DailyMail ran a story based off this AmA........ If i wanted media attention, I'd get a hole of the media my self, for fucks sake.

Edit 6/19 I'm going to do some Father's day activities with my kids but I will be back.

Have I missed anyone's questions so far? If I have let me know or re-ask and I will get to it. I hope all you wonderful dad's are enjoying your day with the kiddos!

I also added in why I needed a face transplant as I have ben asked that many times.

Edit- added a public album and links to other things and my old AMA

My name is Mitch Hunter, I did an AMA a few years back and decided to update my fellow redditors on my progress. I have healed quite well over the last few years and most people can hardly tell I even had a face transplant.

All the sensation in my face is back 100% and it feels awesome! I have recently been on local news in many cities, BBC Live Radio, and Good Morning Britain.

I could type forever but this is an AmA so ask away and like last time, I will answer every question you have!

Since I've been asked "why did you need a face transplant, I'll clear that up with this edit.

I was in a car accident that involved a truck hitting a utility pole. The driver got out shut the door and pretty much left his girlfriend and I in the truck for dead. We eventually got out and from I was told by her and eye witnesses, she was struck by one of the downed power lines. I got her off the downed line immediately, then it struck and grounded me. 10,000 volts 7 amps for about 5 mins. It entered my left leg, exited my right hand, and face. I also suffered a few major and minor blowouts, one on my left chest above my heart, left shoulder, and down the left arm. I had full thickness burns (past third degree) on the majority of my face, I have a BKA (below knee amputation) on the left leg, and I lost two fingers on the right hand (ring and pinkie). I was in the hospital two and a half months after the accident and in and out for four more years. I've had 70-80 surgeries on my face and hand, the majority on my face. Add about 10-15 more on my leg, I never got the records on my leg, so that's more of a guess. The accident was 11/30/01.

https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/1e4023/mitch_hunter_full_face_transplant/ - first ama with more explanation


Someone photoshop/meme my pics, I wanna see your creativity!

https://www.facebook.com/DeathIsScaredOfMe/ - verified blue checkmar




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barbakyoo2873 karma

What's the Many-Faced God like?

MitchHunter3586 karma

I'm great

W8asecbeck2555 karma

My 15 yr old son was shot with a 12 gauge shot gun in the face. He is 2 weeks post op for the mandibular reconstruction. They doctors don't seem very confident in how to repair the mid face area. We have thought about a transplant, but are worried about the long term meds that go along with it. Also wether he will still look like himself, or someone else. What is your medication regimen like?

MitchHunter3531 karma

4mg of prograf bid, 1000mg cellcept bid, 10mg prednisone once day.

I can gt him in contact with my team.

Dare2Deame1295 karma

"You get a face! And you get a face! And you get a face!"

MitchHunter734 karma

lol I need to make that into a meme

MitchHunter232 karma

Hell yeah!

40_Minus_12397 karma

So how do we know this is actually Mitch Hunter, and not just some guy with his face?

MitchHunter1710 karma

lmao I see what you did there

ExpertOnAppropriate2246 karma

Well since you are replying to everyone, I can only hope it's not too late.

Nowhere in the old AMA or here did I find anyone congratulating you on your bravery. I mean, you just went and saved a person's life with full awareness of what you are exposing yourself to. I'd like to believe I would do something like that in your place, but let's just say the set of people I'd do it for is much smaller and pretty much restricted to my special other, and that's only because she is sweet. You know, like there are survivors, there are gangsters, there are academics, well she is just a sweet person and I would die if anything happened to her.

But you did that man. You actually went and did that. All the news talking about you as a victim, while in reality, rather than "suffer", you acted against. How crazy is that? You first saved a person's life, then endured 5 minutes of agony, and are now doing all you can to reintegrate by looking good for your children, even though maybe you were ok with yourself the way you looked before the full transplant.

Sometimes I get anxiety episodes because of how my hair looks or something stupid like that. I respect you and admire you. Not as a guy who is not self-conscious though, but as a man who acts in given situations. To me, that is what ideally life should be all about, and people who do that, no matter how invisible, are so way beyond my league of egomaniacs.

MitchHunter1369 karma

Best comment so far, thanks a lot for that! People like you give m hope for humanity!

123xyz123xyz1235 karma

Do you like the movie FaceOff?

MitchHunter1008 karma

Love it, I even do the hand from face that Nick Cage did.

Up_All_Nite1075 karma

Does the facial hair grow normally?

MitchHunter2194 karma

verdatum1073 karma

How do you feel about the Oxford comma?

MitchHunter1911 karma

It's a must

Zorrilo988 karma

I have to say the result of the transplant is surprisingly good. I, like many others I'm sure, was aware of this procedure but didn't realize just how "normal" the result would be.

