I'm a German-Jew who comes from a wild family of eccentric, drama addicted artists including Bertolt Brecht and countless other crazy characters and I tell people all about what it's like growing up in the Pohl Circus, being an immigrant and the search for home in my solo comedy show “Hi, Hitler” at The Cherry Lane Theatre in New York July 11-30. I am also the voice of Mercy on a little game you may have heard of called Overwatch. Ask me anything! THAT'S IT FOR ME GUYS! THANKS SO MUCH! I HAD A BLAST AND LOVE YOU ALL! HOPE TO SEE YOU AT MY SHOW IN NYC AND AT CONS IN YOUR CITY! YOU GUYS ROCK!!!

“Hi, Hitler” trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qUhFDgG7zpI

“Hi, Hitler tickets: http://www.hihitlershow.com/

proof: https://www.instagram.com/p/BVz6Zs_HdB6/?taken-by=ulovelucie

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theOGyug251 karma

Are you good friends with the voice actor for Pharah?

luciepohl260 karma

Yes! I love Jen Cohn!

DaveSilver186 karma

How did you get the role of Mercy? What was the audition process like? Also, who is your favorite character in OW besides Mercy?

Also I just want to say that Mercy is my favorite character in the game, and has been my most played for many months. Thank you for providing such a lovely voice to a great character.

luciepohl244 karma

The audition process was pretty standard, a first audition (which I did under a blanket in bed with my computer) and a callback where I got to work with the amazing Andrea Tolyias.

I really love all the other characters on ow! They're like family so it's hard to single one out! Thank you for being awesome! Heroes Never Die! x

Chtorrr149 karma

What is the best dessert?

luciepohl252 karma


gianlucaginoble108 karma

Hey Lucie! We've seen some of Jen Cohn's influence in Pharah's character (particularly with the love of rock). How much of your personality influences Mercy? Also, you do a great job voicing her, btw. I adore the work you do for Mercy so much.

luciepohl111 karma

Thank you so much! I think a lot of my personality influences Mercy because the emotions have to be real and have to come from somewhere!

True_Blue-2-107 karma

Do you play Overwatch at all? If so, who's your favorite character in game? (Besides Mercy of course)

luciepohl177 karma

I love Soldier 76!

Waterysalt102 karma

Hi friend I am Very big fan I am severely autistic with other diagnosises and Overwatch has given my life much joy, the characters are my favorite part, and I always told myself that if I ever got a chance to message the voice actors, I would tell them this. I very much appreciate that the voice actor community in Overwatch seem to be very attuned to their individual respectful heroes. You do not just do the voice, but you embrace the character and I really like that. That being said, I have a simple yet extremely important question to ask, my friends and I have debated on this for very long time but I am seeking a doctor's opinion: Does Pineapple belong on pizza?

luciepohl198 karma

Thank you so much! And NO ABSOLUTELY NOT! No pineapple on pizza;-)

Symphawnics92 karma

Hi Lucie, thank you so much for doing this AMA!

I actually have two questions, both on different topics.

  1. In Overwatch, what's it like recording death sounds for your character? Does it ever get awkward or weird?

  2. What made you decide that comedy shows is something you wanted to do? If I understand correctly, you come from a theatre-focused background, but is it something about comedy that really pushed you in that direction?

luciepohl148 karma

So, the death sounds are very fun to record! We call those recordings 'exertions' and as voice actors we get to have a lot of fun with them! It can get exhausting for the voice but it's usually a really fun time!

I always loved making people laugh and I have always seen the humor in most situations in life! It's come very naturally to me!

DrHarryHood91 karma

Hi Lucie!

What is harder to save... heroes or cupcakes?

luciepohl159 karma

Definitely cupcakes. They get eaten so quickly.

_Mafia_Jinx_64 karma

If you could have any Mercy skin be put into the game what would it be?

luciepohl138 karma

Hmmm. I like the idea of some sort of Futuristic Robot Skin...

Pallas74658 karma

Good evening Miss Pohl, first of all thank you for being here on AMA !

I have a question for you: Did the fact that you are the voice actor of Mercy changed anything to your career, your popularity?

Have a nice evening !

P.S. : Please excuse me for my possible mistakes i'm french.

luciepohl132 karma

Salut! Yes Mercy changed a lot in my career because she introduced me to the beautiful fans of the gaming world! Love you guys! <3

Chitaru52 karma

Lucie, first, thank you for being such an excellent voice actress to my favourite character. A true hero to me both in game and out. Second, I need healing! (Just kidding, I main Mercy) Now for the questions: which Mercy voice line is your favourite? Do you like Pharmercy?

luciepohl114 karma

I love Pharmercy! My favorite voice line is Heroes Never Die! It's a powerful message and it's true:-) Thank you for being awesome!

WirBrauchenRum47 karma

Hi Lucie! What's your favourite thing about living in New York? I've never lived in a place with more than 250 people, so I'm curious as to how you find it not only with how huge the place is, but also with being German. Do people notice, or have you got a more neutral accent down by now?

