I am so honored and thrilled to be invited to join the amazing talents of this year’s National Memorial Day Concert. I will be joining co-hosts Joe Mantegna and Laurence Fishburne with musical guests including Renee Fleming, Scotty McCreery, Christopher Jackson from Broadway’s Hamilton and Jack Everly and the National Symphony Orchestra, to honor everyone who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Tune in on Sunday, May 28th at 8pm EST on PBS (better check your local listings!). Now…. Ask Me Anything!

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SteveTheMiner4529 karma

Moana was animated, but do you still ever get recognized in public?

AuliiCravalhoAMA6119 karma

YES! The response to our film has been so wonderful and positive, and I'm always surprised and grateful when I am recognized as the voice of Moana. :)

Btg47894453 karma

What was your thought when you got hit in the head with the flag while performing at the Oscars? (Which you handled amazingly, didn't even stop for a second) Loved Moana, I listen to soundtrack almost everyday.

AuliiCravalhoAMA6799 karma

Ouch :)

Starbomb2983 karma

What was your favorite part about working with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson?

AuliiCravalhoAMA4525 karma

My favorite part would have to have been during our press tour, he was so kind and sort of a mentor that I could look to for help.

CompSci_Guy2482 karma

How awesome is Lin Manuel Miranda? Did he get you Hamilton tickets?

AuliiCravalhoAMA3028 karma

He. Is. AMAZING!!!! So sweet, so smart, he also gives realllly good hugs.

lavalamp2002066 karma

Congratulations on being the first Polynesian Disney princess! It's really amazing that little girls can look up to someone who looks more like them which was something I never had when I was young. What's your favourite dessert?

AuliiCravalhoAMA2136 karma

Thank you so much! It's so important to have heroines our younger generation can look up to. I know being 16 myself, I look up to Moana as well! ALSOOO.... (this is a VERY hard question btw) Key Lime Pie. :)

my2amdoodles1879 karma

What are the best and worst aspects of finding such great success at a young age?

AuliiCravalhoAMA3264 karma

Being 16 I know I have a lot to learn in many areas; my career being one of them. I've had once in a life time opportunities and experiences, and I've also missed family functions and friend's birthdays. I think keeping an open mind is really important for any type of success.

TheMasterCthulhu1841 karma

Outside of film and music, what big aspirations do you have in your personal life? (i.e, plant a garden, get a pilot's license, etc etc).

AuliiCravalhoAMA3838 karma

I'm really interested in microbiology, and law! The possibilities after graduating from high school are endless.

vampirepickle1616 karma

Omg!!! A live AMA and it's someone that I'm a huge fan of! Questions.... What's your favorite ice cream flavor? What music have you been listening to recently? What's your Favorite book? What's the best advice you've ever gotten?

Thanks for this AMA!! You're a huge inspiration for my little cousins, they want to be just like you when they grow up :)

AuliiCravalhoAMA2092 karma

Thank you so much!! -Vanilla Bean -THE ENTIRE DEAR EVAN HANSEN ALBUM -Aesop's Fables -Always pre-treat a stain before washing. ALWAYS.

mexichu1167 karma

Do you think Moana represents a new kind of Disney movie, where the heroine doesn't need a love interest or to be pursuing/evading one? Did you get that impression while working on the movie?

AuliiCravalhoAMA1900 karma

I think Disney films are reflective of their times, and at this point in time we need heroes and heroines who take control of their story! I absolutely loved working on this film, and everything it stands for. <3

sixstringzen1072 karma

Aloha Auli'i!

I miss the island so much since moving to the mainland. Your performance in Moana brought me back to Hawaii - and it was mostly because of your vocals.

Can you tell me how you put yourself and your heritage into the character of Moana?


Edit: Also, gotta ask: Loco Moco or Hamburger Steak and where from?

AuliiCravalhoAMA1360 karma

Aloha! Growing up in Hawai'i, as well as attending a school firmly rooted in Polynesian teachings, I was able to bring my life experiences into my performance.

Definitely Hamburger Steak. Rainbow Drive-In. YUMMEH.

Optimus_Batman_Prime692 karma

What's your favorite meme?

AuliiCravalhoAMA1799 karma

Kermit. Sipping tea. Dishing the tea.

ggadget6680 karma

First of all, I'd just like to say amazing work on Moana! You've got incredible talent for one so young (I can't believe you're younger than me by a few months!!) Now for my question. Do you have a life motto? If so, what is it?

AuliiCravalhoAMA901 karma

Thank you so so much. As of right now, my life motto is stay grounded and stay appreciative. I think it's something I can always work on, so it'll grow with me over time.

MuchSuchWow660 karma

How exactly do you pronounce your name? And what are the worst pronunciation of it you've had?

AuliiCravalhoAMA1519 karma

OW - like you stubbed your toe LEE - Like Bruce Lee and add another EE


DZaius655 karma

What was it like performing at the Oscars?

