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w1n5t0nM1k3y752 karma

Are you going to call it the Tailor Swift?

BABarista372 karma

Hahaha I should have named it that. Though I don't want ms swift to write a song bad mouthing me

Flight714382 karma

I don't want ms swift to write a song bad mouthing me

Ms Swift is welcome to mouth me so fucking bad.

BABarista156 karma

Well if you put it that way.... How can I resist

kalel198037 karma

But imagine the publicity, dawg!

BABarista103 karma

You're hired. Vp of marketing

cmbd1063 karma

You don't want there to be bad blood.

BABarista12 karma

Bandaids don't fix bullets holes

sean488169 karma

So this works just like fitting a door or window screen? Looks like something a tuxedo shop or high school marching band doesn't know they need but couldn't live without once they had it.

BABarista69 karma

Yep, it works something like that except with a flexible track instead

everro39 karma

Along the lines of Tuxedo shop...are you intending to market it to sewists also? I would definitely use this while sizing something I'm working on rather than stabbing myself with a pinned garment.

BABarista19 karma

Yeah that's what one friend told me. They have a sewimg machine and just want to test the fit before the final sewimg

BABarista2 karma

Yeah that's what one friend told me. They have a sewimg machine and just want to test the fit before the final sewimg

how_is_u_this_dum2 karma

Very awesome idea and very applicable to a wide swath of the population around the world. I backed you for the 5 set pack. Best of luck and congratulations on a seemingly very successful invention. I wish you the best of luck.

BABarista4 karma

You are awesome Thank you so much

NotThatEasily2 karma

Yeah, I think I'm going to back this as well. However, I have to know: how can you live with yourself after releasing a video tutorial of your product without first clearing your microwave?

BABarista4 karma

I cry every night

sean4881 karma

I hope it goes over well. I'm looking at it wondering what else I could use it for. The track could be used to "tuck" a T shirt down to help keep my pistol concealed but still give me easy access.

BABarista22 karma

Haha I guess there could be a clip that attaches to the end to keep your shirt under the belt. No comment on the weapon concealment though

sparkle_suds71 karma

Do you have a video of the product being applied? I can't picture it.

TheReddHobbit64 karma

Nifty product, I think you should use a wheel instead of a card to push the fabric into the zipseam. (spline roller)

BABarista52 karma

Haha I actually have a wheel drawn. But I didn't want to overpromise and under deliver.

xTRS20 karma

This is exactly what I needed! I have lost some weight since moving to Japan. I don't want to get my shirts tailored because I'm still slimming down, but I'm also worried I might go back up too. Also am worried that I won't find anything that fits me in a Japanese store.

A quick adjustable seam is the exact answer to my problem. I hope you don't mind shipping to Japan!

BABarista13 karma

It would be my pleasure to ship to Japan!

mathesonian3 karma

Thought this seemed familiar. This was the first project I ever backed on kickstarter

BABarista3 karma

U da bestest like asbestos

jeepbrahh46 karma

Hey, I bought your invention from Kickstarter. I liked the idea, but not the execution. Particularly the flexibility and noticeability of it. Have you made any redesigns or plan for redesigns?

BABarista79 karma

Yep in the second version I'm currently funding it is silicone so it's much more flexible, also has barrel shaped segments to add additional flexibility while balancing the clamping power! Check out the project and you can see the difference.

jeepbrahh14 karma

What was the first version made out of? It definitely looks more fluid. I wish i didnt throw out the 1.0 to compare them.

BABarista16 karma

The first version was polypropylene

Mardoxx_12 karma

I think noticeability is the main issue here.

BABarista5 karma

Weird. I've gone on plenty of dates and the girl would compliment my shirt

Atmoscope37 karma

Did you have an assistant or financial advisor to help you plan ahead? In my mind I'm thinking you were a normal guy that came up with an idea but had no idea how much money you needed or what you had to do to get it up and going. Also I might use this, have bigger shoulders than my torso so my shirts are usually puffy in the torso area

BABarista64 karma

I actually ran a pretty successful Kickstarter that raised 60k and am running another one with an improved design and material


Otherwise you're not too far off with me not knowing what I'm doing besides selling it for more than what it costs me to make

Apesfate8 karma

Hi, Before kickstarter did you get a provisional patent? Or several along the way? How much were they? How detailed were they? Was this your first invention? Can you recommend a cheap way to complete a provisional patent?

BABarista24 karma

This is my first invention. I filed the provisional patent myself and for micro entities it's like 450$. As long as you get the claims down it should serve as a good holding point for you while you investigate how profitable your invention could be

I_only_eat_triangles17 karma

I had to go to a funeral yesterday - read "I had to wear the suit I haven't worn in ten months." I was wishing I had one of these doodads.

Do they work on the suit jacket, too? anything in the works for that?

