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Did you have a sleeper car? If not, did you just sleep in the seats?


Did your Brother and his wife ever reconcile? Is your niece OK?


Did kids make fun of you growing up? I know "kids made fun of" all of us. But did that stuff scar you up?

Sorry that so much of this is focused on your fashion choice and how exactly you identify. It's a cool prosthetic.


Do you think Redditt is more an American (read: U.S,) site or an International site? Although there is certainly an undercurrent of Internationality ... it never really comes close to equal in politics, sports, entertainment, celebs etc.All seem much more USA!USA! focused ... am I wrong and if not wy is that ... i mean the EU+ Australia ~ the English speaking worlds in Asia must certainly be equal to or greater than te USA.


Roseanne Barr was raised Mormon (and Jewish) was trapped in domesticity with a couple of kids as was expected. All her earliest stuff was about being a mom and wife and poor AF. She got her show because of her comedy. Obviously I would not encourage you to cite her as a hero right now - but she walked a similar walk right into fame, fortune and infamy. Good luck to you lady.