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Did you have a sleeper car? If not, did you just sleep in the seats?


Did kids make fun of you growing up? I know "kids made fun of" all of us. But did that stuff scar you up?

Sorry that so much of this is focused on your fashion choice and how exactly you identify. It's a cool prosthetic.


Roseanne Barr was raised Mormon (and Jewish) was trapped in domesticity with a couple of kids as was expected. All her earliest stuff was about being a mom and wife and poor AF. She got her show because of her comedy. Obviously I would not encourage you to cite her as a hero right now - but she walked a similar walk right into fame, fortune and infamy. Good luck to you lady.


What is in the future for you after Hercules?


If this cold war were to get hot, and North Korea were to push south conventionally, like start shelling, launching missiles, sending what planes could make it, maybe seize some Southern territory, etc. is your sense that the South would push to finish the North once and for all or would they accept whatever punches were delivered (like the possibility of nuclear or raining missiles and shells for days/months) or would the civilian population push for another armistice?