Sup Y'all?

Jeremy and I have just put together a new band named Cero Viejo. We're a completely no vox, instrumental band. We're trying to fund our new album on Kickstarter. I'll be answering for both Jeremy and myself, I'll relay your questions to him. He doesn't Reddit much. We're looking forward to answering your questions. Whatcha got?!

Cheers, Bill and Jeremy (by proxy)





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thomasin50028 karma

Ive been a fan of authority zero since i was 6 years old and have seen many transitions from you two leaving the band and others joining.... In your words what has been the biggest change in the band and has it been positive or negative?

goodboyBill13 karma

Well, Jason is still going strong and I respect that. It has evolved into something different, that's for sure. Dalley, Dan and Spero are great players.

thomasin5004 karma

Recently saw them in Denver and Jason had the same energy and power as 10 years ago.... He may he approaching 40, but hes still kicking as much ass as a 30 year old

Ikilledkenny1287 karma

eh 40s not that old (i say to stave off the crippling depression)

goodboyBill3 karma


goodboyBill3 karma

The dude is immortal! haha

thomasin50010 karma

Whats your favorite modern reggae/rock band? (mine is slightly stoopid)

goodboyBill19 karma

I'm a big fan of The Expendables.

thomasin5006 karma

Right there with ya. In fact the expendables were one of the first bands to introduce me to that scene. Imo Raul is the best guitarist in the greater reggae/rock scene. His solos in burning up and sacrifice are pure gold

goodboyBill5 karma

He's a beast, and a genuinely good guy.

thomasin5004 karma

Best story with them???

goodboyBill4 karma

Hmmm, some stuff just stays on the road. Sorry. XD

orangejulius9 karma

What defines a sandwich? Is a hot dog a kind of sandwich?

goodboyBill6 karma

hmmm... a question for the ages. Let's see:

sand·wich ˈsanˌ(d)wiCH/Submit noun 1. an item of food consisting of two pieces of bread with meat, cheese, or other filling between them, eaten as a light meal. "a ham sandwich" verb 1. insert or squeeze (someone or something) between two other people or things, typically in a restricted space or so as to be uncomfortable. "the girl was sandwiched between two burly men in the back of the car"

orangejulius2 karma

I refuse to live in a world where a hotdog is by definition a sandwich.

goodboyBill5 karma

MrJerseyMark8 karma

What about this album will appeal to Authority Zero fans?

goodboyBill9 karma

It's going to bring them back to the root of Authority Zero. Jeremy and I always brought that little weird factor. His brain and mine are goofballs, so they come up with some odd shit together, musically.

natebud1237 karma

I've never heard over you, do you have a song recommendation?

goodboyBill12 karma

We're brand new! We'll have an album out soon. You can see us jamming a new song here.

natebud1233 karma

Not too bad. It'll be interesting to see how you further your group

goodboyBill3 karma

This was Sho's (drummer) first jam with us. Check back in later. It's gunna be sick!

thomasin5007 karma

From my understanding, bill left the band to spend more time with your family, why did Jeremy leave?

goodboyBill7 karma

I'll relay that to him now. Sec...

goodboyBill10 karma

"Same. Family to many sacrifices. To hard to pay bills and everyone home seemed miserable It was important to recognize things weren't growing the way I wanted on the road. It seemed our crowds were getting smaller and I was very needed at home" -Jeremy

ihatetweekers6 karma

What made you decide to hook back up with Jeremy and make music again?

goodboyBill7 karma

It was like a force of nature. I've been chillen with that dude and playing music with him since I was 15. I'm 39 now. It just called to both of us. We are glued by soul.

ihatetweekers5 karma

Nice! Any chance you get the rest of AZ to come do some stuff on the next album?

goodboyBill6 karma

Somewhere down the road, I'm sure. Jim is like a DJ in CO and Jason is still doing AZ. We'll see what the future holds!

Bloodlustt5 karma

Bill I heard you a huge iPhone fan. Are there any apps you recommend?

goodboyBill19 karma

hahahaha I recommend throwing those in the trash.

Prowler_in_the_Yard5 karma

What was it like being contacted for "Everyday" to be in a Tony Hawk game? Did it feel surreal to hear it in the game? And lastly, if you had to pick a different song to be featured in the game, what would it be?

goodboyBill5 karma

That was rad! Gratis, but rad. It was weird to hear our music on a video game. Hmmm...I think "No Regrets" would have been rad on T.H.U.G.

LocusLarsen5 karma

When will you suck it up and just play a shitty paying gig like a real band?

goodboyBill11 karma

Shit, I got my stripes did that for over a decade haha!! This is my hobby now.

