I am an actor, director, Chicano art collector, and writer, and half of comedy duo Cheech and Chong. I have a newly released memoir called "Cheech Is Not My Real Name, But Don't Call Me Chong!"



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Thank you for tuning into my AMA! Until next time Reddit

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What's your favorite strain to smoke, and what's your favorite way to smoke?

cheechisnotmyname2969 karma

Free weed and the other free weed

cheechisnotmyname2650 karma

smoked out of a pipe with my face on it

ClassicPervert427 karma

That's hilarious.

Do you ever think about yourself as a weed-comedy icon while you're getting high? And do you relate to other weed-comedy entertainers? And then do you get into the funky loop that you're entertaining yourself? And then reach the philosophical conclusion that either way, weed-comedy celebrity or not, you are always entertaining yourself because it's the only thing you can know to really exist?

cheechisnotmyname709 karma

not often

larry_is_not_my_name1087 karma

Are you sure your name is Cheech? Cordially yours, Larry

cheechisnotmyname1442 karma

I thought so until you mentioned it

curtmorehouse1000 karma

Are you still friends with Chong?

cheechisnotmyname2580 karma

why yes, we will always be connected. We played golf yesterday at the George Lopez tournament

-WhistleWhileYouLurk934 karma

Why do I love you so fucking much?

cheechisnotmyname1845 karma

cause you're only human

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The E.T/Eddie Torres/Extra Testicle bit was one of my all time favorite things. How much did y'all laugh when writing that?

cheechisnotmyname1038 karma

a whole lot! I thought, this is perfect

cheechisnotmyname940 karma

and every time I thought of it I would laugh again

fiver_reborn343 karma

That's awesome... I still laugh my ass off at it too.

cheechisnotmyname993 karma

I'm still laughing about it

JulianneLesse892 karma

Bit of a cliche but, What advice would yo give your younger self?

cheechisnotmyname1366 karma

protect yourself at all times

DJDangus703 karma

Hey Cheech, do you have a favorite musical album from 2017?

cheechisnotmyname3179 karma

Kendrick Lamar - Damn.

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If you could go back and decline a role in something, which would it be?

cheechisnotmyname1193 karma

ive liked all my roles

sblme03625 karma

What was it like being involved with South Park? How did that come about?

cheechisnotmyname1075 karma

They called us and had a bit for us and we said SURE! It was nice being part of that show, its one of the funniest ever

Richa652507 karma

Did you take Spanish in night school? What grade did you get?

cheechisnotmyname1164 karma

I got a Beeeeeeeeeeeee


On a scale of mouse to giraffe how high are you right now ?

cheechisnotmyname1085 karma

hippo, my friend

pipsdontsqueak328 karma

So, the most dangerous to humans?

cheechisnotmyname694 karma


malcontented372 karma

How baked are you right now?

cheechisnotmyname1159 karma

baked but never fried

m4jikthise367 karma

Can you talk a bit about the Chicano art center and why it's important?

cheechisnotmyname698 karma

because it will be the first museum dedicated to chicano art, culture, and industry, and has the potential to grow into something increible world wide

Bluebeard1364 karma

Hey Cheech, since your movies were a huge influence on my teenage years in the 80's do you feel responsible for how I turned out, and if so would you change anything?

cheechisnotmyname543 karma

Absolutely and no, I wouldn't change it

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paulsayshey264 karma

Dave's not here, man.

FlowSoSlow148 karma

No man. I'M Dave.

burros_n_churros160 karma

D-A-V-E. It's Dave man, open up.

cheechisnotmyname739 karma

not here

iwas99x287 karma

Cheech, what are your favorite Chicano stereotypes?

cheechisnotmyname751 karma

that we don't speak spanish, which lets face it, most of us don't

BabyJo32248 karma

What is your fondest memory from being a part of the Lion King?

cheechisnotmyname469 karma

seeing the first bit of animation made after I put my vocals down. You see right away that its another level of animation. Thats when I realized it was going to be a huge movie because it was an incredible step forward

HauschkasFoot232 karma

Nala's booty

cheechisnotmyname466 karma

great point

ReubenZWeiner244 karma

Who came up with the Pussy Rant on Dusk til Dawn?

cheechisnotmyname358 karma

Quinten Tarrantino and Robert Rodriguez

aceduude242 karma

How fun was it working on the set of lost?

cheechisnotmyname581 karma

it was pretty good, it was in Hawaii so that was cool. My wife came along and we cocktails and stuff

ReliableSource423 karma

I love to cocktails

cheechisnotmyname501 karma

me too!

