Hello Reddit! I’m Jeff Dahlke, an Independent candidate running against “Wisconsin’s Worst Congressman” in District 6. I’m not a career politician or a lawyer, and my campaign has been largely self-funded and supported by small individual contributions and gestures of support. I grew up on a farm, have been a union member and worked my way up in construction into supervisory positions. I am now in a global role, in which I have traveled all over the world working on large construction projects. District 6 has a combination of agricultural and industrial areas, and I have a background with both--plus global and leadership experience. Our current Congress is filled with lawyers and career politicians, party puppets and people who no longer represent the interests of their constituency. I believe that Congress needs More Boots, Less Suits—more people willing to dig in and get their hands dirty, with expertise and demonstrated success in the districts they support. My website: www.jeffdahlkeforcongress.com

Please visit and like my Facebook page to follow the campaign: www.faceboook.com/jeffdahlke4congress

You can make a donation here: http://www.jeffdahlkeforcongress.com/donate.html

My proof is here: http://imgur.com/a/aF4kI

Ask me anything!

  • EDIT: Thank you for all the questions! I'm going to call it a wrap for now, but I will try to come back for another AMA if there is interest. If you support what I'm trying to do, please consider a donation and help us break up the two party system and get rid of corruption in government.

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Marylandman10118 karma

You said you're not a 'politician or a lawyer' whats wrong with being a lawyer? Especially since you're running as a law maker

dahlke4congress14 karma

37% of the House of Representatives are attorneys, but they make up less than one half of one percent of the U.S. population. That is not representative. We need more people with specific expertise from industry, farming, and manufacturing who understand the issues. As it is now, most of our laws are written by lobbyists anyway, so we actually have a shortage of expertise in Congress.

The_Inspiring_Dad7 karma

Hi Jeff. What do you think about Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey (Making A Murderer)? What will you do to prevent this from happening again?

dahlke4congress-4 karma

I'm not sure what you're asking here. Can you be more specific?

The_Inspiring_Dad4 karma

Are you familiar with Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey?

dahlke4congress-4 karma

Yes, the cases have received a lot of publicity, and this might make good entertainment for some. I'm not a judge or involved in the case, and I wouldn't feel right commenting based on the Netflix show or mainstream media reports. I would have to see the evidence first hand, but it's not my place to be the judge or jury.

SellTheBridge8 karma

Yeah, why in god's name should a person seeking higher office be informed about open public corruption in his state?

Don't say people are making up their mind based on a documentary. Sure, it's what got our attention. But the now public court and investigation documents paint a much more troubling picture of the legal system in your state.

Did know a federal judge that has actually been informed of the case said your police officers violated a teenager's constitutional rights?

What will you do about the open corruption in your state's law enforcement and judiciary?

dahlke4congress3 karma

That's the first concrete question I've gotten from you here, so thank you. Strip away your question from the Avery/Dassey cases, I would fight for independent people/agencies (outside of the police force) to investigate misconduct and corruption in law enforcement. We also need adversarial grand juries. We clearly have problems when the judge, prosecutor, and defendant have a long history of working together or have relationships that could compromise investigations. Corruption is everywhere, not just in law enforcement--and I have no problem calling people out on it where it exists. We need comprehensive criminal justice reform in this country, to help get rid of these kinds of bias and institutional racism as well as for-profit prisons. We have a LOT to fix! I will not claim to have all the answers on this because the problems are so pervasive, but getting rid of corruption is a top legislative priority for me. Another example is in conflicts of interest. Our elected officials should not be allowed to go work for lobbying firms for a period of at least 3 years after they are in office, and they shouldn't be using the power of being in office to line their wallets. The American Anti-Corruption Act could go a long way towards addressing this one, and I would support similar efforts to hold law enforcement accountable.

IKingJeremy5 karma

What makes your political opponent "Wisconsin's worst Congressman"?

dahlke4congress8 karma

Those weren't my words--that's what he's been called in the media. He seems to have a complete lack of ability to get things done, or even attempt to get things done. He was hand delivered a bill, already written, called The Social Security Protection Act, and he did nothing with it. I was approached by one of his constituents to help with this when I am in office. Another example is the Pension Protection Act, which he has told the organizers he wants no part of--that it's a "union issue." I'm engaged in a group to help these folks, as well. But there are lots of examples--these are just two from people I've spoken with out at events.

thesurvivalproject3 karma

What are your thoughts on Trump? Ugh

dahlke4congress1 karma

My thoughts are that when Trump stays on script and acts presidential, he actually seems like a serious candidate. When he goes off the deep end like he does, it calls everything into question. It's like he's 2 different candidates, and that's why I still haven't decided who I'm voting for to be the next President.