BABarista23 karma

Nothing in the works for jackets yet. I figure people own a lot more shirts than jackets. Also the jacket has multiple layers which might make things difficult

I_only_eat_triangles7 karma

I couldn't imagine it would work on jackets. A lot of the time the button can just be moved on the jacket anyway. It looked like the expected delivery was around the fall of this year, is that still on track?

BABarista12 karma

Yep! Production just started. You can see a video of that in my latest Kickstarter update

shreddedking15 karma

how strong is it? can it hold the seam if for example i extend my arms overhead or drape my arms on my girls shoulder?

as a tall guy with broad shoulders and narrow waist good invention. can't wait to see it in market.

BABarista18 karma

It will definitely be strong enough to do that haha.

Khan_Bomb13 karma

What gave you the idea for it? It's a fantastic idea. I learned to sew from my mom, and it saves me a ton of money. For the layman though, this is going to be a lifesaver, so props to you!

BABarista23 karma

I got a really baggy shirt at work and that made me realize how baggy the rest of my shirts were. I had a ton of student loans so I afford to get them all tailored. Thus was the spark

sock201412 karma

How you handle the patent process? Did you do all of your own search? Did you use a lawyer? Was there prior art that you had to work around to make yours unique?

BABarista16 karma

I did a basic patent search myself but obviously couldn't do it in depth. So I filed a provisional patent myself after going through a couple templates and guidelines. After I knew there would be a market for the product I paid a lawyer to file a non provisional patent

GuruMeditationError10 karma

How much did the patent cost? Aren't they usually in the tens of thousands of dollars? Did you fund it with the kickstarter money?

BABarista11 karma

Yeah it was under 10k and I was able to save some money by doing all the technical drawings myself

anotherpinkpanther12 karma

What a great idea! How did you know the end price when doing the Kickstarter? Were you working off estimates or were you already in production?

BABarista30 karma

I gathered a ton of quotes from sites like mfg and Thomas net. I worked with a local manufacturer because I didn't want to get scammed by overseas suppliers and was able to keep an eye on every step of the process

bacon_butter8 karma

Is there some kind of tax on the money you bring in through kickstarter?

BABarista9 karma

Yep definitely taxed. Thanks Obama!

anotherpinkpanther4 karma

Thanks, I have been thinking of doing a kickstarter for a patent I just got, but wasn't sure what happens if the production cost ends up higher than the estimates/what you charged for the product on kickstarter. Or would that be part of getting your product out there even if it means losing a bit of money to launch?

BABarista3 karma

That's when you have to price your Kickstarter so you don't lose money. But if extra expenses come you have to fulfill no matter what because you'll get good exposure

dgiang11 karma

As a fairly slim cut that's between a small and a x-small, this seems great. Does it do anything to adjust length of the shirt since shirts usually run slightly long on me? Also, would it work for thicker shirts such as flannels?

BABarista15 karma

Should work on flannels! But the length is unaffected

paradoxically_cool11 karma

Are they semi-permenant semi permanent? Or do you have to refit them after every wash?

How about adding some kind of adhesive. Install the product, if you like the fit, add glue in the fabric joint after taking out the locking stick thing.

BABarista9 karma

There are now collars in the second version to lock in the fit

Sirfungus2 karma

I am so confused as to how this thing worked, I thought you were measuring it out like that then cutting it and sewing it back. How does this thing work?

BABarista7 karma

Semi permanent

MPersons10 karma

How are you planning to ship to so many people?

BABarista50 karma

Blood and sweat and tears my friend.... And also usps

bacon_butter8 karma

Any ideas on how to transform this into a female product too? I've got lots of dresses that I have to buy to fit my upper chest but won't fit my lower torso.

Also, how did you go about creating the prototype?

BABarista19 karma

I do have a photo of me wearing a dress tailored with the zipseam somewhere 😂

nor_iqhwan7 karma

I've been sewing my off the shirts recently to achieve a slim fit shape and obviously, it takes time and it's pretty hard to do it alone. So I thank you for inventing this cause a bunch of these would be pretty fucking amazing have.

How much do you plan to retail it and do you think you'd be able to ship them outside the U.S?

BABarista15 karma

I've shipped over 4000 packages already all over the world. I plan on retailing it for $25 for the 3 pack and 10 for the 1 pack but both include shipping domestically which is why it's not at the price point I like

Pedrizzle5 karma

Are going to be on shark tank anytime soon?

BABarista16 karma

Isn't that every entrepreneurs dream?

goodstuff103 karma

Eh to be honest I don't see the point. If you have a good product and you hustle it, you don't need to give away large percentages/royalties on it. 99.999% of products you see weren't on there, right?

BABarista3 karma

I mean being on shark tank is 1000000 of advertising

mendeleyev0 karma

I saw the same thing on shark tank. I think they did a deal.

BABarista19 karma

Lol wut please share

caitmac5 karma

I've seen every single episode of shark tank, I can promise you there wasn't anything like this on that show.

