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This dick ain't freeeeeee

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Hi Tori,

I'd love to say I'm a long time fan (first time caller), but the truth is I'm not totally sure I've seen your movies. To be honest almost all porn I've seen is in like five minute increments. So- I don't have a porn related question for you. Instead I was wondering what you would say to a cool guy like me wondering if a cool girl like you would want to eat some homemade guacamole sometime (that extra bit of lime juice really does pull the flavors together) after we could talk about sea turtle migratory patterns or watch one of those neat Netflix documentaries about chefs from around the world. You know the one where the guy lives on an island in France and is just really into seafood? You'll love it.

Asking for a friend of course.

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So I can cancel a flight, say it's for medical reasons, the not have to pay the fee?

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In your experience is writing a good way to expedite the creative process?

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With the melting of ice caps, would polar bears be more inclined in the future to become terrestrial based animals rather than marine based on the ice? Or if nothing is done to prevent the ice caps from being melted is it possible we could see them extinct within our life time?