aceduude90 karma

That sounds like a great vacation ;) what's your drink of choice?

cheechisnotmyname383 karma

Mezcal Mule with Tres Papalote Mezcal. Highly recommend.

flounder19238 karma

What's the weirdest thing you've ever smoked out of or turned into a smoking apparatus?

cheechisnotmyname1033 karma

a clear palsti coffee cup. what you do is take a piece of paper and a pin and stick the pic through the bottom of the paper. You put a piece of hash on the end of the pin and when it starts to smoke you put the coffee cup on top of it. When the cup fills with smoke you lift the glass and suck it out. Works in every hotel room in America

GlitchyBlasphemer204 karma

What house would you be in if you went to Hogwarts?

cheechisnotmyname1177 karma

Huffle puff puff pass

Butta_Butta_Jam182 karma

I loved Born in East LA. Was it fun to shoot?

cheechisnotmyname238 karma

it was so much fun to shoot. It was so fun seeing it come together just like I envisioned it.

iwas99x181 karma

What was it like to play on Celebrity Jeopardy! ? Did Alex Trebek want a hit from your pipe after the show?

cheechisnotmyname360 karma

It was the most nervous I've ever been in show business, because you can look like a real doalt out there.

Rabbi_Rustko156 karma

What has been your favorite place to visit?

cheechisnotmyname414 karma

Oh so many, but I love Ibiza, Spain and Bamf, Canada

The hot and the cold

i_like_toes_149 karma

What's it like living a life like this? If you could go back and change anything, would you? Also, what's your best advice on how to be happy

cheechisnotmyname543 karma

I would live it exactly the same way except I wouldn't see Star Wars 3. If you want to be happy, stay centered. I meditate and do Tai Chi. Use a discipline, it doesn't jut magically happen

LouGossetJr144 karma

who do you miss more seeing on a daily basis? Tommy Chong, or Don Johnson?

cheechisnotmyname196 karma

I miss em both

OrganicO123 karma

You've managed to pull away from the combined cheech and chong image, do you ever regret how inseparable those names are together in people's minds?

cheechisnotmyname297 karma

no I rejoice in it. Its all part of the deal and I would be sad if it wasn't

LawngIslandAccent118 karma

What are your thoughts on Trump?

cheechisnotmyname644 karma

Hes like gas, he will pass

theflamingskull112 karma

What was it like working with Marty Feldman? Did you smoke with any of the Pythons?

cheechisnotmyname413 karma

I have over the years. Marty was a unique individual. We worked together on Yellow Beard and the last day of shooting we drove out together in a taxi from Mexico City. We were stalled in traffic for a few hours and we told eachother our life stories and we laughed a lot. He told me about a jazz festival he was doing in lake maggiore. We got to the studio, shot my last scene and went to the airport back to LA. I heard on the radio that he had died that night. He was a unique and wonderful human being.

leeroygbiv110 karma

Hey Cheech! What was it like working with Martin Scorsese in After Hours? Also, how did Cheech & Chong end up in that movie? It's such a "New York" movie and it's very strange to see you guys in it.

cheechisnotmyname183 karma

We met him at the Cannes film festival one year. We had lunch and had a good ole time. Years later he was describing a movie and the two characters were exactly like Cheech and Chong, and then it dawned on him that he knew us, so he called us up and asked us to do the movie and we said, sure why not?

m4jikthise105 karma

Do you have any thoughts on 1st generation Latino Americans and 3rd and 4th generation who weren't taught to speak the language and how to bridge that gap within the culture?

cheechisnotmyname381 karma

Knowing more than one language is always a plus. For those who don't know a lot of English, learning more is a necessity. For those who don't know Spanish, learning more is an opportunity. It makes the exchange of ideas much fuller and richer. Do what you can!

ShittySprayPainter104 karma

Can a young Chicano get some wise words of wisdom?

cheechisnotmyname318 karma

stay centered and show up on time

AGallagher41096 karma

What's your favorite ride in Disney?

cheechisnotmyname252 karma

its at California Adventures, Soarin' over California!

theone1two293 karma

Did writing or acting in your movies ever feel like work? Or were you having as much fun as some of your movies portrayed?

cheechisnotmyname202 karma

I always had fun, always always always, right from the very beginning. You can read about it in my new memoir "Cheech Is Not My Real Name, But Don't Call Me Chong!" available at a bookstore near you!