BABarista1 karma

Yeah I thought so too haha.

twistedtrick2 karma

My guess is this person is referring to MTailor

BABarista10 karma

Isn't that custom shirts that cost like $100 each. Targeting different markets

fineelectricide5 karma

Hi, after looking at your demo video, I can say i'm definitely going to be backing the kickstarter for your success. Bests to you in the future. Can you also share with us your experience in the manufacturing? such as dealing with quality control and keeping on schedule ( alot of kickstarter projects tend to be delayed) and what would you do different this time around?

BABarista2 karma

For the first time it was single cavity so production was slow. I was able to pick up each shipment which was 30 minutes away. So I checked each shipment. This time I'm going to visit them before they ship everything

RushingRocks3 karma

Have you told your parents? If so what was their initial reaction?

BABarista2 karma

They wanted me to find a chemical engineering job because I had out of state tuition and they didn't want to waste that. But I think they are fine with me pursuing this thing after the numbers came in

Turbulenceofmind3 karma

Did you not come into problems of 'Prior art or disclosure' for discussing the invention on a public medium (Reddit) before having the patent?

BABarista15 karma

I filed a provisional patent before disclosing it

Superfreakin3 karma

How often do you use the product yourself?

BABarista14 karma

Every time I wear a dress shirt! So like a couple times a week. I still wear the same shirt you see in the first Kickstarter haha

NeedToRegisterQuick3 karma

At what point did you realise that there was enough demand for this?

Enough validation for getting an actual patent for example.

Btw I remember checking your kickstarter a while back, definitely one of the more cooler projects back then!

BABarista4 karma

After I launched my Kickstarter and reached my goal in 3 days without any pr is when I realized it was profitable as an invention.

voncasec2 karma

Do I have to remove the Zip Seam before throwing my clothes in the laundry or can I forget about it and leave it in place?

BABarista2 karma

They are washer and dryer safe!

Jeremy24Fan2 karma

I've been waiting forever to get my hands on a zipseam. Will you be selling them again soon? I checked like 4 months ago and again last month I was worried you gave up on the idea!

BABarista8 karma

Haha no I was just designing the new version. I didn't want to sell a inferior product

xsalvaz2 karma

I really want to start this idea of something that can be easily applied and removed on shoes that protects them and allows for cleaner environments for EMTs, hospitals, etc without reducing the grip of the shoe. Any ideas on how to go forward with this concept? Should I talk to EMTs to get an idea on how they think it might work? What would be your first steps?

BABarista2 karma

I would first make a prototype that I can test with friends. File a provisional patent once you get a satisfactory prototype by yourself. Or file the patent first if you outsource. Then maybe crowdsource to get a real gauge of the demand if you put it before consumers

ashleyasdfgh2 karma

Wanna start by saying this is a great idea, and I'm excited for your success!

I have an idea that I was hoping to get patented and then sell to a large (very large) corporation, since the technology would be specific to them. How difficult was the patent process for you? I definitely don't have $5l-$10k to drop on this... and really I don't need the technology past selling it to these companies. Would I even need a patent for that...?

Sorry if that question isn't exactly relevant! Just curious about your experience getting the patent.

BABarista2 karma

Marling this down for me to answer layer

ZakDeBal2 karma

I looked and couldn't find any reference to this question (that doesn't mean it hasn't been asked though)...

I just backed the 2.0 but then thought: Will it be possible to trim down the strip to adjust to different torso lengths? Even if it isn't, my backing will remain but if it isn't, that might be value add to the product itself.

BABarista2 karma

Yep if it's too long just trim it to length :)

Kpopllama1 karma

Are you afraid of tailors going Kill Bill on you for competing with their businesses?
EDIT: Missed a word.

BABarista6 karma

Haha you either die a hero or live long enough to be a villaim

TheJunkyard1 karma

How does one tailor shirts to a bunch of subreddits?

BABarista2 karma


rontank1 karma

Have you considered presenting your product on shark tank? This seems like the perfect product to do so.

BABarista2 karma

Definitely considered it. In fact I've gone to auditions

HeartyBeast1 karma

Did your patent lawyer go absolutely ballistic when (s)he found out that you had shared your idea publicly, before patenting it, thus making the patent process rather riskier?

BABarista2 karma

I already filed the provisional so I had the lock down date

finzaz-1 karma

Without any legal education myself, doesn't sharing the idea in public before the patent's submitted invalidate it?

I've spoken to a patents lawyer before and he told me to be careful about this sort of thing. There was some anecdote I'm too lazy to look up about the inventor of the windsurfer and how he didn't get the patent because he tried the prototype on a lake near a public campsite or something. Showing the invention in public puts it in the public domain I think?

Hope this isn't the case for you. You might need to delete your old posts though.

BABarista1 karma

I filed a provisional patent before hand to not publicly disclose my idea :)