Excited to let everyone know about my new talk show on Crackle. Some of the guests that I interview are Judd Apatow, Bob Saget, Iliza Shlesinger. Today's guest is my old friend producer/director Brett Ratner. Working on a lot of great stuff. Love engaging with the people that want to engage with me.

I'm a little older these days. Crustier around the edges. I'm not Wiezin the juice anymore, I'm Wiezin the prune juice. I also want everyone to know about my new podcast "Random Rants" and of course Comedy Store history stuff. You can even ask me about the new show "I'm Dying Up Here" on Showtime.

Here are links to my social, where you can find all my upcoming tour dates and more.

Proof: https://twitter.com/PaulyShore?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author

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ultra-saurus38 karma

All the young folk I work with have no idea why I call them buuuuuuuudy - how are we gonna bring that back into public consciousness?

MrPaulyShore41 karma

Encino Man 2 - The Ice Man Grows A Beard and is attached to his iPhone. Working as a barista

LivingInTheVoid27 karma

When is Biodome 2 coming out?

MrPaulyShore40 karma

God help us all.

MrPaulyShore24 karma

Thanks guys! Gotta roll to Vegas to see Dad. It's Father's Day weekend and that's where Dad lives.

Thank you for all the questions! Hope my silly responses made you giggle.

Thank you for digging all my stuff and supporting me. When you have some time, please check out my new show on Crackle. It's kind of like a talk show. You can also find my comedy specials Vegas Is My Oyster and Paulytics on Crackle, as well as my classic film Jury Duty. I also just found out that on July 1st, Encino Man will be on Hulu. Sweeet!

See you guys, have a great day! - Pauly

CarveTheMind17 karma

Can you confirm my suspicions that Encino Man was a documentary, and that Brendan Fraser is actually an unthawed caveman incapable of existing in modern society?

Also, what's your favorite piece of baseball equipment?

MrPaulyShore29 karma

Jock strap. Brendan's sexy, I wanna touch his body

drunkpunk12215 karma

Do you prefer cult following over mainstream popularity?

MrPaulyShore22 karma

I like both

PabstyLoudmouth12 karma

Hello Pauly Shore, and I would like to ask you about Son in Law. Was the guy that played Travis a real life douche bag or was he pretty chill?

MrPaulyShore47 karma

Whats up whats up! Total douche. Not cool. He hurt the Wiez, let's attack him and squeeze his scro. Cheek chillers cheek chillers brozzz

cosmotravella12 karma

Are you finding it difficult to get new work?

MrPaulyShore100 karma

No bro I started at Subway two weeks ago. You want a foot long or a 6 incher? I think they're gonna make me employee of the month. Come visit. I'll give you a free dill pickle.

whatsnextdude8 karma

Do you and Sean Astin see eye to eye, or are you like.. duuude why you talkin shit about me in your book yo?

MrPaulyShore42 karma

He did? He talked shit about me in his book? What did he say? I don't know how to read

HeislerBeer7 karma

Hey Paul. As a Paul myself, did you get any other Paul nicknames? (Paul bunyun, Polly Pockets, etc)

MrPaulyShore16 karma

Yes, Paul Bunyuns and Polly Pockets, just like you

pasher717 karma

Pauly fucken Shore! My man!

What have you been working on lately?

MrPaulyShore22 karma

Developing my semen for a new project

MrPaulyShore24 karma

Oops! That was for my gf, sorry.

My talk show on Crackle (Go check it out, it's called The Pauly Shore Podcast Show), touring stand up comedy, doc series based off Pauly Shore Stands Alone, historical doc, sketches, etc.

AriasRapeWhistle6 karma

I once had a dream that you and I spent a night hanging out in a warehouse and then we went to 7-11 and made Frito pies. Still one of my favorite dreams ever. What's the weirdest dream you ever had?

MrPaulyShore20 karma

That wasn't a dream. It actually happened. Why you munching on my frito pies brozz? Not cool. When can we do it again?

shelikesthecuck6 karma

Hey Pauly. Who's the best stand-up no-one of has heard of?

MrPaulyShore15 karma

Kevin Budkey

Frajer6 karma

Where did the idea behind The Weasel come from?

MrPaulyShore19 karma

Not telling. Ancient Chinese secret

tellMyBossHesWrong6 karma

So, how was it on @midnight?

MrPaulyShore18 karma

Sweeeeeet. Chris Hardwick's the man. He's the new Ryan Seacrest. But not as main stream. More alt.

gabeerwin6 karma

Saw you do stand up in Dayton Ohio. You're the best!

What was your favorite toy or game growing up?

MrPaulyShore13 karma

Operation. And slinky. And Lincoln Logs. Monopoly. Twister. Slip n Slide.

ironman825 karma

bio dome is like in my top five favorite movie ever so what do you think of the situation in venezuela?

