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Get some botox, too, for that smooth-as-eggs look.

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Hey dudes - love your music! Blood Dragon was one of the things to really get me into synth music, and I still rock out to that main theme!

My question for you is, why do you think the whole neon-noir/synth/retrowave/neo-80s movement is getting so popular lately? Just what is it about neon lasers and pulsing beats that gets the people goin'?

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Hi Ryan!

You have a pretty distinctive 'voice' when you write or type (multiple punctuation marks??? sometimes no punctuation - AND BLOCKS OF ALL CAPS) - How did that come about? Is it a reaction to how we often lose a sense of tone or delivery when reading lines of text on a screen?

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How do you get "super cool people" to be in your movies? Did they know about you beforehand, or were they just in the area?