I’ve worked as a game designer at TT for some 18 years, and have had great fun over the years working on a large number of our games including LEGO Dimensions most recently, but also the LEGO Batman/LEGO Marvel/LEGO Harry Potter series of games amongst many others, I eat, sleep, breath TT Games, and count myself lucky to work with so many amazing creative people. I have a keen interest in everything we do, but also love reading comics, playing videogames, and spending lots of time with my family, kids, cats and dogs! Ask me anything. AMA.

Proof! https://i.redd.it/izmo2upr78zx.jpg



EDIT - Apologies - after 3 hours of furiously typing my fingers are starting to dissolve... I'm going to take a break, but will come back to answer more of your questions as quickly as I can.

EDIT - Thank you to everyone in the community for taking part in the AMA, I'll drop back and answer as many questions as I can... thank you all

EDIT - I'm hoping to find a little time to come back and answer as many of the unanswered questions as I can in the next few days - don't want everyone to think I'm ignoring unanswered questions - so thanks for your patience.

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ADorante58 karma

With my limited reflexes at age 45, a penchant to achieve 100% in the game, but also only so much valuable free time, the most annoying stuff are some of the races. The lighthouse race in the Scooby Adventure World took me embarassingly much time to succeed (hours!stretched over days!). Also runners-up for too hard races: air and underwater in Simpsons world and Mines of Moria (starting point) through Minas town. My question: Are children and young adults while playtesting your beta product way more successful and you have to keep the difficulty artificially high? Or didn't you test with older, less experienced candidates? Currently I'm playing LEGO Marvel Super Heroes from my pile of shame (good game/excellent humor) and there it is again: Frustratingly hard air races combined with Super Heroes' own sub-par gamepad functionality on PC.

ArthurParsons_Tt62 karma

I hear you on the races - we do spend time trying to balance them, both focus testing with kids, but also occasionally older casual gamers. There are the odd one or two that can be bothersome - I remember one in LMSH around the statue of liberty that I had trouble with when I was reviewing it pre-release... but we try to ensure they are all achievable

ElFreemano40 karma

So what are the plans for Supergirl & Green Arrow releases?

They've been included as very exclusive gifts for such a small population of the Lego Dimensions playerbase, that still aren't being made available internationally, even with the limited promotions that are ongoing (No Green Arrow in my beloved Ireland, the land of Green!), and there are plenty other countries that are overlooked.

Will they see fair light of day for us all?

ArthurParsons_Tt41 karma

That is a question I've been asked a few times on Twitter, and I don't really have a definitive answer for you - so for that I will apologise - exclusive content is a part and parcel of videogames, however we do listen/read peoples thoughts and comments... so like I say I can't give you a definitive answer... but I hear you

ElFreemano12 karma

And you're a superstar for saying as much Arthur. I would never have expected any form of an answer to that question because it was entirely an hostile question (and even outside your area of expertise, fully understand these calls are all Marketing) - but I know it's a hot topic for us nuts on the game and there was little hope of it escaping attention with or without comment.

Please do all you can to keep sharing our passion for collecting! We have money, we want to give it to you! We just find ourselves denied that opportunity and that's bonkers. Exclusive content is all well and good, but only when it's actually on sale.

Huge Kudos to all on the design team nonetheless. Am 29 and haven't played a game this much, or this fun in years. It's 100% smiles no matter if you're going through the base game, the worlds or Level Packs and that's a true achievement.

Thanks for answering.

ArthurParsons_Tt9 karma

Definitely Kudos to the design team... our designers are FAB!

Ohnoto24 karma

Thanks for doing this Arthur. I have several questions to ask.

  1. When updates are released, could you guys provide patch notes, letting the community know what has been fixed / addressed? Many of the posts on the /r/legodimensions subreddit revolving around updates consist of questions about what has been fixed.

  2. The new content delivery system has had some issues for both Wave 6 and Wave 7. I think that this is a good system for allowing users to select what they want to download, but at the same time there have been bugs creeping in, such as the current A-Team bug. Will you guys consider going back to the way that year 1 content system was delivered?

  3. TtGames looks like a cool place to work. Could you describe a typical day at your office?

  4. Along the same lines, if someone were interested in wanting to work for TtGames, are you guys currently hiring for your teams? What skills do you look for in a candidate?

  5. As one of the moderators of /r/Legodimensions, I would really like to see more community interaction with TtGames, other than Twitter. Would you guys occasionally break out away from Twitter and comment to /r/legodimensions and GameFAQs? Both of those seem to be the most popular places for Lego Dimensions forums.

    Most of the current interaction revolves around posting on social media and the typical response to anything posted is a PR slanted response. Not from you directly, but on the official Twitter / Facebook accounts. Personally, I don't like Twitter, and I don't post much to Facebook, but I have messaged the official page a couple times. I've come away a bit frustrated feeling like I was talking to a robot instead of a person.

