20 years ago I was at a taster day at my older sister's nursey, when a man attacked several children and adults (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-36670689) which left me with a fractured skull and elbow and permanently scarred (http://imgur.com/a/wVJc9). I'll try to answer any and all questions, so get asking! EDIT: People are having trouble with the links so here they are again http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-36670689 http://imgur.com/a/wVJc9 Hope this helps

EDIT: People have mentioned how weird looking my smooth face was. Thats some weird filter my phone has that tries to erase spots or something, so here is a picture of me at my graduation without any of that nonsense http://imgur.com/9DwbMr0

EDIT : Right guys its 01:10 in the morning and I need my bed. If you have any questions keep the coming I'll try to answer them as soon as I wake up

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SoundBearier2049 karma

teddy bear's picnic

taster day

What? And what?

Trixsterxx1490 karma

These are both UK terms

Taster day is just an event day for prospective students or parents to visit.

Teddy bear pinic are usually held in correlation to major fundrasing, so buy a ticket to contribute to cause, bring your bear and eat food.

It's also a famous song, teddy bear pinic.

A few further facts about the teddy bear picnic

1.John W.Bratton wrote the song in 1907 for US.

  1. Most popular version in 1930s by Jimmy Kennedy, an irish songwriter

3.The fundraising associated is usually for a cause outside the school not directly funds for the school.

4.They are prominent it seems besides the UK but seen in Scotland, Canada and US

cut_throat_flunky134 karma

What this guy said

Riocro1282 karma

When I was 3 a peacock attacked me when I wouldn't give it my sandwich. Wanna grab a beer and talk about our incredibly similar experiences?

cut_throat_flunky1650 karma

You were right to not give it your sandwich. Fuck that peacock

erotic_thunderpants734 karma

You were so young when it happened. Do you have any memories of the attack?

Do you suffer from nightmares or other emotional trauma still? Did you ever?

Sorry this happened to 3 year old you.

cut_throat_flunky1041 karma

I don't remember a whole lot, just little snippets, like being in an ambulance, my dad seeing me in hospital and cameras around my hospital bed. Its mostly the aftermath I remember, like the media coming to my house, my parents being on TV, going to TV studios and events and meeting reporters and celebrities. I'm told I used to have nightmares when I was younger but they must have stopped when I was still little because I don't remember having them.

thatfirefighterguy236 karma

What celebrities did you meet?

cut_throat_flunky896 karma

I can't remember most of them, but I did meet Mysitc Meg, a horoscope type lady for a newspaper, I met Tony and Cheri Blair, and David Hosselhoff.

Stupidaussiewanker325 karma

I glad your ok but did the teddy bear make it?

cut_throat_flunky814 karma

Unfortunately Sir Fuzzington did not pull through. May he rest in peace.

Morkph318 karma

How many scar bragging contests have you won during your life so far?

I know, asking the relevant questions

cut_throat_flunky852 karma

More than you'd think, but less than you'd hope

WithAGrainOfSugar308 karma

Did you die? If not, good. You look like a cool dude.

cut_throat_flunky371 karma

I didn't. Thanks man.

zen_dudeism224 karma

I understand that the attacker was suffering from schizophrenia. I saw another answer where you said you understand this and don't blame him for it. But I'm curious if the attack affected the way you view violent crime in general, by people without diagnosed illnesses?

cut_throat_flunky1187 karma

I think its given me a unique perspective on things like gun crime. For example a few months before this attack there was a shooting in Dunblane, a town in Scotland where 18 people died and were injured.(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dunblane_school_massacre). I sometimes think "If he had a gun I'd be dead. My older sister would be dead. All those people who survived, who knows how many of them would have lived." So it frustrates me when I see over in America where there not even willing to talk about gun control. Like do some studies or something and if you find limiting access to guns won't solve your problem, then so be it but at leat have the conversation.

Shortwhinybeing223 karma

Are there any lasting effects from your injuries?

cut_throat_flunky578 karma

I'm not sure if it was a direct result of the attack, but I'm now left handed, which was a nightmare growing up especially when it came to scissors. I still avoid using them now.

kotula53216 karma

Would would you say to the man if you saw him now?

cut_throat_flunky1048 karma

What is there to say, you know? I mean I have no vendetta or anything against him, because he was suffering from mental illness so if I were to say anything I'd probably just say I don't hold anything against him and that I hope he gets better. But again its hard to say

156970129314 karma

Wow. World needs more like you mate.

muppetress56 karma

What football team do you support?