KingRoyMustang-14 karma

Looks like your record is being corrected, Jeff. Pay it no heed. Hillary pays people to downvote and shill for her on reddit.

beaverteeth924 karma


KingRoyMustang-9 karma

Lol all you fucking want but it is real or does Correct the Record not exist? This isn't /r/politics so I can name the shill all i want.

beaverteeth925 karma


EDIT: He's just your typical knuckle-dragging moron Trump supporter. Pay him no heed.

KingRoyMustang-6 karma

$0.05 has been deposited into your account

beaverteeth925 karma

Really? Just a nickel? Mistress Hillary gives me a whole quarter per post!

dahlke4congress7 karma

This is the same kind of partisan bickering that is part of the problem. The parties and the MSM want everyone to focus on issues that divide us, not on the areas where we have consensus as a nation.

Memetic13 karma

What is your stance on the legalization of weed? Will you fight if elected to end this devestating law? Also Im from the southside of Milwaukee. I cant vote for you but thank you for doing what you are doing.

dahlke4congress15 karma

Marijuana needs to be rescheduled at a minimum, if not completely decriminalized. Ask 3 people, and one of them will be able to get a hold of it in 3 calls. We also know that there are medical applications for marijuana, and Big Pharma have opposed legalization for that reason. I will fight for legalization when I am in office, and to help the millions of people whose careers and lives have been ruined because of small marijuana convictions. And thank you for your support. I appreciate it.

Memetic13 karma

Thank you so much for that. I have bipolar and anxiety. All of my meds are slowly killing me by damaging my liver. If I could instead use CB oil to relax at night so I can sleep it could add decades to my life. I could watch my daughter grow up. Also Im thinking of running for office at some point. Im thinking of running indy as well. Is there anything you wish you knew when you first started running?

dahlke4congress6 karma

We definitely need more Independent and third party candidates. I can't say that there's anything specific I wish I had known, necessarily, but we are documenting everything we do in this process, what worked, what didn't, etc. Feel free to connect with me on Facebook page and we can probably help you out when the time comes.

bijan41873 karma

What is your position on the upcoming ban on kratom by the DEA? Many people use this herb for anxiety and pain relief. Also, it reduces cravings for opiates. Many former opiate abusers use it to stay off drugs. Please advocate for kratom users trying to keep this miracle herb legal. Here is more information: http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_57d1ad7ce4b03d2d45993e0e

dahlke4congress6 karma

I will look more into this. Thank you for the information.

Vayate3 karma

Where are you on guns? Are there any gun-rights or gun-control policies that you would support or advocate for?

dahlke4congress4 karma

I am pro 2nd Amendment. We have enough laws on this. The agencies need to better communicate with each other so nothing falls through the cracks on background checks. But, if a bad person wants to get a gun, they are going to get a gun, and no regulation is going to stop that. I was just at a gun shop recently where the owner told me a story about someone who was on hold for his background check, which means that in 3 days if you don't hear back, they can be sold the gun. The person came back in a week, and was able to purchase the gun. Later he heard not just once, but MULTIPLE TIMES, from an agent who was asking for the sale record to be faxed over, which he did repeatedly. This speaks to the ineffectiveness of the agencies involved.

MeanK1tty3 karma

Hello Jeff,

I would like to know how your background has prepared you to run for Congress? You don't seem to have prior experience in politics.

dahlke4congress8 karma

I have worked on large scale construction projects in places like China, Indonesia, Canada, Republic of Georgia, and Russia. These projects involve working across culture and language barriers, problem-solving, and delivering projects on time and under budget. I have been lucky to be successful enough in my career that I won’t accept or rely on special interests money. I would love to bring my expertise in construction, paving roads and dealing with large government contracts to the Transportation and Infrastructure committee. With my background growing up in rural areas and living on a farm, I could also add value to the Committee on Agriculture. I understand that committee assignments are largely based on party politics and fundraising (one of the things I’d like to fix), so no matter what committee assignments I get I can be counted on to stir the pot, to question everything, and to bring some common sense back to Washington. (One of my nicknames at work was “The Spoon” because I wasn’t afraid to stir the pot.) As an Independent, I don’t have to follow with party lines or platforms, and I will work to build consensus where we can on the most important issues affecting Wisconsin and the American people. Because much of what is broken in Washington deals with money and corruption, I would also have interest in working on the House Committee on Oversight and Government reform.