ArthurParsons_Tt18 karma

my pleasure... answers for you: 1) we don't usually release patch notes, usually we are trying to add content, fix things up etc, and out efforts go into that rather than details of what was fixed.. i promise you it's not that interesting a read. 2) in order to deliver more content, especially across all formats (including those that have limited memory/storage) we had to change our strategy - we've unfortunately had a few teething issues - which we are addressing as quickly as we see them... I'd suggest if you have an issue - let us know. 3) It's a fab place to work - typical day? In 19 years I don't think I've had a typical day... and that's not BS either... today I was looking at 3 different projects, reviewing content, discussing story, brainstorming etc... each day is pretty exciting. 4) We are constantly hiring - it's hard to find talented people... but the right candidates need to be people that can be team players, have huge amounts of talent, and have cup hands... but enthusiasm, and a passion for games goes a long long way! 5) It's a tricky one - like a lot of developers we don't really interact with the community as much as we should - but it's maybe one of those things that we should look to do moving forwards - we're pretty open to conversation on social media - you have to remember that sometimes we can't talk about things, just because we can't (unnannounced projects, hardware etc) but we'll always try and be open where possible... I try not to be a robot... but there are times when you get someone furious about something cussing you etc - and they want a response - obviously it's not happening - but I try and reply to most people, even if it's just a case of saying I can't answer..

ADorante9 karma

Thank you for your work and this AMA. Regarding patch notes and community interaction: From my flightsimming hobby I know about an example where stringent communications and lists with patch items and planned improvements aided in abetting the community's discontent. IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad survives in a niche with very few customers worldwide. (Don't know the numbers - without Russia no more than a five digit number, I guess). The online community in flight sim forums can be very toxic if they feel that developers are not fulfilling their every demands. The developers at 1CGS managed to reach out to many of their critics with Developer Diaries backed up by a good product. This particular Developer Diary entry deals with what is still to do and what they plan to improve. I don't think that TT games and LEGO Dimensions have to worry about their existence if there are no patch notes. But you could learn a thing or two from 1CGS' example.

ArthurParsons_Tt7 karma


ProfessorBrickkeeper19 karma

Hello Arthur, we met last year when you are nice enough to grant me a tour of Tt towers.

As you probably know I, alongside packattack04082 and Bricks to Life, recently discovered a cameo from everyone's favorite paranoid schizophrenic scientist in the Portal 2 story level of Dimensions. This makes me curious, what's your favorite Easter egg or secret that people may not know about that you've included in the games you've worked on?

ArthurParsons_Tt21 karma

Ha - that's a tricky thing to answer... we like to try and put secrets, nods, hints, and all sorts of references in the games - but some of them take a while to find... and also take a while to pay off... so stay tuned for an answer on that one in the future ;0

li_grenadier16 karma

I have enjoyed the PC LEGO games for years, and love the idea of Dimensions, but it's not available for PC, and even if it was, the toys are not of as much interest. Have you considered a game-only version for the PC, with the various packs available as DLC?

ArthurParsons_Tt17 karma

you aren't the first person to have said that - unfortunately the game isn't available on PC.. I'm not 100% sure of the reasoning as I wasn't there on day 1 of the project when those decisions were taken. I hear your suggestion though.. :)

steveh2415 karma

Will all 3 Powerpuff Girls have separate minifigures? And will they have Lantern Constructs, like Supergirl?

ArthurParsons_Tt23 karma

hmm... probably not something I can say as we haven't revealed that pack yet... but if I was to say... wouldn't that be awesome... and we like to do awesome things... that may be an answer..

Sheepmaster028 karma

Are all three Powerpuff girls in one pack together? You said that "pack" and those "figures" and new "molds" So is that hinting that we will get a pavk eith 3 characters?

ArthurParsons_Tt16 karma

you have too keen an eye... can I claim a typo on "pack"... for "packs" ?

Awesomesauce21013 karma

  1. What's the likelihood of classic LEGO games and properties (e.g. LEGO Racers, LEGO Island, LEGO Adventurers) appearing in year 3 or a hypothetical year 4?

  2. How hard is it to design the Adventure Worlds for each franchise, i.e. which locations to include, which NPCs to provide quests, which puzzles to have players solve, etc.?

ArthurParsons_Tt12 karma

hmm... I'm not sure about the answer to your first. We love classic LEGO properties.. but not sure of them in Dimensions... but that doesn't mean we won't ever visit them. In answer to your second - it's very hard to make sure that each adventure world is authentic to the brand, and also fun and exciting, but the adventureworld team are amazing.. they manage to get references to everything in them, and do a fab job... they are the reason the adventureworlds rock!

hypnodemon9 karma

How does the process of level packs go? Like does everyone get together and (re)watch the movie together and jot down notes and ideas? p.s. I'd love to see Bruce Campbell and/or Kurt Russell in Lego Dimensions somehow.

ArthurParsons_Tt11 karma

That's one thing yes... we will watch the movies again and again, read the books, fan fiction - everything... the number of hours of research that we do for each pack (and our main games) is pretty huge!!! It was also amazing getting some of the younger members of the team to watch Goonies and Knight Rider for the first time :)

Taylor75008 karma

Hey Arthur, thanks for doing an AMA with us. I was wondering if you'd be able to tell us whether Lego Dimensions (and other assorted Lego games) are planned to release on the upcoming Nintendo Switch?