What would be involved in the daily life of an eccentric German New Yorker?

luciepohl74 karma

My favorite part are the people! There are so many different kinds of people and everyone lets everyone else just be who they want to be! There are no judgements on the streets of NYC! I moved here when I was 8 so I don't have a German accent in English! Usually I'm running around the city like a mad person with a coffee cup and sunglasses:-)

ZieglerMD42 karma

Hi Lucie!! I’ve watched a few clips of your stand up routine and it seems like a lot of fun- do you have any plans to release a full VOD of your shows or a DVD or something along those lines at some point?

luciepohl54 karma

Absolutely! I am working on it and that is part of the reason why I'm doing my show for 3 weeks in NYC in July!

overwatch_lesbians36 karma

Hi Lucie! Firstly, on behalf of all the other Mercy mains out there, thank you so much for your beautiful voice acting for her! <3 Some Pharmercy related questions: Would you ever consider doing a fun, cheesy fanfiction reading or doing fan-comics voice overs with Jen and the girls? Is there any chance you could persuade Michael Chu and the team to add more Pharah/Mercy voice lines / interactions in game?

luciepohl55 karma

I'll try!

Trollzungolo35 karma

why are you so pretty?

luciepohl46 karma


thetjguy29 karma

Hello Lucie! Thanks for having this AMA first of all, it's really nice seeing the Overwatch VA's being so supportive of the community, especially the videos you, Jen, Carolina and Anjali create!

  • What do you personally think Blizzard Entertainment should do about the Mercy "shipping war"? The majority in the Overwatch community (including me) believes Mercy would be very happy with Pharah alongside her in canon lore, writer Michael Chu seems to enjoy the thought of Genji more and while Jeff Kaplan has expressed support for Pharmercy on Twitch he has also expressed that the state of relationships belongs to the fans and the developers are just in it enjoying what the fans create. It is a really heated debate, what do you think?

  • Giving the character Mercy and the Pharmercy ship are as popular they are, there's a lot of good Mercy/Pharmercy content out there. Is there any favorite art or fanmade content you remember liking in particular?

  • Do you have plans to tour in Sweden/scandinavia? I'd love to watch your show and have you sign some Mercy and Pharmercy things for me.

luciepohl47 karma

Hey! Thanks for being here! I'm very curious to see what Blizzard will do next with Mercy! We'll have to wait and see! I love all the fanart. There is so much amazing stuff that we get sent everyday! I'd love to come to Sweden. Will work on it for you!

Jer-Wil28 karma

What town/city do I absolutely have to visit when traveling in Germany?

luciepohl53 karma

You should visit Rothenburg ob der Tauber! It's a small Medeaval town on Bavaria! My dad was born there and it is so beautiful! Also, Berlin is really fun and I was born in Hamburg so check that out too:-)

NickiTheCat27 karma

A few: What was it like when you got the call back for Mercy? Did you ever expect the game to be as big as it is now? And if there was anything you could change about your character or any voice lines you could add, what would they be?

luciepohl46 karma

It was awesome! It's always nice to get a callback:-) I had no idea it would be this big!

The_Real_Racoon26 karma

As a Mercy main, who are your favorite heroes to fight alongside?

luciepohl51 karma


WickedSushi25 karma

Are you a Mercy main?

What was it like working on the Turkish film, "Magi?"

luciepohl53 karma

Yes I am a Mercy main! Working on Magi was amazing! I got to spend 6 weeks in Istanbul which is an amazing place. It was a wild ride!

Captainrocketbirb19 karma

Hi Lucie! Just wanna say I look up to you and all the OW crew a lot, I love your videos and all your fan interaction! Y'all seem awesome and your interactions are always so entertaining <3 anyway onto questions!!

1.) How/ when did you figure out what you wanted to do as a career ?

2.) Have you ever gotten/ how do you handle hate?

3.) Life advice? 3.5) Do you ship Pharmercy (this one's the most important)

P.S. thank you for your time, it means a lot!! <3 <3

luciepohl37 karma

I always knew I wanted to be an actress! It depends what form the hate comes in, if it's online it's best to ignore it, if it's confrontational and in your face it's best to walk away and remember that people who hate are sad people. My life advice is don't give up and imagination rules the world!

LenaAran15 karma

Can you see yourself doing motion capture for a game? Like how Uncharted, Tomb Raider or The Last of Us does it?

luciepohl24 karma

Absolutely! I've done some mocap in the past and it's a lot of fun!

Crocotainment13 karma

What are the odds of you cosplaying as Mercy someday? :)

Thanks for representing Germany in Overwatch with your awesome voice! Vielen Dank! :)

luciepohl37 karma

Danke:-) I think the odds are pretty good! Would love to!