Can you give us an overview of the transplant and healing process, and timelines for when you started to gain sensation and muscle control? Thanks!

MitchHunter1229 karma

The transplant it self took a little over 14 hours which involved debriding all my scarred tissue, then preparing the blood vessels and nerve endings to be attached to the new face. Once they placed the new face on, a lot of micro surgery was done, but surprisingly they only connected 3 nerve endings, both sides of my cheeks and forehead.

The healing process to almost a year for it to finally settle in and look somewhat normal. I started gaining sensation about 6 days after the surgery, it wasa tickling/tingling sensation. Within the first year I had gained back about 50-60% sensation.

Now five years out I have 100% sensation. The muscle control is pretty good, still learning to use mt lips better though, as I can't smile big and show my teeth. But I can raise each eyebrow individually!

silentxem721 karma

I can only raise one of my eyebrows on its own. I am very impressed.

MitchHunter537 karma

Just practice and you will get both eventually.

kangaroobz601 karma

Did you (or are you still trying to) get used the new look, since you are literally wearing another person's face?

I'm sorry if this sounds offensive.

MitchHunter1496 karma

I look a lot like myself to be honest, your bone structure gives you your appearance.

Don't wirry about offending me, it's damn near impossible, I make fun of my shortcomings all the time!

nice_and_friendly593 karma

a fuckin face transplant? what happened? you look normal, by the way. thanks for taking the time to do an AMA

MitchHunter1153 karma

Googling my name will give you the full story or looking up my old AMA, but to make a long story short, I was in a car accident, driver hit a utility pole, the female passenger was struck by a down wire and I pulled her off and got blasted myself, 10k volts 7 amps for roughly 5 mins. Majority of the electricity exited my face.

nice_and_friendly545 karma

yikes. glad you are still with us man. i always thought eating that kind of electricity would just blow your heart up or something

MitchHunter1260 karma

According to electricians, I shouldn't have a physical body! Thanks bro!

DonkeyNozzle2432 karma

He survived 10k volts of electricity for 5 minutes due to this one simple trick!

Electricians hate him!

MitchHunter853 karma


photoshy589 karma

Have you had any contact with the donor's family and friends? If so how did they react to seeing you with their loved ones face? How has your family reacted to your new face?

MitchHunter1236 karma

I met the family a few weeks after the transplant. Now when I go to Boston, we hang out, grab dinner and some drinks. The meeting was very emotional for all of us.

My family still sees me as me, they have adapted quite well.

photoshy223 karma

meeting the family must have been a strange experience for them i assume you dont look exactly like he did due to skull structure but it must have been a strange ''invasion of the body snatchers'' moment seeing his face but having a different personality and voice

MitchHunter569 karma

I look nothing like the donor. They see me as me too, they don't see any resemblance to their son.

commandershitlorde167 karma

Oh hey, Boston! I'll have to look out for you sometime. :)

MitchHunter242 karma

I'll be there this Monday the 20th for a week.

commandershitlorde141 karma

Cool! Go around Back Bay at all?

MitchHunter344 karma

Do you live there? We should grab a beer!

tsuga29 karma

That seems like it would be one of the more difficult, or at least stranger aspects, the association of identity with facial features. This whole experience has to have given you some kind of singular insight into that. Congratulations on coming through what must have been a tremendously difficult experience, you seen to have a good attitude after all you've been through. Shit, electrical shock like that is so terrible. Neurologically is everything evened out, and did that have any impact on your adaptation to the new face?

MitchHunter65 karma

The electric shock has only messed with my memory.

Thanks for your kind words!

C4Dave588 karma

Do you take anti-rejection drugs? If so, will this be for the rest of your life?

MitchHunter655 karma

Yes, and yes.

manyaboom358 karma

Have you had to reintroduce yourself to anyone that didn't recognize you?

MitchHunter904 karma

Quite the opposite, the electricity did a number on my memory and I see people all the time i use to know but can't remember, so I have to act like I do until I figure out who they are or someone tells me. Kind of sucks lol.

manyaboom220 karma

Do you have any problems forming new memories or does this just affect memories before your accident?

MitchHunter472 karma

Memories before. Missing parts of my childhood.

sheargraphix262 karma

Sorry if this is too personal but how did the experience affect you mentally?

MitchHunter693 karma

The accident gave me PTSD, as far as the transplant, it gave me a lot of my confidence back!

whateverbuddy166 karma

How are you dealing with the PTSD?

MitchHunter852 karma

Used MDMA treatments and it's pretty much nonexistent now.

smileedude255 karma

How annoying do you find Face Off references on a scale of 1 to 10?

MitchHunter435 karma

I'm so use to them, it's like a meme to me now.