Apologies if you don't know or aren't allowed to talk about that, and in that case what is your favourite lego game and why?

ArthurParsons_Tt9 karma

Interesting question... obviously I'm looking forward to picking up a Switch when they launch... as for us - we've already announced that there is a LEGO City remaster in the works that will be coming to Switch early next year (as well as PS4, XBoxOne and PC) - so of course we'll be releasing titles on switch... but for now that's the only game we have mentioned - I'm sure it won't be the last though:) My favourite LEGO game... too many - they are like children - all favourites for different reasons..

HP - because I love HP - and it was a really exciting game to work on. DC/Marvel - love comics - so always fun to work on the Superhero games... plus getting to meet Adam West/Stan Lee etc - who wouldn't love those..

LEGO Batman 1 - because it was the first LEGO game I worked on from start to finish, and holds a special place in my heart for that... it was also the birth place of some staples of current games, like characters in peril!

MatthewRC8 karma

Hello, there. Have you ever considered Looney Tunes for LEGO Dimensions?

ArthurParsons_Tt15 karma

I <3 Looney Tunes... but in answer to your question we consider everything... that doesn't mean that it makes it, but we consider everything..

liamquane7 karma

Will there ever be a standalone LEGO Simpsons video game? Like Hit and Run but LEGO? I'm sure there is enough material to source? :~P

ArthurParsons_Tt3 karma

I've no idea sorry...

jake_watford7 karma

Will Beetlejuice's hair be a new mold for LEGO Dimensions? Any hints as to when will he be revealed? Huge fan, Arthur!

ArthurParsons_Tt10 karma

I haven't actually seen the final minifig myself yet, so couldn't tell you... sorry.. however excited to see it myself

pengawin987 karma

Were you on the development team for Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue?

That game was a big part of my childhood and some gameplay tropes such as immediate turning in the opposite direction resulting in a specific animation before returning control to the player and zip lines you can jump onto and off of are present in games such as Lego Batman 2 (zip lines) and probably some in the other games as well, and all of the lego videogames have seemed to have the opposite-direction - control - animation thing. :)

ArthurParsons_Tt6 karma

Ha - yes I was... we like to think that every game we have ever made at the studio has helped teach us something.. and that game was no exception... and yes somethings that work in a game end up forming things for the future games... nice of you to notice!

411411Productions7 karma

You helped make my childhood great,and I am very thankful for that.Also,thanks for the Hero Mode in Bionicle Heroes,that theme is stuck inside my brain forever.

There was a level creator in Lego Indiana Jones 2 and Lego Harry Potter 1-4 ,if I remember correctly.Very limited,but still,It was pretty neat to make my own levels and think outside of the box.Things like that made me really want to pursue career in game development,which I'm trying to do today.My question is: What happened to those ? There wasn't enough time or something else ?

Hope you had a nice day,cheers to the TT Games team and congrats on winning the BAFTA :)

ArthurParsons_Tt8 karma

Bionicle Heroes is going back a while :) I'll have to have a listen to that tune at some point to remind myself (been a few games in between then and now!)

As for the level creator - it was one of those things that we experimented with, whether it returns or not who knows - however LEGO Worlds is kind of an extension of those editors! All the best in your pursuit of game dev - it's definitely a very fun and rewarding job

liamquane6 karma

How do you interact with the film companies who own some of the properties you integrate into your LEGO games?

ArthurParsons_Tt10 karma

It all depends on who it is and what project it is... I've had some great adventures over the years... I remember when we worked on Finding Nemo, I went to the US to Pixar's office to see a hand drawn version of the film a year before the movie came out, got to see all the clay models of the characters, speak to the film director to get the low down - really exciting... and it's like that with most things we work on. I was on the Fantastic Beasts set to look around and get a feel for the movie a long time before the movie came out. It's one of the exciting parts of the job... seeing the behind the cameras side of things :) Apart from those kind of things, we'll always talk to them for the duration of the development of the project, discussing how we can make things as good as we can, how we can improve things, just great working relationships...

SteelSpoon6 karma

Are franchises like Labyrinth or Blade Runner out of the question? Theoretically, of course.

Thanks again for perhaps the best fanservice of all time.

ArthurParsons_Tt9 karma

ooooh... Labyrinth is one of my fave movies... love the bog of eternal stench!... who do ? you do? do what ? have the power of voodoo!

mattser426 karma

Thank you so much for all you do, the LEGO games are always my favorite, and as a mediocre gamer, I'm always proud of myself for being able to 100% them. And I love that Dimensions has become the epitome of the LEGO Games!

That being said, I understand if you can't answer, but is there any chance that we might see more stud multipliers in LD?

And is there any chance for Star Wars?

Thanks again!!!

ArthurParsons_Tt7 karma

More stud multipliers? probably not.. as for other IP - never say never - but not that I'm aware of.. sorry.

