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Gattamelata_950 karma

What's the most sturdy thing you could crush with your robohand but not with your "normal" hand?

FiveFingerCunt1126 karma

I'm not sure actually, I haven't tried crushing stuff with it yet

LieutenantFappington911 karma

You think you could upload a short video or gif of the hand in action? Moving the fingers and maybe picking something up?

FiveFingerCunt739 karma

Sure! Just give me a while.

lmqr640 karma

Do we get to suggest stuff for you to try and crush?

FiveFingerCunt781 karma

Meh, why not.

MrProfDrDickweed838 karma

How well does it function compared to your other arm?

FiveFingerCunt1233 karma

All it can do is open and close, and that's just three fingers. But it's way more than double as strong as my "normal" hand.

MrProfDrDickweed508 karma

That is crazy, how long did it take for you to get used to it and proficient with it?

FiveFingerCunt806 karma

Well, I'm still not completely used to it since I spent my entire life having it much more light and no hand on my left side before this. But I kind of 'mastered' it by now, I think at least.

bqnguyen118 karma

Do you find it's easier to do things with just one hand still? Or has this second hand allowed you to do things you couldn't before?

FiveFingerCunt184 karma

I function much better and faster with it off, but it's great for when holding a lot of stuff at the same time.

NafinAuduin98 karma

Do you think that is a result of its limited functionality, or just a lack of practice utilizing this tool and a hand on that arm in general?

FiveFingerCunt177 karma

I spent my entire life having just one hand and therefore doing everything with one hand, so it's hard to break a habit after so many years.

HutchinsonianDemon581 karma

If a sick looking Ironman/Big Boss style prosthetic was offered to you that has the exact same functionality as your current one, would you take it? Or do you prefer the more naturalistic look of your current prosthetic?

FiveFingerCunt771 karma

Of course. Damn, I'd take it had worse function than my current one!

Exbo4467 karma

Oh my god that is so cool

1) how do you control the fingers? Can you control each one separately? For example, can you give a thumbs up?

2) Has your quality of life improved with the arm? What things can you do now or are easier now compared to before getting the prosthesis? Do you do any sports/workout? How is the before/after on that?

3) if that's not too intrusive, total operation and "installation" cost? Sorry if the terminology is rude but I am neither a native speaker nor a doctor.

4) how do your acquaintances "see" you now with the arm compared to before? Have you ever been on the receiving end of a Star Wars reference?

FiveFingerCunt784 karma

  1. I control them with two electrodes on the inside of the arm connected to my nerve system. When "flexing" my nerve on the top of my arm it opens, when "flexing" the nerve on my wrist it closes.

  2. It's now easier to do workout's and join in on P.E.

  3. It was completely free for me, in Sweden all these kind of stuff you get for free.

  4. They've gotten used to it by now, but I'm pretty sure they think it's weird seeing a hand there. And of course I have.

epanek78 karma

http://imgur.com/a/St1gA this is similar project I work on at the VA

FiveFingerCunt71 karma

I think that's the exact same glove used for mine actually

Baranoi74 karma

Tjenare! I'm also a Swede with a myoelectric hand, cool that you got one! Is it hard getting used to at your age? I've had mine since I was around 7, so I don't really remember the learning stage. Now it just feels natural that some muscles in my arm correspond to opening/closing the hand.

Also, to just clarify about the control of the prosthesis if someone is curious. The electrodes on the skin don't literary connect to the nervous system (although they might). Instead they pick up so called myoelectric signals, potential differences produced by skeletal muscle activity. So the nerves control the muscles as usual, and the muscles in turn produce a signal that's measurable on the skin.

FiveFingerCunt84 karma

I'm still getting used to it, but in the beginning it was really hard and felt really unnatural and I completely forgot about using it for doing stuff. Now when I'm not wearing it I sometimes try grabbing stuff with my non-existent hand without noticing it.

XPatientZero47 karma

Although the operation was free, do you know how much the prosthetic would cost without the healthcare. Glad to hear it was no cost to you though as the prosthetics can run up to $30k if i remember right.

FiveFingerCunt76 karma

It costed the state around $4k to create.

livewirenexie425 karma

Are you sure missing your arm had nothing to do with trying to use alchemy to bring back your brother? Because I would totally try to work that into the story if it was me lol

FiveFingerCunt264 karma

Damn, you got me.

Stubrochill17186 karma

Don't you want to wear it without the "skin" and just have a totally badass robot arm, like Vader or Luke?

FiveFingerCunt189 karma

I do, sadly it looks as far from robotic as possible when dragging upp the skin.

xxxsur145 karma

Do you have phantom pain? I know amputees have, but no idea about natural born cyborg candidates..

FiveFingerCunt146 karma

I don't, no. Luckily.

dragonsnap_138 karma

How do people react to it? I would be amazed, personally.

FiveFingerCunt205 karma

Well, there are those people coming up to me with 15 people around just shouting "What happened to your arm?!", then there are those who just try to avoid looking at it.

ShortchangeParamecia47 karma

How many times have friends and family made jokes about kung-fu grip or that cha-cha-cha-cha noise from Million Dollar Man?

FiveFingerCunt90 karma

Not a single time actually, Wow, in disappointed in them.

Drugrugrookie40 karma

What has been the largest area of improvement? Have you noticed any negatives with the prosthetic?

FiveFingerCunt77 karma

I actually function way better and faster with it off, but it's to great help when holding a lot of stuff at the same time so I don't have to walk back and forth instead


Did kids make fun of you growing up? I know "kids made fun of" all of us. But did that stuff scar you up?

Sorry that so much of this is focused on your fashion choice and how exactly you identify. It's a cool prosthetic.

