Hi! We are Anikka Albrite and Mick Blue, the first married couple to win Male and Female Performer of the Year at the 2015 AVN Awards.

We are here to discuss Prop. 60 in California and why it is BAD for everyone, but we are happy to answer any other questions. So say we all!

Our proof.

Here are the movies Anikka has directed for BAM Visions/Evil Angel.

And here are the movies Mick has co-directed (with Maestro Claudio) for BAM Visions/Evil Angel.

As well as the movies Mick has directed for Zero Tolerance and Third Degree Films.

We are also excited to announce the upcoming launch of our BAM Visions website on 11/16/2016!

And we are especially proud of "Mick Loves Anikka" from BAM Visions and "Babysitting the Baumgartners" from Adam & Eve this year. So check them out! And please pay for your porn! Thank you! :)

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Edit: We have to call it a night, but we'll check back on Election Day (Tuesday), so keep submitting questions. Thank you!

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deadclaymore64 karma

For those that don't know, could you give a break down of what downstream effects this legislation will have?

AnikkaAlbrite253 karma

Proposition 60 would give any Californian (38 million people in California) the right to sue any person with a financial interest in the production of adult content, and make 25% reward profit from the lawsuit money. On top of that, the personal information, including legal names and addresses of the sued persons of interest would be released to the public. This would put the lives of thousands of people in the adult industry, at risk, including their families, friends, and neighbors. It would be easy to be accidentally caught in the crossfire of a lawsuit such as this. The people who have a financial interest in producing adult content are NOT just the producers. 75% of the producers in the adult industry are also performers. Producers, performers, makeup artists, production assistants, set designers, distributors, cam girls and cam couples, etc. could be sued for being involved in the production of adult content shot without a condom. This means that if a husband and wife wanted to make a second income to help support their family, and started webcamming, they could be sued for having sex with each other on webcam without a condom! A husband and wife, not just "pornstars", but "regular" people who may already have a "normal" job. The hotels and cable/dish companies that show porn without condoms can even be sued. This also includes the mainstream "Hollywood" film productions. The worst thing about this "lawsuit-happy" proposition, is that it is retroactive. Meaning, anyone can sue a person with financial interest in the production of adult content, even if it was shot 3 years ago before the proposition passed. If none of that concerns you much, just think of this. The man and sole proponent behind Proposition 60 is Michael Weinstein from AIDS Healthcare Foundation. He used 5 million dollars of donation money that should have gone to helping the communities with HIV and community outreach, to fund Proposition 60. It is his personal campaign against us, and he will stop at nothing until we, the adult industry, are eradicated. He has a sole financial interest in Proposition 60. If Propostion 60 passes, it will give him a government job and make him supercede Cal OSHA and supersede the Attorney General. He would dole out lawsuits and collect the 25% profits. The Californian's taxes would pay his payroll. Proposition 60 was NOT created to help the adult industry. We already have very effective and safe testing protocols in place that keep the adult industry safe to work in. Proposition 60 claims to want to help the performers, but AHF and Michael Weinstein refuse to listen to our concerns. He doesn't care about us. This is the only legislation that is voted against by the California Republican party, the California Democrat party, the California Libertarian party, and Anonymous. Think about that.

2muchcontext7 karma

anyone can sue a person with financial interest in the production of adult content, even if it was shot 3 years ago before the proposition passed

I may sound dumb but are you sure about this? I can't find a source about it.

The_Unwashed12 karma

http://dontharassca.com/ <---- check that site for #NoProp60 answers

fuckswithducks59 karma

What do you think will happen to the porn industry in California if Prop 60 does pass? It seems like a lot of the porn industry has already moved to other states like Florida. Most of the studios I buy rubber ducky porn from are already based in the Tampa Bay area.

