I'm an Olympic medalist and three-time U.S. National champion figure skater for Team USA, Nike athlete, cat lover and coffee connoisseur based in Southern California. Keep up with her me Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram @ashwagner2010 as I run up to #PyeongChang2018!

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Proof: https://i.redd.it/yxzks5xlqcez.jpg

Gotta get to practice so signing off! It was AMAZING to talk to you all and thank you for your words of encouragement. This was so much fun!!! XOXOX - Ashley!

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MeowntainMix26 karma

As the men are doing more and more difficult jumps, do you think it is important for the ladies to keep up and start adding 3A's and even quads to their programs? If so, do you plan on bringing any of those jumps to your programs for the Olympic season? Or are you going to focus mainly on doing elements which you know you can to get good GOE's on?

Ashley_Wagner45 karma

Hey, here is the thing. At a certain point physics comes into play with what the human body is capable of doing. I think with the younger women coming up in the sport, triple axels and quads are definitely something that is on the horizon. We all know what happens when someone matures and physically that just makes it very very tough on the body, but you see awesome chicks like Mirai Nagasu going for the triple axel so it is definitely possible! My recipe for success this time around is clean and secure. I am going for intricate entrances and exits into my main elements to help boost my GOE and mentally it will help me feel more secure competing.

fsthrowawayaccount23 karma

Have you watched Yuri on Ice?

Ashley_Wagner44 karma

Victor Nikiforov heart eyes

itsathrowawaymydudes19 karma

If you had to perform a pairs routine with someone, who would you pick?

Ashley_Wagner30 karma

Nope. I don't trust men enough. LOL jk but probably I would pick Jason Momoa, he look's strong and brave and I like looking at him so thats a perk as well.

edit4117 karma

Awww, what about Max Aaron? Fun to see him lifting you at Skate For Hope and WTT.

Ashley_Wagner12 karma

Love Maxy, he is one of my favs in this sport we are really great friends!

karmakaikee12 karma

Hey Ashley! I follow figure skating almost obsessively - I was just wondering that moment when you land a jump, where do you feel the impact the most (and does it hurt)? Is it the knee?

Ashley_Wagner14 karma

Wow great question I never really think of that these days. I guess your feet since thats the moment of impact? IDK it happens so fast its hard to say where you feel it most. Everywhere these days for me lol.

moroqei11 karma

Would it be possible to grab some "ice flakes" left after doing let's say sit spin, and throw them in the air as it was snow?

Ashley_Wagner21 karma

Are you choreographing a program RIGHT NOW!? Lol its possible and not a bad idea. Cue dramatic ice throw

moroqei5 karma

Some Sheryl Crow... Tomorrow Never Dies... Ice snow thrown in the air at the very end in the spotlight... Oh I would love to see something outside of the box like that. And who else than the sassiest figure skater could do that :)

Ashley_Wagner18 karma

One single tear sliding down my face.

HIGGINS234510 karma

How do you not get dizzy from all the spins?? And also, I hope you get gold! That's awesome!

Ashley_Wagner16 karma

So I've been spinning for 21 years at this point, I wish I could explain the inner workings of your ear canal and balance and all that fun stuff, but I am no doctor I'm going to stick to skating. Basically I'm used to it by now and practice practice practice.

shadowsinwinter9 karma

Hi Ashley, what happened to the cat (that isn't your cat) that kept on invading your home? He was adorable XD

Ashley_Wagner9 karma

He is my neighbors cat and he stops by every day to play with Dex. I just find it hilarious that he chills in my house all day.

Ashley_Wagner9 karma

Thanks for the questions everyone! Stay sassy, classy and a little bad assy, idk thats the best I've got right now! Byeeeeee

filipinonugget9 karma

Hi Ashley, thanks for doing this AMA! Might be a generic question, but what was the moment you decided, "yes, I'm really going to be an Olympic level athlete?" Was it a slow progression or a definitive moment?

Ashley_Wagner11 karma

It was a slow progression. I watched Tara Lipinski in '98 win Olympic gold and knew I wanted to go to the Olympics. It wasn't until after 2010 when I was first Olympic alternate that I really felt my potential to get to the Olympics, ironic I know. I kind of redirected my focus towards that goal and did everything I could to make it happen.

firerosearien8 karma

Hi Ashley! Best of luck in Korea!

I was wondering, as an athlete who is under immense pressure to perform by one's self, in front of the crowd, what tips/tricks/advice do you have for dealing with nerves?

Ashley_Wagner15 karma

For me, the moment I stop caring about what other people think is the moment I get control of my nerves. I also remind myself that the nerves are there for a reason, because I care and am invested in what I'm doing. I train way too hard every day and at one point you just have to quiet your mind and believe in the work you've put into everything.

gabesaporta7 karma

Hi Ashley, I'm a huge fan of yours! I've loved watching your journey of overcoming your obstacles and blossoming into your hard working talent. Can't wait to see you in the Olympics!