MitchHunter892 karma

So like 3

hastagelf162 karma

Any pictures of you, before the accident?

LimeWeavile153 karma

So wait. Did your old beard grow out of your new face? (You look great, btw :D)

MitchHunter490 karma

No, it's the donors beard, hair follicles come with skin.

ric_bm_134 karma

Why did it take 10 years after the accident for you to receive a face transplant? Were you that confident during that frame of time?

Glad to know you can have a normal life again, hero.

MitchHunter276 karma

It wasn't possible when I first got in the accident.

I was when I drank lol. Liquid courage!

whateverbuddy129 karma

Did you keep your original ears or did they had to be replaced too?

MitchHunter131 karma


wrapmeindreams121 karma

• I assume there would have been a massive risk of infection. What did your medical team do to minimise this risk?

• (silly question) was there any choice you had with the face transplant you received? Or did they just assign you a donor?

Thanks so much!

MitchHunter187 karma

I took a lot of antibiotics and antivirals at first, until my immune system caught up.

No, it's totally anonymous, but I have met his family.

Lehot114 karma

What was the process of requesting a face?

Would they take a face off any random organ donor?

I'm not quite a biologist, so I'm curious what exactly was transplanted? Just skin, or lips, nose, eyebrows and the other stuff, too?

Were you skeptical at first? I can see myself being skeptical if someone told me "Yeah, so, if you want, we can patch someone's face on your head."

Thanks for a great AMA! :)

P.S. Amazing beard.

MitchHunter247 karma

Getting in contact with the team, writing a letter explaining why I need a face transplant and why I would be a good candidate.

No, there are age limits, up and down but am unsure of the actual numbers. Plus they do blood typing and skin typing.

All the soft tissue really, muscles, ligaments, nerves, blood vessels - the whole face and part of my neck, so year eye brows, nose, and lips came with it.

I was, but I also knew any result would be better than my previous appearance.

https://imgur.com/IHX0mVv https://imgur.com/2K6KZnL

Thank you, it's trimmed now.

MitchHunter113 karma

I made front page fo the second time! My first ama did and this one did, thank you all!

JD039496 karma

What happened to the girl you saved and her boyfriend? Are you still in touch with them?

MitchHunter268 karma

Her and I still talk, he tried to say I was driving when I was in a coma and supposed to die, so if I ever see him, wel like the Joe Pesci said in Casino "There's a lot of holes in the desert, and many problems are buried in those wholes.

v1ech15 karma

Did read in your AMA from 3 years ago that you have lost contact to her. When and how did you find her again and what was your first contact like?

MitchHunter28 karma

She found me on my public figure oage on FB

rjbudke91 karma

What was the first thing you laughed at post-op, and what did that feel like?

MitchHunter901 karma

The nurses came in to give me a sponge bath and it was cold so my guy was shriveled. I said ladies, don't get the wrong idea, it's very cold. One said "Don't worry, we saw it at full mast when you were i na drug induced coma and you don;t have anything to worry about"

Felt great.jpg

gellman80 karma

The transplant looks great, I'm still trying to figure out how you survived being shocked for that long! Five minutes is a lifetime. Have the doctors ever discussed with you how you managed to get through it?

MitchHunter161 karma

I tell them my sense of humor go me through it all.

claudiahsilva12372 karma

Hey man excellent answers so far! Thanks for doing this. I wanted to ask about blinking and the eyelid function and how hard that was. You mentioned only three points being attached and only an amazing 6 days before you got feeling....but like how did you sleep....or get your eye lids to open when you were awake?

MitchHunter140 karma

I actually have my own original eyelids and they open and close normally. I have insomnia, so I rarely sleep.

eugeniusmith57 karma

First of all, thanks so much for doing this AMA. You look great!

My question isn't about the face transplant. I'd love to hear more about what the MDMA therapy was like, if you don't mind talking about it. Did you feel better overnight?

MitchHunter138 karma

Thank you!

I had read a lot of research studies from over seas and talked to a few doctors from Switzerland.

I didn't do mine with a real profession but my fuck buddy at the time. We would drop x and I would talk about things I had buried and would never have brought up if not on MDMA and open to my psyche.

I felt better after the first time but far from normal. We did it every weekend for a while.

rainydaybear15 karma

That sounds like a good friend you had, to sit and delve into your mind while high could potentially be a bit of a 'downer' for them. That was cool you had someone to help you. And to fuck you i guess too lolol.

Can I ask, is your current spouse and mother of your kids the same person you were with at the time of the accident? Or a new person who fell in love with you after the accident?

MitchHunter25 karma

I am single, never been married and no. She was a new girl who stole my heart then broke it.

Slaxophone54 karma

Was taking your old face home an option? If so, did you?