I will also call out the BS that goes on in Washington, and let the American people know about all of the games and political maneuvers that occur.

Johsnrod2 karma

Russia AND Russia, you say?

Also, this is how I imagine you walkinginto work every day.

dahlke4congress3 karma

*corrected, thank you. And actually, that is how I walk everywhere. ;)

lllilllillil3 karma

As of 4 months ago, Grothman's campaign had raised over $579,000 to your $1025. How can you compete to get your message out on such limited funds, especially as an independant?

dahlke4congress3 karma

Both numbers are higher than that, and you're right, Grothman is funded by the Koch brothers and the RNC. We're doing this both old school and high tech, spending lots of time talking with people in the community and also using signage, social, and traditional media. It's not easy, but it's the right way and the only way I would do it. I can't be bought by large corporations and special interest groups.

IKingJeremy2 karma

Where did you hear about reddit, and /r/IAMA?

dahlke4congress7 karma

I learned about Reddit from my Political Advisor, who uses it regularly.

PseudoY2 karma

What are your thoughts about the tendency for First Past the Post voting tending to result in a strong drive for two-party systems and leaving a very difficult path for third parties or independents where constituents may be worried about "splitting the vote"?

dahlke4congress3 karma

If we are able to switch to a public funded campaign system where everyone is limited to spending the exact same amount, this will even the playing field. But the way to make third parties viable is for people to see through rigged system and actually VOTE for third party candidates.

BillNyeTheMathGuy2 karma

What is your opinion on civil asset forfeiture, warrantless use of stingray devices by police, the entirety of the NSA spying program, and the use of ticket quotas by police depts, to generate revenue?

dahlke4congress7 karma

In general, if nothing illegal is occurring, the government and law enforcement should stay out of the way and out of your business. If the people decide that they believe some kind of government surveillance is necessary for our nation, then we should have that discussion as a country not in a back room or behind closed doors. We also comprehensive criminal justice reform to deal not just with ticket quotas, but with things like institutional racism and what are increasingly becoming debtors prisons. And we need to get rid of for-profit prisons, period.

Gingivitis_Khan1 karma

Which position would you take as a part of this national discussion? Do you believe that the NSA's collection of metadata is necessary for protection? A violation of our privacy?

dahlke4congress4 karma

Bulk collection of metadata without cause or warrant isn't justified. If there is a cause, then it should be presented before an adversarial court system to authorize a warrant. I see secretly spying on Americans as an invasion of their privacy, but now that the information is out there everyone needs to make their voice heard on this, and law enforcement needs to make the case for why they believe it is necessary to the American people.

goggimoggi1 karma

If nothing illegal is happening, the government should stay out of the way

Making laws is how government gets in the way.

How do you decide which laws are just?

dahlke4congress2 karma

This is kind of like a "which came first, the chicken or the egg" type of question . . . I think we use the vision of our founding fathers, the constitution, and the separation of powers to help us make the right decisions.

BillNyeTheMathGuy1 karma

Well it's pretty clear that government and law enforcement are involved in citizens business, cellular data., etc. Do you have a plan to reverse that? And what can be done when states outlaw ticket quotas, but the police continue to use them? The current lawsuit in NY by several officers against the NYPD brings up the issue of "who holds govt accountable when it willfully breaks the law it's meant to enforce". How could these departments be made to actually obey a ban on the predatory policing for profit model?

dahlke4congress2 karma

For starters, the grand jury system needs to be adversarial, so that there is another side arguing the case. But, as you know, this is a very complicated issue, and I would want to talk to some of the experts already researching and writing policy on this for perspective. The short answer on policing for profit is that we need better, unbiased oversight.

BillNyeTheMathGuy1 karma

That seems like a pretty long winded way of saying basically nothing. My point was, ticket quotas are against the law in NY, yet, the members of the NYPD actively break the law by enforcing and participating in said quota system. If, law enforcement actively violates law, who holds them accountable?