AuliiCravalhoAMA1062 karma

Performing at the Oscars will be something I will never forget. I still vividly remember being SO. NERVOUS!!! It was a new experience working through those nerves and giving everything to my performance, and it worked out pretty well!

Geographist650 karma

First, a big THANK YOU! Moana is an amazing character and my son (3) adores the movie. Moana is an instant classic and one so many future films will be compared to.

Were any of your parts ad libbed, or changed on the spot due to your own personality or unexpected things that happened on set?


AuliiCravalhoAMA1090 karma

Thank YOU!

There were more than a few parts I ad libbed. I have a natural tendency to make weird flabbergasted noises and somehow they worked with the film!! Yay!!

P.S. Please tell your son I said hello!!

megamugswife557 karma

How has being cast as Moana changed your life? This is my four year old daughters favorite movie right now (and mine too)!

AuliiCravalhoAMA811 karma

My life has certainly changed. While I am still a student, I now do my studies in places other than a classroom. I have been able to travel around the world, and meet wonderful people as well. So so grateful!!

jess__r448 karma

What's been the best experience you've had with a fan?

AuliiCravalhoAMA2313 karma

ONE TIME I MET THIS BABY (I'd say around 3 years old) AND HE WAS CRYING SUPER SUPER HARD AND HIS PARENTS WERE LIKE "omg you're about to meet Moana can you please relax and take a nice picture" AND HE DID. LIKE FULLY STOPPED CRYING AND LOOKED UP AT ME WITH HIS FACE AND WAS LIKE "Moana?" AND. I. LOVED IT.

Portarossa448 karma

Where do you think Moana ranks out of all the Disney movies?

I mean, I'm not asking you to talk smack about Home on the Range or anything, but everyone has a favourite...

AuliiCravalhoAMA902 karma

I might be a little biased, but I'd say it's pretty high up there.

Imbris2399 karma

What was your and your family/friends reaction when you were cast as a lead in a Disney animated film as your first major acting role? Had to feel insane. Thanks!

AuliiCravalhoAMA638 karma

There was a fair amount of screaming, I can tell you that. My family and friends are incredibly supportive, I love them to bits.

_amazed314 karma

Hi Auli'i! I'm about to eat breakfast and I want your expert opinion: pancakes or waffles?

AuliiCravalhoAMA821 karma


homeslice234250 karma

Coolest place you've ever travelled to? Haven't seen moana yet but your singing at oscars was great!

AuliiCravalhoAMA821 karma

London! I worked on my accent on the plane over and everything.

P.S. Moana is coming to Netflix!!! Check it out!!!

Up123Down242 karma

What's your favourite line or song lyric from the movie?

AuliiCravalhoAMA644 karma

"Blow dart in my butt cheek." from Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson.

Polysaccharide218 karma

Everyone's asking serious questions about your career. I just want to know, what's your favorite sandwich?

AuliiCravalhoAMA647 karma

Grilled cheese. Made specifically by my mommy. Slightly burned.

Arcan345202 karma

Hi Auli'i! I've been singing Moana on my way to class for so long now, thank you for making this movie magical!

As the newest Disney princess, what other Disney princess is your favorite and why? Thanks for doing the AMA!!

AuliiCravalhoAMA667 karma

Mulan was my favorite Disney Princess growing up. I recognized from a young age that she was breaking gender roles, and I also really loved that she had a talking dragon as a friend.

Atrael199 karma

What would you credit with being the source of your poise and composure? You performed so well at the Oscars, even with a slight flag-related mishap!

I hope great things await you in life!

AuliiCravalhoAMA322 karma

I always make sure that I'm well practiced and prepared, but in the moments before I go out on stage I just remember to breathe. Phew.

Sergio55164 karma

What are you planning to do next career wise (other than sing the National Anthem)?

AuliiCravalhoAMA536 karma

I'M IN A TV SHOWWWW!!!! It's new to NBC and it's called RISE!!!! If you can tell by the number of exclamation points, I AM SUPER-DE-DUPER EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AchingPanic163 karma

Are you having a good day?

AuliiCravalhoAMA330 karma

Yes indeed I am!! Thank you so much for all of your questions!!!

mikey_mouse21162 karma

Where is your favorite place to go out and enjoy in Hawaii?

AuliiCravalhoAMA306 karma

If I'm not at home chilling, you can find me at the beach :)

yunglem150 karma

what is your favorite pizza topping and why?

AuliiCravalhoAMA709 karma

Pineapple. I'm a total 'Pineapple on Pizza' kind of person.

Dolan_Duk69124 karma

After performing the national anthem, whats next on your bucket list?

AuliiCravalhoAMA316 karma

Well after performing on the Oscars and performing the National Anthem, next thing on my bucket list is going skydiving.