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Hi, I’m Jamie Greubel Poser, 2014 Olympic bronze medal bobsledder for Team USA. Driving a bobsled is like driving a Ferrari at 80 mph on ice, without a seatbelt, brakes or gas pedal. As a driver, making the right split second decisions can be the difference between winning a race or sliding down the track on our faces…but no pressure! The first time I rode in a bobsled it felt like I got put in a tin can and kicked off a cliff and thought I’d never go back: now I’m on the hunt for my second Olympic medal at the 2018 Games in PyeongChang! I grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia as the oldest of 4 kids, and I ran track at Cornell University. I’m married to a German Olympic bobsledder, I sprechen zee deutsch and love to play acoustic guitar. AMA!


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kneutson1175 karma

Hi Jamie! What's your middle name and why I am your favorite brother?

JamieGreubelBobsled869 karma

My middle name is Hilda.... ;) haha because you made me insanely competitive.

okaybutfirstcoffee233 karma

Why are you responding from a separate account than the OP?

JamieGreubelPoser628 karma

Sorry, I accidentally logged myself out and had to log back in when I refreshed to see if there were more questions, sticking to JamieGreubelPoser now. My bad.

The_Lord_Stanley590 karma

What is your opinion on the movie Cool Runnings?

JamieGreubelBobsled688 karma

It's EPIC, and probably the main reason most people know about bobsled, but I'm grateful for that!

cutapacka361 karma

Feel the rhythm. Feel the rhyme. Get on up... it's bobsled time!

JamieGreubelPoser390 karma

You can't do this to me... it's only August!! So fired up ;)

AjaLEvans473 karma

Who's your favorite brakeman....? 🤔

JamieGreubelPoser448 karma

Who's your favorite driver? ;)

evcrust1222 karma

Not you because you lie about not having brakes

JamieGreubelPoser7 karma

I don't have any access to, or control of, the brakes. They are in the back of the sled with the brakeman. I am only able to control the sled with the steering and the brakeman is not allowed to use the brakes during the course, only after the finish line to stop the sled. So I actually have no brakes as the driver.

cyberdrunk301 karma

How much training do you have to do on the track? Since it is ice, g-forces and gravity, it doesn't seem like you get to make a lot of choices out there. I'm sure the driver gets subtle choices they need to make, but the rest of the team on the sled look like ballast. (Note: speaking out of ignorance of the sport.)

JamieGreubelBobsled429 karma

Actually compared to other sports we have very limited time to practice our sport. We only allowed take about 2 runs down the track a day (one minute per run, so only 2 minutes a day!!). Only one sled can go down at a time, and there are a lot of sled on the World Cup circuit. Then only 6 runs on each track before we race. Then we move on to the next track and start all over. Video review, walking the mile long track each day before sliding and mind runs (visualization) help us have a little more time to think about what we are doing.

gibson_se117 karma

What does "training" consist of? Nordic skiers will spend tons of time running (in the off season) and skiing to build their cardiovascular systems to cope with more training and the actual races. They'll do a lot of strength training, some quite general and some very specific to their sport. And they'll practice technique a lot too.

What do you do? It seems to me like some squats and similar leg strength exercises are a good idea. And probably a lot of short sprints, probably with some weight to push. How do you practice the actual riding? What's off season like?

JamieGreubelPoser207 karma

We train like weight lifters and sprinters in the offseason. We do have a bobsled on wheels that we can push to practice the start and the load distance, but I don't work on my riding position or driving in the offseason.

summerofsin66 karma

Netflix's White Rabbit Project did a really interesting episode about bobsledding as well, if you'd like to check it out.

JamieGreubelPoser48 karma

Will do, thanks!

-WISCONSIN-238 karma

What got you into bobsledding in the first place? What made you decide this was something you wanted to do at the highest level?

JamieGreubelPoser344 karma

I wasn't ready to be done with sports after college, but nobody encouraged to continue with track so I didn't even know it was an option, but I always felt like I had more. A teammate suggested that I try out, it never would have been on my radar otherwise. I am super competitive so I have always loved sports and it was the perfect fit.

rtqb1877 karma

What goes through your mind when you're racing down at 80 mph? Or do you let your muscle memory from training take over?

JamieGreubelPoser100 karma

I just try to remember the few cues that I are important and trust my program and not overthink what I am doing or become to mechanical with my driving.

Soniemon76 karma

How does one get into bobsledding recreationally? Also how did you get your first opportunity to bobsled?

JamieGreubelPoser108 karma

You can go to the track in Lake Placid, NY or Park City, UT and take a ride! It's open to the public. (I went on one of those rides)

ArabianDisco52 karma

What was it like to be raised in Philadelphia? Did you frequent the playground?

JamieGreubelPoser44 karma

Yes! LOVE Philly. I'm there a few times a year when I'm not on the road for bobsled.

never_out_of_time21 karma

Hey Jamie, Some sports (looking at you gymnastics and ice skating) involve people training from as young as 3 years old. How long have you been training to bobsled and how easy is it to get into?