And personally, I think the simple answer is to outlaw civil asset forfeiture right off the bat, I mean wars have been fought over the unjust seizure of property. Additionally, offer up community service hours as oppossed to financial payments, at a fair exchange rate, say, the median hourly wage of public sector employees in that town, county, state etc. This will put a dent in the budgets of police depts and court systems, but perhaps we shouldn't be paying judges to convict over seatbelt tickets, or paying law enforcement to say, see how many window tint tickets they can write in a shift. Cut expenses in the judicial system, offer community service options in lue of financial restitution, and absolutely end civil asset forfeiture on day 1. That's a solution and a plan, next we can take those stingray devices and ALPR's to the landfill, and hold the individuals accountable who operated them absent warrants. Ya know, bring back the 4th and 8th amendment rights we lost, in the name of the police pension funds

dahlke4congress2 karma

I agree with much of what you say here. We say "Protect and Serve" for a reason. This might not be popular, but I think seatbelt laws are another way of the government trying to tell people what to do with their own bodies. If you're an adult, it should be your choice. And the fines on some of these things are creating modern day debtors prisons, with people locked in a cycle of imprisonment over inability to pay. If we err, let it be on the side of leaving people alone when it comes to victimless crimes.

8xin1nite2 karma

What is your view of the 'Alt-Right' ?

dahlke4congress4 karma

If you're referring to the white supremacists, I consider those to be hate groups.

Tiny_Tuba2 karma

Are you pro-life or pro-choice?

dahlke4congress11 karma

As a man, I don't believe that I should decide what a woman does with her own body. That is her choice.

Gingivitis_Khan1 karma

What are your thoughts on the federal budget? Would you like to see it balanced (or at least reduce the deficit)? If so, howso? Do you raise taxes on the rich (or on everyone), cut spending, or both? Would you consider cutting the military budget?

dahlke4congress2 karma

I would like to see the federal budget balanced and to pay off some of the deficit. We need to close all the loopholes on corporations and individual loopholes, and simplify the tax code. I support a graduated flat tax, that would also allow us to shrink the size of the IRS. We need to take a new look at every agency and get rid of waste, fraud and abuse. Before talk of cutting the military budget, how about we first figure out where all the money is going?

That said, the military should be paid no less than the median household income. Upon exit from the military, veterans need to have the option to go anywhere for healthcare if the VA is unable to serve them within 24 hours…and no one who is suicidal should EVER be turned away. Many worry that this will weaken the VA, but I believe that it will allow the VA to focus more on the types of care it uniquely provides, and to become a center of excellence when it comes to that kind of care. I’m speaking not only of traumatic injuries, but also with the mental health issues that plague many of those who return from deployment. For all the veterans who’ve had long wait times and bad VA experiences, there are many who have had great care there and do not want to be treated elsewhere. We need to accept and honor those choices for the people who have served our country. The military also has serious accounting problems. With the announcements of TRILLIONS of dollars missing from the Pentagon, and what appears to be zero repercussions or accountability, it leaves the appearance that our leaders can’t even balance a checkbook. Who in America would be allowed to keep taking money out of an overdrawn account? We will need to retrain and likely purge some of the leadership that have allowed for these “accounting failures” and begin to hold the Pentagon accountable for these things. In truth, the whole way we fund our military is flawed—with one agency believing it should automatically get funding equal to another, just because. When I am out in the community talking to people, I hear stories about these things, and about how contracts go through the bidding process only to be “renegotiated” after the fact, adding tons of money with little justification. Our oversight function has failed, and the Pentagon needs to go on notice that it no longer has a blank checkbook and leaders will be held accountable.

Gingivitis_Khan1 karma

Thank you for the long and detailed answer, especially when it comes to veterans and the military! I have a follow-up though. Have you given any thought to what percentage tax rates you'd support? Significantly lower than we have now? About the same? Would you raise the tax rate for anyone, other than just closing loopholes?

dahlke4congress2 karma

I do have a more detailed tax plan, which I would want to discuss with economic experts when I'm in Congress, but it would include tax increases for people who make over $500k.

goggimoggi2 karma

Why do you think it is just to use force to take others' property?

dahlke4congress1 karma

If you like roads without holes in them, police/fire/medical help when you call 911, drinking water, teachers, etc., these things have a cost. Nothing is free.

throwwawayy_lmao1 karma

What Pokemon go team are you on?

dahlke4congress4 karma

I am not on any Pokémon Go team as I do not have time.

