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I understand that you came from a religious background, and your captors justified their actions with a very sick and twisted version of religious belief. Do you feel a lot of echos of that or have trouble moving back to and reconciling your own faith?

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I've had some limited experience with sex offenders - primarily pedophiles who have been caught and jailed. One recurring theme was that they seemed astonished to find themselves incarcerated on the Violent Offenders side of the jail, as they did not consider what they did as violent.

Is this common? I admit that my experience with them is limited, but do sex offenders generally think that they are not violent?

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Mint is notorious for spreading out from where you plant it. How do you keep the plants in a formation that you can harvest without wasting it?

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I will add that your auto adjuster doesn't care what the actual value is for your car. It's not their money. They care about what they can justify paying in the file.

If they have a report showing the value is X, then that documents the file for a payment of X. A screaming hissy fit doesn't raise that number. Documentation from other sources can raise that value to X+1.

Fyi, they will tell you this. But if you scream over them when they talk, you won't hear it.

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OMG! A whole series of "I can put out this fire by dropping something flammable on it."

And that baby voice on his computer was creepy af!