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You were right to not give it your sandwich. Fuck that peacock

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No, because effort

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I think its given me a unique perspective on things like gun crime. For example a few months before this attack there was a shooting in Dunblane, a town in Scotland where 18 people died and were injured.(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dunblane_school_massacre). I sometimes think "If he had a gun I'd be dead. My older sister would be dead. All those people who survived, who knows how many of them would have lived." So it frustrates me when I see over in America where there not even willing to talk about gun control. Like do some studies or something and if you find limiting access to guns won't solve your problem, then so be it but at leat have the conversation.

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What is there to say, you know? I mean I have no vendetta or anything against him, because he was suffering from mental illness so if I were to say anything I'd probably just say I don't hold anything against him and that I hope he gets better. But again its hard to say

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I don't remember a whole lot, just little snippets, like being in an ambulance, my dad seeing me in hospital and cameras around my hospital bed. Its mostly the aftermath I remember, like the media coming to my house, my parents being on TV, going to TV studios and events and meeting reporters and celebrities. I'm told I used to have nightmares when I was younger but they must have stopped when I was still little because I don't remember having them.