I came to America at 22 with nothing - lived in the back of my van - and pitched my way into HSN with zero experience. Since then, I’ve sold more than a billion in products, had my own show on Discovery Channel, and started a successful production company.

Now, I’ve written a book that teaches others how they can learn to pitch, so you can take control of your life and find success like I did.

Ask me anything about:

*my life’s journey *working with Billy Mays *what really happens behind the scenes of infomercials *having my own TV show *running a production company *Anything pitching! Like how mastering the skill of the pitch can change your life. *Anything at all! This is an AMA!

Buy my book here: https://www.amazon.com/You-Get-What-Pitch-Situation/dp/073822006X/ref=sr_1_1

My proof: http://imgur.com/a/ykI4o

EDIT: Thanks so much for all your questions! I've gotta run to a shoot, but I'll get back on later to answer some more. You guys rock.

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Katsock30346 karma

What's your relationship with the guys from Jabo0odyDubs? Find the parodies flattering/insulting? Have you ever met them?

legendarypitchman67 karma

I freakin' LOVE Jabo0odyDubs!!!! Yes I have the pleasure of meeting Jabo0ody himself. I cant say enough about how talented him in his guys are. in my view he started and is the original DUB guy, the other ones are okay but Jabo0ody is the OG!! He can dub me anytime

ytrof34 karma

If I wait will there be more?

legendarypitchman59 karma

Yes, there's always more.

But I'm not done!

peaches_n_cream2434 karma

I've always wanted to be one of the actors in the black and white portion of the commercial where the products are failing...how does one become this person?

legendarypitchman60 karma

Call my office and talk to Ashley - She'll get you on! We need a an inept struggling person tomorrow

Drac__18 karma

How did you find about Mays's passing, what was your reactions? How did that affect your career?

legendarypitchman57 karma

My friend Dr. Bill Adams called me at 1pm London time and asked me if I'd seen what happened to Billy... He then went on to tell me that he died. I was driving & I stopped the car in the middle of a british country lane and called Billy's wife, and then called his son. They confirmed the very sad truth. Then I drove to my mum's house crying my eyes out... I just lost my best friend. The rest of the day was a blur & the worst day of my life.

As far as how it affected my career... it hit me really hard. I was genuinely depressed for a while. It initially did hurt my career I think. It hurt me on every level... But I learned that you gotta pick yourself up off the floor and put a smile on your face and keep going. I think it drove me to push harder & be better & to try and take care of myself & be good to others.

Bags199114 karma

When you had that tv show and billy mays had to pitch a product that it was so worth having a car would have to run over his hands to prove how strong it was How irritated were u that billy didn't want to do it and you had to bc billy was known for his "famous hands?" And didn't want to ruin his career for it?

If its to sensitive then I guess ill ask another. Every product you pitch do u get a royalty or a commission for the sale of said product?

legendarypitchman13 karma

Billy plain and simple "woosed" out of the demo and wouldn't do it. It was one of my favorite moments ever with Billy. And yes, we take a position on the back end of nearly every prodcut we ever got behind...it's good to have skin in the game!

cyberius_12 karma

How's your relationship with the Jaboody Dubs crew?

legendarypitchman10 karma

I think my relationship with them Jabo0ody is solid, you'll have to ask them - he just sent me some awesome Jabo0ody swag so i think it's okay

soxcrates11 karma

Is there any particular story/moment that you will always remember while working with Billy Mays?

legendarypitchman24 karma

When appeared on the Tonight Show with Conan and when we were on with Jay Leno it was amazing. We got me meet Prince, Jennifer Aniston lots of incredible people .And the fact that we were getting to tell our stories to millions of people was amazing. Also when we filmed the show Pitchmen - meeting the cast and helping them with their inventions and the level of professionalism was amazing. I was with Billy almost everyday for the last year of his life - I miss him.

romeo14321110 karma

Okay my last question.. is there any product that is super successful that you wish you were the pitchman for?

legendarypitchman14 karma

The iphone:-))

more_like_poosername8 karma

Has anyone ever pitched an idea to you on the streets, that actually was a good idea? I know alot of people do not have the means to procure a pitch, or solicit their idea, and sometimes these chance meetings are all they got.

legendarypitchman11 karma

Not from the street, I haven't been lucky enough. I've heard some great ideas but the idea is only a portion of it... An idea is just an idea. The execution is as, or even more, important that just the idea itself. It's about the action.