69ingchimpmuncks1 karma

Do you smoke weed?

dahlke4congress1 karma


goggimoggi1 karma

What do you believe is the proper role of government?

dahlke4congress2 karma

Government is supposed to represent the people, but it no longer does because of the money that controls career politicians. That's why we need term limits for Congress, and other reforms to get rid of corruption in government. I also believe that government should be limited, and stay out of people's lives (including their bedrooms and bathrooms) as much as possible.

goggimoggi2 karma

Thanks for your reply.

A couple of follow-ups to help me understand better:

Is government 'representing the people' sufficient? What if the majority want government to force peaceful people to behave or use their property a certain way? If an idea is popular, does that make it right? If not, how do you filter and decide which services that are demanded are just vs. which are not?

Or, put differently, how do you know when government is no longer 'limited' enough in some area?

dahlke4congress1 karma

I am a constitutional conservative, and in our government the people can voice their concerns by voting and by speaking with their representatives. Issues should be for the people to decide, not large corporations or special interest groups. Popular doesn't always mean right, though, and that's why we have to get politicians back to doing what is needed and not lining their pockets.

goggimoggi3 karma

I understand that people can voice their concerns through the government. The problem there, as I see it, is that individuals' values are sometimes at odds with one another. So my question is about how you would determine what government should do vs. what it should not do when that case arises.

For instance, what if 99% of a town wanted to use eminent domain to remove some privately owned homes so that a community swimming pool could be installed? A very clear majority wishes to be represented in the form of government forcing people to comply. Do you go along with it? Or why not?

Or what about, hypothetically speaking, a new ban on gay marriage supported by 75% of the country, or of your district? Would it be just for government to 'represent the people' who are a majority? If not, why not?

What about widespread support for keeping murder illegal? To me this issue is clearly different than the other two. Do you agree, and, if so, why?

(I understand not all of these examples are federal issues constitutionally.)

I agree that politicians should get back to doing what they should be. I'm asking: how do you determine what that is?

Edit: No reply. I wish I were surprised.

dahlke4congress1 karma

Thanks u/goggimoggi for your philosophical questions. I'm not sure I can answer to your satisfaction here. There are tons of books written on ethics and morality, and lots more could still be written. I think these are things we must constantly try to weigh and balance as a society, and if we look at our history, we haven't always gotten it "right" as a country (look at slavery or voting rights as examples).

goggimoggi1 karma

Thank you for your replies as well.

I'd posit that there are some fairly basic moral principles that we all should abide by. Namely, we should not use force against others when they are acting peacefully. We should seek to get along through cooperating voluntarily, not by using guns to coerce others. This should apply to everyone, regardless what position they hold or how many people they 'represent'.

The state extremely often violates this by initiating violence. It does this when it steals property through taxation, when it "regulates" businesses' non-violent choices, when it uses eminent domain, when it enacts prohibitions of peaceful behaviors, etc.

Government is not justified in carrying out violent actions that would be wrong for others to do, under any circumstance. This is what equal rights is all about.

"Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add 'within the limits of the law' because law is often but the tyrant's will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual." - Thomas Jefferson

Beyond being most ethically viable, freedom is also most economically productive. This is chiefly because value is undeniably subjective and therefore it is not possible for central planners to know how to arrange the economy efficiently. Prices are a very important indicator and must arise organically as individuals express their values; any attempt to manipulate the market distorts these signals and hampers the ability of real individuals to direct production.

I sincerely encourage you to read "The Law" by Frédéric Bastiat for a good introduction to what real rule of law actually is. Hazlitt's "Economics in One Lesson" is also a good read. Both of these books are available free online, and I really believe they will help focus your thinking.

I agree with many of the things you've said in this AMA, and wish you the best.

Edit: Clarity

dahlke4congress1 karma

I agree with much of what you say, as well. Thank you for the book suggestions. I will definitely take a look!

WisScout1 karma

Whats your plan to bring more jobs and employment opportunities to wisconsin and to keep manufacturers from leaveing the state to go elsewhere? ( most notably in the northwoods north of hwy8)

dahlke4congress2 karma

We need to re-examine and fix the disastrous trade policies that have encouraged manufacturers to go elsewhere. We also need to make sure that when they do decide to leave the country, they pay a penalty on bringing their products back into the country. If they will save $400 million dollars by leaving the country, they will STILL pay $400 million to bring their products back. If we lower our state taxes for businesses, we should be able to bring back some because right now we are among the highest tax rates in the nation. But the bigger problem is American workers competing with foreign workers who are paid almost nothing, and that has to be fixed in our trade deals.

zazengi1 karma

What do you think about unions and Act 10 ?

dahlke4congress8 karma

I've been a union member for most of my career, and collective bargaining is a wonderful thing. It's true what they say--there's strength in numbers. But just like Congress needs to get its house in order, so do unions. If someone is in a position too long, it can lead to corruption...so maybe union reps should have term limits also.

