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New soundtrack Trials of the Blood Dragon

..... and proof!

x PG.




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Noelle_evette506 karma

So what's the deal with Powerglove the metal band that does covers of video games/cartoons? You guys ever beef over the name? I've always listened to both of you and I'm just curious if there was ever contact of connection or awareness between you guys.

PowerGloveAudio255 karma

Way back they tried to threaten us. We thought it was funny.

nickm9170 karma

Could you explain more in detail what happened between you guys? Were they nice? Annoyed? Also, do you know who came first? If they did, did you know about the metal Powerglove band when you chose the name?

PowerGloveAudio180 karma

From memory they stated we should change our name... they were annoyed. We'd be annoyed too. But we had no idea they existed. All good now though.

BassilSilver430 karma

We have no beef with you guys! -Bassil from the other Powerglove

Fabrikator145 karma

Powerglove X Powerglove Teamup!

PowerGloveAudio181 karma

Umh. Yes please.

Signalnoise77306 karma

Can you guys follow me around and play your music so I appear cooler than I actually am?

PowerGloveAudio241 karma

Your amazing silver hair is too much cool already.

AlphaoftheNorth221 karma

Blood dragon had an amazing soundtrack. Your music gave that game such an amazing vibe, and I love you for that. What can we expect in the future from Power Glove? Which video game would you like to have had a track on?

PowerGloveAudio173 karma

We have plenty on the horizon... album next. We want to tour also, perhaps next year. We always wished we could have worked on Ecco the Dolphin... or Mech Warrior II... or a brawler... Fatal Fury.. Streets of Rage II... So many!

PowerGloveAudio64 karma

PS. That Mech Warrior II soundtrack. A masterpiece.

CorndogNinja81 karma

Hey dudes - love your music! Blood Dragon was one of the things to really get me into synth music, and I still rock out to that main theme!

My question for you is, why do you think the whole neon-noir/synth/retrowave/neo-80s movement is getting so popular lately? Just what is it about neon lasers and pulsing beats that gets the people goin'?

PowerGloveAudio60 karma

Thank you! So much fun working on Blood Dragon. There's some great artists in this genre, we dig it. Honestly it's still a surprise to see how much it's blown up since 2008 or so. Not sure what it is exactly - we just started by writing music we wanted to hear.

nickm9162 karma

What are some of your favorite Synthwave bands?

PowerGloveAudio184 karma

Lazerhawk, he was one of the originals back when we were rocking out myspace. Gatekeeper. VHS Head. Megadrive has some good stuff. Adeyhawk. College.

Ratman_Nick55 karma

Loved the soundtrack to Blood Dragon, been listening to your stuff ever since, thanks for being so rad.

If CD Projekt Red were to approach you to create the soundtrack to Cyberpunk 2077, would you?

And is there any other projects you've seen coming up that you'd love to work on?

PowerGloveAudio58 karma

We would definitely be on board. We have this collection of cyberpunk material building up... may form a future release.

MisanthropeX55 karma

What exactly do you call your form of music? I've heard "Outrun", "Synthwave", "Retrowave" and even "Darksynth" and "Horrorsynth" (the latter two usually when talking about, say, Perturbator and Carpenter Brut). It's clearly a cohesive genre, but what would you call it?

PowerGloveAudio95 karma

So much waves, so many synths. Surely we'd be in synthwave, perhaps that's the umbrella genre... though we've never aimed for any genre sound particularly. It really is fascinating how humans categorise things.

Nogoodnms47 karma

How did Ubisoft approach you to make the Blood Dragon OST? I think very few people had heard of you beforehand. Also, why didn't you release the Blood Dragon version of "Hunters" on the OST?

Thanks for doing this AMA, and keep up the awesome work!

PowerGloveAudio65 karma

Dean Evans contacted us out of nowhere and was like "guys i've got this project over at ubisoft you might like" ... think he got our details from Jason Eisener (Hobo With A Shotgun). Hunters will see the light of day - we have a b-sides EP that we've been meaning to release, will throw it on that surely.

sicilianhotdog47 karma

Hey buds, you still need to send me the stems to Boss Fight so I can play with them.

Also, when we played together in Mexico I ate a street taco before the show and almost shit my pants on stage. Fun times.

When are you coming back to LA?

PowerGloveAudio44 karma

Haha. Best set ever.

Stems. Yes. We gotta chat.

Miss LA. Let's go to russia.

Pat8629 karma

Whats your favorite music track from a carpenter movie?

Ulti8 karma

Aww, not the theme from Assault on Precinct 13?