Walt_Dabsco4 karma

Do you guys remember the first time you heard Ska music? If so, what is the story? What Ska bands have you liked and or played with over the years. How do you feel about Ska today?

goodboyBill11 karma

Mine would have to be Skankin' Pickle in 1996. It was some weird shit, but I loved it. We played with the Supervillains, 2Tone Lizard Kings and Jackmove. Ska bands are super technical. I love watching them play. They're usually all classically trained musicians. I still like Ska.

Walt_Dabsco2 karma

Thank you for the response!

goodboyBill4 karma

My pleasure. Check those bands out!

pappenfresh3 karma

your guys' cover of Mexican Radio is my favorite :-) and i'm from Arizona myself! don't have any music related questions, but what's your favorite kind of candy?

goodboyBill2 karma

I'm a big fan of Skittles lately.

Tombre3 karma

Do you guys remember playing a show at Zia Records on the east side of Tucson back in like 2004? I had a broken ankle w/ a boot on at the time and was gimping in the pit, you guys told me to be careful haha that little show was one of the most fun shows of all time

goodboyBill3 karma

Hell yeah I remember that! Good times, man, good times.

SlapFunk2 karma

Thanks for making some great music, been a big fan since 03-04. Unfortunately never got to see the original Authority Zero lineup live. Are there any currently touring bands that you are excited to see play for the first time?

goodboyBill2 karma

I kinda wanna see 21 Pilots. Don't know why. lol

goodboyBill2 karma

Thanks for the support!

iLiveEvil2 karma

I adore instrumentals especially Indian ones. Who's your inspiration?

goodboyBill1 karma

Dick Dale, Gogol Bordello hmmm Manu Chao. More...depends on the day.


Hey, if I give you my personal cell #, can you leave me a voice mail telling my dude named Ted how much of a badass mofo he is? He puts "One More Minute" on blast in our machine shop every day. He's a huge fan but doesn't have reddit.

goodboyBill1 karma

Of course!

goodboyBill1 karma

OP delivered.


Got your message. Holy shit you are the man, thanks for the chat and the message. That made my dudes day! Mine as well!

goodboyBill1 karma

You're welcome! Thanks for the support!

ihatetweekers2 karma

So why no vocals?

goodboyBill8 karma

We just wanted to write an album that let the music speak for itself. We wanted the music to tell the story. Vox are cool, and we have an idea for those down the line, but we're not feeling have vox on this album.

azvlr2 karma

I see you on the AZ Punk Scene FB page. Looking for a drummer and/possibly a bass player. Do you know any that will have us?

goodboyBill1 karma

I'll repost this there, we'll see what the community says!

azvlr1 karma


goodboyBill2 karma

zachAttacc2 karma

Who were some of your favorite musicians/bands that inspired you both to pursue music/form your bands? What/who have you really enjoyed listening to currently?

I will definitely give the kickstarter a look.

goodboyBill2 karma

Cheers for that! I loved Nirvana growing up and Metallica. Guitar was my Ritalin. Frusciante was my brand. Currently I'm listening to FoL, Skull Drug and other rad local bands. I listen to everything.

thomasin5002 karma

Random question, why did you decide to work for godaddy besides teaching Spanish?

goodboyBill2 karma

I was working as a sub teacher, then in the summer I was busting my ass in a warehouse. My father saw an opening for a bilingual position at GD. I applied and got it. It was just going to be a job, but turned into a career. I've learned so much there! I'm trying to get into communications there now.

Logvin2 karma

I was handed a single by one of you in 1999?. It was in a paper sleeve and your band name was written on the CD with a sharpie. Must have been at the Nile Theater in Mesa maybe? Anyway, it was a great single and I bought the full album from you when you released it. I'm glad you are still enjoying making music.

goodboyBill2 karma

Hell yeah! That was the "Ghetto E.P." I think I still have a copy somewhere. Good memory, thanks.

celticfan0082 karma

Hey man, huge fan of your music!! Authority Zero was the first band I ever saw live, at Edgefest in like late 2000s I think, 2008 maybe? Were you in the band still?

goodboyBill1 karma

I left in 2008 and Jeremy left in 2013. Thank you!

Hauserdontpreach2 karma

Oh wow, I love you guys. It seems like every show I went to in my late teens/ early 20s (early 2000's) you guys were there. I still have playlists and picks from shows at the Tabernacle in ATL (RIP). I'm 33 still working at making it and traveling with my band (The Wolves of Chernobyl) on a hope and a dream. Any advice for an aging aspiring rocker?

goodboyBill3 karma

Social media is where it's at these days. Make sure you backlink it all. Most importantly, make sure to play unique music. Don't ever sound like anyone else!

goodboyBill3 karma

P.S.I love your band name!

rumbrave552 karma

You guys still hear from Jerry? What happened to Nixon? FYI, I miss the old old message board. I made a lot of good friends through it.

goodboyBill2 karma

Yeah! Jerry most likely is gunna play on the album. Nixon is fine and lives in CO now. Jeremy and I may make a forum on the site like back in the day!