MeanK1tty3 karma

So are you saying you want Act 10 revoked? Why, if you are a union guy, are you not running as a Democrat?

dahlke4congress8 karma

Yes. "Right to Work" in the states that have it is really a right to work for less. I am running as an Independent because my views span the political spectrum from Republican to Democratic to Libertarian. The major two party system is broken, and I refuse to have a party tell me what to do. I will work for the people in my district and the country, and not special interests.

Gingivitis_Khan1 karma

would you support legislation aimed at ending the two party system. Specifically, would you support a ranked voting system, where voters are allowed to indicate 1st, 2nd, 3rd choices, etc., (and those candidates who receive the lowest percentage of the vote (1st choices) are eliminated and their votes are distributed to the voters' second choices until reaches 50%)? It's not likely to happen, because it'd require a constitutional amendment. But it'd be nice to get more people talking about it.

dahlke4congress2 karma

I like the idea of people being able to vote based on their hopes rather than their fears. However, ranked choice voting would require a large voter education program, and the reality is that many Americans still don’t understand the Electoral College or the system that we have currently. My belief is that the main problem in politics and policy is the money that controls our so called “representatives” and that by fixing that, a lot of other things will fall into place.

Gingivitis_Khan1 karma

What are your thoughts on business regulations? In general, do you think we have to many or too few? Are there any laws specifically that you would like to get rid of, like Dodd Frank or the ACA perhaps? Any departments or agencies that you'd like to see an end to? Any new regulations, departments, or agencies you'd like to see signed into law?

dahlke4congress1 karma

I don't have all of the answers on everything, and you need to have all of the right people in the room to fully answer this question--including small businesses owners who tell me all the time that we have too many regulations. I am in favor of breaking up the big banks. We need to reinstate Glass-Steagall to restore some confidence in our financial system, and get rid of “too big to fail.” Beyond whatever fines companies have paid for their illegal activities, there were many people involved who were never criminally charged. The “fall guys” in many cases were much lower level employees, who were not steering the wheel of these large organizations. The CEO’s and CFO’s must be held personally accountable moving forward, or we will have more of the same . . . and in fact, we already do. There is a lot of discussion of existing bubbles out there, in subprime auto lending, in real estate (again), and in student loans/education. We can’t put the long term future of Americans on the line for the short term profits of large corporations and their highly paid executives. I think we can probably get rid of the Department of Education and return local control of education to communities. The government is too big the way it is, and we don't need to increase the size or power.

Oregoncoastie781 karma

Which presidential candidate are you voting for?

dahlke4congress-7 karma

Not Hillary. I'm deciding between Johnson and Trump.

I get this question a lot when I'm out, maybe because people always want to put you into a category, Hillary or Trump. I'm not any of the presidential candidates. I have my own views, which, as I've said, span the political spectrum. I wish people would think more about the issues and less about the parties, because the parties are part of the problem.

MeanK1tty1 karma

How will you pay for fixing infrastructure? Are you planning to increase taxes?

dahlke4congress3 karma

First of all, our tax system is broken. Corporations and the wealthy are using all kinds of loopholes, tax havens, and other strategies to avoid paying in, and that needs to change. If we can reform our tax system and close the loopholes while simplifying our tax code to a graduated flat tax, we can greatly reduce the size of the IRS. In the short term, it’s clear to me that Big Oil has taken advantage of American dependence on their products, and absorbs the profits now when the prices go down per barrel of oil. So short term, if we can get rid of the billions of dollars in subsidies we pay out to Big Oil, we will have the funding to work on infrastructure.

Johsnrod1 karma

Sorry if this has been asked already, but why do you think it's so difficult for an independent candidate to successfully campaign for office?

Just look at Gary Johnson (and even Ron Paul way back when). People on the internet really love the guy, but realistically he's leagues away from the likes of Clinton and Trump as far as popularity. Why is that? How do you think we should go about making a third party a viable option in our elections?

dahlke4congress1 karma

I did answer this in a previous post, so please review and let me know if you have further questions once you do.

JDW4201 karma

Are you a Packers fan?

dahlke4congress1 karma

Only because I have to be. I am a Broncos and Colts fan.