PowerGloveAudio7 karma

Ah yesss surely.... too hard to pick!

Aggressivehesus25 karma

Is that Juno-106 on the photo? What hardware do you use by the way and how do you make it sound THAT warm?

PowerGloveAudio39 karma

Juno 6. Wish we had the 106 so we can save patches. We run mixes through a reel-to-reel for some tape compression - warmth and grit.

penguinseatsocks20 karma

when are we gonna get a full album? and when are gonna get this?

PowerGloveAudio17 karma

It's so close. Aiming for late this year. CRYPT II is on there.

thatwhitehairedmofo19 karma

Hey guys, I love your stuff. Which of the songs in the Blood Dragon OST are you most proud of and/or enjoy the most?

PowerGloveAudio39 karma

Love theme. Close 2nd - Cyber Commando.

siegewolf17 karma

What is your guilty pleasure music?

Rhiden17 karma

I just want to say that it's a struggle now a days finding good new music. I've been listening to you guys for a little while now and I was so pleasantly surprised when I found your music.

With Kung Fury 2 being made, will you be doing any music for it? If you did I think I'd shit my pants.

PowerGloveAudio20 karma

Thank you!! No plans for working with the Kung Fury guys yet!

lyinggrump17 karma

Did you guys name yourself after the nintendo powerglove by nintendo? How do you like it?

PowerGloveAudio27 karma

It all started with this commercial - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93iDhnBcMGo

TeenIdol1216 karma

What videogames are you guys currently playing?

PowerGloveAudio32 karma

Just finished Uncharted 4. About to start Final Fantasy III.

RogerRambo15 karma

Apart from everything thats fantastic about 80's films what other areas have inspired your work?

PowerGloveAudio54 karma

babes n protein shakes. And growing up in hong kong with a gameboy in our ears.

ded2me11 karma

Have you guys ever heard of another artist called Monomer? He's freaking amazing also. The Labyrinth album is the best.

PowerGloveAudio10 karma

No will check it out! Album art is A+

heqofficial11 karma

Hey guys! Your music is truly inspirational. Can You tell us what are Your favourite synths and do You use any software synths in Your tracks? Thanks!

PowerGloveAudio12 karma

SY99 is sacred.... that'd be our fave. So bad. Prophet5 and juno6... We use some software synths, simple poly vst's, especially when laying down ideas. QuadraSID is killer. Tho we end up going back to hardware more and more.

ME2460111 karma

How often do you hear this quote?

PowerGloveAudio30 karma

We say it with our eyes shut before every meal.

Turok113410 karma

Are you the dudes who did the Hobo With a Shotgun soundtrack? Cause that shit rocked my socks off.

Also, what sort of music do you guys listen to? For pure enjoyment, I mean.

PowerGloveAudio18 karma

This is us! Hobo. People walked out of the cinema in disgust. The rest cheered at the end.

We listen to a lot of soundtracks... and dorky shit like enigma and Vollenweider... Recently listening to a lot D-Train, O'Bryan... This guy called Suicide Year... has a vaporwave trap kinda sound... Stanislav Tolkachev for dark techno.

vanit10 karma

I loved the Blood Dragon OST. Why did it take so long for it to go up on Spotify? Did you or Ubisoft think it wouldn't get the response it did?

PowerGloveAudio11 karma

Not sure on the delay - Ubisoft handle that stuff. I don't think anyone thought it would be as big of a success as it was, though knew we were part of something unique, it seemed to hit all the right notes for people

RogerRambo9 karma

How does it work composing music for the Blood Dragon series? Are you just given a rough draft of what the game will be or do you actually get to see some gameplay footage to help get that retro goodness flowing?

Also are you pulling a Daft Punk on us, how long till we see your faces? :D

PowerGloveAudio21 karma

Dean Evans is the mastermind. Early on he sends us ideas and reference images - for Far Cry BD at first all we had to go on was James Cameron Future War Purple Lazers... then Michael Biehn got cast... then we knew exactly where the music needed to be

The teams at ubisoft and redlynx were sending us clips as the games were being developed - so by the end it was like scoring to film.

ASilentShout7 karma

Hey guys, massive fan! Great work on EPII -- E-240 (and it's close relative, 4am remix) is my absolute favorite track you guys have put out.

Can you give some insight into your production workflow? Hardware/software preferences? I think the style on EPII is distinctly different from other "outrun" style artists -- it has a darker, sort of electro RnB 90's feel to it that I haven't heard anywhere else, and can't get enough of.

Also -- have you started work on EPIII? Maybe even...LP1?


