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Canadian here. If you end up going to Beijing, bring extra socks. No matter what they say, always have an extra pair of warm socks.

Also, Toronto doesn't have skiing worth the name. Anyone who says otherwise is lying.

What's your favourite place in Canada to ski?

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So what you're saying is that your product has a whole soup of different species and strains of bacteria (15 strains I think it says on your website), but you don't actually count the individual strains in your product?

How do you know that what you're counting isn't just the strains that survive in oxygen, and the obligate anaerobes aren't all dead?

Why don't you use the same technology and methods you're using on people's stool samples for your product?

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Do you think Canada will still be putting pilots into jets forty years from now?

If not, what do you think about Canada planning to fly the F35 for that long?

What do you think about combat drones?

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When in your opinion was the exact moment when Oracle turned evil, or was it always evil, just better at hiding it?

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It seems like what you're saying here is:

  1. Research on your product is hard, so you didn't do it before you started selling it.
  2. Other people have managed to do some studies on stuff that is similar (but not identical) to yours.
  3. You'll find out if your product actually works and doesn't hurt people if your paying customers agree to let you share their poo tests with the world.

Reported probiotic health effects are known to be very difficult to reproduce and beneficial effects are specific to strains, not species.


"However, the effects described can only be attributed to the strain or strains tested, and not to the species or the whole group of LABs or other probiotics."