I’m back and ready to answer you questions. Check out the trailer for my new movie Get Out in theaters February 24th - https://youtu.be/sRfnevzM9kQ. Ask me anything.

Proof: https://twitter.com/jordanpeele/status/829910463597064192

Edit: Thank you guys so much. We are closing down shop on this session of Ask Me Anything, but this was so fun. You had great questions. Please rush out and go see Get Out. It is scary, it is fun, and it opens February 24th. Love you guys.

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marineturndlegofiend1544 karma

You said bitch though, right?

Jordan_Peele1953 karma

Yeah…I done said it. Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch. I did, I did. (pats sweat off brow)

JonasPolskyAMA1298 karma

In "Rick and Morty" you and Keegan portrayed inter-dimensional talking scrotums. How did you mentally prepare for that role?

Jordan_Peele2770 karma

Well, Jonas, I'm a method actor, so I go throughout the entire day as a scrotum before I get to the booth. And then after, it takes me a couple hours to de-scrotify after the voiceover session.

JonasPolskyAMA1265 karma

Everyone wants to know: does "Get Out" take place in the same cinematic universe as "Keanu"?

Jordan_Peele1865 karma

First of all, shoutout Jonas. I know who you is. We're Twitter buddies.

I didn't intend it to be in a connected universe, but I will say, Jonas, my next three or four films I will be looking at possibly connecting them.

PaperPlanes22971 karma

How was it like working with Weird Al in the "White and Nerdy" video?

Jordan_Peele1593 karma

Amazing. Weird Al is genuinely one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. He’s a legend. Anyone in my age group views him as a god and I certainly do as well.

HanZolo95866 karma

Hi Jordan! Big fan of your key and peele sketches. How was your daughters quinceanera? Also is key and peele done forever?

Jordan_Peele2687 karma

My daughter's Quinceañera was good. She didn't sit down though. Not once. Neither did I.

The show Key & Peele may be finished forever, but the concept of the Keegan and Jordan working together has just begun.

blubcreator800 karma

How did it feel switching to the horror genre when comedy has been your focus for the longest time?

Jordan_Peele1961 karma

How did it feel switching to the horror genre? Horror is my favorite genre. I think comedy and horror are very closely related. They’re both about grounding absurdity. So that just means applying whatever crazy notion you have to reality. They also are about timing. So it was a pretty natural fit for me.

monarc464 karma

Jordan - major congrats on GET OUT. I got to see it last night and was impressed with how gripping the movie was from start to finish, through moments of comedy and terror. The tone and urgency reminded me of Wes Craven's underrated thriller RED EYE, and I was curious if that might have been an influence. I'm also a big fan of your baby-mama-to-be Chelsea Peretti (congrats!) and there were a couple of pieces of quirky dialogue that felt like her voice might have crept into the script a bit. Did she have any influence on the movie?

Jordan_Peele479 karma

First, with Red Eye, that specifically wasn’t an influence, but Scream was and The People Under the Stairs was. As for whether or not Chelsea’s voice snuck into the script at all, I wrote it before I met my wife. But, there were elements of the character, Rose, that I did pull from Chelsea’s innate coolness and really found that the sense of humor at the center of the love story was the most important thing.

joseph17act463 karma

When's the last time you used Meegan's voice? Also are you and Keegan making an adaption of "Subsitute Teacher"? I hope so!!

Jordan_Peele946 karma

Meegan’s voice comes out fairly often. It’s my wife’s favorite character, so she asks me to be Meegan from time to time. Not in the kinky way. The substitute teacher film is low key in discussion. I’ll leave it at that.

SysTomBrady424 karma

What celebrity did you geek out over meeting?

Jordan_Peele758 karma

Stephen Root is in my movie. He is from Office Space and many other things. He's kind of a comedy hero.

ZombieYeti406 karma

Hi Jordan, big fan of your sketches on Key and Peele! If you had the chance to bring one of your sketch characters to life and meet him, who would it be? Thanks for doing this!

Jordan_Peele1539 karma

I’d bring Meegan to life and I’d fuck the shit out of her.

Rukfash1326 karma

First of I just want to say that your Macedonian Cafe skit is pure comedic gold. How did you know that Serbs are sons of mother bitches?

Jordan_Peele514 karma

That was a sketch written by Keegan and it was based on somebody that he knows in Detroit. I leave all my Macedonian trivia to Keegan.

Albizzy314 karma

Whats the best fast food restaurant in your opinion?

Jordan_Peele933 karma

In-N-Out Burger.

3zero1ne303 karma

What's your favorite pizza topping?

Jordan_Peele805 karma

Okay. Hard hitting questions. Don’t know if I’m comfortable sharing this, but…pepperoni.

red_sky33294 karma

Which K&P quote is the most annoying when somebody sees you and yells it in public?