Zombie_mice13 karma

First of all I want to thank you for your amazing voice acting, it's really great!
It seems you are really getting into Mercy character so I have two questions
-have you ever considered suggesting your own voicelines to be added?
-many people say you look almost like Mercy, have you considered doing Mercy cosplay and just walk everywhere saying her voicelines?

luciepohl54 karma

Thank you!!! The writers are always open to our suggestions so as I get more into the character if I have any ideas I will totally bring them up! LOL! I'd love to cosplay as Mercy and walk around doing her lines - or even better, I'd love to play her in a live action version!

LadyPancake13 karma

Hi! First I wanted to say thank you to you (and Jen and really everyone) for being so interactive with the fans. This is coming from a Pharmercy fan and a lesbian. Back in the day (avoiding a huge history lesson here, lol), we were still treated pretty second class in fandom and it was always a risk to even TALK about gay ships let alone create content for it. So thank you so much for being so kind and giving to your fans, (the women loving women community is notoriously loyal so you will always have a fanbase with us!!) it means a lot to me and I wish I had you and Jen in my life st a much younger stage. Growing up in the South is tough for that. But I think of all the young WLW who are affected positively because of this dumb little ship so thank you. Thank you so much.

My question is: how do you get into character for Mercy? Do you think really motherly and nurturing thoughts?

luciepohl19 karma

Yes! I do! I try to ground myself and think about healing people!


Hi Lucie, I was just wondering what you think Mercy does in her free time, what do you think she looks for in a friend? I love your work so much! -Vincent

luciepohl33 karma

Mercy plays soccer and eats chocolate in her free time! She looks for honesty, kindness and loyalty in a friend! Thank you!

Senah3dot012 karma

In what ways would you say that how fans perceive Mercy has affected how you perceive her? Somewhat related, how has your growing understanding of Mercy affected how you deliver her lines?

luciepohl28 karma

The fact that so many fans have expressed how inspiring Mercy has been to them has made me realize she is very much a larger than life character which has grounded the way I deliver her lines a lot more!

Pntgirl9511 karma

I love Mercy, I main her! Have you heard of the "Pharamercy" ship? How do you feel about it? I definitely ship them

luciepohl20 karma

I think it's awesome!

smitestoner11 karma

Mind If I ask a few here.

  • I often see people refer to mercy as their wife. Do you find this odd?
  • Favorite mercy Voice line you've recorded?
  • Would you send me something signed by you? I love mercy as a person how you and blizzard have brought her to life. I can't afford any conventions though, so this would be insanely appreciated but I understand why you won't. bonus: The mercy fanart on my wall my friend ordered for Christmas

luciepohl27 karma

I don't find it odd! I love it!

My favorite voice line is Heroes Never Die...for a price!

Send me stuff to CESD in NYC.

TheSushful11 karma

Hey Lucie,

This is a bit of a boring question but a lot of questions involving Overwatch i've thought of have already been asked but

  • What location on the earth that you have never been at and would love to go to?

Cheers from Canada

luciepohl13 karma

I'd love to go to Iceland

ItsHenryC10 karma

Hi Lucie! Rather new to Reddit here, but big Overwatch fan. My girlfriend and I cosplayed as Mercy76 at a convention last year and this pic got viral.

Rate our cosplay? https://goo.gl/photos/PGBzXzsFYCyyqyjc9

luciepohl13 karma


agentmilkman_4710 karma

Whats been the biggest and favorite project you have worked on?

luciepohl22 karma

The comedy shows I write are always my favorite projects because they come from me, the biggest projects I have worked on have been Overwatch, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and Red Dwarf. All of them were incredible experiences!

IIEarlGreyII9 karma

Hello Miss Pohl, I was curious if you had any idea beforehand that Overwatch would become such a huge hit and that your character (and by extension yourself) would become so popular? If you don't think you are popular then you aren't following the right Tumblr's btw . . .

I know we were all impressed with the original trailer, but the community as well as the amazing developer support have made this one of the best games simply ever, and I know I for one didn't quite expect it. The voice actors have made a huge impact on the community, and just knowing you are paying attention means a lot to us. Thank you.

luciepohl25 karma

Thank you SO much! It's all of you guys that make it so great! I honestly had no idea it would be this big. It's been an amazing ride so far and I can't wait for what's to come!

supermonkie909 karma

Hey Lucie! I firstly wanted to say just how awesome you are! My girlfriend and I watch all the videos with you and Sombra's VA and you guys are amazing together!

I wanted to ask:

  1. Has anyone ever recognized you by your voice?

  2. What is your favorite interaction?

  3. Do you think Mercy and Sombra would hang out as much as you and Carolina hang out in real life?

Thank you for your time! Mercy is by far my favorite Overwatch character, mainly because of you add so much personally with your voice work!

EDIT: Added another question that came to me on the way to work.

luciepohl11 karma

  1. yes!
  2. i love them all~
  3. yes! thank you!