Tiny_Tuba1 karma

What, if anything, would you do to control prescription drug price gouging?

dahlke4congress3 karma

I think the whole FDA needs to be overhauled, and we need more independent researchers for unbiased research. That might not be the full answer, but at least it's a start. I believe the FDA is one of the most corrupt agencies in our government, and it is one of the ones I will look the most closely at when I'm in office.

Gingivitis_Khan1 karma

What are your thoughts on immigration? Would you make it more or less difficult to come here legally? Would you build a wall or try to deport a great number of illegal aliens? Would you support some sort of amnesty and let the people stay. Also, what are your thoughts on refugees, especially from the Middle East?

dahlke4congress1 karma

Any discussion of deporting all of the undocumented workers in this country is absurd. It’s not going to happen. So after we face that reality, the question is “Now what?” The people who are here illegally who have not committed a violent crime or felony can pay a fine (25% of their gross earnings for 2 years), and get in line for citizenship behind those who are already in process. Employers who continue to employ illegals also need to be held accountable (about $7500 per illegal for first offense) , and “sanctuary cities” should lose all federal funding. Our borders need to be strengthened—north and south, not simply because of illegal immigration but also because of criminal activity and ongoing terrorist threats. Mexico has a southern border wall above Guatamala, so it’s not ridiculous for us to want to secure our borders—whether it’s electronically or whatever the solution. We also have a human trafficking mess tied up in all of this that we need to acknowledge and deal with, because lots of people are being abused and dying trying to get into this country.
As for refugees, we do not currently have a good vetting system for people coming into this country, and that needs to be fixed. I think we need to take care of our homeless veterans and fix our own problems before we look to taking in others. We’ve been the world’s savior for far too long, and we can no longer afford it. It needs to stop.

Gingivitis_Khan2 karma

A little off topic, but I think a good way to try and stop human trafficking would be to go at it from the demand side. Legalizing prostitution provides a safer, legal alternative and get rid of the need to go through an illegal and potentially coersive process. Thoughts?

dahlke4congress2 karma

I think legalizing prostitution should be up to the states, but even if it were legal, that won't stop people from trying to use their power to enslave and victimize others. I would also personally be concerned about what message it sends, that sex is a commodity. I certainly wouldn't want my daughter or family to be involved in this, but it goes back to balancing empowering people to make choices over their own bodies vs. trying to dictate to them what is right or wrong.

TheMooseHunter1 karma

Favourite Kanye West song?

dahlke4congress2 karma

I do not have a favorite Kanye song.

highenergysanders1 karma

What's your party affiliation?

dahlke4congress2 karma

I am an Independent, and am not affiliated with any party.

IKingJeremy1 karma

What made you decide to run for office?

dahlke4congress6 karma

I have two young grandchildren, and I'm concerned about them growing up in the world the way it has become. I could not in good conscience sit by and do nothing. This country deserves better, and I know I can do better than what we already have--career politicians whose only goal seems to be blocking all action from the other side. We have important things to accomplish in this country, and I want to be a part of the solution.

IKingJeremy1 karma

What has been the most difficult obstacles to overcome in getting your campaign off the ground?

dahlke4congress4 karma

Getting through the bureaucratic overkill--things like 300 pages of instructions to fill out a 3 page form. But the bigger answer is getting people to engage--it's too easy to do nothing or sit on Facebook, but FB "Likes" aren't enough. People need to get involved, get engaged, and do more.

IKingJeremy1 karma

What things have surprised you the most about running for office?

dahlke4congress8 karma

What surprises me most is how little people know about politics, or who represents them and what district they are in. Also just the general apathy of people, those that think nothing will ever change so why bother. It's both surprising and frustrating at times.

RenegadeDelta0 karma

Are you reptilian scum?

dahlke4congress6 karma

I am not a reptile, but dry skin affects everyone from time to time. I promise to work on this in Congress. :)

KingRoyMustang-2 karma

Any thoughts on sjws? I'm a local who will be voting for you and I can't stand Lloyd because of her radical leftism. Thoughts on her?

dahlke4congress3 karma

If you want to know my stance on that, go look at my Facebook post following the Milwaukee incident. People get so caught up in rhetoric that sometimes they forget the actual problems. If political correctness is preventing us from fixing a problem, it needs to stop. As for Lloyd, she seems to be a one-faceted candidate trying to ride on Bernie Sanders' coat tails. We need more in this district, and for the country.