JiroBD18 karma

Have you seen these videos? https://youtu.be/USkHZ5zfcgs

legendarypitchman14 karma

This one is okay! What do you think if it, I thing Jabo0ody is the best at dubbing me

AtWorkButOnTheReddit8 karma

Have you ever been given a product to pitch, that you didn't personally like? How did you drum up an enthusiastic pitch for it?

legendarypitchman9 karma

Yeah, I've been given some products I didn't like... and I learned to say the word NO. It's not worth getting enthusiastic about something you don't like in my line of work.

chrisdramapfaff8 karma

Hey, man!! When was it you discovered you were great at pitching things? Did you pitch random stuff as a child? Also I'm curious as to your thoughts on VINCE

legendarypitchman7 karma

I was told as a kid that I had verbal diarrhea! I wouldn't shut up and that I talk to fast. My reply - "You listen to slowly" I sold my parents house when I was 10. Who's VINCE?

pc146 karma

How much Oxiclean do you have stocked up in your house?

legendarypitchman19 karma

More than I will ever need! Have you smelled the new Laundry Detergent???? It's amazing. I am an OxiClean POWER USER!


Where do you think infomercials are headed in the future? Are they still going to be relevant 10 years from now

legendarypitchman5 karma

Yes, We are in in over 60 countries globally. I think the length might change due to the fact that we won't have to be boxed in by broadcast air time. I think we will have to adapt to the ever changing media environment. I like the saying ADAPT OR DIE......so we will adapt! :-)))

DrSayre6 karma

What is your feelings on Vince Offer? Is that rivalry still hot? Also do you get along with Phil Swift?

legendarypitchman7 karma

Who are these people? I have no idea who you're talking about.....

FordBeWithYou5 karma

Just wondering (sorry if too personal), what kept you going during those low times before the fame? That's a tough place to come back from, and it's remarkable going from the back of your van to where you are today. Thanks again!

legendarypitchman4 karma

I didn't feel that I had a choice. There was no way that I was going to go backwards and the only logical way was forwards. There were days I didnt make any money and the odds seemed stacked against me I knew persistence would pay off. And I've found in my career that persistence is the one thing that you need... it'll get you through almost anything. You must persevere! :) And to paraphrase Winston Churchill- "Never Quit."

romeo1432114 karma

Long time fan here..has there ever or is there any plans on bringing back the pitchmen TV show!?

legendarypitchman8 karma

I have thought about making another show......I would like to maybe base it on the Art of Pitching and not inventing. I think Shark Tank has done a great job of owning the inventing space. But I do think there is something in teaching people how to pitch, which is why I wrote my new book. Never say never right???? Who knows what the future holds!

iPleahDaFif3 karma

Loved PitchMen! Remake in the works?

legendarypitchman8 karma

Remake would be awesome, I think Shark Tank has filled some of the void that we left. I know Mark Burnett and Barbara and think they have done an incredible job - Find me another great wingman!!! Then show didn't work without Billy, he was a massive part of it

iLikepizza423 karma

Have you seen penguinz0's videos on YouTube of him dubbing over your commercials? What do you think of them?

Here's a playlist of some of them http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRD7N-Zrj2DNE6S2AsY71GuuFgkRuzpWw

Edit: a personal favorite of mine if you're having trouble finding one https://youtu.be/iZjGb18kd7g

legendarypitchman5 karma

Imitation is the best form of flattery they say! But Jabo0dy Dubs is my favorite. I think if they're gonna be R-rated, it needs to be done with some panache... that's why Jabo0dy is the master- he knows where to drop an F-bomb! But penguinz0, keep em coming.