Lord_Ilpalazzo9 karma

Hi Lucie, you mentioned that you are a German with Jewish heritage. Did any of your past family members experience any of the hardships from the war?

luciepohl31 karma

Yes, my grandmother had to wear the yellow star, was held hostage and was not allowed to continue studying, a lot of my grandfather's immediate family was killed in the holocaust.

whiles9 karma

Hey lucie pohl what kind of music do you listen to?

luciepohl25 karma

I like soul, funk, jazz, hip hop, classical music, flamenco....a lot of different kinds of music!

ShinyNerd9 karma

What would you say is a defining moment in your career? (Or is it a "one thing led to another" type deal and boom now you're where you're at)

From a glance at your IMDB it looks like you mainly do acting, aside from comedy. Are you looking to get more into voice acting? What would you say are some differences between the two that you didn't expect, going from one to another?

How did you come to be the voice of Mercy?

luciepohl24 karma

The defining moment in my career was when I started writing my first show Hi, Hitler and working on my own material around 4 years ago! This changed everything for me. I love voice acting and I can't wait to do more of it. It's so fun to get to fill out these characters and bring them to life with just your voice! The main difference between acting and voice acting is that you have to convey everything with one instrument - your voice! It's really fun to do! I auditioned for Mercy!

kisstroyer8 karma

Hey Lucie. So earlier this month Carolina posted a video of yall eating cupcakes where you said "Cupcakes never die". Have a friend who is obsessed with Mercy and cupcakes so that completely made her day. My question in regards to that topic is, what do you prefer, cupcakes or muffins?

luciepohl11 karma


Hawkeye_Saman8 karma

Hi Lucie! Just wanted to say thanks for doing an AMA on Reddit, you're a phenomenal actress and we all appreciate your time for doing this! I've just got 2 questions for you and I'm sorry if any of these are reoccurring ones. Without further ado:

  1. I'd like to ask on what made up your mind on taking up a career of acting/voice acting/comedy etc. In my case, as for someone who has done acting lessons at a young age but regretfully stopped doing them, I'm curious to what your answer is?

  2. And lastly, this is a bit of a funny question but in regards to voicing Mercy in Overwatch- If you could completely change Mercy's ultimate voice line ("Heroes Never Die") into something else, what would YOU want it to be?

Thankyou very much for your time Lucie! Piece of cake :)

luciepohl11 karma

Hi! I grew up in a theater family so I always knew that was the only thing I wanted to do in life! I never thought I could do anything else. I like 'cupcakes never die' ;-)

kyorah8 karma

Hello Lucie and greetings from Singapore! Thank you for doing this AMA, i'm really glad Blizzard chose you to bring the character of Mercy to life. I play her quite a bit and i really enjoy all her voicelines - especially the unique ones on her witch and devil skins (heroes never die...for a price >:) is my favorite!)

  • If you could be any hero from Overwatch for a day, who would you pick and why?
  • Are you a cat or a dog person?
  • What's your favorite movie?
  • Any funny stories from your voice acting sessions, work or life to share? :)

and of course..

  • Which would you rather fight: one horse-sized duck, or 100 duck-sized horses?

Thank you and hope you're having a wonderful day!

luciepohl23 karma

  1. Pharah!
  2. dogs!
  3. A Fish Called Wanda
  4. My dad says I was born with a mustache
  5. 100 duck sized horses x

jcookie20198 karma

Have you tried to push for a Mercy animation at all?

luciepohl20 karma

I have gently asked;-)

Retbullwastaken8 karma

How much leeway were you given to improvise the tone/style, etc. of your voice lines for Mercy? How did you end up voicing Mercy?

luciepohl10 karma

They give us a lot of room to add our own touches!

Hawkeye_Saman8 karma

Does red bull give you wings?

luciepohl26 karma


ColetheMercyMain8 karma

First of all, I wanted to say I love your work, voicing Mercy and your comedy!! Keep up the good work! I want to know though, you and Sombra's voice actress seem like really good friends in the videos she makes, do you two hang out a lot, and is that just what it's like to be a part of the Overwatch VA Family?

luciepohl25 karma

We've all become really close! We're very lucky Blizzard has put together such an amazing team!

politicalteenager8 karma

What is your opinion of mercy one-tricks like me?

luciepohl33 karma

My opinion is Heroes Never Die:-) <3

DaveJarVu8 karma

If you could have any ability from any hero in Overwatch, what would it be and why?

luciepohl33 karma

I'd love to have some of Lucio's Sonic Amplifier because it's so badass!

RSWarthog7 karma

Will you sign my mercy fan art? Do you think you'd ever do an upcoming British comic con?

luciepohl14 karma

I will be at FanaticExpo in September!

BWC_Gwidion7 karma

Do you take your comedy show on the road, and if so, how often?

edit: I'm a German (descendant) Jew and am interested in seeing it, but don't live in the proximity of NYC.

luciepohl16 karma

I do! I gig in different countries and cities at least once a month usually.

Andoanon6 karma

How did you get selected for the role of Mercy ?

luciepohl17 karma

I auditioned for it

zattire6 karma

Hello, I was wondering if you've ever met the VA for Ana? I main Ana and I know she lives in Egypt and rarely comes to events, but it would be cool if you'd seen her in person before.

luciepohl16 karma

I haven't but hope she will be at Blizzcon!

