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So, how does it feel to be the creator of my top 4 favorite animated shows? Even before they were on Netflix I watched Animaniac's regularly as I own all 4 volumes on DVD, add in Pinky and the Brain, Tiny Toons and Freakazoid, you basically animated my middle and high school years!

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You guys have done a tremendous amount of good for the gaming world, so right up front I'd like to thank you for that. For my personal opinion I rank you guys right up there with Bioware in terms of games I consider to be ABSOLUTELY must have (And honestly, they've stumbled a bit lately).

Now obviously crowdfunding has recently been very very good for you guys, and it is leading to new opportunities to make games that maybe aren't the 'commercial schlock' that gets done so often. But it makes me wonder, what game have you guys wanted to make but never got a chance to do, and would these crowdfunding successes spur you to try again?

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This answer makes you my hero. Seriously... you GET it and that is rare enough. Thank you for helping Ubi make good decisions, lord knows they need the help!

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I'm somewhat curious what you guys are doing to prep the next generation of distillers - with all of that experience you must have some great opportunities to shape what is coming next. I would think that becoming a Master Distiller is more than simply a job with promotions... do you guys have apprentices or anything like that?

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Well you put something in that food that makes it addicting. It's NOT the best fried chicken I've ever had, but if I wind up having it, I crave it for a couple weeks afterwards. :-P