PowerGloveAudio11 karma

Thankyou!! EPII was a kind of experiment, we want to keep pushing that direction further... Next up is our album, it sort of is in a world between the two releases.

We're obsessed with dorky workstation synths, beasts like the SY99 (it has this DX7 fm synthesis built in that is a bitch to program, but amazing). And you can pick them up for cheap, ie rack mounted m1's are gold. Also hardrives full of samples ripped from old VHS tapes, movies, games etc often spur the basis for a track.

Atenmoons7 karma

Hi what new music genres influence you? Darthdub? Goth dub? Blow?

PowerGloveAudio14 karma

Baroque Wave

Nyaos6 karma

How do you feel about vaporwave trying to hijack 80s nostalgia trip that you guys run? I feel like your genre of music isn't getting as much attention as theirs recently.

PowerGloveAudio11 karma

Vaporwave is the perfect background music. We know it has its nay sayers. It's doing something different than us, so we can listen to it and not hear our own shit in there. Our favourite guy is luxury elite .

Zolotarenko6 karma

Hi! I've been a fan since I looked at the credits of ABC's of Death because the music you made for Y for Youngbuck really kicked my ass! I also watched you live in Mexico City and I want to say that your sound is so unique and powerful.

Anyway, I would like to know how all of this started? Did you pretend to sound like this when you began?


Cheers from Mexico, hope you come back soon!

PowerGloveAudio7 karma

Yo Zolotarenko! Thankyou. Started as a joke... that warped VHS world... 16bit systems... babes n muscle... Then just kept going, it's like an itch we need to scratch.

Webmay6 karma

Hello Guys, i loved your Soundtrack in the Spinoff Blood Dragon. I wannaaaaa moooore ;) Your truly unique. Are u also on Spotify?

PowerGloveAudio11 karma

Thanks, more on the way! Here we are on Spotify - https://play.spotify.com/artist/0dalJaAT80lKfkZsC86lnW

Boo_Radley696 karma

Are there any videogames or movies you wish you could make music for?

PowerGloveAudio20 karma

We were dreaming of scoring Ready Player One. Looks like John Williams beat us to it.

Evernight6 karma

Love your guy's work. I know synthwave is a rising genre, but who are some up and coming synthwave artists that you guys enjoy or think we should be aware of?

PowerGloveAudio13 karma

The best guys are the ones that are a bit different. Recently been into VHS Logos... MOON... Benedek... Check out PPU label.

Baemon6 karma

Love you guys, have everything on vinyl and your music was the only redeeming factor of the new Trials game. Any news of a non-soundtrack full LP? Or are you sticking to the EP length?

What contemporary media do you guys like?

Is there a specific direction you want to take PG you haven't already?

PowerGloveAudio13 karma

Thanks Baemon! We're working on an album, is getting close, though things always take us longer than expected.

Specific direction - yes! Always. We have a bunch of ideas, we're just figuring out a way to make each release cohesive. We'd love to release a full blown ambient cyberpunk record.

Blood-Pervertor5 karma

I listen to you in my car all the time. Good driving music. Fits like a glove.

PowerGloveAudio7 karma

Finkle is einhorn, eihhorn is finkle.

aryst0krat5 karma

What do you guys think of True Survivor? Or Kung Fury in general. But in specifically interested in what you think of the song.

PowerGloveAudio5 karma

It's incredible it exists.

Amuro_Rae5 karma

Any movies or games coming up that you guys have worked with?

PowerGloveAudio5 karma

Nothing just now. Using the break to focus on our own release.

icansupportthat5 karma

My buddy Dean made/makes Blood Dragon. Do you know him? He's the best.

PowerGloveAudio7 karma

He is. Ubisoft need to give him millions and free reign.

tttggg3335 karma

You guys are awesome!!! Do you ever tour? When are you coming to NYC?

PowerGloveAudio12 karma

We definitely plan to organise a US tour

DutchChairMan5 karma

Any plans to make more music for other games in the future?

PowerGloveAudio6 karma

For now we're hard at work in the studio focused on our own stuff.

repete662195 karma

Giorgio Moroder or Tangerine Dream?

PowerGloveAudio11 karma

TD during the day, Moroder at night.

corgonin5 karma

What do you guys eat on tour?

PowerGloveAudio14 karma


Hammershaw4 karma

I'm in love with EP II and have all your albums (or at least your 3 main ones that came out on Vinyl). Can't remember how I stumbled upon you guys, but you were my introduction to Synthwave and will always have a special place in my heart for that. (I got a bit into cyberpunk related things such as Neuromancer and Shadowrun due to my interests spider-webbing off your music.)

