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These are both UK terms

Taster day is just an event day for prospective students or parents to visit.

Teddy bear pinic are usually held in correlation to major fundrasing, so buy a ticket to contribute to cause, bring your bear and eat food.

It's also a famous song, teddy bear pinic.

A few further facts about the teddy bear picnic

1.John W.Bratton wrote the song in 1907 for US.

  1. Most popular version in 1930s by Jimmy Kennedy, an irish songwriter

3.The fundraising associated is usually for a cause outside the school not directly funds for the school.

4.They are prominent it seems besides the UK but seen in Scotland, Canada and US

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Are disaster movies pretty accurate when they show air traffic control?

Does the rainy weather make it difficult everyday to land planes?

If your cut off from the plane in an emergency like the dissapearing flights what do you have to do and does it effect everything else?

Also thanks for doing this really interesting stuff!

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There hasn't been much written I think historically about the evacuations that happened

Did you have family that got caught in the blitz and what was the rebuilding period like?

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Have you ever written so horrifying, so creepy that it keeps you up for a couple hours at night?

Most of "This Book is Full of Spiders" managed to cause temporary insomia but that hallway first person shoot out, wow that was inspired. Thanks for doing the AMA

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As someone who does laundry regularly I have to second that.

Colleges are secretly conspiring with the gnomes which explain their multi billion dollar industry of stolen left socks and old quarters.