TheNewJasonBourne3 karma

Hi Anthony, thanks for taking our questions. I watched a few episodes of your Discovery TV show and I remember you used to help people get the voice tone and frequency just right. But I remember never hearing a difference between what they did and what you did. So what's the difference, and how much difference can those subtle changes make?

legendarypitchman3 karma

I think everyone has their own tone and cadence. Pitching requires a certain level of enthusiasm and projection mixed with sincerity and urgency. It takes time and practice to find what works. Billy and I had very different styles, they both worked. So yes we work with anyone and everyone to find the sweet spot that gets results

Shifty0mamba3 karma

Do you ever watch the remakes of some of your infomercials, if so what do you think of them?

legendarypitchman7 karma

Not unless I have to! I cringe sometimes, i have a hard time watching myself back, always think I could have done it better!

legendarypitchman3 karma

Not unless I have to! I cringe sometimes, i have a hard time watching myself back, always think I could have done it better!

Maggie12202 karma

I loved the movie "Joy"! Do you know Joy Mangano?

legendarypitchman3 karma

Yes I have known Joy for almost 20 years. She's the real deal! Super hardworking, great personality, driven, awesome Mom, inventor! I have not seen her in person since the movie came out but I was super proud of her. I mean for real - David O.Russel, Robert De Niro, Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper - only Joy could pull that off! In a word she's amazing, and we go to work together.

romeo1432112 karma

Is there any product you pitched that later on you regretted it?

legendarypitchman4 karma

PetZorb. Let's just say it was for cleaning up cat puke and diarrhea, and just leave it there :) One and done...Never again!

I also pitched a folding chair that had a design flaw I didn't know about early in my career... in hindsight I would not have done it. But luckily everyone got refunded.

dmanboss872 karma

Does the Sticky Buddy really work? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jlSF0dtDRD8&t=1s

legendarypitchman3 karma

Of Course it works, buy one and find out!!! It's slippy when's it wet and sticky when it's dry, 21 million views on youtube Jabo0dy DUBSSSSS!!

butitgetsevenbetter2 karma

Do you ever get nervous before you pitch? If so, how do you get past it?

legendarypitchman3 karma

It's on my book!! First time out live on HSN or live shopping in general with a new product is nerve wracking - but I prepare like a seasoned pitchman and take the leap into the great unknown, but if you really want to know it's all in the book

PutinsButtCheeks2 karma

What software did you use to write your book, and how did you get a publisher or agent?

legendarypitchman2 karma

I used MS Word on the book, I worked with a great writer Tim Vandehey, I'm not sure what he used. I alos worked with my PR guy Bron and we got a literary agent and pitched the book to publishers. It's been hard and I've learned a lot. I wanted to make the book great and not "Mail it in" so I hope everyone likes it.

summersun522 karma

Did your two DreamJobbing winners ever wind up going to Florida and working with you? If so, what did they get to work on?

legendarypitchman3 karma

We are working on that now, I am hoping to do something with the book, the pitches were great, hopefully we will be able to do something with the book. I'm good friends with the Dreamjobbing peeps so "Watch This Space"

Sauce_bucket_2 karma

Anthony Sullivan, I never thought I would ever get to ask you this... but do you love me? I have watched nearly every single pitch of your at least twice. The way you explain the products is just so great. I love your work. You are single handedly the greatest pitchman of all time.

legendarypitchman7 karma

YES I LOVE YOU, is your name Paul Moriarty by any chance?? Send me your address and I'll send you a swag bag

Ben-Ulrand2 karma

Is it true that you held your own against 40 samurai, when you were just 4 years of age?

legendarypitchman6 karma

I could tell you, but I'd have to kill you.