Which makes you happiest?

Jordan_Peele641 karma

I think the best is when people go, “I said, biiiiiiiitch”, because it’s discreet. It doesn’t grab a lot of attention. I think the worst is probably “NO” (Meegan’s voice) because it’s loud. All the sudden everybody looks and then there’s a crowd of people.

HanZolo95294 karma

Hi Jordan! If you could do a sketch with anyone dead or alive who would you pick?

Jordan_Peele621 karma

If I could do a sketch with anyone dead or alive, I would go with Eddie Murphy.

ThatsCoolAustin256 karma

What do you think the pinnacle of comedy is? What kind of music do you listen too?

Jordan_Peele775 karma

The pinnacle of comedy is, for me, a combination between the British Office and Martin, the Martin Lawrence show.

Right now, I'm listening to Chance the Rapper, Donald Glover, Lana Del Ray, James Blake, and Bon Iver. Bone Iver? I don't know how to say his name, but I listen to him.

camel_towe246 karma

I need to know - will Hingle McCringleberry or D'Jasper Probincrux III be making an appearance in Get Out?

Jordan_Peele575 karma

We couldn't get Hingle and D’Jasper was busy. For Get Out 2, I hope to book Kobe Buffalomeat, who was an actual college player. Look him up. That's true. Kobe Buffalomeat was a real person.

The genesis was D'Brickashaw Ferguson. He's the alpha. The omega is Kobe Buffalomeat.

tittymilkshakes240 karma

Do you plan on writing more horror movies?

Jordan_Peele661 karma

Great question, u/tittymilkshakes. Yes, I've got several social thrillers marinating and I intend to write and direct all of them. So, that's what you're going to see me be doing the next couple years.

BoosherCacow235 karma


Would you rather have a talking banana with infinite wisdom that only speaks in Fran Drescher's voice and wakes you up at all hours of the night or a horse named Nathan Scott Phillip that was as fast as a car and never required food but smelled like the inside of a belly button?

Jordan_Peele248 karma

Can't beat infinite wisdom.

mjv628216 karma

Hey Jordan, I'm sure there's a lot of fans out there like me who almost feel like they know you from watching your skits for hours and hours. I maintain that the Continental Breakfast skit was not only educational about European culture, but it also is pure genius from beginning to end with its levels of satire and mystery. How do you manage to brainstorm and write the ideas for your skit while executing them to perfection (like how the Spanish banana is baked)?

Jordan_Peele196 karma

Every sketch comes about a different way and you need to give it enough time to sort of find itself. So, in other words, a sketch is ready when it's ready. The execution of the sketch takes the help of many geniuses with whom I surround myself with.

smoboaty203 karma

If this movie becomes successful enough, will you consider letting them make a Lego version of the film?

Jordan_Peele234 karma

I would loove to see a Lego version of Get Out. I think Lord and Miller are geniuses and I would be honored.

TheFlyingFetus185 karma

What's up Jordan? Welcome to Reddit. When did you first realize you could really make people laugh?

Jordan_Peele560 karma

What's up, u/TheFlyingFetus?

When I was maybe five years old, I had an impression of Ronald Reagan that would crack my mom up. It was one word and all I would say was, "Well?". Maybe throw in a Nancy. That's the first time I've done that impression in 32 years.

turbogoon169 karma

Will you be on my podcast?

Jordan_Peele390 karma

Let’s pretend this is your podcast. Ask me the question you would ask me and I’ll answer, and you can do an impression of me on you podcast.

turbogoon210 karma

I will do my best but ill probably sound like a busted Levi.. I appreciate you being a guest.

1) How often do you get mistaken for my friend Yasil? You guys look near IDENTICAL!

2) How hard is it to not laugh when filming?

Thats all I have for you I know you're busy. Thanks again for coming on - Listeners don't forget to see GET OUT written and directed by the amazing Jordan Peele. Jordan, thank you and God bless.

Jordan_Peele387 karma

1) All the time. I’m constantly getting tweets of people seeing somebody that I look like. Whether it’s ILoveMakonnen, Big Baby D.R.A.M., or Adam Levine…le-veen? Le-vine? Workaholics Adam.

2) When I’m filming with Keegan, it’s almost impossible. The whole name of the game for us is to try and crack each other up. He is right up there with my wife as one of the funniest people in the world.

Trapptor84 karma

What is the most obvious mistake people make when attempting to impersonate you?

Jordan_Peele333 karma

Thinking that I have a good sense of humor about myself and my shortcomings.

manata162 karma

Hi Jordan, thanks for doing this. As a big nerd and someone who plays Dungeons and Dragons a couple of times a week, my favorite sketch is Dungsons&Dragons&Bitches. My question is, Do you remember the first sketch you wrote?