And nobody is a mediocre gamer - we are all experts in our own fields... (I get beaten regularly in rocket league by my 13 year old daughter!)

Harthrop5 karma

Are any regular LEGO games in development? I don't expect details or anything, just, since LEGO Dimensions story packs and all that, normal LEGO games seem to be being incorporate into Dimensions and I just wondered, are any regular games are in planning or development?

VBartilucci9 karma

I for one am hoping against hope for a full-blown Doctor Who game myself - there's easily enough material for a series of games, let alone one.

ArthurParsons_Tt7 karma


ArthurParsons_Tt9 karma

Absolutely... don't forget that at TT we have a number of teams, all of them working hard on various projects. We always have exciting things up our cup hand sleeves... so fear not 2016 has been great, but there is lots to look forward to in the future

RootOfCheese5 karma

When do we get to see the Powerpuff Girls unveiled? Before or after Christmas? (I've been excited to see them since E3)

What do you personally think of the idea of Earthworm Jim in LEGO Dimensions? And how plausable (edited autocorrect) would that actually be?

Are there any plans for Dimensions on the Nintendo Switch?

ArthurParsons_Tt6 karma

Not entirely sure... I'm sure it won't be too far into the future.. but probably post christmas.

Earthworm Jim? I loved the original back in the day! And none that I'm aware of - but anything is possible..

doctorchell5 karma

Hello! I'm a huge fan of LEGO Dimensions, and I'd first like to thank you!

Now, down to business:

  1. Will there be more Level Packs for Year 2 then there was for Year 1?

  2. Will all Teen Titans Go! main characters (Robin, Cyborg, Raven, Beast Boy, and Starfire) be playable?

  3. Will there ever be a direct continuation of the main story from Year 1 (not just the keystones and Easter eggs in the Story Packs)?

  4. Will we ever see new characters from previous franchises?

  5. Will the LEGO City Undercover pack be a Fun Pack?

  6. Will the Powerpuff Girls have unique head molds?

  7. How many packs have yet to be announced?

ArthurParsons_Tt4 karma

ok let's see which of these bits I can answer... 1) not sure - as I wasn't involved in year 1 so off the top of my head can't do the maths sorry. 2) Errr... they are not all minifigs, I'm not sure which ones we've shown imagery of - but we're trying some cool stuff for those characters 3) - that's one that I can't give a definitive answer to - but who knows 4) Something we've discussed - again - a never say never answer 5) All of the packs are fun right... right... I'll get my coat 6) Most definitely - and they are awesome 7) Errrr.... can I say no comment and not get flamed?

oh and it's thanks to a lot of amazing people in the studio... I'm just an iffy front man for the day:)

smellycarney5 karma

Why are the driving controls in your games always complete shit?

ArthurParsons_Tt3 karma

I actually thought that the handling in our version of WRC on PSP was ace... that said - I appreciate the comment ... we like to hear anything and everything, positive and negative.

LvlGenesis5 karma

Any chance more Sonic characters could become playable?

ArthurParsons_Tt6 karma

Anything is possible - however I'm not aware of anything in the pipeline at the minute... I didn't actually work on that pack directly - but it's definitely a great pack!

NiiruNoRidozu5 karma

Big fan of the Lego games, especially Dimensions. Now, some questions.

1) If Year One franchises were to be given Battle Arena's retroactively, who'd get what?

2) Who's the Red Dwarf fan, then? I can't overstate how happy I was too see it's inclusion, I still think it could have gotten it's own packs though. ;P (Also, a friend of mind made the spinning JMC logo animation on the screens in the Medi-Bay area.)

3) Are there any franchises you would have loved to have put in, but can't either due to not being child-friendly or not being able to get the licences? If so, what's your ultimate number one "no go" franchise? XD

I don't expect any of these to be answered, but keep up the good work anyway.

ArthurParsons_Tt6 karma

glad to hear it!

1) sorry - Battle Arenas are year 2 only... sorry. 2) A few of us actually... and that particular hidden area went in by chance - a bit of banter in the kitchen area - then boom... 3) Ultimate number 1 no go franchise?... Human Centipede?!? surely... or maybe Hostel - that's not really ideal...

Grabachair5 karma

Hi Arthur,

After Portal and now Sonic, which video game franchise do you want to bring next to Dimensions?

Also, how big was the E3 Arthur/Jimbo bar bill?


ArthurParsons_Tt4 karma

Oh there are so very many... it's one of those things though, finding the right fit... we're always thinking what would/wouldn't work.. As for the E3 bar bill... let's not mention that hey... let's just say we were very thirsty!!! However I did get pictures of Jimbot drinking girly cocktails which was most amusing!

Crazzyboy545 karma

do you ever plan to do a poll where people can vote for charectears from past franchises?

