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Troll_berry_pie52 karma

I enjoyed the video where you review your thinkpad and say why it's better than a Macbook Air.

Troll_berry_pie50 karma

Do you like Cornettos?

Troll_berry_pie12 karma

in the UK, it's what we call coffee with milk in.

Troll_berry_pie11 karma

No offence but what can possibly be used as proof in such a situation?

Troll_berry_pie9 karma

You think that's bad. I work at one of the 'other' fastfood chains that serve fresh coffee.

Our coffee machine broke and for some reason after it was repaired, the functions of the 'latte' and 'white coffee' buttons became reversed.

All the staff know this but some still press the wrong ones especially during a lunch time rush.

Because of this. We have must have caused hundreds of people to think a latte tastes like a coffee now and the vice versa.