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Probably! A lot of us enjoyed working on F:NV and Alpha Protocol and would love working on a similar game again.

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We wanted to have something that felt a little less traditional than the first Pillars, which feels very Dalelands-y. Just as Shadows of Amn went to a less traditional fantasy locale, we wanted to do something similar. Ships also help the game feel more like it's in the ~ age of sail ~, further separating it from the high medieval settings, where that is less of a focus.

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We'll see what we can do with the sentient weapon. It may be difficult to make it "multi-form".

Xoti is half-Readceran (Meadow Folk) and half-Ixamitl (Savanna Folk). She makes every dark area look cool when she runs around with her lantern. She has... interesting views about Eothas and what his reappearance means for the faithful.

We're building out a bunch of special encounters for sailing the high seas as I write this! If we get the crew system, walking the plank may be in the cards.

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  1. Yes.

  2. It's mostly a balancing issue, largely due to the widening gap of bonuses and the increased gulf of efficacy that arises between system masters and non-masters.

  3. We tuned the hell out of PoE and F:NV after release. I would tune things forever, if allowed. Ha ha! I am the devil himself!

  4. Yes. We're paying much more attention to the widening of that gulf in the mid and late game to have more consistent challenge.

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I've always wanted to make a historical fantasy game in the vein of Darklands (1992) or Ars Magica (tabletop RPG). I'd like to focus on turning the history dial to 11 and making really cool and interesting gameplay and conflicts out of that.