My question for you guys is this though: I started a collab playlist on Spotify with some friends initially inspired by Shadowrun. We renamed it to The Sprawl when it started to become its own beast. You guys may have the most consistent appearance on the playlist and would love it for your own suggestions to the playlist or just add some tracks in since it's set to collab. Here's a link for it:


Thanks, keep up the amazing work!

Also, will you do any live events near Northern Nevada anytime soon?

PowerGloveAudio3 karma

Shadowrun playlist has been on repeat all day, excellent selection, we'll think of some additions... We hope to tour US, next year looking promising!

raphus844 karma

Love the music I have the blood dragon ost on in my car quite often.

What do you think of the influx of aphex twin tunes of late?

PowerGloveAudio23 karma

aphex is a modern day mozart

SynthFetish4 karma

Any plans to release Hunters or Vengence digitally or physical?

PowerGloveAudio9 karma

Yes we have a b-sides EP of sorts, will see a release eventually!! Album first.

ThatCoolBritishGuy3 karma

Have you guys played through Blood Dragon or any of the other Far Cry games? By the way, I love Blood Dragons main theme! Fit the game perfectly!

PowerGloveAudio7 karma

Apart from Blood Dragon, we put a lot of hours into FC3, that game was classic

LopoGoLoco3 karma

How did you guys come into contact with each other?

Also, what are some DAWs, recording equipment, and instruments you guys enjoy using?


PowerGloveAudio8 karma

We're brothers. The most exciting thing we're into right now is a Teac reel-to-reel tape recorder we finally got cleaned up and up and running again. And some new Yamaha monitors. Running through a dj mixer... it's a pretty ghetto setup, nothing special, though it's the little things that add so much.

user0verkiller2 karma

What's your favorite Videogame Soundtrack so far? Also if you could take a videogame music track & remake it a la Blood Dragon which one would it be?

penguinseatsocks2 karma

have you considered venturing into prog house or techno? there was some stuff on EPII that was almost completely void of 80's vibes but i love it so much. you guys are versatile producers and i'm wet right now thinking about Power Glove techno

PowerGloveAudio5 karma

Techno is the ultimate. It's gotta happen. We have an idea on how to release some of it, but still fit the PG sound/idea.

Bender4111 karma

Do you plan touring? Visit other countries with live shows?

PowerGloveAudio1 karma

Sure, though likely won't be until next year... Currently in the studio focused on some bits and pieces.

hiimmike1 karma

Hey, I've been in love with your music ever since I heard Vengeance in the first ABCs of Death! In your opinion, which 80's movies had the most badass soundtracks?

PowerGloveAudio2 karma

Bloodsport - Paul Hertzog.

Hard to Kill - David Michael Frank.

Nemesis - Michael Rubini.

Presumed Innocent - John Williams.

... all on high rotation

so many though.....

Raw Deal... Running Man... No Retreat No Surrender... Akira...

slayerbizkit1 karma

How do you learn to make your style of music? I like the new-wave retro sound but don't know where to start as far as what equipment to play around with.

PowerGloveAudio13 karma

Get a pulse bass. Add a saw tooth arpegio. Add a 4/4 kick snare. Add police sirens. Profit.

Eat_a_Bullet1 karma

Are you guys bummed out that Trials of the Blood Dragon sucks, or are you more hyped that pretty much everybody says the best thing about the game is the music?

PowerGloveAudio4 karma

Honestly we're just stoked people are digging the soundtrack. We also feel the game is fun when you take it for what it is. And working with the red lynx guys was a good chance to try a bunch of random Blood Dragon-y tunes. BD needs a sequel. We just hope Ubisoft listens. We've heard the ideas. And it's amazing.

Hamminz1 karma

Who would win in a knife fight, Com Truise or Mitch Murder?

Also, thanks for fueling my 80's-Sunglasses-in-the-rear-view-mirror drive to work and pleasure.

PowerGloveAudio2 karma

Com Truise has bear bod and would win.

d_b_work_account1 karma

Why is there no official release of Hunters?!! It is one of the most stellar tracks of the genre(s). I would like to give you money for it.

PowerGloveAudio2 karma

We get this question a lot! We plan on releasing a b-sides album eventually to get all our unreleased material out there, we'll throw Hunters in ...

MyMuddyEyes1 karma

I've just got into making synth music. Do you have any tips for a beginner?

PowerGloveAudio3 karma

Make what your ears wanna hear.

PowerGloveAudio1 karma

Make what your ears wanna hear.