ArthurParsons_Tt6 karma

I doubt it - it takes a long time from deciding on a character to having it made and in the shops - over a year - so I think when you may have seen those polls on other games ultimately all of the toys exist and they just roll out the winning one first... sorry

spacebutler014 karma

Since there is an upcoming Excalibur Batman fun pack even though a Batman figure already exists, it seems like the door isn't closed to variants of existing characters. Is there any hope for more content in this vein, such as a Batman 66 Team/Level pack, or a Fiona and Cake pack for Adventure Time? Also, amazing game and an amazing studio. Everything you guys do is solid gold.

ArthurParsons_Tt10 karma

60's Batman pack... OMG... why haven't we done that... Loved that level in LBM3...


DX115FALCON4 karma

Thanks so much for doing this! The Lego video games were some of my favourites growing up- especially the original Star Wars ones.

Which of the Lego games did you personally enjoy working on the most?

ArthurParsons_Tt3 karma

My pleasure... every game I've worked on has special memories... for various reasons obviously - but they are all special for some reason or another.. Harry Potter is one - 3 great years over 2 games... LMSH - because it was something we never thought we'd get to make... oh and I got to meet Stan Lee... yay! But they are all great fun...

Jetshadow25304 karma

Do you think the Marcaline problem will be fixed by December? Will we see all powerpuff girls

ArthurParsons_Tt5 karma

It's a known issue - if you encounter it please please let customer service know... a resolution is being sorted asap... And yes... Blossom, Buttercup and Bubbles :)

-Mountain-King-4 karma

Hi there.

I used to be a massive fan of the LEGO games. LEGO Star Wars is one of my favourite games to this day. But for the last couple years I haven't enjoyed them, and I can tell you exactly why - the inclusion of voice acting. One of my favorite things about the games had always been the silent cutscenes, and how they used visual and physical comedy instead of dialogue, telling the story of whichever property was being adapted without using words. Now, I can sorry of understand why voice acting began to be included when you started to produce more original games not directly based on well-known storylines, like the LEGO Batman series. But when you do it with adaptions as well it just feels lazy on the part of the writers to me, as though they got tired of the difficulty inherent in silent cutscenes and visual/physical comedy.

Why was the decision made to begin incorporating dialogue and voice acting into the game? Do you think there ever will be games without it again?

a former fan.

ArthurParsons_Tt4 karma

Hi - I hear what you are saying... however we like to think that the voice work adds an extra layer of humour, as well as authenticity to our games.. When we were first putting voice work into LBM2 there were some of us that didn't know if it would work - but we all loved it... Have you tried any of the games with voice work? Maybe pick up LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (as it'll be about $10 probably) and give it a shot... I'd like to think we haven't gotten lazy... but thanks for your thoughts

EconomicDecline3 karma

How do you feel about people pluralising LEGO as "legos"?

ArthurParsons_Tt25 karma

It is one of the few things in life that irritates me... I sometimes will be watching a video and just shout at the screen... "IT'S LEGO NOT LEGOS" aghhhhh

Rajaee5523 karma

This question is a very short one. It is about the Powerpuff girls. So will all the Powerpuff girls be playable character or just two or one? THANKSS!!

ArthurParsons_Tt6 karma

I'm not supposed to give the answer to this one - but all 3 :)

ADorante3 karma

Hi, I'm 45 years old and favor "Harry Potter Years 1-4" and "LEGO City Undercover" as best TT games. I also bought enough LEGO Dimensions stuff to 100% year 1. My question: Nearly all of the LEGO TT games I've played contained bugs/glitches, which is normal for any complex software product. But those glitches, which are well known in community forums, never get patched after release! (For example: The LEGO Movie Game Red Brick collectible in Bricksburg hub - bench object cannot be broken into building objects under certain circumstances.) What budget percentage does TT Games and WB Games allocate for bugfixing after release? Or shorter: How's your bugfixing?

ArthurParsons_Tt8 karma

We try our hardest to find and fix everything before our games come out - and like all developers unfortunately despite the thousands of hours of testing find things slip through the net. Trust me we do all we can post launch to find and fix issues, and have people that trawl forums and websites, occasionally we actually struggle to reproduce the more obscure issues, and we have to reproduce them to fix them. All I ask is that if you find issues please let us know via customer service, or directly on social (oh and Harry 1-4 is one of my personal favourites!)

pablo54253 karma

3 questions about lego city pack:

1: im sure you are including chase as figure. is he having like an skill for switch his suits? like finn has with his swords 2: are you making it as a level pack or a story pack? 3: the freeworld will be the WHOLE city as shown on wii u or just an area?

ArthurParsons_Tt3 karma

ok - I can answer the one question in terms of is Chase a minifig - yes he is - I've seen pics of him online - so that news is out in the wild :) In terms of the other questions - I'm not sure it would be Chase if he wsn't able to do what he could do in the game the pack is based on right... :) As for the other question - you'll have to wait and see - sorry, can't say much more...

colonelcactus3 karma

Ok Arthur, you know you'd hear this - what's the word on Wave 3? Any hints for un-announced IPs? Even a word on the Disney/Marvel/Star Wars situation? Even if you don't answer, love your work. Much love.