AnikkaAlbrite73 karma

Our porn industry in California (which is about 80% of the market) will be forced to move to other states or, worse, go underground. This would make it incredibly risky. Proposition 60 will not stop in California though. The sole person behind proposition 60, Michael Weinstein, has stated that once he gets California to pass prop 60 (if he gets), he will move on to other states producing porn, and try to pass the same kind of proposition. It will be difficult to get out from under his thumb. Michael Weinstein wrote himself into getting a government job if Proposition 60 passes. This would make him supersede Cal OSHA and superede the Attorney General! With that much power, he would be virtually unstoppable.

randomthrowaway9550217 karma

Annika: Might be a weird question but I've noticed you've done a noticeable amount of scenes with black guys. Do these types of scenes happen out of a market demand or a definite preference on the part of the female performer? I also notice that porn seems to push this stereotype that (within the realm of Sex) "black is better." Whether warranted or not, porn already has a notorious reputation of making men insecure about their penis sizes but this genre of porn seemingly attempts to make non-black men insecure in their "whiteness" (or whatever other race they are). Do you ever worry about the impact of the types of porn you make and how it's being perceived by consumers? Any comments in general?

Open to Mick too, of course, if he has anything to say on the subject.

pickledeggmanwalrus5 karma

I love how your question was avoided. It was a good one too imo

randomthrowaway955022 karma

I mean it's kind of the elephant in the room. During the AMA I just typed Annika Albrite into a tube site and nearly every other scene was with black men, yet she's married to a white guy. I don't get it. If she doesn't have a preference for black men, why is such a large majority of her porn with black men? Also, if she doesn't have a preference for black men, why doesn't she stand up for herself and do scenes with the type of men she prefers? Finally, I really want to know if porn performers are self aware enough to understand that while they push pleasure and entertainment, they are also pushing insecurity and shame. I mean here we have a (German?) Blonde girl who is doing almost all of her scenes with black guys. Now, I'm not a German. But I think if I was a German, I'd be a little upset. I'd wonder, what's so wrong with Germans? And I'd probably get a little insecure. Under the layer of entertainment and pleasure, it seems like there's a lot of harmful and confusing stuff going on. It probably reflects on everyone who watches this stuff.

AnikkaAlbrite25 karma

Your question is important to me and I definitely want to answer it. I try to put a lot of time and thought into answering serious and important questions such as yours, and unfortunately I ran out of time last night as I had to get back to studying for my 2 exams that I have today in school. I apologize for overlooking your question. I promise it was not intentional. I have to get back to my studies now, but tomorrow I promise to indulge your question in detail. Also, I'm not German. I'm American, and just happen to know German. It helps when my in-laws are Austrian and speak German ;)

dracht3 karma

Very good question, but I'm guessing it's better answered by the people who pay her aka the producers. I'd assume her only motivation is money. The porn industry has been pushing the black male/white female (implicitly or explicitly cuckold) genre intensely the last couple of years, to the point where it is not reflecting any segment of the population. If Hollywood all of a sudden featured Chinese leading actors in half of its movies people would ask what the deal was. I have my suspicions on the motives behind it, but I know it is not healthy for the people (white men especially) who watch the stuff.

SetsunaFS3 karma

Are you implying that there is some sort of conspiracy in the porn industry to make white men feel insecure?? What exactly does anyone have to gain by doing something like that. Interracial porn is also typically portraying incredibly negative stereotypes about black men. Portraying them as sex hungry thugs and the white women who are interested in them as naive, innocent girls that just want to try something new. If you think it's degrading to white men, it's about equally as degrading to black performers as well.

AnikkaAlbrite1 karma

Mick: I think everybody should be treated equal. Black or white guys in scenes the scenarios go both ways. Actually, the companies produce and shoot only that what the consumers buy the most. So I think there is the problem hidden in it.

cherrypopped6917 karma

Hi Anikka & Mick!

I’m a homosexual so I’m not very familiar with your work, but even I have heard of you and know you guys are amazingly successful (and good at what you do)!

So, serious question time:

A very good friend of mine is very interested in a career in porn. She’s finishing her Bachelor’s in Finance in the next year and wants to dive in as soon as she’s done. She’s tiny, amazing body, drop dead gorgeous, and she’s let me watch some practice sex tapes she’s made and she definitely seems very good at sex (and god damn nasty to boot).

