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Dont use it. It leaves a slight discoloration. A white film when used. This product will certainly discolor the black fur on the helmet.

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So the shots endangered your wife? I would add that to your lawsuit. Sorry for the loss and best of luck.

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The dog was running towards your wife when they shot at him. Tome this places your wife behind the dog (police pov). How far away was the dog from her when it was shot?

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It was a great idea, sadly spray on hydrophobic treatments (commercial and lab-grade) leave a thin opaque film. On white or light surfaces it is not as noticeable, but on dark surfaces, you will end up dulling the color. This is ok for shoes/boots, since they will get 'dirty' during normal use. But on a dress/formal uniform, this would be unadvised.

I am a surface chemist who works with these products in the lab. Who ever can make this stuff transparent, will be a billionaire, but right now it is very difficult to do for a broad range of materials. If you only had to deal with one fabric/surface, you can tune the formulation to reduce the appearance, but these commercial products are broad application, so use a general binding chemistry, resulting in this film forming.

If you live near a homedepot, they were doing live demo's in their stores last month, they may still be doing them. If you want to see it in person.

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This particular product leaves a white film when dry. Do not use on any dark fabrics. The company is working on a clear drying solution, but it is not commercial yet.