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Hi Lindsey!

Does your schedule make it really difficult to find time to date men?

If not, can I pick you up at 8pm tonight?

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This to me is a very big seemingly-unexplored area of the story. It is not a surprise to me that 3 wealthy men wanted to purchase sex services, but what is striking to me is that these people with such wealth would patronize such affordable service providers. Guys with this kind of money don't pay $5 for a car wash or $99.95 on a suit.

When news broke of Eliot Spitzer getting busted with his pro, the news about the hourly rates she charged made sense to me. These are rich guys who wanted high-end services and they paid high-end prices which were partially based on paying for confidentiality. Same with Heidi Fleiss' operation.

So why wouldn't men who had the ability to pay for confidentiality choose a service provider that could better supply it? Even if Kraft et al just looked up some high-end escorts on the internet lists and took a random chance. That's a safer bet than a place in a strip mall. To me, there's gotta be more to the story from that angle.

BTW - I realize you're no longer taking questions, but just wanted to put this out there.

P.S. when I refer to the women who 'worked' at the spas in my comments, I am not making any judgements about whether they are victims of human trafficking or not.

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How do you feel about the seemingly hypocritical Jewish laws that many Hasidic people seem to follow without question? For example, stringing a wire around a Bklyn neighborhood to allow for a more modern existence, while still feeling like you're following 5500 year old laws.

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I don’t see how that distrust can be changed by anything other than the people in those groups. When a person has malicious intent, almost anything can be a weapon.

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So do I understand correctly that you forget who you are, where you are, how you got there and any new memories? But you don't lose the ability to speak or understand language, how to walk or other motor skills? What about math or logic? Does your judgement fluctuate?