My short bio: A few months ago I reached out to the virgins of Reddit and offered to help them lose their virginity. The response was overwhelming! I bought a top of the line gaming PC and I'm so greatful to you all!

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PancakesAndFish48 karma

1) What are some of the big reasons these guys aren't getting laid? Are they physically repulsive? Socially inept? Nothing wrong with them, just lacking confidence?

2) Did any cry?

BovineOpine118 karma

Most of the Reddit virgins that I saw in 2016 were in their early 20s and very handsome. They weren't sure about how the mechanics worked and wanted a professional walk through. I gave them my contact info and let them know that if they need any girl advice I'm here to help. Honestly I'd probably be a 22 year old virgin if I was a dude, woman can give off very confusing signals so I have fun explaining the psychology of the 'mating dance' and how it works.

There were a few virgins I recently saw who had a lot of issues with opening up to other people because of disabilities and past experiences. Some had ED from masturbating for years of their life, I gave them a nurturing experience and treated them with understanding and respect.

None cried. I must be doing something right! :3

3_5035 karma

Some had ED from masturbating for years of their life,

Hang on, is that a thing? I thought masturbating was healthy :/

BovineOpine11 karma

Wow, I just read this whole thread and you guys are spot on. Thank you for clarifying! If you are trying to transition from masturbating to sex with a woman it can be hard if you've been masturbating for a decade every day.

A few times a week is okay but not every day. That will definitely lead to ED later on. Deathgrip OP!

PancakesAndFish5 karma

Do you think many of them will move beyond sex workers after they've seen you, or are their issues more persistent?

And do you have opinions on why so many young guys have trouble "getting it" these days? (Double entendre not intended.) Young and handsome, so no major reason they shouldn't be able to find partners, so why do they need their hands held? Is it just women being complicated, or is there some larger social shift happening? I think of how in Japan nearly half of men 18-34 are virgins and wonder if there's something similar going on here.

BovineOpine25 karma

The point of hiring me as an adult virgin is to get rid of your training wheels. So yes I'd hope that they go on and have fulfilling sex lives. I'm here for support until they can make that happen. I focus on empowering my clients in sessions, so I've been told many success stories by former clients.

For men there's so much social pressure to provide for their families. They have to slave away at school for years only to slave away at a job for the rest of their life. I think this pressure is why sex isn't prioritized until after the other goals listed have been met. It's not exactly right. This definitely applies to the male demographic in Japan.

gill__gill29 karma

Is your hooker status public and well known? If yes, how do you comprehend with society, emotionally and mentally ?

BovineOpine47 karma

I've never been recognized in public before and I'm very lowkey about what I do. Everyone in my hometown found out so I don't really talk to my family anymore. Friends in my personal life are aware of my occupation and they are respectful about it. My circle is small and some of my close friends are sex workers as well, so I'm able to still have a healthy social life.

cyanocobalamin24 karma

Welcome to reddit.

If you are up for it I would like to ask you two tough questions, motivated by curiosity.

A frequent debate on Reddit is whether or not older guys who are virgins, and frustrated by it, should visit a prostitute.

A number of guys are encouraging about it.

Other guys say that will put them in the position of forever lying to future SOs when asked about their sexual history or risk losing dates/GFs/SOs by being honest.

In those threads a number of women will usually chime in to reenforce that point by writing that there is something about having patronized a sex worker that gives them a reflexive, emotional, squick - turn off response they often can't undo.

What would be your reply to these arguments against visiting sex workers?

Also, many women on reddit who feel this way about men who use sex workers are also very adamant about supporting sex workers. Do you see that as hypocritical on their part?

BovineOpine37 karma

One time I found out that my ex boyfriend was looking at porn, it made me feel very insecure. It made me feel like I wasn't good enough if he could just search up some hot spinner porn on the web anytime he felt like it. This was before I became a sex worker mind you.

Now that I've crossed over to the dark side I don't mind the idea of a partner watching porn or even seeing prostitute/ strippers. I'd only be comfortable with them to see a legal sex worker though, since that's the safest option available. Condoms are mandatory and the girls are tested weekly so you won't ever bring anything unwanted home to your SO.

It can also be the stigma. The other night I was watching a That 70s Show episode where Hyde accidentally married a stripper in Vegas. He brought her home and Jackie kept on calling her a whore. Was it because she was jealous or just disgusted by the fact that this stripper was okay with being nude in front of men for a living? Either insecurity or stigma I'd say. I blame society on this one.