39thversion86 karma

i'm a big fan of your work but i can't really remember all of it. anyway, what's your go to snack?

cheechisnotmyname239 karma

Snickers bar, I think, I can't remember

MattBaster84 karma

Your collection of Chicano art at LACMA was very impressive when I visited several years ago. Are you noticing an thematic evolution in this artistic style as you've been collecting over the years?

cheechisnotmyname139 karma

yes I have, every five years or so, a new generation of Chicano artists jumps into the pool, and their first efforts are always news from the front. The art usually reflects the state of the community on a lot of different levels and techniques.

iwas99x75 karma

Cheech, Del Taco or Taco Bell?

cheechisnotmyname228 karma

taco bell all the way

Merlin_Kush72 karma

When was the very first time you've ever smoked weed, and how did it go down?

cheechisnotmyname248 karma

freshman in college and it went down my mouth

fw_Flicker69 karma

Do you believe that recreational marijuana use should be legal? Do you have any thoughts or feelings to share on the current marijuana legal status, especially as it compares to the legal status while you were producing all your films..?

cheechisnotmyname168 karma

I think should definitely be legal, but every state is different and has different laws. Its like a lava flow right now, were past the tipping point.

bozobozo64 karma

What is your favorite dinosaur?

cheechisnotmyname187 karma

I like a stegosaurus

iwas99x62 karma

Cheech, what actor and actress do you most want to work with and why?

cheechisnotmyname147 karma

Johnny Depp once again

BoobieBoobieButtButt59 karma

Any big regrets?

cheechisnotmyname277 karma

regrets ive had few, but then again too few to mention.

TooShiftyForYou54 karma

You've done a lot of movies with Robert Rodriguez, what's he like to work with?

cheechisnotmyname108 karma

Hes very cool, very efficient, great sense of humor, and hes looking at you all the time because he operates the camera.

tiamdi53 karma

What's it like to work with Don Johnson?

cheechisnotmyname87 karma

It was the most fun I ever had working with anybody. Donny likes to work hard and have a good time, just like me

iwas99x51 karma

Cheech, what would you do for a Klondike Bar?

cheechisnotmyname111 karma

pretty much anything

DystryR50 karma

Cheech! I'm a huge fan of you and your movies. I can recite most of "Up In Smoke" by memory.

My question for you, I know you do some standup - any chance of you putting out a comedy special? Perhaps a-la Netflix?

Thanks again!

cheechisnotmyname77 karma

you never know!

iwas99x44 karma

Cheech, Brownies or cookies?

cheechisnotmyname118 karma

brownies. Old school

Logaline42 karma

Hey Cheech! Indica or Sativa?

cheechisnotmyname152 karma

probably Sativa, but I like her sister a lot too

StoneyBlaze41 karma

You wanna get high man?

cheechisnotmyname68 karma


ChuckEye39 karma

Did you have fun in Houston for the Art Car Parade? Looks like you made some good friends who would love to see you come back!

cheechisnotmyname65 karma

I had the time of my life, it was the coolest live event I've done in a long time

iwas99x35 karma

Cheech, are you better at singing or dancing?

cheechisnotmyname84 karma

singing by a long shot

FriendlyCraig32 karma

What's your fondest memory involving food?

cheechisnotmyname91 karma

my first bite of a Dodger Dog. I thougt mmmmmm how long has this been going on?

mybustersword32 karma

What are some of your favorite pieces of Chicano art that you've collected?

cheechisnotmyname47 karma

It changes all the time

blue-dot26 karma

You are an excellent dramatic actor. When will you take the lead role in a series of cerebral action films?

cheechisnotmyname68 karma

Next Tuesday will be my good news day

SequesterMe21 karma

Where's Dave?

cheechisnotmyname60 karma

not here man

iwas99x15 karma

Cheech, when is a Cheech & Chong video game happening?

cheechisnotmyname31 karma

as soon as we can mak it

robsbob186 karma

Who is the coolest person you have smoked with and why?

cheechisnotmyname14 karma

Robert Mitchum

iwas99x3 karma

Cheech, do you have any pets?

cheechisnotmyname10 karma

yes one little brussels griffon dog, I think hes still alive, but just barely, every morning I check on him and give him snacks.

iwas99x3 karma

Cheech, what are your favorite pizza toppings?

cheechisnotmyname10 karma

shrimp, tomato, red onion, anchovies, oregano, feta cheese

Skadoosh_it3 karma

What is your favorite cocktail?

cheechisnotmyname6 karma

Mezcal Mule with Tres Papalote Mezcal

Faulk281 karma

What can we do to empower Trump and promote his policies?

cheechisnotmyname40 karma

hahaha spray him with DDT

Dipudapudipis1 karma

Exactly how cheechy are you?

cheechisnotmyname2 karma

cheech enough