Krustan6 karma

Are you getting recognized alot when going in town?

luciepohl20 karma

It's been happening more these days!

Frowsy16 karma

Do you mess with people using your voice?

luciepohl10 karma

Yes! All the time!

ninickck5 karma

Hello Lucie! I was wondering, if you could look at all the heroes roster from Overwatch before getting to be the voice for Mercy and if you could choose one to act for, what hero would you have picked? I was also wondering how much of an impact did getting to be Mercy have on your career and lastly, what your dream job would be if you couldn't be a voice actress. I'd also like to use this comment to congratulate for the amazing job you have done as Mercy, your voice is really mesmerising and is the reason I switched from Italian Overwatch to English (I'm originally Italian) thanks to my friend Nick, who is a Mercy main btw. Just regarding this last point, I would like to arise a pretty bizarre request.. I was wondering if you could record a really short clip (feel free not to satisfy this request, I know it's weird) of you wishing my friend Nick a happy 18th birthday. Turning 18 in Italy is like turning 21 in America, it's a pretty huge thing and my friend is a huge, huge fan of yours. It's a common use to make a video edit full of pictures of the guy turning 18 to display at restaurant when all friends and family members are around; It would mean the world if you could satisfy this request, and just in case you actually do this crazy sht, huge thanks in advance. Keep going and keep working hard, looking forward to watching your comedy show, and I'm sure so is Nicola (it would be better if you could call him that in the video rather than Nick since that's his birth name)

Much love from Italy

luciepohl15 karma

Grazie! I would always have picked Mercy! I love her and I love what she stand for! Mercy is opening a lot of new doors for me and introducing me to a whole new world of fans and opportunities! Thanks for playing!

tehloserprince4 karma

Was it a culture shock moving from Germany to the US?

Thanks for existing and being awesome! Hope to catch one of your shows. You have a great sense of humor (and you're lovely, too)!

luciepohl11 karma

Thank YOU for being awesome! I remember being intensely fascinated by spray cheese. That was a real culture shock, that did not exist in Deutschland! But because I was so young I adapted very quickly...

seeyouarearewhy4 karma

Hey Lucie,

Could you talk a little about how you got into the voice acting scene? I think I have a pretty cool voice (just like everyone aspiring to become a voice actor, right?) and thought I'd ask about your story.

luciepohl6 karma

My first voice acting job was off of an ad on craigslist!

borisdiebestie4 karma

Berlin or NYC?

luciepohl9 karma


CreedDidNothingWrong4 karma

Honestly never heard of you before seeing this AMA, but based on that trailer you seem really funny and talented. The whole one-(wo)man show seems to be kind of a lost art (or maybe I'm just not hip enough to know how alive and well they are). What made you decide to pursue this medium? Do you know what you want to do next? I'd love to see you in some comedic movie roles. Is that the eventual goal?

luciepohl8 karma

Yes my goal is to turn this show into a format for tv and film and keep doing more comedic film and tv projects!

Yeaimdubh4 karma

Hey! I have a question about German (Language)

I've just finished school and after 6 years of learning German I assumed I would be able to handle myself when I traveled to Austria. Here I am now in Salzberg airport after a week of struggling to understand the locals (dialect, accents and general conversation)

I definitely want to come back to here and travel to Germany and was wondering what is the best way to continue learning the language? I will have to be independent as I plan to study different subjects in University. Do you have any major tips or small things that help you learn the more 'advanced techniques' of the language?

Many thanks!

luciepohl6 karma

The best way is to find someone to speak German with!

Gauntfallow4 karma

Besides Mercy, which other Overwatch character do you identify with?

luciepohl15 karma


emergebtc4 karma

I am a big fan of you omg! Do you like travelling around the world, and would you consider visiting the Philippines?

luciepohl11 karma

Thank you! I would LOVE to come to the Philippines and yes I love travelling!

budgiebum4 karma

What's your favorite flavor of cheesecake?

luciepohl10 karma

Salted caramel

rookiez784 karma

Hello, Lucie! Thank you for being on Reddit, also had a great time at your Apohlcalypse Now show back in March. When you're scripting for a live show, when do you feel it's right to exaggerate or caricature aspects of the stories you're telling for comedic effect and when does it feel right to tell a story just as it happened?

luciepohl13 karma

Thank you!!! So awesome that you came out! Hope you come to the new one too. Great question! I think it's always ok to exaggerate or caricature aspects of a story when it serves the point I am trying to make! Truth is usually better than fiction though and life writes the best stories so most of the time I don't even have to embellish!

Leaf4Prez3 karma

I absolutely adore your stuff, its a nice change from the bland stand-up. Your rambunctiousness is my favorite thing about you! I first saw you in Military Academy, and you have had my heart racing ever since!! Thanks for taking the time out to come say Hi. I have two questions.

