Hey Reddit! We are members of Obsidian Entertainment's design and publishing team, currently working on Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, Obsidian's very first sequel. We love RPGs, and we think we're pretty good at making them. Our roots go back to some of the classics of the genre, including Fallout 1 and 2, Baldur's Gate, Planescape: Torment, and many more. You might know us from games like Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, Fallout: New Vegas, and South Park: The Stick of Truth. We brought the classic, isometric cRPG back to modern audiences with Pillars of Eternity, and now we're making a sequel to that game, set in the Deadfire Archipelago, a collection of hundreds of islands spanning thousands of miles, that you can explore on board your ship. We're in our last day of crowdfunding that campaign over on Fig, so check it out if you're interested in knowing the details.

Our Proof!

Specifically, we are:

Mikey Dowling, PR Manager

Feargus Urquhart, CEO

J.E. "Josh" Sawyer, Design Director

Justin Britch, Lead Producer

Adam Brennecke, Lead Programmer/Executive Producer

Carrie Patel, Narrative Designer/Novelist

Eric Neigher, Assistant Waste Disposal Coordinator

Ask us anything, fellow adventurers!

EDIT: All right, wonderful Redditors, unfortunately, we have to get back to our Fig campaign, as there's only 4 hours to go! Thank you for your questions, it's been a blast! If you didn't/don't get your question answered here, Mikey and other members of the team are livestreaming on our Twitch channel, so feel free to ask them there! Much love from all of us on the Pillars II team!

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stewelement3791 karma

You're having a Baldur's Gate themed costume and pizza party in the Obsidian offices. Who dresses up as which NPC and what exactly is on a Bhaalspawn pizza?

ObsidianEric1773 karma

This question needs to go to the top!

Madkat1241875 karma

Do you guys think you'll ever do a more action oriented or 3d RPG along the lines of Dark Souls, Fallout, or Mass Effect?

EDIT: Added an extra example to appease the Obsidian Overlords!

ObsidianEric2198 karma

I want us to do a Dark Souls-style game. Can you please edit your question to say "along the lines of Dark Souls or Bloodborne" so that it looks like Feargus has said "Absolutely!" to that? kthxbye

Madkat124794 karma

Now that would be something I'd love to see, especially from you guys. I'm imagining a Souls-like with a fully fleshed out and interactive world (Like diplomacy, factions, and stuff like that) and NPCS that you guys do so well.

ObsidianEric1536 karma

EXACTLY. Can you tell them to promote me from waste disposal to game design, please? The trash cans... they're always full. It's... a curse.

gnetisis717 karma

Sorry, you must grind to level 7 in Custodial Engineering before they will let you transfer outside of the department.

ObsidianEric899 karma

Can I at least get a weapon repair kit for my mop!? It's almost out of durability!

enderandrew42141 karma

You're in Waste Management? So what you're saying it is that you're the Tony Soprano of Irvine?

ObsidianEric257 karma

More like I have to SING soprano whenever Feargus demands.

StatesRightsTrade1402 karma

When are we gonna see you guys get your hands on the Fallout Franchise again?

ObsidianEric2097 karma

Zenimax owns the IP for Fallout, so that is entirely up to them. We'd love to do another Fallout game!

StatesRightsTrade1420 karma

Thanks for the answer! New Vegas is the absolutely best game in the Fallout universe!

ObsidianEric1492 karma

Thank you!

(P.S., I agree with you... or maybe Fallout 2. It's a toss up).

No-Mouse1271 karma

Will there be a romance option for the intelligent weapon?

ObsidianEric1569 karma

This isn't that kind of game...

dritspel1099 karma

This is for Feargus:

What do we as consumers need to do to make your dream of a Film Noir RPG happen?

Seriously, this needs to be made!

Either Film Noir or 1920s Gangsters RPG. Dear lord....

ObsidianEric1463 karma

Could the title please be NoirPG?

HookersForDahl2017756 karma

Do you think Stannis actually knew what obsidian was before Tarly told him?

ObsidianEric664 karma

He knew nothing, Jon Snow.

crazedhatter697 karma

You guys have done a tremendous amount of good for the gaming world, so right up front I'd like to thank you for that. For my personal opinion I rank you guys right up there with Bioware in terms of games I consider to be ABSOLUTELY must have (And honestly, they've stumbled a bit lately).

Now obviously crowdfunding has recently been very very good for you guys, and it is leading to new opportunities to make games that maybe aren't the 'commercial schlock' that gets done so often. But it makes me wonder, what game have you guys wanted to make but never got a chance to do, and would these crowdfunding successes spur you to try again?

Mikey2x4363 karma

This is probably only me, but I REALLY want to make a wrestling RPG.

ObsidianEric402 karma

Can you smell what the (black and shiny) rock is cooking!?

BNice143 karma

Pillars of Eternity: Deadfire is surprisingly Obsidian's first opportunity to develop a sequel. What were some ideas you had for potential sequels to your past games?

Keep up the good work and I can't wait for Deadfire.

ObsidianEric517 karma

I wanted us to do a sequel to Alpha Protocol called Beta Contocol, just for the pun in the title. That was when I got my first demotion.

enderandrew42237 karma

I've heard a few people suggest that you guys get another crack at a Spy RPG, but this time setting it in the Archer universe.

