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Why is the show so centered around celebrity guests now? When audience members were used it was clear that Ryan, Colin, and Wayne were improvising. Also how many takes does it talk to get a song right? It sends really difficult to do.

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Why does this only affect the fovea and not the periphery? Also what does this have to do with the macula lutea other than both being yellow?

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Can you explain macula degeneration and how it's treated. My grandmother is currently losing her vision to it and I don't entirely understand what's happening.

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Have you ever covered a camera to capture light fields? I'm not quite satisfied with Lytro and it would be cool if someone else started competing with them.

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I love your work. I said yesterday that I've played the all but 5 of the Lego games to completion with a significant other and that these are great because they aren't competitive. How do you feel about the demise of couch coop? Playing in person with friends non competitively is so much more fun and intimate.

Edit: also it would be great to see Lego Artemis Fowl. You should reach out to Eoin Colfer about that :p