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Why do you conflate immigration and undocumented immigration? Is it on purpose?

For instance, you tend to describe people who are for border security and the enforcement of immigration laws as "anti-immigrant" without knowing or caring what their view is on legal immigration. You tend to describe groups who work on behalf of undocumented immigrants as an "immigrant advocacy group" when they actually advocate on behalf of undocumented or illegal immigration.

Is this conflation on purpose? Seems like it has to be. If it is, why? If it isn't, will you clean up your language in the future?

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You are referring to wolves as endangered species in your second sentence. Isn't the term "endangered species" a phrase with a specific legal definition? Are you arguing that the wolves are still legally an endangered species?

At what population level will the wolves no longer be considered endangered in Wyoming?

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I also felt the press was focused on making fun of Scientology and not what was important, so it was easy to turn away from the information.

I do think the press has, by and large, been derelict in their coverage of Scientology and treated it more as a side-show to mock than anything else. The truth is that the press should do a much better job at investigating.

I think it is interesting though, because this is largely how some politicians work. The mainstream press has been looking down their noses at certain politicians, so the politicians convince their followers that everybody in the media is a liar with an agenda. Pretty soon, it doesn't matter what the press publishes, the followers are programmed to just not believe it.

In both cases, I think the press inflicts a wound on itself and enables those who want to brainwash people not to pay attention to the media.