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What program felt like your breakthrough? As a fan and former skater myself, I felt like the Black Swan program was a game changer and we really got to see fierce Ashley emerge #swagner :) I also loved the Moulin Rouge & Adagio LP's! Looking forward to seeing you live at nationals this year!

SkatingGator2 karma

Hi Johnny! Thank you for coming here :) First, you will always be my favorite skater! I'm around the same age as you and enjoyed growing up watching your journey! I love how you connect to music and appreciate it. Your Ave Maria continues to move me! What are your thoughts on eating disorders and figure skating? I am a former skater who has struggled with disordered eating/body image. I have been following the sad struggle of Yuliya Antipova. I hope she recovers!

p.s. I sat a few rows behind where you and Tara were commentating at Boston Nationals last year. LOVED seeing your bags and furs each day :) I told my mom I had to dress to impress in case I ran into Johnny. I'll be at nationals this year, hope to see you!

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Haha awesome! Totally, Black Swan was a "moment" in Wagner history :) So happy you get lots of positive feedback on it! I go to nationals every year and catch up with my old coach (he currently has pairs teams from Florida); it is a great time watching ;) Thanks for the response!