The first is obviously who inspired you, and what is that inner part of you that allows you to break the typical social norms?

Second, one of my all-time favorites has been George Carlin, and he started out doing normal, family friendly stuff before evolving into what he was really destined for. What do you see in your future? Do you see your comedy evolving to even more criticisms of the cultures we have today? Perhaps acting even more?

Thanks again! I love Lucie!! <3

luciepohl5 karma

Wow! Amazing questions! Thank you! I am inspired by Lucille Ball, Lily Tomlin, Whoopi Goldberg, Jessica Kierson, lots of amazing females who have defied stereotypes! I don't think about norms which is what allows me to break them! I love George Carlin too and yes, I think my comedy will become more biting and rude as time goes on:-) Thank you!!!

Pharamedic3 karma

Hello Lucie, first of all thank you so much for what you do for your fans, especially for your wlw fans with the videos from you and the others. It really means a lot for us!

My question would be, if you are going to join some conventions in Germany? It would be so nice to meet you in person (well if my shyness wont get in the way...).

Have a nice day!

P.S.: Mercy Main btw ;)

luciepohl8 karma

I am working on coming to GamesCom in Cologne! Fingers crossed it will work out. Thank you for being awesome!

StarsOfGhosts3 karma

Hello Ms. Pohl! You're such an amazing person! I hope my questions aren't a hassle

  • 1) Favourite New York attraction/place to visit?
  • 2) A country you really want to visit?
  • 3) How many languages can you speak (or at least can understand)?
  • 4) If you were any mythical creature what would you be?
  • 5) If you were to have any overwatch character as your roommate who would you be?

Thank you so much! You're an inspiration! Hugs from Indonesia.

luciepohl8 karma

  1. Anywhere along the East River! 2. I really want to visit Indonesia! 3. I can speak German, English and I can understand French, Spanish, Italian and Greek! If I could be a mythical creature I would be a dragon! If I could have an ow character as a roommate it would be Roadhog;-) Hugs from NYC!

UDiego3 karma

Does Mercy listen to Engel from Rammstein?

luciepohl5 karma


FREAK213453 karma

Why's the comedy show called "Hi, Hitler"? You've said you're a German Jew so I'm assuming your family has gone through some horrible struggles during the time of the Nazi regime. I'm interested because I like learning about WW2 and things related to it (my grandfather fought in the war and it's interesting to hear his stories). Also, do you like Lord of the Rings? I'm a Lord of the Rings nerd so I had to ask.

luciepohl7 karma

The show is called Hi, Hitler because as a kid growing up I thought it was just a fun greeting "Hi" instead of "Heil" and the show is a lot about misunderstandings, displacement and searching for a place to belong. You should come see it if you can! I love Lord of the Rings!

techtonio3 karma

Thank you for doing this! I love your work and I truly wish I could see your show. Will it eventually be available for viewing/purchasing online?

What motivated or inspired you the most when faced with the challenges of being a German-Jew actress?

luciepohl6 karma

I am working on getting the show taped and on DVD! Stay tuned! The biggest challenge has been overcoming the stereotypes associated with being German and Jewish and I was inspired by my Jewish grandmother who lived through so much and never let anything get her down!

Chitaru3 karma

Do you need healing too?

luciepohl7 karma


ByMaximili3 karma

Top 5 TV series?

luciepohl19 karma

  1. Fawlty Towers
  2. Flying Circus
  3. I Love Lucy
  4. The Wire
  5. Arrested Development

trickyninja213 karma

My girlfriend is a mercy main and I'm a genji main. I often get frustrated when im unable to get heals from her and it's causing a rift! Any advice for a poor genji main to better accommodate my gf?

luciepohl18 karma

The woman is always right;-)

TossyMcSalad3 karma

Hi Lucie, as a German woman with Jewish family ties, do you sometimes feel conflicted about Hitler, i.e. one side of you admiring and the other side abhorring him?

luciepohl8 karma

I never admired Hitler, I had a fascination for him as a child because I didn't understand he was evil but knew that he was an important figure.

Scarf_Honchkrow3 karma

Hey Lucie!

I'll start off by saying this, thanks for doing this. I have two questions, one regarding your show and the other about your hobbies/interests. First off, have you ever thought about touring through major cities for your show (if you haven't already), particularly in the West Coast area? I would love to see it live! I have only seen snippets of your show online from critics raving about how funny it was!

Next question, your role in Overwatch has made you enter this new found world of video game/nerd culture. Do you have any preexisting hobbies or maybe gained a nerdy hobby from being exposed to this culture? Ex.(playing video games, watching anime, reading the Overwatch comics,etc.)

Again, thanks for doing this! Its really cool to hear what you have to say! Also Good luck in your future endeavours in this crazy industry!

luciepohl8 karma

Hey! I have done some of my shows in LA but I am definitely planning to come out to the West Coast and do a proper tour! I have started playing Overwatch so I guess that makes me a nerd now:-)

Crocotainment3 karma

For those of us not living in the US, will there ever be a DVD/blu ray release of "Hi Hitler"? :)

luciepohl7 karma

Yes! We are working on it!