Edit: as in the BPL

cut_throat_flunky561 karma

Wolverhampton Wanderers. So I'm used to being disappointed.

flippertyflip204 karma

Hey man. I remember this when it was news. Shocking stuff.

Do you ever lie when ppl ask what the scar is from? I imagine it gets a bit tiring talking about something like that.

Thanks for doing the ama.

cut_throat_flunky357 karma

All the time man, I just don't want to get into it and if I do its too much effort to convince them I'm not lying. The other day I was getting my haircut and my barber saw the scar. I just told them I fell out a tree.

sev1nk183 karma

Have you learned any forms of self-defense in your adulthood due to being attacked as a child? The world is a scary place sometimes.

cut_throat_flunky1188 karma

No, because effort

datrandomgal154 karma

So, what's your favourite ice cream flavour? :)

cut_throat_flunky541 karma

Mint choc chip all day.

Troll_berry_pie50 karma

Do you like Cornettos?

cut_throat_flunky115 karma

I live for cornettos

senorsyphilis147 karma

Were your parents present at the time of the attack? If so, what was it like from their perspective?

cut_throat_flunky330 karma

My dad was at work and my mum was about to pick me and my sister up. If I remember correctly she saw the ambulances arrive. Naturally they were distraught, and that was the first time I saw my dad cry. We've all moved on and its just like a weird dream for them

Maxpower-jr143 karma

Has anyone mentioned how hot you are yet?

Because you are. And people on Reddit should mention this

cut_throat_flunky51 karma

I'm average at best

Lordofbunchies123 karma

How do you get your skin to be so smooth?

cut_throat_flunky283 karma

A daily regime of creams and moisturisers EDIT: I now realise that my phone does thing where it smooths out your kin or something, I am in fact pretty repulsive in real life

Mountin-man46119 karma

Did this ruin teddy bear picnics for you?

cut_throat_flunky308 karma

I haven't been to one since, so maybe?

yoyoyoseph102 karma

How was Ramadan for you?

cut_throat_flunky209 karma

It was fun. It was the first time I was working and fasting at the same time, plus I was going to the gym, so there were times where I thought I was going to die, but I did take a week off during the referendum and been off work since Tuesday to spend time with my family, so in the whole its been good

RSRussia95 karma

What do you think of the Brexit? (Sorry)

cut_throat_flunky347 karma

I voted to stay, but more voted to leave, what else can be said. It can be frustrating hearing about people who voted leave without fully understanding what it meant, and the people who didn't understand what a protest vote was, but that's just democracy.

Progressive1693 karma

What do you do for a living?

cut_throat_flunky370 karma

I'm an investigation engineer and I work for a medical devices company. We receive defective infusion pumps from all over the world and try to figure out whats wrong with them and then make recommendations to other departments on how to avoid failures. You can probably imagine telling other people how to do their jobs doesn't make us the most popular group.

NihilismPlus82 karma

We're you not sure of a big surprise?

cut_throat_flunky288 karma

I don't know man, one second I'm just chowing on various snack foods, and the next people are running around screaming. They could at least waited for me to finish eating you know? Basic etiquette and all that.

Soperos65 karma

What is a teddy bear picnic? Do you eat teddy bears?

cut_throat_flunky406 karma

We offer them as sacrifices to our Teddy overlords, then feast upon them when the ritual is complete

thethriftytrekker63 karma

Because you were young when this happened, what would you say is the biggest thing the attack changed about your development? How do you think you might be different if the attack had not occurred?

cut_throat_flunky198 karma

I lost the use of my right hand so had to become left handed. I'm not sure if this was because of the attack or if I was left handed to begin with. The only difference that I can think is my hair would probably be shorter, because now I have to keep it long to cover the scar. I'm not ashamed of it or anything, i just prefer it that way EDIT: Just to clear up, I loss the use of my right arm while it was healing. It works fine now, I can do all sorts with it.

ResetsPls60 karma

I remember very vaguely that something was said to him, not implying you said anything...