ObsidianEric371 karma

That would actually be amazing, holy balls.

braven8108 karma

Hello Obsidian! Fellow game dev from Montreal here :)

Do you plan on having a documentary made for Deadfire too? I watched Road to Eternity last week and I can't stress how interesting it was to see you guys go through the whole process. Certainly a lot of us would love another one. Love your passion, your dedication and can't wait to explore Deadfire.

Thanks for bringing CRPGs back!

jesawyer75 karma

Greetings. I don't know if we'll have a full documentary, but I think we have been recording some footage during development. Adam Brennecke may know more!

ObsidianEric71 karma

drainX101 karma

Are you guys familiar with MrBtongues videos? He made one comparing New Vegas and Fallout 3 and talking about how creating an interconnected world where thought is put into the economy and politics of the world, how people get food and so on, makes the experience so much richer than just having a world where cool setpieces feel kind of randomly stitched together. He made another video about how choice and consequences is done right in games. He often uses your games as positive examples and his thoughts about game development seems to align pretty well with your own design philosophies.

What are your thoughs on his videos if you have seen them?

ObsidianEric122 karma

I have seen those videos and think they're very interesting, and that's all I'm gonna say about that.

ObsidianEric68 karma

Some questions brought over from /r/projecteternity:

  • /u/rybicki asks: Can they do a kill/f*/marry on Eder, Aloth, and Pallegina?

  • /u/terrygervais asks: I'd like to hear what everyone's personal headcanon Watcher is when they think about the game, particularly class and background. Does Josh imagine a Hearth Orlan Rogue former slave from the White that Wends ruling Caed Nua? Does Feargus see a Elf Cipher aristocrat from Aedyr hunting the Leaden Key across the Dyrwood? Thanks!

  • /u/turanar asks: I guess it's a good time to ask this one, but i'm really interested on your feelings about this Fig campaign compared to the Kickstarter. Were you more prepared ? Did you enjoy it better or was it as stressful as before, did you have the stretch goal planned in advance, etc. And thanks for all the updates !

  • /u/stonehack asks: @Adam, what do you think about adding a voice replay button in the dialog menu? Like clicking an arrow next to dialog with VO or just being able to click on the text for replay. @Josh, please make melee rangers work. Please? :D (modding poe 1 was a pain)

  • /u/rudimentarycube asks: Will the additional subclasses include new Paladin orders and Priest deities? Been dying to know.

  • /u/thatguar asks: Since you all work on the development of the game. Do you still find it fun to play?

  • /u/shepperoni asks: Favorite companion from PoE1? Also, what music do you guys listen to while working on the game?

  • /u/meowriowpeow asks: @Josh - Will your cat be a pet in the game?

  • /u/dwarfdrugar asks: Will pledging after the campaign is over (with Paypal) have all the options and/or benefits of pledging right now?

  • /u/beatspores asks: Question: High level scaling – how does it work for PoE 2? When I played with just a few characters high level scaling for some areas felt very hard. When playing CRPGs and having few party members the difficulty was offset by getting more experience per character. Do high level scaling in PoE 2 account for number of party members?

  • /u/ericsimon23 asks: How will class-specific dialogue options work with multi-classing? Taking a single level in a second class qualifies you for all of that class's dialogue choices? Is there a possibility we'll see class dialogue options require different "power levels"?

  • /u/thewarden898 asks: I'm very happy about the 3 returning companions (Eder, Aloth and Pallegina), and was wondering if we could get a bit of insight on them? I believe I read that it's been 5 years since PoE1. Thats a long time, have any other them radically changed? Does Eder approve of your adoption of the Orlan baby? Also, relationships. I'm stoked. Please tell more (if you can!)

AelyxTargaryen32 karma

Thanks for the AMA, What games are you guys enjoying at the moment?

FeargusUrquhart96 karma

I have gone and am playing Fallout: New Vegas and Dragon Age: Origins. I finished, finally, Bioshock Infinite about a month ago. I am trying to make time to play more Overwatch, there is a Brothers game that Josh keep on telling me I need to play. I also need to play Inside, and Uncharted 4.

ObsidianEric45 karma

Dude, Inside is great! Make sure you get the "real" ending.

ObsidianEric54 karma

No problem! I'm really digging Nioh at the moment, as I am an enormous From Software/action-RPG fan and I think Nioh does a lot of the formula correctly. I have really enjoyed Resident Evil 7 a lot, too. Since we started this campaign, I have gone back and re-played a bunch of Pillars of Eternity I, as well.

barsoapguy24 karma

apologies if I've written this twice, new to Reddit .

Will we have Pirate sound tracks with the crew singing like on assassin's creed black flag?

Druken salior!

ObsidianEric56 karma

I don't believe Justin Bell, our composer, has any sea chanties planned -- but you never know. I will suggest it to him, as I actually think it's a great idea! Then again, what do I know, I clean toilets for a living.

BuzzardB23 karma

Is there an Od Nua style megadungeon in PoE2?

ObsidianEric57 karma

Not this time, we decided to add a bunch of islands that Fulvano the explorer can discover, instead. It makes for a more varied adventuring experience.

JuiceCabooseIsLoose3 karma

What's it gonna take for you guys to make an Archer game? Someone's gotta be able to get Adam Reed and Obsidian in a room together.

ObsidianEric3 karma

Love this idea! Wish we knew the Archer guys.