However, she is very trusting. I know the porn industry can totally chew young, naïve girls up and spit them back out, and I would absolutely hate for this to happen to her. My question is, as two of the most successful porn stars on the planet, what advice can you give her to make sure her career (however long it may be) is a positive experience where she won’t be used, abused, and taken advantage of, while still being successful and making a name for herself in the industry?

Thanks in advance, you are both so beautiful.

AnikkaAlbrite68 karma

I would have her seriously think about what the decision to join adult would mean for her. It's not for everyone, as it can be very emotional, physically, and mentally taxing. It will follow her around for the rest of her life, no matter how long she does it for. It's also important that she let her family and partner know, because they WILL FIND OUT. I told my Mom about my career choice the first month I was in. Luckily, she took it pretty well, and has been a big support and fan. If your friend still wants to join the adult industry after considering all this, then she needs to research what agency is right for her. Google California adult agencies. The agency must be licensed. It's a good idea to check what kind of performers the different agencies represent, and follow the performers' on social media to see how they are. If a performer doesn't seem to have their head on their shoulders, many times, the agency isn't going to be the best representation. Also, see if the performers are happy with their agents. I am represented by the top agent in the industry, Mark Spiegler. He only takes a small number of girls so that he can focus on each one in their best interest. He is fair, cares about his girls, and is respected by all in the industry. Anyone who is represented by Spiegler is lucky. She should check him out as well. If and when she does join the adult industry, she needs to remember that she is self-contracted. She doesn't work for her agent; her agent works for her. If she decides to go with an agent who has a contract, she is allowed to make changes to the contract, i.e. years of contract, agency fee rate, etc., before signing it. She should also have a lawyer look at the contract before signing it. The best way for her to stay out of trouble, is to avoid drama, and keep her head on her shoulders. Porn is a business, no matter what kind of business it is. You must always be professional, easy to work with, respectful to yourself and others, and be timely. Above all else, every decision she makes in porn should be her own. She should only do what SHE feels comfortable doing, and not what she feels pressured into doing. That is the best way to stay sane in an industry like ours.

deadclaymore13 karma

Are you working with anyone in legislature to spread your message?

AnikkaAlbrite16 karma

We are working with California politicians to help spread our message on NO on Prop 60. You can see more information when you go to this site: http://dontharassca.com

roboboogie512 karma

Hi Anikka! I'm a big fan of yours! In general do you prefer circumcised or uncut dicks? And why?

AnikkaAlbrite40 karma

I prefer uncircumcised dicks, especially for anal sex. This is because the foreskin allows the dick to slide in and out of the butt smoothly (with ample amounts of lube, of course). Circumcised dicks feel more like a hard doorknob going in and out of the butt. Not very pleasurable as you can probably imagine. :) I do enjoy circumcised dicks for vaginal sex, however.

roboboogie510 karma

Interesting...do you think yours is a popular sentiment in the business? Do most porn stars prefer uncircumcised?

AnikkaAlbrite34 karma

I think it's safe to say most porn stars prefer uncircumcised dicks. It is a common conversation piece with us ladies, especially on the topic of anal sex.

harry50508 karma

if u had a character in a down and dirty mortal kombat-style fighting game, what fighting moves would you have?

AnikkaAlbrite29 karma

Mick: Third leg hammer hand

Anikka: I would strangle them with my thick thighs and rip their heads off with my vagina!

Project_Pems7 karma

So, does doing porn ruin sex, or is it just another job? And how do free porn sites affect your ability to make money?

AnikkaAlbrite11 karma

Mick: porn actually is great for sex bec we can live out our fantasies and use it as a warm up for our private sex. Free porn sites destroy our industry because non of the performers, producers or directors make any money of of it and so sooner than later we will have no more money to produce content for you guys.

DirkDiggler4696 karma

Who's you're favorite female performer to work with? Why?

AnikkaAlbrite12 karma

Anikka: I don't really have one specific favorite female performer to work with. Some of my favorites include- Shyla Jennings, Bree Daniels, Dani Daniels, Cherie Deville, Dana Vespoli, and Riley Reid.

