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1) Do you have a motorcycle? 2) Why not?

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Used to. Going to buy an enduro

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How do you guys decide who gets to fly the fighter plane this week?

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The scheduler makes a daily schedule and we fly in formation generally so more than one plane up at a time.

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  1. I got a glider pilot license and a private pilot license through air cadets.

  2. Most generic ground school training is done on phase 1 and 2 training which in total is a few months. That is training on basic navigation, Westjet systems, theory of flight etc... Afterwards the ground school training is mostly on tactics and aircraft specifics for whichever aircraft you end up flying

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What's the difference between a fighter pilot and God?

God doesn't think He's a fighter pilot.

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That's beyond my pay grade but I haven't seen non military personnel in the aircraft with the exception of some people involved in media like Rick Mercer or Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys

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how many g's can you pull?

rcaffighter100 karma

7g for 15s in the centrifuge

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Have you met the Princess yet? Also, is Scott really a dick?

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Haven't met either

AliTheAce27 karma

Hey there! I'm currently 16, in Air cadets, and applied for glider this year. I didn't get in (was VERY close) but I'll be staffing this year. Going for power next year hopefully :)

I joined cadets for one sole purpose: To help me join RMC, and become a fighter pilot in the RCAF one day.

Any tips on what to do? Things you would have done differently/ done/ not done at all? Things to study before the CFASC and Aptitude test? How to improve the chances of getting into RMC and also getting selected for pilot? (I have perfect eyesight and am physically fit)

It's been my life goal since I was 6 to become a fighter pilot, and I'm willing to do anything for it. Any tips will be appreciated. I wish you best of luck with your training!

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Good stuff on the cadets. I did that too. Squadron?

I went to RMC as well. You can either go there or join The military and be in a civilian University. Up to you!

Keep the grades up, study whatever those practise tests are for the aptitude tests, and above all be unwavering with your goal of being a pilot. I would suggest respectfully telling recruiters that is your only desire rather than getting talked into something else as a "what if"

School marks are key, try to get power, and keep out of trouble. Tailor your RMC application to its four pillars of academics, military, fitness, and second language. Go to myexplore.ca and try to score a quebec French exchange. Makes you desirable as an officer.

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What's your favorite Tim Hortons donut? And how do you take you coffee: regular or double double?

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Honey crueler for certain. Double milk no sugar haha

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Cold Lake?

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I did not know Canada had an Air Force. What do you fly Piper Cubs and hang gliders? How do you get the hockey stick in the cockpit?

Seriously, Canadian CF18's helped me out once upon a time. Thank you for being there for me so that I could be here today.

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Glad to hear! A little close air support?

rcaffighter9 karma

Put it in the luggage pod

Cant-Sleep14 karma

RAF pilot here, in training also. I'm jealous you get to fly jets, was always a dream of mine, however I was destined to fly other things! How does your aircraft type streaming work? Is it done on a score basis during initial flying training? How many aircraft types until you got to the Hornet?

rcaffighter11 karma

Yeah on phase 2 you get selected. To fly the hornet you first fly the Grob, then Harvard, then hawk, then hornet

The_MoonCricket13 karma

Who's taking the Cup home this season?

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No clue!

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Is it true that instead of explosions Canadian bombs simply say "sorry" when they hit the ground?

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You're not wrong. Canadians are so polite lol

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I once went to Maple Flag Day in cold lake. When they had the open house later that weekend they American pilots we spoke to were blown away at how good the Canadians were. No one could touch them during the war games. How do we stack up these days?

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I haven't flown with them yet cause I'm still pretty new!

Augwars12 karma

Don't know if you can talk about this but what are the chances you'll be deployed and publically what countries is canadas airforce currently engaging?

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Good question! That's a big political thing and to be honest I'm not really up on that stuff. Being in training, Thats The biggest thing on my mind right now

spinur184810 karma

Do you think Canada will still be putting pilots into jets forty years from now?

