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Are you guys familiar with MrBtongues videos? He made one comparing New Vegas and Fallout 3 and talking about how creating an interconnected world where thought is put into the economy and politics of the world, how people get food and so on, makes the experience so much richer than just having a world where cool setpieces feel kind of randomly stitched together. He made another video about how choice and consequences is done right in games. He often uses your games as positive examples and his thoughts about game development seems to align pretty well with your own design philosophies.

What are your thoughs on his videos if you have seen them?

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Why do you think that EVE is the only really successful current Sandbox MMORPG?

It seems like everyone has been trying to copy WoW since it was released. The word MMORPG seems to mean theme park, WoW-style MMORPG nowadays unless you explicitly specify that you are talking about some other kind of MMORPG.

If you were to design a new MMORPG from scratch today, what would it be like?

What mechanic/system/simulation/concept do you think would be cool that havn't been explored by MMORPGSs so far?

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Depends on what you mean by self-aware. They don't have to be any more self-aware than a computer.