Mick: Anikka Albrite is my number one favorite female performer, OBVIOUSLY. Besides Anikka, it is really hard to say, because there are so many AMAZING female performers out there, that it would be hard to decide. Literally.

PerilousAll6 karma

Given your respective professions, how much of your personal relationship is just about sex, compared to couples not in that business?

AnikkaAlbrite13 karma

Mick: Sex is extremely important in any relationship. our industry or not. guys and girls take care of each other.

8129125 karma

Anikka, What kind of college degrees do you have?

AnikkaAlbrite13 karma

I have my Associate degree in Biotechnology, and a CNA license (Certified Nursing Assistant). I was double majoring in Cell and Molecular Biology and Business Management, before I had to drop out due to financial difficulties with supporting myself on my own. I'm currently pursuing a Bachelors in Public Health and my goal is to go pre-med and own my own medical practice.

voldemort52817 karma

Follow up question. Mick when she does all of this, do you plan to continue directing or just be a trophy husband?

AnikkaAlbrite10 karma

Mick: I will always make my own money with what ever will be the right thing to do in the future and of course support my wife in anything she does because we are one.

voldemort52813 karma

Is there anything you would absolutely decline, no matter how well it paid?

AnikkaAlbrite7 karma

I'm not a fan of derogatory porn, or anything that I feel makes me look bad or out of control from the scene. I don't like feet on the face, or being choked out until passing out, or anal prolapse.

genocide_cutter3 karma

Where you popular in high school?

AnikkaAlbrite5 karma

Mick: not really

Anikka: I considered myself a nerd. I knew a lot of people and a lot of people knew me, but I wasn't part of the "popular" crowd. I preferred to hang out in the Biology classroom during lunch break with my other nerdy friends :)

harbriarose3 karma

Hello Mick have you ever think in do DP or threesome scenes with Manuel Ferrara and Anikka Albrite?

AnikkaAlbrite7 karma

Mick: That would be amazing and would make Anikka very happy. :)

Anikka: I think of it ALL THE TIME! :))

OldClunkyRobot3 karma

Is Joe Flacco an elite QB?

AnikkaAlbrite2 karma

I only follow the Packers, sorry. #GreenbayForTheWin

genocide_cutter3 karma

Ever been to the Ghetto?

AnikkaAlbrite3 karma

Anikka: I live in the ghetto! Ghetto BOOTY!

voldemort52812 karma

Mick: Do you have any guys that you have enjoyed working with when you do gangbangs or MMF?

AnikkaAlbrite3 karma

my all time favorite guy to do DP scenes with was Erik Everhard

voldemort52812 karma

Anikka and Mick will you be doing any shoots with Kink.com anytime soon? This was my first scene I saw of you and you've been one of my favorite pornstars since.

AnikkaAlbrite2 karma

Yes, we would be willing to work for Kink again, if booked.

voldemort52812 karma

Who's your celebrity crush?

AnikkaAlbrite3 karma

Anikka: My celebrity crushes are Eddie Redmayne & Tricia Helfer.

Mick: Sharon Stone when I was a teenager.

helloploxxd2 karma

How were your sex life's in high school?

AnikkaAlbrite3 karma

I was extremely sexual in high school with my boyfriend. I didn't have sex with any one else until after high school. I have always been very sexually adventurous and insatiable. :)

gorementor2 karma

The part about mandatory condoms is what points me away. Testing for STDs sounds more than reasonable though. Is there parts you would take away to accept the Prop? If so then what and why?