What kind of advice can you give to others who feel like they're constantly the "almost girl" and how can they overcome that to become the "it girl" like you?

Thank you and good luck!

Ashley_Wagner9 karma

Hi Gabesaporta! Thats so nice to hear:) Honestly the only way I got over being the "Almost Girl" was by putting my head down and getting to work. I put a lot on the line and I gave myself one year to become national champ or I would retire bc I was so sick of feeling like I just barely missed out on things. I made myself uncomfortable and thats where I made the most improvement and pushed through!

steveinpc6 karma

If you have a great short program at a competition (let's say top 5), how do you maintain focus in the hours/days until the freeskate program to ensure you do as well or better? How do you keep fear/doubt/nerves from getting to you?

Ashley_Wagner8 karma

Even though it is a combined event, I take the short and the long as two separate things. As soon as the short is finished I kind of cut ties with it mentally and prep for the long. Obviously it creeps into your mind a bit but its about resetting and focusing on what you really have in front of you.

FirmRicardo6 karma

What's the craziest thing that you've experienced at the Olympics?

Ashley_Wagner9 karma

Quite honestly, the craziest thing I experienced at the Olympics was the cafeteria. It was this GINORMOUS tent with all these different food selections from around the world and an in-house McDonalds. All of the athletes would meet up there and it was just this crazy intense environment with athletes from pretty much everywhere and every sport.

3lz3t6 karma

hey! do you work on your lutz? any plans to change the technic/entry? are you gonna start the program with 2a again? any changes on your layout, new element or more/less jumps in the 2nd half of the program? and a quick wish: i hope you have enough time for the final spin this time! love you so much, never stop competing, thanks, best wishes. <3 :*

Ashley_Wagner15 karma

OH MY GOD I AM STRESSED. Mom, is this you!?!?

Ashley_Wagner9 karma

Worked on the lutz all summer, axel is still first you can't teach an old dog new tricks and yes I have time for my spins YAY!

FirmRicardo5 karma

What countries had the wildest people you hung out with during the Olympics? Any stories?

Ashley_Wagner6 karma

In skating, the Russians love to have the most fun! Them and the Italians I think are they wild ones in skating!

Eevee22435 karma

Your style of skating seems so different from other figure skaters at your level. You also seem to use music with lyrics far more often than your peers. I personally think it makes your skating way more fun to watch, so why are you the only one (that I have noticed) who tries to "change the game" a little?

HUGE fan by the way! You're my favorite Olympic athlete. Rooting for you!

Ashley_Wagner3 karma

Aw yay thank you!! I personally think skating to music with lyrics makes it way more fun to watch as an audience! Maybe it can be a little intimidating for someone who is not as comfortable with expression yet because you really have to be way more literal, thats my only guess!

doublestop235 karma

What is your favorite thing about your friendship with Madison Chock and Marissa Castelli? Also, are their partners (Evan Bates and Mervin Tran) pretty awesome, too?

Ashley_Wagner12 karma

My girls!! Love them to death. Marissa is the fun hot mess of the group and Madi is the glamazon. Guess that makes me the mom I'm not quite sure but they keep me around so I must be worthy. Its so awesome having badass ladies who know what I'm going through bc they are going through the exact same thing. Evan and Mervin are hilarious I've known them both for years so its great that I like the work husbands too

WigglestonTheFourth4 karma

How many times have you watched Blades of Glory?

Ashley_Wagner11 karma

Too many times to admit.

katehawks4 karma

You are living my dream -- I couldn't ice skate at all but would pretend to be an ice skater as a kid. Who was your idol? Like who did you watch and say, I wanna do that?

Ashley_Wagner25 karma

MICHELLE KWAN (prayer hands for days I don't know how to do that on my computer) She is KWEEN and we are not worthy of her. She does her change edge spiral and I lose my mind every time. Sorry I just got overwhelmingly excited but thats what Michelle does to me!

edit4114 karma

Not judging/criticizing you at all ... I know you have declined Four Continents in recent years. Did the Olympic test event make you think twice before declining in 2017? Or for you, does familiarity with a venue not really make a difference? Just wondering. I know each athlete is different, and only you knows what is the best decision for you. Wishing you a great season.

Ashley_Wagner3 karma

To me, it makes no difference. I went to the test event for Sochi and it felt like a totally different venue the next time. 4CC is a really tough event because it is so close to nationals and I like having a break!

typical_talia4 karma

Hi, Ashley! I have been a fan for a long time and I was wondering how your diet fluctuates and changes thought the skating season into the off season? Also what is your favorite jump to preform?

Ashley_Wagner4 karma

Nothing changes too much, lucky for me I love nothing more than chicken veggies and rice!

kaykaymm3 karma

Hi Ashley! I'm gonna ask a very common figure skating question: how old is too old to skate in qualifying competitions? Do you think it's silly to skate as a 23 year old novice at regionals?