There are open minded ladies who are completely chill about these things, this is kind of rare unfortunately. I think that a man who lost his V-Card to a sex worker should be forward about their sexual history, you shouldn't have to hide anything from someone you consider your soul mate. I don't mean to sound like an ass, just my honest opinion from personal experience.

cyanocobalamin6 karma

Thank you for the answer.

You have whetted my appetite for some That 70s Show reruns. Haven't seen it in a while! :)

BovineOpine8 karma

Sorry for the spoilers but it was a good way to drive the point home, lol I'm a flower child at heart. 8)

cyanocobalamin4 karma

I saw every single episode when the show came out. No worries :).

BovineOpine7 karma


AwokenWolf22 karma

This might be the greatest thing I'll see in 2017 already.

Ever considered a similar fundraiser ahead of the Steam Sales?

BovineOpine22 karma

I've never even considered this before, I may have to use your idea. :p

AwokenWolf8 karma

Discounts for Steam Gifts!

BovineOpine14 karma


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BovineOpine19 karma

Yes, probably. It's hard to not to have feelings, especially with your regulars. It's unprofessional to catch the feels for a client though, you never know if he has another woman that he takes care of at home. My clients come to see me because they know I'm safe and I won't create drama about our love life. Think of it as friends with benefits!

lightserpent117 karma

What video games have you/ are going to play with your gaming pc?

BovineOpine46 karma

I have Oblivion and both versions of Skyrim at the moment. I just downloaded the mod Enderal which is an entirely different game just run on Skyrim's engine. Pretty much switched over to PC master race because I love ultra modded Skyrim. I've been strictly playing Bethesda games, if anyone has any recommendations for similar styled RPGs please let me know!

MalliableManatee30 karma

Witcher 3. Almost everyone will agree it's fantastic.

BovineOpine26 karma

I keep on hearing that about Witcher 3. I guess I have to buy it now. Heh :p

MalliableManatee6 karma

Yes you really should. Easily in my top 3. Actual question: did you have any of the reddit virgins as returning clients?

BovineOpine15 karma

Yes, I get many repeats actually! A few from Reddit can't seem to get enough of me, which is awesome! It's not easy for everyone to repeat as much as they'd like, but people that visit from a Nevada/ California have better luck in that category. I'm grateful because I can occasionally be with a peer who has a similar appreciation of the internet. <3

Captain_Stairs14 karma

How many years is the average length for a hooker? A typical career can be 30 years, but prostitution has to be more like modeling right? (Except for age fetishes)

BovineOpine16 karma

This is a hard question to answer. You have to be smart and mature to thrive in this industry, so a lot of young/ pretty girls drop out after a few weeks. Girls can stay in for a few years and make their goals then leave, or they stay for decades and get rich. It just depends on the individual.

Juan23409814 karma

Have you had a customer last less than a minute?

BovineOpine16 karma


Juan2340988 karma

Do you let them finish more than once

BovineOpine21 karma

Of course! I'm multi orgasmic so it's only fair. :P

BovineOpine13 karma

I'm signing off for tonight. Thank you all for your questions, see y'all again sometime! <3


What do you make on an average customer? And what does your build consist of!

BovineOpine15 karma

Typically I make 4-5 figures, that's the cool thing about being a high end/ legal prostitute. I accommodate 3 figure budgets as well but I'd rather more be invested so that me and my partner don't have to rush things!

I used pcpartpicker, so I will link my build down below. <3

xBOX_CUNT4 karma

That is a really solid build, you might like a Mech Keyboard more unless you are a couch gamer.

BovineOpine2 karma

Thank you, I'll check it out!

forava711 karma

Have you ever encountered someone dangerous or shady?

BovineOpine26 karma

Working inside of a legal brothel is as safe as it gets for sex work. I was completely new to this industry coming in because I was not willing to do it in an unsafe/ shady manner.