MrPaulyShore11 karma

They got cool coffee

LivingInTheVoid5 karma

Can you please get MTV to do Rock n Jock again?

MrPaulyShore6 karma

No way brozz, what about rock n jock strap again?

lempamo5 karma

Do you regret voicing Snivel in "Casper: A Spirited Beginning"?

MrPaulyShore11 karma


MimonFishbaum4 karma

Mini tribal?

MrPaulyShore9 karma


therealsix4 karma

Assless chaps. Ever again, or just for Son in Law?

MrPaulyShore12 karma

I'm wearing them now! They're awesome. Can't leave home without them

Chanlet073 karma

Hey, Man! Thanks for doing this! What was your favorite movie you starred in? Just wanted to say you were priceless in Son-In-Law! How do you feed a hungry-man?! Thanks again!

MrPaulyShore7 karma


JonesingForJuly3 karma

What were the most fun scenes to film in BioDome, Encino Man and Son In Law?

BTW, my mom and I BOTH love your movies and often quote your characters. I think her favorite line is "Steven Tyler PJ's!! Steven Tyler PJ's". She's 54 yrs old btw...

MrPaulyShore6 karma

Whenever I can kiss all the babes, and the pig from Son In Law

eat_healfy3 karma

What happened to you?

MrPaulyShore18 karma

A whole bunch of stuff. I won't be able to say it all in this. Mostly I'm flamboyant and I love to wear girdles on Wednesdays.

YungOvarys3 karma

Pauly Shore in da hooouse. I read a story on vice.com about a dude that interned for you ... You need an intern/assistant/bodyguard? facebook.com/helloleons I'd kick some ass for you

MrPaulyShore6 karma

I do need an ass kicker. Let's do this. Meet me at Okie dogs at midnight

illupvoteforadollar3 karma

If you had to estimate by weight, how much weed have you smoked in your career?

MrPaulyShore10 karma

Not cool brozzz. 69 pounds

mrsuns103 karma

"Oh my God its Pauly Shore! (Puts Gorilla Mask on)"

Do you remember where this is from?

MrPaulyShore15 karma

Not cool. Don't harsh my gig so hard core, cruster

Rockky673 karma

Your mother founded The Comedy Store, did you ever get to sneak in as a kid?

MrPaulyShore16 karma

No. She was harsh, bro. She spatched me.

Sxeptomaniac2 karma

Thanks for taking the time. Funny thing: there are actually several scenes in Son-in-Law where a picture of myself (and my brother) is clearly visible (during the barn dance).

How did you like filming in the Central Valley? It's certainly a weird place, at times, and not for everyone, so I understand if you didn't exactly have a blast.

Second question: I recently turned middle aged myself, so how does it feel to be at your age, but still remembered by many as the actor/comedian you were in your 20s?

MrPaulyShore5 karma

Super sweet

BadVolk2 karma

What's a misconception people have about you?

MrPaulyShore12 karma

That I just like vagina.

Ehh_Embb2 karma

Pauly, I'm glad you're here! I've had this on my mind for awhile now, but I'm pretty sure I once read somewhere that you were friends with Shannon Hoon of Blind Melon. Is there any truth to that? Have you ever even met him?

Also, I loved you in Futurama. What was it like working with those guys? How did that even come about?

Annnnd last but not least, could you please refrain from restraint and dish out one of your worst celebrity encounters? Who was the biggest asshole?

MrPaulyShore13 karma

Futurama was amazing. They called me up. When the future calls, the past arrives.

MrPaulyShore9 karma

Biggest asshole: Pauly Shore

PeaceLoveRescue2 karma

Huge fan, and have seen you do stand-up twice and Bio-Dome 3 million times. Last time in Tempe, AZ I believe your Dad opened for you. Looking forward to your show on Crackle. Do you still like to be called The Weasel or is that something you'd rather just leave in the past? Pool party next time your in AZ! Peace brooooz.

MrPaulyShore7 karma

The Wiez is cool. Whatever you like. I'm down for whatever

[deleted]2 karma


MrPaulyShore6 karma

That was my gf. We broke up after that show.

[deleted]2 karma


MrPaulyShore5 karma


mrspacebear2 karma

Hey Pauly, looking back on your career which film was your favorite? If you could re-release a film today which would you choose and why? Thanks for the time.

MrPaulyShore6 karma

Pauly Shore is Dead. And Pauly Shore Stands Alone, which is on Amazon & Amazon Prime now

Tripleshotlatte2 karma

How is your mother doing?

MrPaulyShore4 karma

Her letting me smoke her weed

steamerbb2 karma

I have an idea for a sequel to Bio-Dome. Bio-Dome 2 Bud and Doyle in Space. What would it take to get this movie made?

