did an Alabama tour five months ago. I tell a story about it in the new show. Yeah I took a political show about this Rodeo clown to Alabama. Never said i was smart.

Henry-What1 karma

The only question I have is, how's Foxy doing?

RealChristopherTitus3 karma

If you are talking about Bombshell her chick pimp name is "Bootsy Badde."

NoFunHere1 karma

Due to the fairness in disabilities act the Van Nuys PD is forced to hire four handicapped undercover detectives and their training officer happens to be the worst cop in L.A.

If I knew nothing about you and read the abstract, there is no reason to watch the movie. What reason can you give me to watch?

RealChristopherTitus3 karma

You have never seen a movie like it and you will laugh out loud. No bullshit.

cynikalAhole991 karma

what will the world become when AI takes over the comedy circuit? Will the sensitive snowflakes finally start to melt??

RealChristopherTitus8 karma

I believe Skynet will open a bunch of clubs the C1000's (comedian1000's) will steal Carlos Mencia's material which was already stolen creating a hilarity worm hole in time and George carlin will be sent back in time to kill Carlos. I can dream.

FloridaDeservedIrma-2 karma

As a comedian, when are you planning to finally start being funny?

RealChristopherTitus8 karma

Tomorrow. Pray for me.