BubsFatt2 karma

So what's different about the creative process now that you two are Old Zeros?

goodboyBill3 karma

We're much more relaxed. When we were kids we had to get everything done NOW!!! Now we take our time, tweak the music. Finesse it. We're just chillen and making a great sound together.

ChanceMan2 karma

Big fan of you guys, thanks for the awesome music! Solitude off of Andiamo is one of the craziest guitar solos on that record. What were your favorite songs or days in the studio while in Authority Zero?

goodboyBill2 karma

Solitude was a ton of fun. A Thousand Years of War was also a blast to write.

Chevontez2 karma

One of my favorite AZ songs is "Chile Con Crudo", any of the new instrumental music going to have a similar surf rock vibe that you've dabbled in AZ from time to time?

goodboyBill3 karma

Oh hell yeah!!! Here's us messing around with La Surf 2017.

Chevontez2 karma

Fuck yeah, good to hear. You damn well know La Surf is one of my favs. In general I'm a huge surf guitar fan and it's one of my biggest influences as a musician myself.

goodboyBill1 karma

I'm stoked for the new project. Thanks for the support!! We won't let you down.

goodboyBill2 karma

I found ¡CRUDO! too!!

Chevontez2 karma

Nice! I actually forgot about this, but sometimes I used the guitar riff as my sound check when I played in a band a while back.

goodboyBill1 karma


PunxMom2 karma

Will you write one song with a violin part so my son can be a guest musician for you? 😀

goodboyBill1 karma

Shoot, we already have a ballad that's perfect for that. I'm going to have my wife play cello on it too!

Dongo6661 karma

What is Authority Zero?

mcslackens1 karma

Gringo and Jeremy,

If this takes off, do you guys plan on leaving your day jobs to play music full-time again, or do you see this as more of a hobby that everyone can enjoy with you both?

goodboyBill3 karma

We're pretty comfy just being at home, sleeping in our beds and being with our family. We're going to focus on the digital market and music libraries for scores and placement. We did say we'd play locally for $5K and $10K for flight dates. haha We're not too worried about tourin'.

sachiiii1 karma

How did you come up with the name Cero Viejo?

goodboyBill3 karma

In just means "Old Zero" in Spanish. Seemed fitting. lol I ended up also buying so people could remeber how to get to our site more easily.

BubsFatt1 karma

What made you want to start writing music again after such a long hiatus?

goodboyBill2 karma

I love a steady job but am going nuts without music. Jeremy and I can't kick our habit.

sliznut1 karma

Hey guys! Love the whole getting the old back together. So what's the current gear rundown? What rigs are you guys using? Picks on down to amp cabs.

goodboyBill2 karma

I'm using an American Fat Strat, Krank Rev 1 head and Mesa Boog cab. I'll hit up Jeremy for his gear. Sec...

goodboyBill2 karma

Jeremy: "Peavey cirrus bass swr900 for my amp Big mix of cabinets

But right now I'm playing on my kick around ibanez bass ."

sliznut1 karma

Single coils? Any customizations?

goodboyBill3 karma

I'm using humbuckers, SD Invaders. Ryan Greene turned me on to them.

goodboyBill2 karma

Pick: Dunlop 44R1.0 Nylon Standard 1.0mm Black Guitar Pick!!

BismuthOmega1 karma

Are you guys in touch with the members of Authority Zero? And despite them being one of my favorite bands, I don't really keep up on who works on what album, so when did you guys leave?

goodboyBill2 karma

Yeah, I still speak with Jason here and there. Jim is in CO. Check out this rad pic.

I left in 2008 and Jeremy in 2013.

rumbrave551 karma

How much money did you take from Fat Mike playing poker on the punk voter tour?

goodboyBill3 karma

haha shit! We didn't play poker. We just pretty much got wasted the whole tour. Jello told me, "I like you guys. You're not punk. You're...something...but you're not punk." I hesitantly thanked him. He was even more punk than me!

keithmerk1 karma

You mentioned potentially adding VOX in the future you got any one in mind for that?

goodboyBill1 karma

Jeremy and I have an idea that would allow anyone to be vox. We're going to have a completely instrumental album, but have a forum where anyone can come up with lyrics, sing them and record them. It's just a concept for now. Potentially we'll have hundreds of singers.

sliznut2 karma

That's actually a cool idea man. Have random guest vocals on songs.

goodboyBill1 karma


walsh3031 karma

Will Gregg Ziemba be involved?

goodboyBill1 karma

If he flies in from CO!!! Hell yeah! lol

Azpunk63179421 karma

What do you think about Dan's style as an addition to AZ?

goodboyBill1 karma

He's great! He's definitely overcome adversity. I met him once and he's really nice.

kyleknighted1 karma

Hey Jeremy! Not sure if you remember me from your shows. I'm from St Louis and I'd bring a bottle of Red Stag or Revel Stoke and we'd slam back a few shots before the show. I was also the guy who sliced his finger open at a venue (Firebird) and sprayed your banner/sign and gear with blood before I left to get stitched up, missing VGS play.

