Hi! I'm Tori Black and if you surf the web you may have heard of me! ;-) I'm a little nervous but excited too. I love talking to my fans.

After the AMA I'll continue answering questions on Camsoda.com live on cam.

Proof: https://twitter.com/misstoriblack/status/798204392780529664


I'll be answering questions here from 12-1pm EST.  


     Edit: I'll be answering questions live now on Camsoda.com for the next hour! I also put up a free recording of a previous show that you can claim, no need to purchase anything! See ya there guys!  


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Boathead965336 karma

How do you feel about the toblerone change?

realtoriblack5430 karma

highway robbery! how dare they think i wouldnt notice that there are less chocolate peaks?!

PowPang4503 karma

Where the hell is the G-spot?

realtoriblack5257 karma

different for every vagina

mattreyu4148 karma

How often are you recognized while going about your day?

realtoriblack5100 karma

very rarely actually, once in a blue moon!

TheLaughingMan214113 karma

What's your favorite drink?

Oh cool, I'm buying one of those later. Care to join?

realtoriblack4305 karma


carl2k13657 karma

Do you think the Seahawks should have run the ball versus the Patriots in the superbowl?

Do you think the Patriots should have run the ball last night versus the seahawks?

realtoriblack5021 karma


RL-Limpan3600 karma

What would you never ever ever do at work?

realtoriblack5629 karma

i dont like degrading anyone, myself or others. im not into racial slurs and i dont like encouraging some of the darker fantasies. while they may be fun i feel like they lead down a darker path

Javi_in_1080p3554 karma

Do you truly enjoy anal or only fake it on scene?

realtoriblack5470 karma

i love the shit out of it.. ahahhahahahaha pun intended. i actually have a magic asshole its always clean and yes i love it

BeeTooPresumptuous3534 karma

How many hundreds of manly naked parts has your inbox received so far in this whole hour?

realtoriblack4340 karma

too many

Spxrkie3384 karma

What is your favorite act to perform on a person?

realtoriblack5036 karma

cowgirl bitch betta werk.


What's the weirdest thing you've seen happen while on set?

realtoriblack5630 karma

a guy accidentally catch his own money shot in the mouth.

flachoux3034 karma

Hi Tori,

How much time does it take to do a scene ?

I mean, for a 15 to 30 minutes scene in a movie, how long did you spend on set ?

Excuse my English...

realtoriblack4048 karma

its usually about 3 hours on set total about 45 mins of sex

thickner2844 karma

Have you regretted anything you have filmed?

realtoriblack3357 karma

only one.

dismal_camel2814 karma

Did you go to college? If so, what did you study?

realtoriblack4398 karma

yes western washington university. i studied journalism

BahaamNut2498 karma

Hi Tori,

Thanks for doing an AMA.

I'll start with a very common question I guess: When and why did you choose to work in the adult industry ?

realtoriblack3190 karma

i was very young. ive always been sexual and comfortable with my body and my skin and i guess it was something i fell into. something that i really wasnt expecting. it was a challenge to turn it into something i wanted intentionally but i think ive finally gotten there ;)

tayloralma2352 karma

Hi Tori :) This might be too personal of a question, but how has your work in porn affected your interest in sex outside of work?

realtoriblack4003 karma

im a freak. my sex drive is sky high on and off camera.

and1813772178 karma

So I can't be the only one who enjoyed watching the trainwreck of the sex factor, is there anything that can be said which wouldn't get you sued on that whole experience?

realtoriblack3110 karma

it was all bullshit. i hated it.

EvertonFaithful2148 karma

Would you rather go to Jurassic park or the moon??

realtoriblack3831 karma

moon. its quieter.

OpTOMetrist12014 karma

What is that one thing that always turns you on?

realtoriblack3415 karma

secure people. insecurity isnt sexy.

tquiz1896 karma


About 4-5 years ago, you spoke at my undergrad institution in St. Louis along with 2 other actors. I just wanted to say that was one of the best panel discussions I've ever attended. You and the other actors were entertaining, intelligent, and offered many interesting points that challenged a lot of my pre-existing notions of the adult film industry. I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to do that, I know I really appreciated that discussion.