Maggie12201 karma

I like watching you use the swivel sweep on HSN. Are you ever worried it won't pick up the mess when you are live on tv?

legendarypitchman2 karma

The Swivel Sweeper is amazing and works 99.9% of the time. But I always have my go to line just in case a stray gets away. "You can run from the Swivel Sweeper.......but you can't hide"

Infomercial_Lover1 karma

Besides OxiClean, what has been a favorite product that you pitched?

legendarypitchman2 karma

The Smart Mop is my favorite product and the Amazing Washmatik is a close 2nd. They're the two that started it all!

cryogue1 karma

How are you?

legendarypitchman6 karma

Oh boy... that's a loaded question. Yesterday was a crazy day... I swam 3000yds, shot an OxiClean commercial at my house, got my hair cut for a shoot today, wrote 3 scripts, did 90 minutes of extreme intervals on my TT bike, got home in time to sing my daughter "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star".... who woke me up this morning at 6am (which is my favorite way to start the day, by the way), CNN is here today, I'm doing this Reddit AMA, now filming day 2 of the OxiClean commercial. ...so, how am I? I'm busy. And that's just the tip of the iceberg! But, I'm grateful, happy, healthy and excited for tomorrow!

Infomercial_Lover1 karma

If you weren't a pitchman, what would you do for a living?

legendarypitchman4 karma

I think about this a lot. I feel that finding new products and unique ways to sell them is in my blood, but just say that talent was taken away from me, what would I like to do???? I could spend my days being a bike tour guide for some like "Backroads" taking people on epic bike trips aruond the world, being a pro-triathlete appeals to me, I f I could train 3 times a day I would. I've thought about running for office at some point in my life, and I enjoyed writing my book but I don't know if i have the discipline to sit down and write well enough to be a full time author. And anything in or around the water. Swim Coach, Boat Captain, Pro Big Wave Surfer (Top 10 of course):-))

legendarypitchman3 karma

I think about this a lot. I feel that finding new products and unique ways to sell them is in my blood, but just say that talent was taken away from me, what would I like to do???? I could spend my days being a bike tour guide for some like "Backroads" taking people on epic bike trips aruond the world, being a pro-triathlete appeals to me, I f I could train 3 times a day I would. I've thought about running for office at some point in my life, and I enjoyed writing my book but I don't know if i have the discipline to sit down and write well enough to be a full time author. And anything in or around the water. Swim Coach, Boat Captain, Pro Big Wave Surfer (Top 10 of course):-))

sxrajh1 karma

Hi Sully!! Going back to Pitchmen: what was your favorite product that you featured? Along with that, have you noticed a shift in the industry/how TV pitches have been done since Billy's passing?

(Also, if Telebrands ever has any student internships, I'd be so interested!)

legendarypitchman2 karma

I think I liked the "Spot Sucker" Kyle and his brother were the real deal and we became close on the show. I also liked Impact Gel! I think the business has gotten more competitive and faster and bigger. Pitchmen blew the doors off and gave people a sneak behind the curtain. We went from Niche to Mainstream. I see people trying to imitate Billy, it annoys me a little. He had his style and when imposters and charlatans try and copy him......well lets just say there was only one Billy Mays Jnr.

MorphineBear1 karma

Can you wish me a happy birthday?

Aside from yourself, who is the top/next top pitchman/woman on television?

legendarypitchman8 karma

Send me a message with your phone number and I'll text you a happy birthday video!

As far as the other question... I like and respect John Florell.

Maggie12201 karma

Are you from London?

legendarypitchman3 karma

Hi Maggie 1220 - I am from North Devon in England - it's one of the most beautiful parts of England........I didnt go to London until I was 11, to swim at a meet in Edmonton.

Cpcr12031 karma

What has been your favorite part of being a pitchman?

legendarypitchman3 karma

My favorite part is when i find a new product that blows me away - like when we first found OxiClean - we have a new one were filming tomorrow - and of course working alongside Billy

GypsyMountainMama4061 karma

How long did it take you to film pitchman?

legendarypitchman2 karma

We started filming Season 1 in September of 2008 and it first aired on April 15 2009, we were filming right up until the last episode in June 2009. It was a tough shooting schedue, managing the business and also filming for the show and because it was new shot we had not figured out the best way to do it. Season 2 was a little more organized but missed Billy and I think it showed. I really tried to make it great but the show wrapped after Season 2