ArthurParsons_Tt2 karma

there is no word on the street unfortunately - thanks for playing our stuff - and by doing so keeping me employed :)

SteelSpoon3 karma

I get that you're unable to discuss actual agreements, but what's the franchise YOU would like to see the most in Dimensions?

ArthurParsons_Tt6 karma

It's already there.... GOONIES!!!! (well and Harry Potter) I soooooo wanted that... Other ones are ones that nobody has ever heard of that would never happen... Battle of the Planets and Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors... :)

or maybe ....

OrangeDiamond73 karma

Can you please make a knuckles pack? I can help you with abilities

speed, strength, dig, glide, tracking, (maybe the spin dash), (maybe hyper knuckles)

I mean his model is in the game and you got the voice actor so why not?

ArthurParsons_Tt3 karma

if only toy manufacture were that easy ;0 thanks for your offer of help though..

rockyrally3973 karma

Will we be able to create our own levels in Lego dimensions in the future?

ArthurParsons_Tt7 karma

I doubt it - the technical side of Dimensions, and the fact that we allow so much on the toypad means that it's unlikely to be something that can be done - however don't forget that LEGO Worlds allows you to create stuff... though please don't take that as a blatant plug - sorry..

VesperalLight3 karma

Also a question from GameUnboxingReviews, are we close to learning what the next standalone LEGO Game is?

ArthurParsons_Tt5 karma

Every day we are closer to knowing... I know that Ben will appreciate that answer!

ArthurParsons_Tt5 karma

Although we've been keenly watching Ben's conspiracy theories :)

ProfessorBrickkeeper3 karma

About how many times in the average workweek do you blame Stephen Sharples for stuff going wrong?


ArthurParsons_Tt5 karma


Though it's usually Wil's fault... SHarpey still gets the blame!

jpenczek3 karma

Is everything awesome?

ArthurParsons_Tt4 karma

You know how that goes right.. Of course Everything is Awesome.. and cool when your part of a "TT" team...

thethirst2 karma

My husband and I get a huge kick out of the Lego Dimensions games, glitches and all. Storing all of the sets is getting to be a bit tough. Have you seen any creative storage solutions made by fans?

Also, which packs have been surprisingly popular with players of the game?

ArthurParsons_Tt3 karma

In terms of storage solutions - the best one I've seen was a huge round multi level shop storage rack - it had about 5 shelves that could be spun round - like a huge cake stand... very impressive...

packs that have been surprisingly popular... hmmm.... Doctor Who (though not a great surprise)... but Emmett was super popular... they're all popular in their own way... Glad you enjoy the game though. apologies for the glitches.. we fix them as soon as we are aware of them!

Brenjee2 karma

Are you looking forward to the new Dominos opening in ktown?

ArthurParsons_Tt2 karma

The entire office is looking forward to Dominos!!! It'll make crunch time on projects more interesting!

VBartilucci2 karma

Will the Beetlejuice set ONLY be based on the movie, or do you have the rights to the cartoon? Cause an appearance by Prince Vince would be a hoot and a half.

ArthurParsons_Tt6 karma

we went for the movie rather than both... sorry

michealikruhara01102 karma

Did you have anything to do with Lego Universe? If so, what are some of your experiences with it, what are your thoughts on it and why it failed?

ArthurParsons_Tt2 karma

I had nothing to do with it - sorry... it wasn't developed by TT Games...


funkyblink2 karma

can i consider gizmo and stripe taking the genetic sunblock as canon as to how they can go into the sun ?😂 i'm like that pls say yes

do you know what the lego worlds count down on twitter is for?

that's all i gots thank you and everyone at Tt take care

ArthurParsons_Tt3 karma

Definitely canon right... right... ?!?

The Worlds countdown - yes - I know what that's for... so make sure you look out when the countdown gets down to zero... ;0 I can't tell you as it'll ruin the countdown - sorry.

And that's all you've got... darn... :) thanks

Tippydaug2 karma

Personally, I think Lego Dimensions has ruined the chances of us getting a lot of good possible stand alone Lego video games (ex: Doctor Who).

What are your thoughts on that?

ArthurParsons_Tt6 karma

really... I thought the exact opposite.. It's an IP that a few people at the studio are crazy about - but not everyone believes it has worldwide appeal... the popularity of that pack may be the thing that makes people realise how popular it is... but I think IP's can work in Dimensions, in standalones, and both - it's all about what people want to play I guess..

thegodlypenguin22 karma

  1. Any plans to bring online play to the battle arenas?
  2. Will Year 3 have an event exclusive figure?

Love LEGO games! TT Games are flawless with every game.

ArthurParsons_Tt4 karma

Thanks :) Though flawless is probably a little generous - we know that we can get better, and try to do so each and every game... Online for arenas - sorry no - we belive that mode works best as an offline couch coop experience. year 3 exclusives - not sure - sorry

Theejgame1 karma

are you working with Lego city undercover at all? Is it a remaster or port? Any new content?

ArthurParsons_Tt2 karma

I'm not involved in it.. although I did help out a bit on the original, the team that did the original are working on the next gen version... stay tuned for more news on that one!