My question is: considering this band has no intentions on including vocals do you still plan on touring again? I know that touring was a big reason for you to leave Authority Zero because of the time commitments.

You guys were great and miss seeing you come through town. Hope all has been well since you left AZ.

Hope you make it back through STL again some day and I'll bring another bottle to the show!

goodboyBill2 karma

Just relayed this to Jeremy...just a moment, please.

goodboyBill2 karma

Jeremy: "Hey, yea I totally remember you. HOW COULD I FORGET hahaha. The thing that I miss the most about not touring is all you guys, friends that I would get to see and hang out with. my friend network out there was like a family. SO MANY PEOPLE THAT WERE A PART OF SO MANY STORIES. it sucks i will probably not ever hear from so many of them again. so thanks for putting crazy events back in my world and sharing here. About more touring. It would take very special circumstances. I love making music, I love performing music. This album feels like a great way to share some new stories without words. But who know what the future holds?"

kyleknighted2 karma

Thanks for taking the time to respond! Lots of great stories and still have my "One More Minute" tattoo on my arm. Even without the touring, if you guys find yourself in the neighborhood, first round is on me! Also, usually have a couch or a spare room available if you guys need a place to crash.

Looking forward to supporting the kickstarter and seeing where things lead for you all!

goodboyBill1 karma

Thank you so much!

holyhellsteve1 karma

Hey guys! Sorry I'm late to the game.

I'm not sure if you remember playing at Tricky Falls in El Paso 2 years ago on the night that The Offspring was playing in town, but I had a blast at your show! There weren't many of us there, but the time you guys spent hanging out while playing and after was fucking awesome. I heard that the follow day your van was stolen with all of your equipment in San Antonio or something... Did you guys ever get your stuff back?

goodboyBill1 karma

Jeremy and I had already left the band by then. That sucked to hear about those thieves.

holyhellsteve1 karma

My bad man. I didn't do my research before commenting.

goodboyBill1 karma

All good!

ChickenFingaz1 karma

how much was your guitar?

goodboyBill1 karma

It was free at the time, I was sponsored by Fender. :)

ChickenFingaz2 karma


goodboyBill1 karma


Crackmacs1 karma

I've never heard of Authority Zero, but you guys are answering like every question and that's awesome, so I'll ask something.

How do you suppose shampoo is made?


goodboyBill1 karma

Human fat, like Fight Club?

Crackmacs2 karma

I wonder if that exists. I'd try it. Sounds greasy but fun. Kind of like me.

Thanks for responding 🎩

goodboyBill1 karma

XD De nada.

7palms1 karma

Are you guys based in Mesa, Az? If so, where can i see you guys play locally and when? (I'm in N Phoenix)

goodboyBill1 karma

We're outta Mesa. We're not playing out yet. We're still putting the album together. Please get on our email list here:

drchopsalot1 karma

Pineapple on pizza or no?

goodboyBill2 karma

Yes. I like it.I guess it's super hated these days. XD

drchopsalot2 karma

Was there a time when it wasn't? /s

goodboyBill2 karma

haha it's pretty en vogue these days.

WonTonBurritoMeals1 karma

Whos your up and coming punk bands to look out for?

goodboyBill2 karma

First or Last, Fare Game, Skull Drug and C:28. Straight outta AZ!

goodboyBill1 karma

Well, Fare Game is outta Hollyweird.

WonTonBurritoMeals1 karma

Thanks, I'll check em out. I hope ya'll can make your way up to Detroit.

Also, huge Authority Zero fan.

goodboyBill2 karma

Cheers! See ya at St. Andrews!

Jpeezer841 karma

What are your thoughts on student loans?

goodboyBill2 karma

They're costly. Still paying on mine.

andymfjAZ1 karma

Hey Bill, long time listener, first time caller.

Do you put beans in your chili? Why or why not?

goodboyBill4 karma

Hell yeah I do, 'cause chilli is not chilli without beans. Period.

andymfjAZ2 karma

You. I like you.

goodboyBill1 karma


tyguyS42 karma

Oh man, I am making chilli right now and it has beans in it. I've been a fan since 2002, I did not expect chilli with beans to be my contribution to this AMA.

goodboyBill1 karma

XD! It's friggin good.

TheHomelyToad1 karma

My brothers band used to play at Club Red pretty regularly. Don't you guys partially own that?

goodboyBill1 karma

We don't own that club. Jason's wife used to run it.

TheHomelyToad2 karma

Thanks for responding!

goodboyBill1 karma

De nada!