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Sorry, I accidentally logged myself out and had to log back in when I refreshed to see if there were more questions, sticking to JamieGreubelPoser now. My bad.

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Who's your favorite driver? ;)

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You can't do this to me... it's only August!! So fired up ;)

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I wasn't ready to be done with sports after college, but nobody encouraged to continue with track so I didn't even know it was an option, but I always felt like I had more. A teammate suggested that I try out, it never would have been on my radar otherwise. I am super competitive so I have always loved sports and it was the perfect fit.

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We train like weight lifters and sprinters in the offseason. We do have a bobsled on wheels that we can push to practice the start and the load distance, but I don't work on my riding position or driving in the offseason.