Jordan_Peele642 karma

I'm a huge nerd. I played many role-playing games growing up. Dungeons & Dragons, Gurps, Rifts, the Paladin games. The one game I never played growing up was bitches. Bitches and role-playing games usually don't go together very well.

The first sketch I wrote was when I was a kid and I must have been ten years old and my white friend and I did a little video where he was playing piano and he wished he could be a better piano player and then the wish came true. I replaced him and because I was black, I was a better piano player. That's Key & Peele 101. OG shit.

A_Honda_Accord143 karma

Have you considered remaking The Power of Wings music video now that you can obviously afford a bigger budget for it?

Jordan_Peele357 karma

That’s a great idea. I would love to do a full Wendell movie that is his existence in the fantasy world that he likes to see his life in. Yeah, if we can get an online campaign started right here and right now, let’s do Wendell Meets Middle Earth. Let’s do it guys. I need you.

PookieMane115 karma

Who was your biggest supporter during your rise to fame?

Jordan_Peele346 karma

My biggest supporter was absolutely my mom. I did two years at Sarah Lawrence College, which was great, but I realized I wanted to be a comedian, so at some point I had to call her and tell her that I was leaving school to do comedy. She didn’t flinch, she just told me, “follow your dream and you will succeed.”

wolfsnare24101 karma

This is your directorial debut, so how different is the combination of writing+directing compared to only writing? Does your thinking process differ in both the cases? Also, any personal tips to those passionate about writing/directing? Thanks a lot for the AMA :)

Jordan_Peele183 karma

Writing and directing is very different from just writing. Obviously, you have the control to execute it the way you want to execute it. I was lucky enough to have worked the last few years with Peter Atencio, who really shared a vision, but this was a very welcome departure, as well because it was fun.

I would say, first off, write your favorite movie that you haven't seen. Don't worry about whether it's going to get made. Write something for yourself. After you have that draft then worry about what you need to do to sell it. I would also say, as a director, enjoy yourself. It's such a stressful job and if you take the time to take a breathe and have quiet moments for yourself to just say how the fuck did I get here? This is awesome. That will seep into the work and people will feel it. People will feel the joy.

Ballardinian97 karma

Did you ever come up with an idea for, or write a script, that had references that were too obscure and you ended up scrapping it? If so, what were the references?

Jordan_Peele265 karma

One of the big questions that came attached to many of the sketches I wrote for Key & Peele was is this too referential? Does it alienate people? Yeah, there were some sketches that were deemed too specific. I will say that the Gremlins 2 sketch was a sketch that got put on hold for the longest time and I didn't think we were ever going to do it because it was so highly referential and finally in the last season I made them do it.

yang_son91 karma

What were your original expectations for Get Out? How has that changed given the incredible feedback and reception the movie has been getting?

Jordan_Peele261 karma

My original expectation for “Get Out” was that there was no way going to get made. Still, I wanted to make a movie that addressed the fact that we are not in a post-racial world. Now, I think it’s quite clear to everybody; no one has any mistake as to whether or not race in a problem in our society and culture. So, I feel like fate has brought this movie to a point where it’s even more needed and more interesting than what I originally intended it to be.

ginbooth89 karma

What are you favorite horror movies that inspired you to write and direct your own? Btw I'm really looking forward to GET OUT. It eerily feels like an allegory based on my experiences with the TSA in Spokane, WA.

Jordan_Peele149 karma

The Stepford Wives, Rosemary's Baby, CandyMan, Halloween, and The People Under The Stairs.

JonasPolskyAMA60 karma

I read an INCREDIBLY funny spec script about "Mike and Vandaveon" in middle school. Now that "Get Out" is completed, will you ever get back to the Mike and Vandaveon animated series?

Jordan_Peele82 karma

Jonas, Jonas, Jonas, I haven’t read it yet, I’m so sorry, I’ve been busy. Look, Mike and Vandaveon, the cartoon, it’s not dead, yet. It’ll be a little bit a while until the momentum can come up and I can put a little more attention into it. But I still have it.

hollaback_girl30 karma

You were great in Wanderlust. Are there any scenes or dialog that you loved that didn't make it to the final cut or DVD extras?

Are there any plans for a Keanu 2?

Jordan_Peele115 karma

Wanderlust was a while ago. I’m sure there was a ton because we improvised a lot. There was this one scene where we were all hanging out at the lake and it was originally this whole weird bonding improvisation that we did and I remember it being very fun.

Hmm, Keanu 2. No, no plans of yet. But I hear in John Wick 2 there’s many deaths. So if we do a Keanu 2, I promise you we will do twice as many deaths as there are in John Wick 2.

ohtheshadeofitall2 karma

Jordan - I've never needed to laugh more than I have since the election. Where do you go when you want to laugh?

Jordan_Peele9 karma

I’m lucky enough to be married to the funniest person on Earth, so I don’t need to go very far.