FlotillaFlotsam1 karma

I know this happened lifetimes ago, but is there any chance that your company can negotiate with Disney to get Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue rereleased on Steam? It was SUCH a good 3D platformer with really unique level design, I'd love to be able to own it once more.

ArthurParsons_Tt3 karma

Surely Mickey Mania was better!!!

BroItsLogan1 karma

Hey Arthur.

Will we be getting some 90s love? I know ppg is coming but that's partly because it's a current series I figure.

It'd be great to hit some of the 90's nostalgia.

ArthurParsons_Tt2 karma

Like Fresh Prince? Twin Peaks? Saved by the Bell? Murder She Wrote?

GuilBen1 karma

Will we see more packs for previously done franchises in Dimensions?

Would love to see more for Lord or the Rings and Fantastic Beasts!

ArthurParsons_Tt4 karma

More for LOTR... Really?!? Or do you just want a Sean Bean minifig :)

apassingremark1 karma

Two questions for you:

  1. What are some of the wackiest/craziest ideas passed through Tt that never made it to a game? I can imagine 18 years might have spawned a few.

  2. With Lego Dimensions, you have added three Lego IPs' (Ninjago, Chima, City)to the game already. But, what are the chances we can see others? Nexo Knights, space, Castle, etc?

Thank you for doing this. I have loved all of the LEGO games and have enjoyed introducing my son to them.

ArthurParsons_Tt3 karma


it's hard to remember all of them... however I do remember in LEGO Batman 1 we had a level that got cut from the final game, and there was a great puzzle in there that Wil designed where there was a Hippo blocking the exit... so to move the Hippo you didn't attack it, or coax it with food, or even bounce it out the way.... no.... you built a clockwork lady hippo in a Tutu that danced past the man hippo, who then pursued her - clearing the way... I thought it was funny!... but alas never saw the light of day.

Second question - never say never to any LEGO property coming to any of our titles - however I'm not aware of any plans for Dimensions at the minute.

Oh and glad you enjoy playing with your son - that's what the LEGO games are all about :)

jmckrew1 karma

Hi Arthur, Could you talk a little about the long term plan for Dimensions?

I've heard a 3 Year plan mentioned, would it be possible to extend the Game further into the future with new packs or is a "LEGO Dimensions 2" with a new starter pack , story etc a more likely possibility.

Really loved the inclusion of Red Dwarf within Fantastic Beats, is this a one off or maybe a test to see interest in a physical pack?

cheers, James

ArthurParsons_Tt2 karma

We like to throw in Easter Eggs... did you find Star Labs too? As for the longer term plan... sorry - not something I can go into detail on.. so when it's ask me anything, it's I'll answer some things... sorry.. that said anything is possible

badwolfpelle1 karma

Hey, any chance were getting battle worlds for the past adventure worlds that we have? (I.e. Doctor Who etc)

ArthurParsons_Tt3 karma

I don't think so no - a lot of work goes into the Battle Arenas, and we made a decision to have those for year 2 packs only.

Khairiboss06011 karma

Hi there, Arthur! Here are some questions I would like to ask!

  1. Have you finish developing the Wave 8 (after Wave 7.5) packs? If so, when will you reveal it?

  2. Will Chase McCain have the ability to switch uniforms like what he had from his previous game?

  3. Is The Goonies' level based on the movie or not?

  4. Will LCU have a level pack?

  5. Will Starfire be playable as a character for LEGO Dimensions?

ArthurParsons_Tt4 karma

hi - answers for you: 1) errr.. no - people still working hard on 7.5 and 8.... very hard!!! Probably news on those post holiday... though I may be wrong.. 2) I'm not sure it would be Chase if you couldn't - right? 3) YES YES YES.... however we let you play the story from Sloth and Chunk's perspective!!! It's awesome!!!! 4) LCU has a whole game :) .... (sorry) 5) you'll have to wait and see... and don't want to spoil the surprise... (cough - yes)...

CaptainBZarre1 karma

  • What's your favorite franchise in LEGO Dimensions and which franchise did you enjoy implementing into the game the most?

  • Will the Powerpuff Girls have custom head molds or not?

  • What has been your favorite level you've worked on in LEGO Dimensions?

ArthurParsons_Tt2 karma

Favourite Franchise - Harry Potter / Goonies PP Girls - Yes... just don't tell anyone I told you ;0 Fav level - probably Fantastic Beasts level 2 - inside Newt's case :)

forava71 karma

can you guys ever tried to make a turkey out of legos?

ArthurParsons_Tt2 karma

err... no I haven't... an igloo yes... a banana yes... even a pineapple and cheese hedgehog...

but never a turkey... sorry

rockyrally3971 karma

Hey Arthur do you think horror franchises like nightmare on elm street and leprechaun will be in Lego dimensions in the future?

ArthurParsons_Tt2 karma

As much as we'd enjoy working on them - I think that's a resounding no... I think Gremlins and Beetlejuice are probably as close to scary/horror as you'll get - sorry

esdanol1 karma

I love your work. I said yesterday that I've played the all but 5 of the Lego games to completion with a significant other and that these are great because they aren't competitive. How do you feel about the demise of couch coop? Playing in person with friends non competitively is so much more fun and intimate.