JamieGreubelPoser30 karma

I have been bobsledding for 10 years now. Anyone can come try out for our team. It helps to have an athletic background. You fill out a form on the USA bobsled website and get in touch with the staff. You can compete in a combine which is a physical test to show the coaches if you would have potential in the sport. After the combine you would get invited to a push camp to learn how to push a sled and then possibly get invited to our national push champs and national team trials to try to earn a spot on the team.

ryguydrummerboy20 karma

How did you get in to such a sport? I know in communities like mine, football, baseball, soccer and basketball have relatively high access. What about bobsledding? How does one find the equipment/teams for it?

JamieGreubelPoser46 karma

You would have to come to Lake Placid, NY or Park City, UT to try it. Not extremely accessible like the sports you mentioned, but it's a great opportunity when you are finished one of those sports! One of a few sports you don't have to do your whole life and could go to the Olympics in. ;)

dylanvansandt19 karma

Thanks for the AMA! I've always been curious how anyone gets into bobsledding. How did you start and then realize you were actually good at it?

JamieGreubelPoser18 karma

I tried out because a college teammate suggested it. Athletes and coaches in the sport told me I had potential, I would have never known otherwise. I realized when I just missed making the Vancouver Olympic team as a brakeman that I had a chance to go. I got really motivated and decided to switch to driving and give it a shot.

TonyShmoney12 karma

I don't mean to offend, but are you insane? What causes you to keep going back and doing it again?

JamieGreubelPoser22 karma

Debatably :) I love challenging myself and I want to be the best at what I do.

Major01712 karma

The scariest moment you've had in bobsledding?

JamieGreubelPoser40 karma

I jumped into the sled on one of the hardest tracks in the world and realized there was a pin holding my 2 steering arms together, so I had no control of the sled. I reached my hands to try to pull the pin out, but my helmet would let me reach far enough. Luckily between the first and second curve the vibration of the ice and the cornel wiggled the pin out and I could steer, but my heart was pounding and I was about a blink away from crashing.

b3atd0wn10 karma

At what point in life do you pick up bobsledding, and what is the thing that brings you into that world? Also, what's the competition like once you hit the Olympic level? Is it a large community?

JamieGreubelPoser10 karma

Most people get into bobsled in their 20s, after they have had careers in other sports (unless you randomly grew up in Lake Placid, NY or Park City, UT). It's a very small community but highly competitive within the community. The US has some of the top teams in the world.

Laconic_Sphynx7 karma

What song is your favorite to play?

JamieGreubelPoser18 karma

Blackbird by the Beatles.

ajmoyal15 karma

Do you have any races in the USA this year? Where/When? I'd love to come watch!

JamieGreubelPoser12 karma

Yes! That would be so cool! Lake Placid, NY on November 9th (my birthday :)!! ) and the next week, not sure what day but I think November 17 or 18 in Park City, Utah.

CounterpointBlue5 karma

I have bailed on a toboggan when I was kid because 20, 25 mph was too much. This started a chain reaction that dumped the sled. Has anyone ever bailed on you mid-run or fallen off?

Thanks and good luck!

JamieGreubelPoser10 karma

I have had a teammate slip at the start and I went down by myself. I also crashed and my teammate kicked out of the sled and the sled popped back up and I also drove down by myself. Both times I had to hop in the back seat and pull the brakes by myself.

the_doughboy4 karma

If there is no brakes why is the guy in the back called the Brakeman?

JamieGreubelPoser6 karma

There are brakes for after the finish line, so they do brake then, but everything I do to control the sled in the track is only with the steering. (hence no brakes while we are in the course)

iwouldrun500miles4 karma

What are the best and worst things about bobsledding?

JamieGreubelPoser9 karma

Best- traveling the world, competing, being part of a team, going fast, going to the Olympics, competing for Team USA

Worst- crashing, the freezing cold, jet lag, sanding runners to get ready for a race

mojoso4 karma

What is your favorite movie? (Fair Warning: I will be sad if it's not Cool Runnings)

JamieGreubelPoser6 karma

Cool Runnings and Miracle on Ice! ;)

Lord_of_the_Realm4 karma

What Olympic sport would you compete in if not bobsledding?

JamieGreubelPoser8 karma

Equestrian. Jumping really high jumps.

FistoftheSouthStar3 karma

How does one get started in this sport? Always wondered how very niche sports get new people started

JamieGreubelPoser6 karma

It's one of a few sports you can try later in life and have a chance at going to the Olympics. We don't really had a feeder sport, so most people either saw it on the Olympics and want to try or someone who knows someone who bobsled before suggests than an athlete tries it. It's a hidden gem in the sports world for athletes that want to continue post-collegiately.

WiggiE_WiggiE3 karma

Hello Jamie,

What are your plans for the future once you become too old to compete? I know every sport has an age limit for competing.

JamieGreubelPoser9 karma

I have a masters degree in elementary education, so teaching!

BunkHouse52 karma

Has your skills in bobsledding transferred over into other areas of your life? Did you ever get on a slip-and-slide and blow people's minds?

JamieGreubelPoser8 karma

Does street fighter count?

truthinlies2 karma

Does it ever feel like you're wearing nothing at all?

JamieGreubelPoser3 karma

Yeah... when it's -30 and I ask myself why I am standing outside in one layer of spandex.

mcaustic1 karma

Is a bobsled track in the backyard on your list of must-haves for a house? If not, how often do you get to practice?

JamieGreubelPoser2 karma

YES!! Only about 2 runs a day down the track from October-April.