Shady people trickle in rarely but we have security/ staff members that take care of those things. We have panic buttons in our personal suites, so if a party went sour we could let the office know that we need help ASAP. My health has never been compromised from working in a NV brothel.

futurefires10 karma

I've seen quite a few AMA's with sex workers and they all claim they are STD free, which I am always surprised about. You state you are tested often, but does that test include HSV2 (genital herpes)? The average STD test does not include them and condoms do not fully protect against it as it can be transferred from skin to skin near the genitals. I'm not doubting your claim, but even with condoms your chance of getting HSV2 is only reduced 30-50% and 1 in 4 people have it. So my questions is, does your STD test include screening for HSV2 or is it pretty much accepted that HSV2 is nearly impossible to avoid with long term sex work and you just don't work when an outbreak is present?

BovineOpine19 karma

Yes we are tested for everything. It's mandatory by state law that we are squeaky clean before we work, once the results are finished it has to be sent to the sheriff's office every week so that they can physically see everything is safe for the public. We also do blood tests every 4 weeks.

Edit: I forgot to clarify properly here, in the Nevada brothels everything is legal and 100% safe. Independants not so much. We litterally have to test every week in house, and if we miss the doc then we can't work the floor or do appointments for that week. It's all regulated by state law.

futurefires7 karma

Thanks for answering, I should have checked before my comment but Nevada state law DOES NOT require testing for Herpes (HSV1 or HSV2). They do require testing for HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea, Chlamydia and trachomatis. Does it concern you that you most likely are not tested for HSV1 or HSV2 and every new partner increases your chance of contracting either?


BovineOpine19 karma

I test for HSV1 /HSV2 quarterly. HPV vaccines are a thing. Of course disease is a concern of mine, but I'm pretty sure that a civilian is at more risk than I am of contracting these.

personna_nongrata7 karma

How "independent" are you? With Dennis Hof controlling so many of the brothels in Nevada, are you required to retweet him and do you have to shill for his book (featured in many pics) to keep working in one of his houses? Is there a PR specialist with you to "help" you with the AMA?

BovineOpine10 karma

I am legally an Independent Contractor. I appreciate your skepticism but I am not required to do any of those things that you mentioned. The whole company works as a team and we do have people who work on the PR side of things. Both of the IAmA that I've done have been 100% me.

Edit: I forgot to mention his book. The Art of the PIMP is badass, and the cover art is lovely. Definitely read it if you're up for a sexually deviant and heinous tale.

AllCatsandNoPussy7 karma

How much did the PC cost and how much were you charging?

What was the creepiest, or most awkward, experience you had with a Reddit virgin?

The best experience with a Reddit virgin?

BovineOpine18 karma

The whole set up costs about 3,500$. I mentioned my rates down below. The creepy/ awkward experiences I have had at my work have not been from any virgins, lol. The best experience? Maybe he's reading, but we spent a lot of time together recently, ate at my favorite restaurant, had amazing sex and we had the same exact taste in video games among a lot of other awesome stuff. I really hope he comes back soon! <3

Toh-Nee6 karma

Have you played The Elder Scrolls: Legends yet?

BovineOpine7 karma

No I have not, I'm not sure if that's something I'd enjoy playing. I'm super picky. You do you Bethesda

Toh-Nee1 karma

Yeah that game type does not appeal for everyone, but I'm only playing until I get a certain legendary artifact!

BovineOpine3 karma

Good luck my friend!

ellerdrop6 karma

how many guys did you fucked so far??

BovineOpine34 karma

What if I told you that I'm a virgin? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

personna_nongrata5 karma

Will you be able to take a tax deduction for your gaming system? Would you be able to sell it as a business/marketing aid to better connect with reddit virgins?

If you were to get audited, what would be the strangest thing you would try to detect as legitimate business expense?

BovineOpine1 karma

Well I do use my set up for my business. So yes it's a business expense.

kuzzy35 karma

Before you started this how much experience did you have with sex, this field, and virgins?

BovineOpine8 karma

I did have sexual experience prior to my plunge into Legal Prostitution in Nevada two years ago and I started completely green. Most of my boy friends in high school were virgins until they met me. :3

Notapseudoliberal4 karma

Why specifically virgins?

BovineOpine13 karma

I reached out to the virgins of Reddit in July because I genuinely like working with that sort of demographic, you could say it's a fetish of mine to deflower people. That's not all that I cater to, but I usually have shared interests with virgins searching the web. It works out nicely! 8)

amuzmint4 karma

In which country or city ?

BovineOpine10 karma

I work at Dennis Hof's Love Ranch North in Carson City, Nevada.