Since this needs a question to avoid being removed, I guess I'll ask what your favorite type of sandwich is?

realtoriblack1900 karma

awwwwwwww well hello again! thank you for your response. nice to hear. i make the BBESSSSSST sandwhiches. theyre named after me lol

concernedsponge1639 karma

Hi Tori, what is the best thing about working in porn that maybe most people don't consider?

realtoriblack3948 karma

i get to explore myself sexually and encourage others to do so in a safe environment. oh and the harder i cum the more money i make. thats pretty cool.

N3pp1638 karma

Hey Tori, what are your relationships like with other male/female pornstars?

realtoriblack2609 karma

i keep to myself mostly, just use them for sex hahaha. no were all pretty close even if we dont hang out much

Dead_ugly191619 karma

Do you ever receive any abuse from jealous partners of people who watch your pornography? If so how do you deal with it?

realtoriblack2400 karma

no. i actually cant recall a single time someone came to me directly. they probably troll my page and call me a whore but ill never know why

kyun11569 karma

What was your experience working with Virtual Reality like? How did your expectations compare to the real thing?

realtoriblack1477 karma

it felt like 3d to be honest. im not shy so this kind of thing doesnt really make me nervous or make me anticipate what it will be like

HulkGrimm1568 karma

Huge fan Tori! I had no idea you cammed. How often do you? Also, who is your favorite female performer to work with and why?

realtoriblack1875 karma

usually its been around once a week, sometimes more sometimes less. favorite female has always been celeste star

dpallace1400 karma

What sex toy(s) would you recommend for a couple?

realtoriblack2125 karma

hitachi. for both of you.

Panda_Butt1287 karma

Have family members or friends ever cut ties with you just because you're in the adult industry?

realtoriblack1545 karma


Tookaboo1068 karma

Hi Tori, Do you still date or ever dated regular guys? or girls?

realtoriblack1686 karma

im not the dating type, i like to find my penguin... but i dont know what you mean by "regular." you mean not in porn? i dont necessarily consider that "regular," but im open to every walk of life.

tomwest64571063 karma

If you could pick one professional athlete to have sex with, who would it be?

And also, on a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you miss Marshawn Lynch?

realtoriblack3240 karma

i dont want to fuck athletes. i want to watch them win, or workout. while i watch in the corner. and masturbate.

TargetQ2983 karma

How much does makeup change your appearance? I have seen videos that show the transformation that makeup does (in porn) it it was quiet crazy. How long are you in the makeup chair before the shoot?

EDIT: NSFW I think this is the video NSFW

EDIT2: SFW YouTube video

realtoriblack1123 karma

an hour and a half. i love my bare face to be honest.

BostonShaun908 karma

Tori... I love you.

What's in store for after your current career???

realtoriblack1483 karma

there are lots of things im interested in doing, being a mom is my number one priority for now though. i want to cook, write, dance... even want to be a doula!

Five_Decades887 karma

How do you compete when so much of porn is free?

realtoriblack2604 karma

im not free. my porn may be but i am not. my time, my endorsements, my appearances. not free.

Twothumbs0776 karma

Hi Tori, aisle seat or window seat?

realtoriblack1459 karma

window always

wutnaut577 karma

Hey Tori. What's for lunch today?

realtoriblack1083 karma

hrmmmm good question i think i wanna veggie burg and sweet potato friessssss

Bomky557 karma

Hi Tori, I seriously love you, so hot!!

Do you prefer to spit or swallow? Or something else?

realtoriblack1739 karma

i only swallow if it tastes good so drink water and eat some damn fruits and veggies

DankerThanYou454 karma

Has anyone under the age of 18 approached you to greet you because they've seen your videos?

realtoriblack1028 karma

yes and i walk away or dismiss. im not into jailbait.

schlumpadinka378 karma

Was your mom my foods teacher from high school on bainbridge? That's always been a rumor here and I want to put it to rest

realtoriblack524 karma

my mom never taught. she went to BHS when she was young but never taught

Thrannn310 karma

hi tori! something that always annoys me:

why do pornstars take off their skirts? when i search for schoolgirl or secretary porn, i watch it mostly because of the clothes. mini-skirts are the hottest thing ever. i love how they move up and down when you are having hard sex. is it because the camera needs to be able to see the dick penetrating the girl? to be honest i dont even care if the dick is penetrating her or not. hard sex with a skirt is hotter than seeing some closeup dick shots.