Edit: also it would be great to see Lego Artemis Fowl. You should reach out to Eoin Colfer about that :p

ArthurParsons_Tt2 karma

Demise of couch coop? NEVER!!! We are here - stalwarts of the industry - making sure it remains forever!

On a serious note though - we love hearing peoples stories of who and how they play our games - playing games together rocks! Reminds me of growing up playing games together with friends!

Is it bad that I had to google Artemis Fowl... (sorry!)

Stely0s1 karma

Hello Arthur!! TT Games is gradually becoming one of the major AAA company in the industry. That needs a whole long road to succeed it. Congratulations! Is there a tip/secret as part of the plan?

ArthurParsons_Tt3 karma

Hey there... thanks :)


It's like the Pepsi recipe, or the recipe to KFC gravy... super secret!

In all reality - we just do the best we can, and know that each time we start a project we have to try and beat the last one... the entire team try to make everything authentic, fun, enjoyable...

Games should be fun... and that's what we try to offer people... try...

RampersRamps1 karma

First of, thank you for making these great games. I played almost all of them, and i love them. So here are some questions:

What property that you worked on benefits most from the lego license?

Do you have a hard time balancing for what license you make a dimensions pack, and for what license you put out a full game?

Are there any plans for a non Lego game by the studio? (I adored Toy Story 2 back in the day)

(i'm sure you'll get this one allot, but i'm going for it anyways.) What's a property you would love making a lego game out of?

Thanks for reading, and keep up the AMAZING work!

ArthurParsons_Tt1 karma

Thank you for playing them! Keeps us in a job :)

Answers: Property - they all benefit in different ways.. but the LEGO license allows us to tell stories in different ways.. so for me LEGO Harry Potter was a great interpretation of some epic stories, but then I loved what my colleagues at TT Fusion did with the LEGO City game, which was an original story - I think the LEGO license itself means that we can add fun, charm, humour, whimsy to pretty much anything... (Or I'd like to think so!)

The Dimensions/Standalone game question is tricky - could we ever have made a full standalone Goonies game? Probably not - but it makes for an epic level pack... however there are some IP's in Dimensions that would make epic standalone games - so it's tricky really ... we're just hoping that we've given people a good mix of IP's to pick from.

Non LEGO game? Interesting one - we've had great success with the LEGO games - however there was TT before then, as you note - and we had great times back then too - Muppet Racemania anyone ?!? However who knows how things will pan out - I never thought I'd get to make LMSH, so anything could happen.

What would I love to make into a LEGO game... ? I'm running out of those - Marvel / DC / Harry Potter / Goonies etc... I've ticked loads of my boxes already

jah1july1 karma

Hi Mr Arthur! Do you have any plans for ninja turtles in the future?

ArthurParsons_Tt2 karma

not that I'm aware of... but you never know ...

LegoDaveGrohl1 karma

So, any chance of a cameo? (username checks out)

ArthurParsons_Tt2 karma

Ha... that would be awesome... would he sing Best of You when left to idle?

Pokebub1 karma

Hey Arthur, thanks for doing an AMA and thanks for being a huge part of my childhood. I'd like to ask a few questions.

  1. What was your favorite LEGO game to develop and which one is your favorite overall.

  2. Were there any plans for a Bionicle Heroes sequel? That game was amazing to me as a child and it still is. Which leads me to another question.

  3. Is there any chance of seeing a Bionicle Heroes re-release on PC and next gen consoles?

  4. Do you prefer LEGO games with voice acting or without it?

Thanks in advance for taking the time to answer these questions! :D

ArthurParsons_Tt2 karma

1) Favourite LEGO game... probably Harry Potter... or LMSH... 2) Not that I'm aware of :) thanks though... had fun making that one... it was an interesting project. 3) Doubt it'll ever get a re-release - sorry 4) OOOOoooohhhhh..... I like both... but I actually prefer the voiced ones... mainly because I love sitting in on the recording sessions.. and the voice actors are all awesome fun to be around

Sheepmaster021 karma

Hey question: Are you gonna fix some of the glitches in the showcase (i.e. Gremlins missing abilities and switched gadgets, Zane Showcase theme lower than others in volume, and Marcelines showcase theme ending sooner?)

ArthurParsons_Tt3 karma

If we know of the issues then sure - please feed back through customer service...

marth5551 karma

If someone had never played a lego game before where would you suggest they start? (that person is not me im a longtime fan)

ArthurParsons_Tt2 karma

hmmm..... someone that has NEVER played a LEGO game... crumbs...

First thing I'd ask is what things are they interested in... the LEGO games are at their best if it is a brand that you are interested in... so if they like Marvel then LMSH - if they like Harry Potter then the recent Harry Potter remaster... or Lord of the Rings if they like Tolkein - the games definitely come into their own IF you are a fan of the subject material... we like to think we nail fan service - so hence the answer...