Ashley_Wagner16 karma

Nope. Answer one question. Do you love it? The rest doesn't matter. Seriously. Do you and forget what anyone else says.

MorphineBear3 karma

Can you wish me a happy birthday?

What's your favorite breed of cat and your favorite coffee from a fast food joint?

Ashley_Wagner15 karma

Happy Birthday MorphineBear! My fav cat breed is my cat. He is a Desert Lynx aka a cat dog and I'm obsessed with him. Also don't hate my but my guilty pleasure is Dunkin' Donuts coffee. I know I know it is terrible but I LOVE it!!

OohButterfly3 karma

Hey Ashley! Do you ever read negative comments about yourself online and how do you deal with them? Love you and wish you the best in this upcoming season!

Ashley_Wagner9 karma

I don't go out of my way to find them, but I see them every now and then. Obviously not everyone will love me and I'm not here to be everyone's best friend. I feel like to make everyone happy you would have to be so vanilla bland and boring. I'm just myself take it or leave it and if you don't like it thats totally fine! If you feel like you need to go out of your way to let me know you don't like it, well, idk, go get a life!

Alexjessa0203083 karma

Hi Ashley! Love these Olympic AMA's. very cool to see you on the Body Issue. OMG, what was that like to photograph? So many jumps.

Ashley_Wagner9 karma

I was FREEZING and it was drafty! Lol I have wanted to shoot the Body Issue for a long time because I think it is really important for people to understand the athleticism of figure skating. I was fresh off the plane from Japan and hadn't had water in like two days, I was dreaming of drinking water! Anyway, the magazine went out of their way to make me super comfortable and I was in total control of who was allowed to be in the rink. I really worked with the photographer to get the perfect shot and I am so proud of what we came up with!

bronwynsings3 karma

In a Lip-Sync For Your Life, what would your go-to song be?

Ashley_Wagner4 karma

Sold (The Grundy County Auction Incident) by John Michael Montgomery. I am an country girl I was raised on it and no one likes it but oh my god I SLAY this song. That or Partition by Beyonce.

zacht1802 karma

How do you like your eggs?

Ashley_Wagner8 karma

Scrambled with cheddar cheese

Ashley_Wagner3 karma

YESSSS my Khaleesi moment. I wanted to look way more intense on the Iron Throne but honestly couldn't contain my nerdy excitement. This was awesome and I literally screamed when I saw it. One of the coolest thing Team USA has done for a promo shoot ever!

spacepal2 karma

Hi Ashley! You're my inspiration as a figure skater. I'm 18 and sometimes I feel too old to skate, especially for the level i'm at ( i started late and am barely learning axel and doubles). How do you get past seeing younger people being as good as you or even better (even though there's no one really better than you)?

Also does the media play up your relationship with fellow olympians like Gracie and Polina or are you guys actually that super close?

I'll be supporting you in San Jose!!!

Ashley_Wagner5 karma

Gracie and I are actually good friends now! It took us a while to get there but I think we are both super strong willed type A personality ladies so once we realized we are actually the same person it was easy for us to let our guard down around each other. Polina is a lot younger than I am but I adore her.

As for your age. I get on the ice and most of the women I compete against were not even born when I started skating, how is that for feeling super old? You just have to really only think about yourself, that you love to do this and the rest seriously does not matter.

travelgalhere2 karma

I loved watching your Facebook live from the promo shoot. Do you like to "host" shows?

Ashley_Wagner4 karma

I think thats the career path I want to go down after skating. I think its super fun!

WickedSushi2 karma

You have a day to yourself. No plans are made. What do you watch on Netflix?

Ashley_Wagner1 karma


SkatingGator2 karma

What program felt like your breakthrough? As a fan and former skater myself, I felt like the Black Swan program was a game changer and we really got to see fierce Ashley emerge #swagner :) I also loved the Moulin Rouge & Adagio LP's! Looking forward to seeing you live at nationals this year!

Ashley_Wagner7 karma

Hi thank you!! I still get a lot of positive feedback on Black Swan and it is so funny looking back that program at Nationals these days would prob not even be top five! At the time though, I definitely think it was a turning point for me, it changed people's perspective of who I was as a skater and it really started developing me as a performer! Have waaaaayyyy more fun in San Jose than I'll be having this year!

nitorisrinshrine2 karma

Hey Ashley, So... I heard you may or may not be coming to the broadmoor ice Hall on August 22nd. Could you please tell me if this is true??

Ashley_Wagner5 karma

Let me look at my calendar. That is Champs Camp so yes I'll be there!!

scarletavatre121 karma

How do you differentiate between different jumps, and how is each jump scored? Good luck!

Ashley_Wagner3 karma

Oh god, we would need years and a lot of coffee to go over all of this. Basically there are six different jumps, entering on different edges and going forward or backwards. We alway land on the same foot though. Each jump has a set value. Thats the quick version!

Matt_C137-4 karma


Ashley_Wagner18 karma

Falling from heaven? Yeah it wasn't great, probs wouldn't do again.