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When you had that tv show and billy mays had to pitch a product that it was so worth having a car would have to run over his hands to prove how strong it was How irritated were u that billy didn't want to do it and you had to bc billy was known for his "famous hands?" And didn't want to ruin his career for it?

If its to sensitive then I guess ill ask another. Every product you pitch do u get a royalty or a commission for the sale of said product?

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Whoa dont bring us into this.. I live in shithole grand forks population 40k if that and rent here for college kids is upwards 1200/mth.. My mortgage is only 700/mth...

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Heres a good one... Is there a product u just despise that u would just like to black list bc its fake and not worth buying? Can you even say said product? I mean u are the king of advertisements!

Like in my eyes that damn swiffer i swear its the biggest POS ive ever used.. And im sorry if that offends u in any way!