BlueNeKoWitch3 karma

Hi Lucie! I was wondering if you'd be attending Momocon again next year? I got your autograph but I regret not asking for a picture!! (I was the Mercy cosplayer who got her ipad signed 💕💕) (Also thanks for AMA!)

luciepohl9 karma

I hope so! I remember you! You are awesome!!!

vmh212 karma

How does it feel to be apart of Overwatch?

luciepohl2 karma


MetaSkipper2 karma

The age old superpower question: flight or invisibility?

Something a little more serious. I find that comedy sometimes gets criticized for being too irreverent or insensitive, even as the nature of the medium lends itself well to needling and poking at sensitive subjects. Could you share your thoughts on provocative comedy?

luciepohl3 karma

I think provocative comedy is important and necessary! To have meaningful discussion we need to be provocative! Taking risks is always the best way to move forward.

AwesomeRash2 karma


It wasn't the original question I was going to ask, but I don't want to go straight in with "Who do you like the most", so I will change it up a bit, not to came across as a twit. :P

Out of the OW voice actors you have met personally, who is the biggest 'joker' out of them all, and who is the most serious?

luciepohl2 karma

I'm the biggest joker;-)

rook246012 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA! I had no idea what to ask at Momocon, but I finally figured it out:

As a Jewish comedienne, would you say you draw any influence or inspiration from Mel Brooks? If so, do you have a favourite production of his?

luciepohl2 karma

OH YES! I love Mel Brooks! My favorite is Young Frankenstein! But I also LOVE The Producers, Blazing Saddles....they're all so good! Thanks for the question!

dukeblu322 karma

Thank you for the awesome Mercy voice and voice lines! I look forward to seeing your show in NYC! Has anyone ever said they you remind them of Tina Fey?

luciepohl3 karma

I've gotten that from time to time!

Raptor_Jesus_IRL2 karma

Which Overwatch characters do you not like?

luciepohl2 karma

I love all of them

SirFluffyButt132 karma

Thanks for doing the ama! Mercy has been my favorite character since playing Overwatch and is my main. My question is do you jam out to Taylor Swift? Mercy main btw

luciepohl2 karma

Ha! I haven't yet but may be I should try!

valathe2 karma

hi lucie, thanks for doing this AmA! my question is a rather specific one, but bear with me: if you read (fan)fiction with or about mercy, do you actually 'hear' mercy's lines in your own voice?
also, a second set of questions regarding shipping: it is common knowledge the VAs for korra and asami were a big factor in making korrasami canon, would you yourself consider pushing for mercy to be written into a canon relationship with another member of the overwatch roster? if so, which character would you most like to see mercy be in a romantic relationship with?

again, thank you for taking the time to do this AmA. keep up the amazing work, and good luck for your show! :)

luciepohl3 karma

Thank you! Yes I hear Mercy's voice lines in my head all the time when reading them! I wouldn't want to push the writers in any direction, I always enjoy letting them surprise me!

shinyguns12 karma

What's your favorite costume for Mercy?

luciepohl2 karma

The witch skin!

Lord_Ilpalazzo2 karma

Hi Lucie!!! <3

Have you ever auditioned for any anime roles? I think you would be splendid in certain roles! Media Blasters still dubs anime every now and then with newly licensed anime and located in NY.

luciepohl5 karma

Thank you! That would be awesome!

iamthenarcorn2 karma

Have you considered making your shows available for purchase? I'm a poor college child stuck in the center of 'Intense Banjo Strumming', USA and would love to watch your shows.

EDIT: I've been ninja'd and answered already so I'll revise my question to something a lot less serious: what is the function of a rubber duck?

luciepohl4 karma

It's supposed to make you smile when you're taking a bath;-)

Stoiclyy2 karma

Who is your favorite character from Overwatch, besides Mercy? ❤️

luciepohl3 karma

I love them all!

Furiyan2 karma

Hey! Mercy's one of my favourite heroes when I need to heal, and her signature phrase is probably the most morale-boosting phrase to hear in Overwatch, especially when things are going to hell in a handbasket. So, thank you for lending your voice to her, she wouldn't be the same without you.

(I am a total Widowmaker and Chloe Hollings fan, but Mercy takes a close second)

My question is... well, there's two. The first is what is it about Mercy that you like or that resonates with you, and what's your favourite skin for her?

luciepohl4 karma

I love her nurturing qualities! My fav skin is the witch skin...xx

Chitaru2 karma

Have you been to England? If not, will you?

luciepohl3 karma

Yes! I've done shows in London and I;ve been to Nottingham!

Plegerbil92 karma

Hi Lucie! A few questions.

First, if I may ask, what plans do you have for the future? Do you want to continue doing comedy and film work as long as you can, or do you have thoughts about switching tracks sometime?