Nevada is in USA.

xcheet2 karma

Are you originally from Nevada or did you move there to work at the ranch?

BovineOpine8 karma

I am originally from Texas. I moved here two years ago to start working at the ranches. Best life changing decision I've made yet!

thegreatwetnoodle9 karma

I grew up down the street from there. Lemme tell ya, before Hof put that big ass dirt hill in the lot behind the playground that faces there, kids in my neighborhood got quite a show at night!

BovineOpine8 karma

I don't know how to feel about that, lol! Glad to see a local poster here though! <3

Axelonet3 karma

where do you see yourself in 5 years?

BovineOpine8 karma

Probably still working at the Hof's ranches. I want to dedicate up to a decade to this. We'll see what happens!

Infarlock3 karma

Just wondering, in what state do you live that allows hooking to be legal? Just wondering you don't have to answer.

Welcome to the pc master race!

I wonder how people will react if you post that there.

BovineOpine2 karma

Nevada is the only state in the USA that provides legal brothels.

pentax103 karma

I remember the original post! So, I'm not surprised the response was so great, but how did it go? Did that initial post just bring in droves of virgins? Too much to handle?

BovineOpine7 karma

Yes, I had 100+ emails from my last IAmA! Lots of people were asking for advice which was extremely flattering. I did get to meet a few that Reddit sent, all very cool people. Some have even dubbed me "Every Redditor's wet dream" :)

LingLing_NorthKorea2 karma

Why did you choose this career to fund your personal interests? Do you think that you would have chosen a different path, if given the chance? If yes, which one?

BovineOpine8 karma

I like having the freedom to make my own schedule/ hours. I also love the fact that I never know what to expect going into work everyday. I get bored easily so being stuck in a rut is not healthy for me and my work allows for this to never happen. I have the ability to work from home if I so choose.

I had a modest upbringing, so this was the quickest way out of my home town. If I was born rich I probably would have gone into something different.

GMagician2 karma

Being a 19 y/o virgin I am curious as to what the biggest tip you would give your clients?

BovineOpine12 karma

Biggest tip? I'm assuming that you mean how to be successful in the dating world?

Be authentic. Communicate your sexual/ emotional needs in a reasonable and honest manner. If you're 100% candid with someone that you're interested in then they will appreciate that, and it saves time because if you aren't yourself and reel someone in that way it doesn't work for long at all. Be patient, have a standard and develop good socializing skills by putting yourself in social situations you normally wouldn't find yourself in. Of course that depends if you're introverted/ extroverted. Be confident, this attracts ladies.


SuperSadbitchtits2 karma

How are you enjoying tonight's snow storm?

BovineOpine3 karma

It's not snowing here yet... Lol spoilers.

SuperSadbitchtits2 karma

The rain was awful. The last few hours turned to snow. Be safe driving to the ranch tomorrow!

BovineOpine3 karma

Aye aye captain! <3

BovineOpine2 karma

Good morning everyone, I'm going live again so feel free to ask me anything!

LawlessCoffeh2 karma

What's an acceptable price range?

By what means is it legal? Is there just a state law or something?

How much work is required for sustainability of your lifestyle?

BovineOpine8 karma

I answered your first 3 questions somewhere below. I am living comfortably by working roughly one week on/ one week off year round.

LawlessCoffeh3 karma


Also noticed, this thread is crazy downvote heavy for some reason.

BovineOpine10 karma

It's k : ^ )

otterbrine1 karma

What's your favorite soda?

BovineOpine2 karma

Sprite! =)

Nuudlez_1 karma

What's the first game you bought/played on your new PC?

BovineOpine3 karma

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim!

calvicstaff1 karma

if it's not too rude, what's the next step? my understanding of these careers is that they are highly lucrative and often (but not always) involve an expensive lifestyle but also are temporary in nature. so I'm curious as to the plan going forward

BovineOpine3 karma

Not rude at all! My lifestyle isn't as expensive as some would think, I try to save as much as I can for an early retirement/ investing while living modestly. The purchase that I made for the setup was a goal of mine for years and I was finally able to do it for myself. Typically I don't make purchases like this at all. The most expensive part of my lifestyle is staying fresh, so I have to make sure my feet/ hands are taken care of, make up is on point, clothes on point, eyebrows need to be waxed etc. I was never a girly girl before this so it's been fun. :3

Iamhighlife1 karma

Can we set up an appointment even if I'm not a virgin?