FiveFingerCunt205 karma

Yeah, I got really badly bullied growing up due to my little hand. Luckily I was smart enough to slap them with my nub when they did.

latitude_platitude30 karma

How hard is it to concentrate on coordinated contractions for your different grip modes. I read a few papers saying people got fatigued from concentrating so much on it. How heavy is it? Do you often get tired of the weight and just take it off? Have you thought about getting reinnervation surgery to make it more intuitive?

FiveFingerCunt41 karma

I actually just have one single grip mode with this one, the original open and close with three fingers. And yeah, it's really heavy and sweaty so I just take it off when it becomes too much.

YoMothaFlippin27 karma

Do you have the option to costumize that hand?

Can you make it just full-on robotic like the Deus Ex prostetics?

Those are really badass

FiveFingerCunt58 karma

They already created a Deus Ex arm.


But no, there is no option to customize my arm to make it look cyborg.

Alpy9424 karma

Can I try to build you a myoelectric repeating crossbow arm?

FiveFingerCunt24 karma

Of course

Ninjareno21 karma

What's been the most noticeable benefit? What made you choose this type of prosthetic?

FiveFingerCunt54 karma

well, since I got it I haven't had to try hiding my nub, instead I just show it off with pride.

EcloVideos12 karma

why are you wearing a dress in the last picture?

FiveFingerCunt41 karma

Why not?

tmwk12 karma

Another Swede here. When I went to kindergarden (or whatever it's called, playtime in school and you're 5 years old or so) there was someone in group with a device like this. I was terrified of it, because in my head it was like a glove. And under it just bones. One day I asked him to take it off. And to my surprise there were no bones under it..no nothing.

Did this ever happen to you, or was I just a weird kid?

FiveFingerCunt10 karma

If I saw someone with an arm like this when I was 5 I would think the same, so nah. And no, I've just had 7-8 kids stalk me staring at it.

explision9 karma

Why are you wearing a dress?

FiveFingerCunt76 karma

Why not?

juicer225 karma

How well does it blend with your actual skin? And was it matched to the shade of your other arm so that it wouldn't look off? Legitimate question.

FiveFingerCunt11 karma

It doesn't blend in too well, it's visibly darker than my actual skin tone.

ajb29984 karma

Proof 2 suggests your arm is Italian. Is this the case?

FiveFingerCunt5 karma

It's Swedish

At least completely made in Sweden

shieeet4 karma

Hey, i know it's silly but what do you think of the prosthesis "flesh color" anyway? I always reckon (if i'd need a prosthesis in the future) that i'd skip the uncanny valley and just have a black or grey one instead. What's your opinion on this? Awesome dress btw!

FiveFingerCunt10 karma

Sadly, when dragging the skin up it does not at all look mechanical. If I had the option I would right away go for a cyborg-looking one.

starrmagnolia2 karma

Oh wow, this is interesting. I actually have a friend who was born without her left hand due to Symbrachydactyly, but in her case she's never had a prosthetic or anything to amend the missing limb, but she's incredibly skilled at using it for what she needs for it. I hadn't even thought that some people with the same condition might want to replace their hand.

My questions:

  • What made you decide to get a prosthetic arm?

  • Do you ever have issues with people being assholes about your missing limb?

  • What's your favorite color?

FiveFingerCunt2 karma

I function way better and faster with it off.

  1. I've my entire life just tried very hard to hide my nub constantly, either my wearing long sleeves even on really warm days, or hide it in a pocket or under my arm. Since I got my prosthesis I just show it off with pride instead.

  2. For the majority of my younger childhood I was badly bullied because of it, and I still have people sometimes completely avoiding me just because my hand looks a "little" different. But most people just forget about my missing hand.

  3. Black. Or red.. Possibly purple.

Yulfy2 karma

OP everyone is focusing on your dress (cute as hell obviously) but more seriously how do you see this impacting your life in the future? You mentioned in another comment that you find yourself more efficient without it, do you think you will ever reach a stage where you'll look back and wonder how you managed without it?

FiveFingerCunt3 karma

When I'll be able to get a really badass star wars cyborg hand which can function nearly as good as my actual hand, then yes, I'll probably wonder how I could function without it. For now, nah.

riddus2 karma

Probably already asked, but I didn't see it in the first few comments: How do you operate the motion? Are there buttons, or is this thing controlled by your nervous system somehow?

FiveFingerCunt3 karma

There are two electrodes on the inside connected to my nerve system. When "flexing" the nerve on the top of my arm it opens, when "flexing" the one on my wrist it closes.

riddus2 karma

Can you elaborate on "connected"? Was anything done to your arm to make it adapt? Are the electrodes like what they stick on your chest for an EKG?

FiveFingerCunt3 karma

It just sits very tightly against my skin while having the arm on, since they're always on the inside of the arm.

SSDeathWarrior2 karma

Do people act weird around you when they realize it?If so, then how do you deal with it?

FiveFingerCunt4 karma

When they notice it most of the time they try avoiding to look at it even though it's pretty damn obvious. Then I just pat them on their head with it.

limeyptwo2 karma

What is airport security like for you?

FiveFingerCunt3 karma

Awful. Last time I was going trough airport security I had to make the people behind me wait for around 5 minutes after them telling me to keep it on and analyzing it to then after 5 minutes just tell me to go back and put it on the band.

JokklMaster1 karma

Can you elaborate on what a my electric prosthetic arm is?

FiveFingerCunt3 karma

I'm not too sure myself actually. That's just what they call it, but it's basically a robot arm.

DalekTec1 karma

What type of suspension system are you using so that the arm does not fall off, and could it survive a hand shake from Donald Trump?

FiveFingerCunt5 karma

Well, you mostly just drag it on like a glove. A very hard, very tight, and very sweaty glove. And I bet I would break his hand.