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I freakin' LOVE Jabo0odyDubs!!!! Yes I have the pleasure of meeting Jabo0ody himself. I cant say enough about how talented him in his guys are. in my view he started and is the original DUB guy, the other ones are okay but Jabo0ody is the OG!! He can dub me anytime

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Call my office and talk to Ashley - She'll get you on! We need a an inept struggling person tomorrow

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Yes, there's always more.

But I'm not done!

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My friend Dr. Bill Adams called me at 1pm London time and asked me if I'd seen what happened to Billy... He then went on to tell me that he died. I was driving & I stopped the car in the middle of a british country lane and called Billy's wife, and then called his son. They confirmed the very sad truth. Then I drove to my mum's house crying my eyes out... I just lost my best friend. The rest of the day was a blur & the worst day of my life.

As far as how it affected my career... it hit me really hard. I was genuinely depressed for a while. It initially did hurt my career I think. It hurt me on every level... But I learned that you gotta pick yourself up off the floor and put a smile on your face and keep going. I think it drove me to push harder & be better & to try and take care of myself & be good to others.

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When appeared on the Tonight Show with Conan and when we were on with Jay Leno it was amazing. We got me meet Prince, Jennifer Aniston lots of incredible people .And the fact that we were getting to tell our stories to millions of people was amazing. Also when we filmed the show Pitchmen - meeting the cast and helping them with their inventions and the level of professionalism was amazing. I was with Billy almost everyday for the last year of his life - I miss him.