If not, what do you think about Canada planning to fly the F35 for that long?

What do you think about combat drones?

rcaffighter13 karma

I just don't think we're at a point where a drone can create a good enough feedback loop to simulate a pilot. Perhaps one day, but the technology is beyond me

Abba_Fiskbullar10 karma

Does the conformal maple syrup tank create extra drag on the CF-18?

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So sticky

NostalgiaSC10 karma

Do you have any Aircraft vs Aircraft (Aka topgun) experiences?

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Yeah, just in training so far though.

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How's your love life? Do you mention airyplanes when you're trying to impress girls?

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Not for the first bit because generally people are skeptical and think it's a lie

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Eh fellow Canadian!

F-35 or F/A-18? Oilers or Flames?

rcaffighter29 karma

Thats The huge debate right now. I'll fly whatever the government gets us! And Canucks

lornstar78 karma

What do Canadians fight?

Can your jet fit in a Timmy's drive through?

rcaffighter7 karma

Youre gonna have to ask a Harrier guy/gal about the drive through. Maybe they can hover in!

MoJoDoJo98 karma

Real neat! How long did you have to wait in between each phase? For example, did you go phase by phase consecutively or were there any OJTs? Thanks!

rcaffighter7 karma

OJTs anywhere from a few months to a year between phases

happilydamaged6 karma

What do you do when you're not training/flying? How do you relax? My father was in the air force and he said all they did was drink... a lot.... That was in the 70's though.

rcaffighter11 karma

I like to speed boat, wake board, fly my RC plane, go out in Edmonton a lot

superdd96 karma

Have you ever / can you post youtube videos of your flights? Love watching F18, F15 in cockpit videos of low level flying.

rcaffighter5 karma

All of my posts are on Instagram. Jaybravo22 !

asteroid30006 karma

If I may ask, why did you enter the military?

rcaffighter23 karma

To fly fighter jets

pussydestroyer6 karma

Which air cadet squadron were you from?

rcaffighter6 karma

205 Collinshaw Nanaimo

Basdad6 karma

Do you paint "sorry" on the bombe Canada drops?

rcaffighter6 karma

I haven't dropped yet cause I'm still in training but I think that the guys do

KLE_5 karma

Thanks for serving our country brother! what made you want to join the military?

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Always wanted to be a fighter pilot. Really challenging and rewarding job that you can't find in civilian life

scuffedtrihardcx5 karma

how long is boot camp/basic training in canada?

rcaffighter7 karma

About 2 months

raine_5 karma

Do you know if you have to be Canadian to be in the RCAF? And what was the process like for you to get to be a pilot?

How long have you been flying?

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I know some people from britain who joined and became Canadian during training. Commonwealth I think there may be some sort of agreement

toodamnparanoid4 karma

Track up or North up?

rcaffighter2 karma

I don't understand

ForSciencerino4 karma

What's the most difficult part of flying? (Including take-offs/landings.)

rcaffighter3 karma

By far the tactical aspect of it. Fighting air to air. The flying itself is expected to be second nature by this point

ForSciencerino2 karma

As a fighter pilot, when there's not a war, what're your assignments like? I would assume more training?

rcaffighter2 karma

Training and currency. Always upgrading qualifications

Shpice4 karma

Can you give a rough breakdown of a typical day at the office?

Is there a lot of paperwork? Briefings? Do you get to fly every day? Work on fitness? Study patterns and maneuvers?

rcaffighter3 karma

Lots of Study and briefing. Not too much paper work. I would say 8 to 12 h days and flying 1 to 1.5 h every day or two during the week. I speak for the training process

jays20154 karma

How old is too old to start the process of becoming a pilot in the rcaf?

rcaffighter5 karma

I know guys who joined in their late 30s

Schnitzelkoenig4 karma

How noob-friendly is your jet? Could a reasonable smart person that has flewn a jet in a game take a seat and get the jet into air?

