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I've been on reddit for maybe 11 years and I've noticed an increase in angry replies, pedantic and needless arguing and a lot more hostility. Is there data to back this up? If yes, what do you think of the results?

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Thanks for your response. Maybe my experience is anecdotal but it seems everywhere on reddit people like to correct other people and it's more judgement rather than advice. I've come to see reddit as the place where people argue. It didnt used to be that way. Maybe I'm a bitter old man.

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Anywhere in the center, downtown area. I dont live in the city, just outside it so I dont know it ALL that well. For food, theres Coney Island restaurants everywhere. Slows BBQ. Greektown (not a single restaurant, just an area with a lot of great restaurants and a casino).

Places to avoid are really anywhere in the city outside of the downtown area. Someone might chime in about a few good pockets here and there, but as a 1-sentence quick reply that about covers it.

Places to check out, depends on when you come and what youre into. Belle Isle, the casinos, the DIA, midtown.

If youre driving to the south of lake Michigan, Kalamazoo is a cool little city about 2 hours west of Detroit. Maybe worth a quick stop. Bells Brewery and a few good restaurants. (had to mention, spent more time there then in Detroit area over the last 10 years).

That's about all I can offer, haha. Might get downvoted for not being super helpful (detroit people can be vicious towards people who dont live IN the city), but I dont spend a ton of time there seeing as I dont drink and dont really have the money for sporting events and what have you. Hope it was somewhat helpful! It is a great city, and the Joe is a cool arena that only has a couple of years left.

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How do you deal with ADD made worse by the internet?

I've always had low level ADD (diagnosed borderline), always manageable without medication. In recent years with the internet, smartphones etc I find it hard to be patient and focus on a task when I can just pop my phone out and scroll reddit. Its hard to focus on shows at home, video games, sometimes work, or downtime between sets at the gym. I try to limit myself, but its hard to do so with consistency.

Its not just my phone but computer as well. I "get bored" and open a tab.

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I had an account before that had my name in it