AnikkaAlbrite2 karma

Thank God the Proposition did not pass! To answer your question though, the adult industry is already working with Cal Osha to set aside clear safety regulations. We currently have mandatory STI/STD testing for all the STI/STDs every 12-14 days. That is a self-regulating policy our industry has been practicing for the past 4 years. Before that, testing was done every 30 days. So, as you can see, we are constantly seeking to better our safety standards and are happy that Cal Osha is willing to work with us on our own safety regulations. We have a very efficient testing system in that if someone does, in fact, test positive for an STI/STD, they immediately get treated by a doctor and stop working until they get a clean test again. This system works very well, and has kept ourselves safe. In fact, there has not been an on-set transmission of HIV in over 12 years! Prop 60 would have dissolved our current testing system and dissolved talks with Cal Osha. It was intended solely to benefit Michael Weinstein, who wrote the proposition. Thank you for your question.

UncleGuggie2 karma

Hi Anikka! What's your favorite movie of all time?

AnikkaAlbrite9 karma

That's a hard question. My ADD doesn't allow me to have just one favorite. I love any movies that are Sci-Fi related or have a Historical plot. My all-time favorite tv show is Battlestar Galactica. I also LOVE Dr. Who and Game of Thrones! Westworld is quickly gaining my love as well. My favorite porn movies are: Anikka, Anikka 2, Mick Loves Anikka, Wanted, Sleeping Beauty XXX, and Babysitting the Baumgartners. I was a part of all of those adult movies, and they have been my favorite by far to act/perform in, as well as fan favorites. I love what my fans love :)

goatcoat2 karma

This question is for either of you:

Did you struggle with jealousy given that your partner has sex with people who aren't you on a regular basis? If so, how has your perspective changed over time, and how did you learn to deal with it?

AnikkaAlbrite7 karma

jealousy was never a part of our relationship. we truly support each other in everything we including having sex with other people for living.

___Redditsucks___2 karma

Mick: Did Hitler go too far?

Anikka: Did Lexington Steele go too far?

AnikkaAlbrite1 karma

LOL, WOWWWWWWWWWWWW. I think you did :)

elefish921 karma

This question is to both of you.

I voted no on proposition 60 in the state of California. However, one of my friends voted yes and his argument is that teenagers and other people can get a negative message implying that it is okay to not use condoms during sex. Do you have a rebuttal/objection to that statement?

AnikkaAlbrite2 karma

I can see where your friend is coming from, but let's see it from a different view. Would we ban the use of guns from mainstream movies because people or kids could see how easy and fun it is to shoot somebody? No. Mainstream movies as much as our adult movies create a fiction or fantasy that is beyond reality sometimes. Besides, Prop 60 required the use of condoms just as an umbrella for the much deeper facts behind it if you read the legislation. Btw, thank you so much for your support and voting no on Prop 60!

prodigy2throw1 karma

Don't you think we have enough porn?

AnikkaAlbrite1 karma

There will never be enough porn. :)

chriscarolina1 karma

Hey guys, how are you? longtime fan(chriscumms) , have done fun on film mainly amateur ).. how was the jersey convention? , also will prop60 be a precedent for other states that allow mainstream filming and even amateur shoots or just California

AnikkaAlbrite4 karma

Exxxotica in jersey was great.

prop 60 affects as of now only California, but if it passes it could easy be that other states would adopt the law.

voldemort52811 karma

What's your favorite book?

AnikkaAlbrite3 karma

Anikka: I love any books with a ski-fi or historical type of feel to them. Some of my favorites are Next by Michael Crichton, The Atlantis Gene by A.G. Riddle, Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, and the Bible.

Mick: Papillon by Henri Cherriere

slimjimtim1 karma

Hi Anikka! My question is as follows: Why, in many pornographic videos, does the camera fade out and back in right when the guy is abut to cum? For example, a guy is having sex with a woman and tells her he is ready to cum, the video usually fades out and fades back in a few seconds before he cums.

AnikkaAlbrite1 karma

mick: that is up to the editors. personally not my favorite

SPAMnCheddar1 karma

I just want to say, "I love all you guys and gals", and I hate seeing rubber sleeved penis.

What are the chances for the males to get into the industry without having to go bi-sexual route? and where do we apply for the job?