Second, do you have a favorite joke you can tell us?

Finally, what's the best kind of cupcake :)

luciepohl4 karma

Hi! My immediate future plans are to do my show Hi, Hitler in NYC July 11-30 at the Cherry Lane Theatre. I will always continue doing comedy and film work as long as I can! Favorite joke Who discovered we could get milk from cows, and what did he THINK he was doing at the time? (Billy Connoly) Best kind of cupcake is chocolate!

PoopOnMyBum1 karma

Hi Lucie. I've really been wanting to meet you and other Overwatch VAs! Have you ever thought about visiting Canada? There's a big Canadian comic con in September and I'd love it if you came!

luciepohl8 karma

I'd love to come to Canada! I've never been! I'll work on that for you! Or come down to NYC and see my show in July:-)

Mspark91 karma

Hello! I have a question in regards of comedy shows. I believe that comedy can serve various purposes, one of them is to criticize society for example, like a humorous was of portraying us and calling us out. But I read (somewhere on the internet) that because comedy is basically for the laughs and it needs context to basically work, you can't think of it for as criticism. What do you think as a comedian?? Sorry for the weird question or it has been asked before. Have a nice day!!

luciepohl6 karma

This is a great question! Thank YOU! I think comedy can definitely be social commentary. Look at the great Daily Show or Samantha Bee or some many others. I don't think having context and being critical of society or mutually exclusive.

Crocotainment1 karma

You mentioned Rothenburg ob der Tauber! I've been there many times as a kid as well. Do you like the Diller Schneeballen from there? :D

luciepohl4 karma

That's so cool that you've been there! Rothenburg Never Dies;-)

kangtheconquerer1 karma

Hello Lucie! I got a few questions:

  1. How often do you play overwatch?

  2. Who is your favorite character?

  3. Is Jeff nice?

  4. Why is most mercy main a girl?

  5. Why are you so beautiful and gorgeous?

luciepohl4 karma

Ive only played a few times so far! My favorite characters is Mercy and I love D.Va and Solider 76. Jeff is amazing! I think most Mercy mains are girls because Mercy's nurturing qualities are very feminine.

beanorocks111 karma

How did you get involved in overwatch?

What was your greatest challenge doing stand up in America?

luciepohl6 karma

I auditioned for it!

PRiMO5851 karma

Big fan of yours from overwatch... But also like the funny stuff on YouTube, etc... How did you get involved with Overwatch? Just audition?

luciepohl4 karma

Yup! Thank you!

HourlyB1 karma

How much information do you tend to get when you are performing a part? (PS, thank you for doing this! :D)

luciepohl7 karma

It depends on the size of the project. For Fantastic Beasts I had very little information. For OW I got most of the info upfront. Usually you are told a little bit about the character's background, their character traits, goals and the feel the creators are going for.

LongLiveTheMatador1 karma

Hey Lucie! What was your favorite behind the scenes moment when recording voice lines for Overwatch?

luciepohl2 karma

Hmmm. Sometimes you can get hung up on one word and those moments are always funny!

toocoo1 karma

Hey Lucie!! My friend is a big fan of yours (she's a Mercy main) and I guess we were both wondering if you'd ever go to a convention? She also lives in New York and dreams about bumping into you, lol.

luciepohl8 karma

Yes! I am starting to book conventions! I'll post about those on my website! But if you guys live in NYC you should come see my show at the Cherry Lane Theatre July 11-30!

Philomentus1 karma

What was it that got you really interested in the careers in comedy and VA?

luciepohl4 karma

I have always loved making people laugh and telling stories. It came very naturally to me.

Voice acting was something I sort of fell into gradually and the more I did it the more I enjoyed doing it so I started seeking out voice acting jobs.

Rowanoak1 karma

Thank you for doing the AMA!

Who is your favorite member of the Overwatch team who is not a voice actor and why?

Best regards.

luciepohl2 karma

I love them all!

cp-laserstorm1 karma

Have you, when recording for Overwatch, ever made suggestions for voice lines that eventually made it into the game?

Thanks for doing the AMA!

luciepohl3 karma

Not yet:-)

orcinovein1 karma

Are you aware of the recent hate Mercy gets in the game because people dislike the "hide and seek" method of gameplay when Mercy has her ultimate? Any thoughts on changes for the hero?

luciepohl2 karma

I'd love to hear what the fans would like to change!

UndercoverLizard1 karma

What's your favorite food?

luciepohl5 karma

Cheesecake, nutella and watermelon!

Puffx2-Pass1 karma

Any upcoming Mercy skins that you know of that we can look forward to?

luciepohl5 karma

I wish I knew!

Moyku1 karma

Are there any voice lines for Mercy that you recorded, that didn't end up being in the game that you thought would have been a funny line or good for character building?

Favourite Voice Line and favourite Mercy skin?

Thanks in Advance!

luciepohl9 karma

My fav skin is the witch skin at the moment and my fav line is still heroes never die...for a price!