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We need more proof. You only posted a link to a YouTube music video...

spineynodule103 karma

and he doesn't have a favorite dinosaur. what the fuck?

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Somehow i find it extremely funny that you got worried and immediately found a dinosaur.

gabirodahiphop113 karma

Not worried but you ask me a lot of questions

kilgenmus49 karma

Well it is an AMA, isn't it? Still, cool dinosaur.

gabirodahiphop10 karma

OK sure

Scottler34 karma

you ask me a lot of questions

It's going to take an act of God to beat this statement in an AMA.

gabirodahiphop11 karma

Extremely funny

gabirodahiphop40 karma

Is it wrong to not have a favourite dinosaur?

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gabirodahiphop45 karma

I never knew that

Legirion15 karma

We will get to the bottom of this.

gabirodahiphop108 karma

I already got advice and i will get a dinosaur

Joshua_Naterman12 karma

This is quote of the day material

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deddinosaur4 karma

Someone say Dinosaurs?

gabirodahiphop10 karma

They asked me my favorite dinosaur

gabirodahiphop26 karma

The YouTube music video is the one being denied exposure in the media that is why I posted it.

Legirion69 karma

Yes, but it's not proof of who you are or even proof that it's being denied exposure.

And you don't have a favorite dinosaur? Really?

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I you earn more than 1$/day, yes. Money changes your priorities mate.

gabirodahiphop17 karma

Sure it does change and I won't dent that it gas changed my priorities

timmaeus7 karma

What is going on here

redgarrett11 karma

I won't deny that it has changed my priorities.

Typos, m8.

gabirodahiphop17 karma

Thanks for the correction

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gabirodahiphop76 karma

Poa sana

kobello5 karma

poa sana translates to very good. I can't find a translation for Niaje. is that a place? can you tell me what you two are saying to each other?

gabirodahiphop13 karma

Niaje means I am very good and you?

Themingemac12 karma

It might translate to "wassup" kind of a greetings slang?

gabirodahiphop6 karma

Yes it means that too

Themingemac11 karma

Woop woop, Danish guy staying up to date on his Bantu Swahili slang!

gabirodahiphop4 karma

Yes man

allwordsaremadeup59 karma

You say your family used to live on $1 a day. Is that still the case? What changed?

gabirodahiphop139 karma

We could never afford to even buy soap and water and that means we could go without food,water and even a normal bath for a week. I can now say from the few dollars i get from my music i am able to pay for my school fees at the college and even afford three meals in a day back at home

allwordsaremadeup47 karma

Your entire income comes from music now? How much is that a month? How did you pay to get started? Did you need to buy gear or something?

gabirodahiphop88 karma

No. I do online jobs, i own a blog that gets me $300 per month and that keeps me going for the whole month. I have not yet bought any gears so any time i have a show i will always hire the gears.

allwordsaremadeup35 karma

That's cool. Renting gear is pretty smart I think. Investing in gear is dangerous, when it gets old or stolen or broken, it's your problem, now it's the rental place's problem.. What's the link to the blog? Or is it one of those affiliate marketing pages where you don't want to expose your "niche"?

gabirodahiphop21 karma

Yes i have no plans of buying gear yet and also i do not think i will buy gear. Which blog please?

allwordsaremadeup43 karma

"i own a blog that gets me $300 per month" that blog

enslavedbyvegetables77 karma

That blog is cancer my friend.

gabirodahiphop8 karma

Cancer? How?

gabirodahiphop4 karma

Would you mind checking out the blog now and tell me what i should remove or add? Your help is highly needed

Subrotow12 karma

That website froze my phone. You might make more money if you have repeat visitors. No one in their right mind will go back to that website.

gabirodahiphop8 karma

Let me remove all the ads then start a fresh

colarg4 karma

College at 14?

gabirodahiphop24 karma

Yes. In four years time I will be joining University if I get to have good grades

colarg17 karma

Oh i see, so college=high school?

mabramo11 karma

In Europe, high school is called college. At least, that's what I learned In French class 10 years ago...

I'm guessing that in Africa it's the same because colonialism.

gabirodahiphop2 karma

We we're colonised by the British

internet-is-private1 karma

You didn't even answer his question.

gabirodahiphop2 karma

Which question?