rcaffighter4 karma

The jet is pretty user friendly. It's the tactical stuff that is the hardest part not the flying

dirtborg3 karma

1) How do you get the moose into the air? 2) Exactly how long can you fly said moose before it no longer glides?

rcaffighter4 karma

Push the throttles up and take off. We don't glide well - need power

likeBruceSpringsteen3 karma

Who are you cheering for in the playoffs?

rcaffighter5 karma

If the Canucks were still in it would be them. West coast best coast. But that's the extent of my NHL knowledge.

hugTHEmeatshit3 karma

Have you ever considered that one day you might actually kill someone? and, does this thought bother you in anyway?

rcaffighter4 karma

Good question. I have considered it and I can imagine it would be quite a burden

hugTHEmeatshit2 karma

Thanks for your quick reply mate :)

I served 6 years in the Royal Australian Navy as a Marine Technician (Mechanical), l never once thought l'd be involved in a conflict which resulted in potential death, l just wanted to travel the world and get paid to do so :)

So does this mean you are an Officer or a Commissioned Officer? Do you get paid much money? You must be very intelligent to pass your course l'd imagine, thanks again for your reply mate :)

rcaffighter3 karma

You bet! Yeah, pilots in Canada are commissioned. Pay us pretty good so can't complain there. Australia sounds like an amazing spot to be! The Eastern bases, anyways!

autistic-screeching3 karma

Nice! My dad flew F-15s here in the US.

Do you do like national defense or what?

rcaffighter2 karma

Awesome! Cool plane!

Fyfester3212 karma

Hi, im actually thinking about applying after I graduate. How tough was the application process? How have you been enjoying it?

rcaffighter2 karma

Very tough but doable and worth it

TheMightyLurkules2 karma

Best bar in Cold Lake? You'd better say "Thumpers".

rcaffighter2 karma

You've clearly been in cold lake. Half of them closed down now so I go to Edmonton always

queenofthekumquats2 karma

Have you watched the TV show Jetstream? If so, how similar is it to your experience?

rcaffighter2 karma

Almost the same. That is the course I am on right now

nowhereman1362 karma

Is there any information you are not allowed to say because it is classified?

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thisiswilli2 karma

Hi and thanks for this AMA!

Is it true those planes take 24 hours to warm up before you can fly them?

rcaffighter6 karma

Nope that's s rumour !

Quote9512 karma

Canada has an army?

rcaffighter3 karma

We do. And an Air Force and navy

Joltie2 karma

With your current training, do you think you could plow through the enemy pilots in the early World War 1 planes, provided you were also flying a WW1 fighter plane?

Also, favourite WW2 plane?

rcaffighter2 karma

I do, because they didn't do much for dog fighting training back then. They just said go.

Spitfire, but I don't dabble much In old aircraft

who_took_cowtard2 karma

How's the chowhall?

rcaffighter3 karma

Free food!

saml012 karma

How do you get such a close shave?

rcaffighter2 karma

Lol I wish It grew out more

albl11221 karma

So you get a personal jet. what happens if you crash it?

rcaffighter2 karma

Some guys get names painted on jets but you fly whichever jet is available

TAW51501 karma

Canadians have planes?

rcaffighter1 karma

We do

jonathan7401 karma

How do you treat maintenance when you brake the plane ?

rcaffighter8 karma

Treat those guys/gals like gold. Always

BlitzBop441 karma

As someone looking to get into the RCAF through the ROTP program, what is the best way to go about applying/ what kind of experience should I have to put on a resume? (I'm applying this fall coming from grade 12/ going into 13)

rcaffighter2 karma

Put anything relevant to flying if you want to be a pilot, second languages, military involvement, and physical fitness

BlitzBop441 karma

Thanks! Good luck on training! Hope to meet you in the near future!

rcaffighter2 karma

Thanks. Keep your marks high and join sports in school

Minerva89-1 karma

Have you met Bryan yet?

rcaffighter2 karma

Bryan who