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Who's your favorite brakeman....? 🤔

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I was a little let down... I thought I was going to witness a live "Jaws" scene lol

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The off-season is where we build all of our power, strength, and speed for the sport. We do a lot of speed training, but we also do a lot of lifting. All bobsledders have big butts because we squat so much lol "Ass moves mass" :)

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haha that's a legit question, I definitely think we could give a good run for its money! Depending on the track we can reach speeds at over 90 mph!

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My collegiate coach introduced me to the idea. During my senior year at Univ of Ill., he told me about the sport and how they look for powerhouse athletes from all different sports. Because I threw shot put and sprinted in college, I had such a unique combo that transferred well into the sport. About a year and a half after graduating I went and tried out for the team! And ended up being pretty good :)