AnikkaAlbrite5 karma

First of all, it is a rumor that guys who want to join the adult industry have to start in the gay and bisexual part. It is possible for a guy to join the adult industry in the field that they are interested in. I recommend finding an agent who has your best interest in mind, and finding another male performer to mentor you. I'm not going to lie, it is DIFFICULT for new male performers to succeed in this industry. You have a lot of things to think about, such as keeping it hard in a room full of male crew members, keeping in your cum in for at least 30-45 min until you are told to cum on command, working with girls you don't find attractive or who have bad hygiene, and opening up for the camera at many difficult angles to fuck in. You must always be consciously aware of the lighting and where the camera are. Most importantly, the money is not great for new male performers. You are putting yourself out there for the world to see, and will only make a few hundred dollars a month for the first few years at least. Most new male performers don't last past a few months, and then they have the porn industry looming over their heads, and may find it hard to gain work with an employer. That being said, if you are still interested, google adult agents in California.

austinzzz1 karma

Hi, I cringed at some of the answers in this video recently, but

What was your grossest on set experience?

AnikkaAlbrite5 karma

the anal set story from Prague a few years ago when i got browned from waste down like goulash soup.

voldemort52811 karma

How did your relationship start?

AnikkaAlbrite1 karma

Mick: it was a magnetic kiss at the AEE 2013

voldemort52811 karma

Do you guys enjoy watching your own porn?

AnikkaAlbrite6 karma

Anikka: I enjoy watching my own porn if it was a a scene that I thoroughly enjoyed shooting. Otherwise, I watch my own porn to figure out what I should improve upon. I REALLY enjoy watching Mick's porn, even if it's with other girls. I find it really hot to watch him pleasure other girls.

Mick: I watch my own porn only out of my own criticism. I really love watching Anikka's porn!

voldemort52812 karma

Do you guys remember anything you picked up from your game tapes that you then fixed in later shoots?

AnikkaAlbrite1 karma


voldemort52811 karma

What was your favorite porn shoot?

AnikkaAlbrite2 karma

Mick: the movie Mick Loves Anikka from Bam Visions that we shot over the past year.

voldemort52811 karma

What are your favorite positions?

AnikkaAlbrite3 karma

Mick: missionary

UncleGuggie1 karma

Did getting married change the way you guys view porn or limit what you're willing to do on film?

AnikkaAlbrite2 karma

nope. marriage is a dot on the I of an relationship. the base need to be there before.

voldemort52811 karma

Anikka, besides your ass, which female performer has the best ass in porn?

AnikkaAlbrite8 karma

Hands down Alexis Texas and Jada Stevens!

voldemort52811 karma

What super powers would you guys want if you could choose one?

AnikkaAlbrite2 karma

Mick: super-intellegence

voldemort52811 karma

Do you have names for your genitals?

AnikkaAlbrite8 karma

mick: nope don't have a name for my warrior

AnikkaAlbrite1 karma

Anikka: I have a Fleshlight molded from my genitals, so naturally my holes are named Goddess (vagina) and Siren (butt) ;) https://www.fleshlight.com/fleshlight-girls/anikka-albrite/?clickid=3P8UMrWCMTdr3kCzz01gwyOtUkkWNET1LTuW2Q0&utm_campaign=317829&utm_medium=334715&utm_source=ImpactRadius&irgwc=1

voldemort52811 karma

What sex tips do you have for us?

AnikkaAlbrite2 karma

always pleasure the woman first before you think about cumming

genocide_cutter1 karma

Favorite tv show?

AnikkaAlbrite3 karma

Battlestar Galactica, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Westworld.

voldemort52811 karma

Do you guys speak German around the house?

AnikkaAlbrite4 karma

We speak both German and English in our house. Sometimes we merge both languages in one conversation. :)

AnikkaAlbrite3 karma

We speak our own German-English language :) We combine different words in German and English in a sentence.

vedder441 karma

what 5 things would u try to experience if u could be the opposite gender for a day?

AnikkaAlbrite6 karma

Mick: hard to say 5 things, but i would def masturbate all day to see how many times i could come.