but most pornstars just undress after 2 minutes and continue naked. so why do you even write "secretary" in the title, if there is nothing left that looks like a secretary?

hope you will remember me the next time when you are shooting something with a skirt, and keep it on till the end!

realtoriblack332 karma

were instructed to do certain things and very typically they require full nudity by the end of the scene

spicyhippos164 karma

Hi Tori, thanks for the AMA, any tips for a beginner on anal? How can I make it as enjoyable as possible for my lady? Thanks!

realtoriblack355 karma

coconut oil

beastsb162 karma

Can guys wear sandals?

If sandals are wrong I don't want to be right!

realtoriblack169 karma

omg. greatest ever.

Phisopholer137 karma

Do you and the other stars every "hang out" after a shoot? if so do you do what I imagine, or go to the grocery store together and argue about what to make for dinner?

realtoriblack245 karma

no usually.. we may hang for a minute but things get complicated when you get too close

carl2k185 karma

Did you retire from boy-girl scenes? When are you gonna do a gangbang?

realtoriblack207 karma

retire isnt a word i throw around lightly. im not shooting currently

DjHorsePlay74 karma

Hi Tori,

I'd love to say I'm a long time fan (first time caller), but the truth is I'm not totally sure I've seen your movies. To be honest almost all porn I've seen is in like five minute increments. So- I don't have a porn related question for you. Instead I was wondering what you would say to a cool guy like me wondering if a cool girl like you would want to eat some homemade guacamole sometime (that extra bit of lime juice really does pull the flavors together) after we could talk about sea turtle migratory patterns or watch one of those neat Netflix documentaries about chefs from around the world. You know the one where the guy lives on an island in France and is just really into seafood? You'll love it.

Asking for a friend of course.

realtoriblack92 karma

im down. for the turtles man.

thebarkingduck46 karma

Got a favorite movie?

realtoriblack205 karma

scarface, requiem for a dream, forrest gump, fear and loathing.

Gap129343 karma

Hey Tori!

I was wondering: Why didn't you do more foot fetish porn? Was the demand not high enough, or is the pay not as good? You definitely have the feet for it!

realtoriblack86 karma

aww thank you! not much demand for it im afraid. never turned down an offer, just didnt get very many.

shrek030337 karma

Hi Tori, big fan. It was very brave of you and the other woman to come forward last Monday and take a stand against sexual and domestic violence. How many other performers do you think he has assaulted? And did you encourage the other performers to come forward?

realtoriblack74 karma

id prefer not to talk about this today. working on new days every day.

JaceBrasil23 karma

Hi tori, first, i'm a big fan from Brasil. Second, how is your day? I hope it's good :)

realtoriblack61 karma

busy so far but my bestie brought me coffee so i can chat with you all. thats pretty dope

hall19820 karma

Hey tori thanks for doing an ama with us. ill see you tonight at camsoda. will you ever work for the big porn sites again? Brazzers, NaughtyAmerica, Digital Playground?

realtoriblack42 karma

im actually not shooting BG or GG right now

bad_life_choices8 karma

Hi Tori. Red Vines or Twizzlers?

realtoriblack21 karma

ew but red vines

Videobandit6 karma

Hey Tori, how long have you been a Seahawks fan and how great was that game last night?

realtoriblack9 karma

been a fan my whole life but didnt get to watch last night

IFuckedKimKToo5 karma

Hi Tori!

What's the weirdest thing you have encountered with a fan?

realtoriblack11 karma

on the daily people do the obscene and strange to try and stand out. not much i havent seen. including someone telling me that their DOG was my biggest fan and my voice put the DOG to sleep. but they themselves didnt care for me much.

hellblazer332 karma

Hi Tori, Which other pornstars that you dont like and which one you do? thanks

realtoriblack16 karma

i dont like to spread hate. i respect admire and love many.

el_enrabador2 karma

Hi Tori!

Can you tell us what scene gave you the most orgasms? The most memorable?

realtoriblack3 karma

its been 6 years. they are starting to blur together lol.