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At what point in life do you pick up bobsledding, and what is the thing that brings you into that world? Also, what's the competition like once you hit the Olympic level? Is it a large community?

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There's got to be a lot running through an officer's head at that moment, too. They get a call, and have to respond quickly. Someone answers the door. They have to access the threat, try to secure people because the person answering could be hostage or kidnapper, secure the rest of the location, look for evidence to see if the threat is credible, all the while having to wonder if it's a diversion for possibly anything else going on. The way it's handled initially seems like it wasn't bad cops, just a tense, high pressure situation.

As far as the banning of viewers, it could have been by a stream admin. Considering they unplugged all of her USB cords (seemingly) trying to unplug the webcam, I'd imagine that banning people/deleting comments would be a little more tricky.

I am sorry, though, OP. Hope they catch the guy who's messing with you.