EatsYourFries43 karma

Nice beat, i don't understand the lyrics though. How is this a negative portrayal of Africa?

gabirodahiphop69 karma

If you would understand the lyrics you will know how it is a negative portrayal of Africa. I have said it all from poverty to police killing innocent people ruthlessly, corruption and bad educational system

EatsYourFries27 karma

I see. Have you tried foreign media?

gabirodahiphop43 karma

I would really like to take it to the foreign media but i have little or let me say no contacts with the foreign media

EatsYourFries27 karma

Try this: Go to live interviews and say ''By the way, have you heard my new song, blablabla''.

gabirodahiphop30 karma

Do you have contacts with foreign media?

EatsYourFries93 karma

Maybe.. Would you like to be famous in a village in Greece?

gabirodahiphop122 karma

Yes it will mean a lot to me. I always welcome anything good for my music

report-zyther6431 karma

What is your favourite dinosaur?

gabirodahiphop24 karma

I have no favourite dinosaur

crashdaddy37 karma

That's the real reason they won't play your songs.

"LPT get a favorite dinosaur" - Alice Saurus

gabirodahiphop29 karma

Thanks for the advice. I am going to start doing that right away

allwordsaremadeup35 karma


I think that could work...

gabirodahiphop22 karma

Oh really! Thanks

niartiasnoba6 karma

Me too thanks

gabirodahiphop3 karma

I hope you write about it

redrover1125 karma

I love this ama

gabirodahiphop5 karma

really nice AMA

gabirodahiphop2 karma


I will try this

sirnana22 karma

Who are your top ten African rap artist?

jacen_ckast52 karma

Dylan, Dylan, dylan dylan and Dylan

tovarish2219 karma

I spit hot fire!

Y'too close man!

gabirodahiphop14 karma

We could work on something soon if you don't mind

gabirodahiphop6 karma


gabirodahiphop15 karma

I would go for Sarkodie and M. I

sirnana3 karma

Nobody from kenya?

gabirodahiphop33 karma

I would have mentioned them but no because they never like competition from uprising stars like us and hence they never support us to be at the top

TJwhosurmomma21 karma

What are your thoughts on the recent wombat extermination taking place in Tasmania?

gabirodahiphop44 karma

We leave it all to God

Utegenthal17 karma

Ever thought about recording a clip at the top of the Kilimanjaro?

gabirodahiphop24 karma

not yet but i think it will be an awesome experience

spacesticks17 karma

Are you really the Nigerian Prince that keeps emailing me?

gabirodahiphop31 karma

Not really

AWTom15 karma

How did you hear about Reddit?

gabirodahiphop40 karma

I use google

uglychican07 karma

"Google, where can I spread word of my music and see gonewild pics while learning every detail on American politics and cat pics?"

gabirodahiphop9 karma

I will try this just now

suitcase8815 karma

How does Nicki Manaj ass get so big?

gabirodahiphop35 karma

Hahaha lol i am not sure about this but i like her music

purplug20 karma

I can totally read your accent :)

gabirodahiphop23 karma

Hahaha I am African so I will probably be having bad English on some tenses

concussedYmir37 karma

That's okay, we have a bunch of french people on this website anyway.

gabirodahiphop3 karma

ok i get you

inpleted14 karma

What's your favourite colour and what do you think about Post Malone?

gabirodahiphop21 karma

favourite clour is blue and i think i like Post Malone

cDANKowens12 karma

Obviously poverty is widespread in the African countries, but what, in your opinion, are some of the biggest contributing factors to the poverty level?

I have never been to Africa and have done very little research, please enlighten my niave mind.

gabirodahiphop25 karma

Corruption is the key factor to poverty in Africa. Corruption contributes to poor learning facilities and ignorance at large

AddictedReddit12 karma

Have you considered that the media won't play it because it's subpar, and not in English?

gabirodahiphop10 karma

How many rappers rap in their native language and still get played? Go check out Sarkodie, Phyno M. I and many other African and Indian rappers

thepipesarecall8 karma

To be honest, I doubt you're going to get any exposure unless you rap in English.

gabirodahiphop3 karma

I think i will just stick to rapping in my native language because not everyone will love what i do

crashdaddy11 karma

How do you feel about Die Antwoord?