BovineOpine2 karma

Yes you can email me at [email protected] -I'm happy cater to all different individuals, virgin or not!

bisnotyourarmy1 karma

What are your thoughts on Dennis running for office?

BovineOpine1 karma

Dennis saw some issues in the area that he was running for, at first I'm not sure how seriously he took it but after awhile people started looking to him for change. It was awesome to see the support that he got. I hope he stays in.

atthegreenbed1 karma

Did any of your now ex-virgin clients comment?

BovineOpine1 karma

I sure hope so! If so give me a shout. <3

doommaster1 karma

  1. Specs? We have yet to see the specs of that system? Have you been ripped off or was it worth the money?
  2. Next time, get advice on reddit and set yourself up with an awesome system, the experience alone is worth it.
  3. Never overspend on a gaming rig, they loose value faster than a BMW M3 and the next model is so much faster for the same price.
  4. Have fun gaming on the system, and fun over all :)

BovineOpine2 karma

I linked my pcpartpicker list down below. It was definitely not a rip off, top of the line stuff. I had a friend help me with setting things up since I'm just a noob at this but I'm fairly sure it's optimized.

comfycactus1 karma

Do you find it difficult to develope or hold serious relationships while doing this work? Assuming this is something you want.

Do you know anyone personally that has had a long term serious relationship while holding this type of job?

Also, do you all service to women aswell? (sorry if that's a dumb question)

BovineOpine1 karma

I have been single for a few years and I prefer it that way. I love the freedom of being able to be my own person, but I'm open to a possible relationship after my career path has changed.

Some long term girls are married or have had boy friends. It's completely normal, you just have to find someone who is comfortable with what you do. This is a struggle for all sex workers around the world, it's a sacrifice that you make.

I love other women, I have girl friends that I party with at the ranches and some female clients do come through to visit. It's rare though, most of the customers that come in the brothels are male. When a woman comes in she is most definitely welcome. :)

comfycactus1 karma

While I am a heterosexual woman and would live to have my world rocked by a another girl one day, I don't hear of very many male prostitutes. Being someone who sees things from the "inside" why do you think that is?

BovineOpine2 karma

Male prostitutes simply aren't in demand as much a female prostitutes.

comfycactus1 karma

True that does make alot of sence. In a perfect world women would be able to indulge and express there sexuality and desire just as much as men with getting as much back lash for it. Then it would totally make sence to have more male prostitutes.

Thank you so much for your response! Reading this thread has given me a new outlook on your line of work that I don't think that I had before.

BovineOpine1 karma

Thank you for taking the time to read the thread! <3

Honestly I think that there's a stigma attached to ANYONE indulging in sex work. It's not gender specific anymore. Another thing is that it's much easier for women to get laid, it's just how human nature works.

harry50501 karma

if u had a character in a down and dirty mortal kombat-style fighting game, what fighting moves would you have?

BovineOpine7 karma

I actually play Soulcalibur V competitively so this is funny that you ask about this. I only can comprehend the mechanics of SCV, assuming all fighting game share the same fundamentals I'd use something with a small amount of frames for optimal banging speed and a quick recovery.

Scorp0111 karma

Have you ever hit a guy in the balls (accidentally or intentionally) or wanted to? What happened and how did he react?

BovineOpine1 karma


vedder441 karma

what 5 things would u try to experience if u could be the opposite gender for a day?

BovineOpine1 karma

I'd love to have sex while using my penis. That would feel AMAZING I bet. That's about it. I like being a chick.

[deleted]1 karma


BovineOpine6 karma

Sure! Foot fetish is actually a lot of fun, my feet are super sensitive. :x

Password__Guest4 karma

May I contact you? Privately?

Thank you for your time and for doing this

BovineOpine6 karma

Of course! You can email me at [email protected] <3

dr3wfr4nk1 karma

Are you still assisting Reddit virgins?

BovineOpine1 karma

Yes I am. :) Always. You guys are awesome. I should offer a Redditor discount I think.

dr3wfr4nk1 karma

:) I also sent you an email, found it on your twitter account

BovineOpine1 karma

Thank you! <3

BovineOpine1 karma

Okay everyone I am going to be back to answer more questions in a few hours. I have to get ready for the floor now, <3