Anikka: If I was a dude, I would definitely masturbate. I've always wondered what a male orgasm feels like. Purely for research, of course :) I would also call up my straight girl crush and ask her on a date, since now she would hopefully be willing to date me. I would deadlift 300 lbs, because I would have much more physical strength. 5th, I would have lots of sex. It might all be difficult to do in a day, but I could do it all if I was a dude. :)

Slash11981 karma

1) How much time (hours or days) does it take to make 1 scene in porn industry ? 2) Why are male performers paid so less ? 3) If you career wouldn't have been so successful in porn what would you have tried else ? 4) Just a general question, why choose porn industry even if you were facing financial difficulties during your academic Career ?

AnikkaAlbrite1 karma

Mick: it takes anywhere from 1 hours to 10 hours depending what project and company we are working for. i think male performers get paid less bec it is an woman driven industry. the upside is that male performers can work more and longer in this industry. our industry is a great way to make a good income over time with the freedom to decide what days and hours you work, but you have to keep in mind that u will be marked for it on your back till the end of time.

satisfyinghump1 karma

What are your thoughts of the VR technology coming out, in terms of producing porn specifically for them?

AnikkaAlbrite1 karma

I think that VR porn is a great thing! I have had the pleasure...literally...of shooting VR porn for http://www.hologirlsvr.com :) I was their first official VR girl! The technology continues to improve and advance. I think it is a refreshing new thing in the media world, not just the porn world. I'm looking forward to seeing what more it will do in the future!


Anikka, are you done working with other male performers? Also, what are the chances of Annika Vol. 3 happening?

AnikkaAlbrite2 karma

I am taking a small break from working with other male performers at the moment for personal reasons. I do plan on working with other male performers again though, in the future :) Anikka Vol. 3 is something I would love to do. It would have to fill some pretty big expectations since Anikka Vol. 1 and Anikka Vol. 2 were so epic and won a ton of awards. I'm definitely hoping to work on Anikka Vol. 3 in the future, and hopefully the DVD market will still be alive enough for Hard X to want to make one. It all depends on my fans and them continuing to pay for their porn ;)

balenol1 karma

What will your kids think about their parents being a porn star?

I'm not asking this in a offensive kinds of way btw.

AnikkaAlbrite1 karma

No offense taken. It's a good question. We can't say what the future will bring. We hope to raise open-minded and loving children who can see things on a broader scale, and make their own intelligent decisions.

SoUpInYa1 karma

Well, technically, it wouldn't eradicate the porn industry ... just the porn industry in CA ... right?

AnikkaAlbrite1 karma

If it passed, it would have affected the entire adult industry, as every person in our industry has a financial interest in porn. Therefore, anyone in the industry could have been sued for having a financial interest in porn shot in California. On top of that, it would have continued to be passed in other states as well. The man who wrote the proposition had one goal in mind when he wrote it. That was to eradicate the adult industry that he hated so much, and make a financial profit from it while doing it.

ParticlePhysXAnomoly1 karma

I've masturbated to you hundreds of times, so my question follows;

How do you feel knowing that millions of guys have seen you naked and fucking on camera, knowing that they've also probably jerked it to you? Is it not creepy (esp if people identify you while you're out and about)?

AnikkaAlbrite2 karma

Anikka: I assume you're talking to me ;) I love imagining that people are getting off to me when they watch my movies. I am their fantasy, and I love having that as my job! I make millions of people around the world happy. There's nothing wrong with that :) Keep jerking it to me! xoxo

highenergysanders0 karma

What's the exit strategy to leave the industry?

AnikkaAlbrite1 karma

Mick: I love the industry as is, bec there are many different ways also in the future to generate income even without performing. Besides that i looking towards the future with an open mind because there are always new opportunities coming our way we just have to see and take.

Tato7069-6 karma

Why would anyone ever pay for porn?

AnikkaAlbrite-6 karma

because birds need air to fly, fish need water to swim, computers need electricity to run and babies need food to live.

Stupid question. obviously you are one of the people stealing content by not thinking of the consequences.

nothing in the world is for free anymore and production companies can produce only new stuff if people pay for it. without that there will be no more new stuff on the market.