Do you remember what was said? The man was a paranoid schizophrenia, and if I remember he wasn't very apologetic

cut_throat_flunky154 karma

From what I've been told he thought that the children in the nursery were "devil" children who were mocking him and calling him racial slurs. He was suffering from an illness so I doubt that was the case

iWonAgain42 karma

Crazy shit dude. Would you want to take payback against him if you could?

cut_throat_flunky239 karma

The guy was mentally ill and I've managed to live a fairly normal life. He's already lost his freedom, and I don't think me doing anything to him would make me feel better

MlinIsHere37 karma

Are you more conscious/alert now to potentially dangerous people?

cut_throat_flunky260 karma

I make sure to give any fool walking my way a full ocular patdown before he gets to close

FireTigerThrowdown55 karma

Sounds like you need a special pair of shades so they can't see you giving them the ocular patdown, and maybe a sweet leather coat.

cut_throat_flunky125 karma

Maybe.... a duster?

RevengeFoodPorn4 karma

Is the ocular patdown as foolproof as Mack's on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia?

cut_throat_flunky3 karma

In a word... no

WRCousCous33 karma

So what do you do now, and has the attack affected your life decisions as an adult?

cut_throat_flunky53 karma

I'm an engineer who works for a medical devices company. I work on defective infusion pumps and try to make recommendations to other departments based on my findings.

OtroGatoGordo28 karma

OMG What a terrible ordeal!

I do not have any questions about the attack. But I am fellow EE. What is your favor topic in your career? Are you visiting America any time soon?

cut_throat_flunky84 karma

My favourite part of my job is when we get scope out and schematics to fault find a board, cause that's when I feel like I'm using my degree. Pretty much anything thats hands on. I'd love to visit America, last time I went was when I was 20, with my Uni for a robotics competition in Anaheim. I got to spend my 20th at Disneyland and the food was crazy good.

UnashamedlyLacking22 karma

Will you take vengeance?

cut_throat_flunky68 karma

I'm not planning on it, but if you can convince me otherwise, I might be open to it

Hegiman12 karma

I remember hearing about you on the news? Glad your ok. I'm old so I was in my early 20's when that happened. The teddy bears picnic part always stuck in my mind because I'm American and to me it's a song. So I thought it was weird that you were at a teddy bears picnic when it was a song. Now I understand.

cut_throat_flunky20 karma

Everything about its weird man

Username_unique_a10 karma

Did anyone die in the attack? And do you still keep in contact with the other victims?

cut_throat_flunky23 karma

Nobody died, and with Facebook its almost impossible to not keep in touch

cut_throat_flunky9 karma

Its like you've taken me back 20 years...

Whatcanamando7 karma

Did you survive!!??

cut_throat_flunky12 karma


ExplosiveWatermelon7 karma

How many chicks do you pick up with those scars? How many do you lose when you tell them you got them at a teddy bear picnic?

cut_throat_flunky64 karma

How do you picture that going? "Hey girl I was stabbed when I was 3. How about them digits?" "Whaddup shawty, I was attacked in a nursery, your place or mine?" "When I was just a child me and my family had to deal with the trauma of nearly having me die as a result of a horrific attack that has gone down in history. Do you wanna jump on m'dick?"

four_now10 karma

Boy, I bet when the girls first see you they say "Mashallah!" followed by "Inshallah..." until those pick up lines come out and they're walking away shaking their heads muttering "subhanallah".

cut_throat_flunky8 karma

I'm used to them seeing me and saying Astugfurallah

waterdrinkinglawyer4 karma

Have you forgiven him?

cut_throat_flunky5 karma

I feel I have. Because it was so long ago it feels like it didn't happen so maybe that makes it easier for me to forgive him, as opposed to maybe my mum or dad, who probably remember it vividly, so would have a harder time.

boose222 karma

Do you think mental illness makes this man less responsible for committing this act? I've never been able to comprehend why people think this way.

Even if the kids taunts were imagined it still is not ok to slash people up with a machete.

cut_throat_flunky6 karma

I understand where you're coming from but I personally take issue with treating him like he was an evil man who knowingly went out to hurt what he perceived as innocent children, which is how the media portrayed him following the attack. It doesn't mean he isn't responsible for what happened but, in my mind at least, it helps me understand how it could have happened. Maybe its just my way of coping with it. Like trying to justify that such a terrible thing could have happened. I don't know, maybe I'm just waffling on

DarkVexon1 karma

Why were you attacked?

cut_throat_flunky1 karma

I don't think you can fully understand it, but the man who attacked me was suffering from schizophrenia and had convinced himself that the children in the nursery were devil children and were mocking him. Thats the reason he gave at least

orthodontist111 karma

Was the guy also termed a lone wolf?

cut_throat_flunky3 karma

I don't think he was