MrPaulyShore5 karma

2 million dollars and to be reincarnated and come back as a leotard

Leff_hook2 karma

First I have to say, thank you for years of awesome movies and great memories! I grew up watching you and it's good to know you're still around. I really didn't have a question but I just wanted to let you know that.

But I still have to ask a question so: Of all the celebrities you've worked with, who was the coolest and who was the lamest?

MrPaulyShore9 karma

The coolest was the pig from Son In Law. The lamest was the camel from In The Army Now

sparetimepro1 karma

Pink Diggly Diggly is my all time favorite comedy album and it has quite the epic cover when folded completely out. Any plans for a new comedy album? ps...you filmed all of the basic training scenes at Fort Sill for In The Army Now where I did my basic. Thank you for the visual history of my torture.

MrPaulyShore8 karma

Just go to my Youtube. You can see all my comedy on there. Loved In The Army Now. Glad I could help . Thank you for the love and serving. Trump 2018 yea boiiii. Where's Kevin Budkey???

Neandertholocaust1 karma

Listening to Andrew Santino on Joe Rogan's podcast, I was impressed with the reverence he had for I'm Dying Up Here and the story they were trying to tell. What are some of your favorite stories from The Comedy Store, and how do you feel about the show?

Also, is Brendan Fraser as awesome as he seems?

Lastly, (and I may be wrong about this) but I thought I remembered reading that Sam Kinison kind of took you under his wing in your early stand up days. What's your favorite memory of Sam?

MrPaulyShore3 karma

The show is good, but it's not exactly what happened. I liked when I washed cottage cheese off of Lenny Schultz's balls.

Brendan is more.

Fakename9981 karma

Encino man is one of my favorite early 90s movies. You've obviously had a good amount of popularity in your career. No one doesn't know who you are. What is something you wish you did in your career, something that you regret not doing/having?

MrPaulyShore3 karma

Drama, obviously.

Urwifesmugglescorn1 karma

So, Dave Chappelle mentioned that Hollywood can often make you seem crazy with the pressure that mounts. Were you ever exposed to this, or were you just always insane?

MrPaulyShore6 karma

My head hurts from that question.

edmanet1 karma

What is your favorite thing to put your penis in?

MrPaulyShore4 karma


[deleted]1 karma


MrPaulyShore7 karma

Oh my god...makes you feel like a sweet Jewish shrimp dumpling afterwards. All I need is some plum sauce and a surgical mask and some chopsticks. And a fortune cookie. Then I'm all good brozzz

rolleverything1 karma

Hey Pauly! Do you ever wish people would just call you Paul?

MrPaulyShore5 karma

Mostly Jim

petertmcqueeny1 karma

Do you still weez the ju-uice?

MrPaulyShore5 karma

Yes I just did it 5 minutes ago. Now I have a brain freeze. Not cool brozzz

Bmc001 karma

Do any of these young kids mistake you for the dude from Big Bang? Also what current show would you like to be a part of?

MrPaulyShore4 karma

My new talk show Pauly Shore Podcast Show on Crackle! Duh. Have you seen it? It's a fun show to be part of.

gooeystuff1 karma

have you ever been slapped in the face in a professional setting?

MrPaulyShore5 karma

Not cool brozzzz

TheDiscordedSnarl1 karma

How has the movie industry and TV industry changed since you've been involved with it (I think the last movie I saw you in was Encino Man and Bio-Dome, so I'm way out of the loop)? Do you think "original content" matters anymore or are the bigwigs too engrossed in "work with what people know to guarantee profits rather than risk anything"?

Do you think there will be a rise in anthropomorphic movies, a la Zootopia (no, I'm not asking that because I'm trying to write an anthropmorphic medieval story I want to shop around eventually)?

And because I have nothing better to ask, I hear Vin Diesel is a big Dungeons & Dragons fan and I kinda want to show him my developed world on Roll20 (a gaming platform for tabletop games). and get his feedback on it. Think you could point him my way? Heh.

Cheers :)

MrPaulyShore4 karma

Too many questions! Just send me one question and I'll answer it Discorded Snarl

MemeMasterFlexLord1 karma

What was it like working on A Goofy Movie and did you think it would be as popular as it is?

MrPaulyShore10 karma

Leaning tower of cheese balls brozzz!

bobdolediedtoday1 karma

Pauly-- huge fan and I LOVE the random rants.

Please tell us-- how much rent do you pay at the fourplex and how much are you netting from that sweet pad that you still own but rented out?

Keep up the burps.

MrPaulyShore5 karma


edluvables1 karma

McGregor or Mayweather?

MrPaulyShore7 karma