gabirodahiphop25 karma


JediDM9910 karma

How were you able to become so successful at such a young age? Where do you think your music will go from here?

gabirodahiphop23 karma

I have the thirst to be successful with my music so that i can take myself and family out of poverty so that is just enough to make be here now. I want my music to play all over the world and inspire masses,i want to educate,entertain and inform people of all ages using my music

RyantheAustralian8 karma

Probably too late to ask, but...what does under $1 a day get you? Give me like your week's usual happenings (before the money started rolling in, ofc - and in fact, compare it to now

gabirodahiphop23 karma

$1 could only buy a 500g loaf of bread and a 500ml packet of milk and with that we would make tea

Vegetasian3 karma

Have you ever found a stone in your bread?

gabirodahiphop5 karma

yes very many times

arbalath6 karma

I have no idea what the words are, but you say you are singing about corruption, powerty and all bad stuff while all body language basically is content and relaxed, tone is pretty easy going. Also this, takes places in a supposedly luxurious hotel. Where young guy meets his mother or probably girlfriend. Why this was the idea, not more social or disturbing images which would actually make impact on the viewer? What was your point with this video?

gabirodahiphop10 karma

I am trying to prove a point in this video. You all see Africa as a poor country with no luxury but I want you to see how beautiful my motherland is even when we are dying poor

JoffSides6 karma

Yo, at what point did U decide to become a rapper yo?

gabirodahiphop9 karma

I recorded my first song 'story' at the age of 9 years

hypersonicelf6 karma

Would you play as an actor in one of the Wakaliwood movies?

gabirodahiphop12 karma

Yes I would. I am good at acting

cjorgensen6 karma

Could it be that no one likes the music?

gabirodahiphop9 karma

People like the music and they buy it on digital stores and that is enough proof from the reviews

Telenerd4 karma

Can I kick it?

gabirodahiphop3 karma

No way

MoralMiscreant4 karma

When I was in high school I dated a girl who had recently immigrated from Kenya. We were together for 3 years, so I can actually understand about 40% of what you've rapped.

Her family literally hated me because I am white, and she said it's super common for Kenyans to hate white people because --let's face it -- historically, we've kind of been ass holes.

In your experience is there a lot of hate for white people in Kenya?

gabirodahiphop3 karma

There is a lot of racism not only in Kenya but Africa as a whole

Ap0R13 karma

What else about africa is true but people won't identify because it makes them uncomfortable?

gabirodahiphop4 karma

Girls lack mestruation pads and boys lack condoms over here

livingdeadqueer3 karma

If you could make 5 things happen in your life and your family's lives, what would they be? It can be any change, big or small.

gabirodahiphop3 karma

I would get the $5000 and tell them to enjoy life till they don't wanna care

theyellowpants3 karma

One more question are you able to use social media to gain exposure as a workaround to the local venues blocking your song?

gabirodahiphop3 karma

I just started using it and it has made me get to interact with very many people who like my music

Zacchhh2 karma

Who is your favorite American celebrity?

gabirodahiphop2 karma


DAWGshed2 karma

What media from which country will not play your song?!

gabirodahiphop6 karma

Tv and Radios from Kenya

theyellowpants2 karma

Would you ever want to collaborate with a friend of mine who can rap in Hindi? Just to see where that goes ?

gabirodahiphop2 karma

Sure. Let him contact me and we will work out something

therealsix1 karma

Have you attempted to contact any music companies/agents in the states? I bet some musicians would like to feature you in some of their work, good rhythm and flow, I could easily hear you in some of their songs. M.I.A specifically.

gabirodahiphop3 karma

I don't have links to music companies and agents in the states but it will make me very happy if you could link me up with any if you know them

amazinonline-3 karma

I'm Kenyan and must admit your song is rather good. Being a christian however i find the gals on the song to be pretty under-dressed, anyone else with a similar opinion?

gabirodahiphop3 karma

Dressing is never an excuse to be poor or Godly buddy

OfficialMisfitMedia-6 karma

What do you think of white people making rap music?

gabirodahiphop15 karma

I do not see anything wrong in them making rap music as long as they do it good because we are all made in the image if God

AtillaTheHungg2 karma

I like this.

Thank you.

gabirodahiphop1 karma

Welcome buddy