I would guess it'd be treated as medical waste, but could be quite a conversation starter if taxidermied.

MitchHunter179 karma

I fucking wish, I'd have it in a jar.

vagicle52 karma

Since you're in the rare position of having had to learn how to operate a face: is it easier to smile than frown, or is that saying full of shit?

MitchHunter61 karma

Neither one is more difficult than the other. I just can't smile real big and show my teeth.

sonicdivine50 karma

What is the critical consensus among Brits regarding Oasis? Are they just the "Wonderwall band" as my fellow Americans have labeled them, or are they a revered band in your nation?

MitchHunter102 karma

Oasis was actually the first concert I ever saw back in the 90s, I;ve always called them Oasis. I'd laugh at someone for calling them the "Wonderwall Band."

Luhdk44 karma

Where is the "seam"? Like, is it under your chin or closer to your neck? I also Second The Ears question. Cheers!

MitchHunter48 karma

Yeah part of my neck was replaced as well. My own ears and all my own hair.

daklaw43 karma

  • Do you regret saving the woman?
  • Would you do it again?
  • You mentioned PTSD, what are common things that trigger you and how do you cope?

MitchHunter91 karma

No Yes Being a passenger in a car of a person I don't know well or trust well.

silentxem39 karma

How long did you have to wait for a face donation? Seems like you would be looking for the usual compatibility, and then some features like similar skin tone.

Also, how much of your face needed a transplant? Is your facial hair from your natural face or the transplant?

Thanks for doing the AMA!

MitchHunter94 karma

About 5 months after being listed on the transplant list. 10 years between it and the accident. They do skin tying to match the tone as good as possible, my donor had the same tone, same hair color.

The facial hair is from the donor.

Thanks for asking me questions, I love people's curiosity.

Nhsunray36 karma

You mentioned taking care of your kids as I was scrolling through your responses. Did you meet your wife/girlfriend before or after the accident? When did the kids come along? Do they have any understanding of what you went through? And lastly, do they look at old photographs of you when you before the accident and ask questions about how you may have changed facially? Thank you for doing this AMA!

PS You look great! You're a handsome dude!

MitchHunter42 karma

Before, I had all three before the transplant too. They were pretty young when it happened but they are 6 years old now and kind of understand.

I have showed them old pics to show them what their dad went through.

Thank you!

TheTimespirit34 karma

Do you feel your identity has changed at all post-surgery? Have you had any life-changing moments or epiphanies since surgery?

MitchHunter182 karma

My identity is the same, my sense of humor has gotten a lot better and more darker.

No real major life changing events since the transplant.

fatjeff198031 karma

Hey man. I'm not sure how old you are, but I'm assuming old enough to have got used to your old face. What was the adjustment like, seeing a different face looking back at you in the mirror?

MitchHunter130 karma

35 and that's a misconception by many, I never saw a different face. I looked like me from day one, just very swollen. Now given, I don't look exactly like I would at 35 if the accident never happened, but i do see my family genetic traits still.

ramp_rat_6924 karma

Hey Mitch. I follow you a lot on Facebook, and I talk quite regularly to you as well haha I just want to remain anonymous. But. Here is a financial question. Did insurance cover your bills or how was this very experimental surgery paid for? I know highly trained surgeons won't perform this kind of microsurgery for this long without some kind of monetary compensation.

MitchHunter49 karma

The Department of Defense gave a lot of money to the research program at the hospital. The only thing I have to cover is the prescriptions.

Epithemus23 karma

Are you more physically aware, like does it feel funny, sensitive, or different when you have everyday reactions like laughing or raising eyebrows?

MitchHunter53 karma

Feels just as normal for me as it does for you.

Arob9621 karma

What keeps you busy? Do you work?

MitchHunter152 karma

I just out my two weeks notice in at Adidas for a way better paying job. I take care of my kids, PC game, party, you know all the good things in life!

Mero9019 karma

Thank you for doing this AMA, for some talking about something as personal as a surgery can be difficult.

My question to you is this, for many recipients of transplants rejection is as much as issue as cognisant rejection, ie mentally not being able to tolerate having someone else's face on you face and if putting undue stress upon the recipient. How did you cope with the transition, and the healing process?

MitchHunter78 karma

I coped very well, it never bothered me that it's not my original face. What bothers me is someone had to die for m to receive this gift. A father, brother, son, grandson was lost.

Rejection is always a risk, we face transplant patients typically go through rejection once ayear.

-theGrim-18 karma

What's the probability of known popular criminals to do a face transplant knowing that you had a successful one?

MitchHunter87 karma

Highly unlikely and I hope rich people and actors are never able to do it to look younger.

99strength17 karma

What meds are you taking at the moment? Still on immunosuppressants?

MitchHunter100 karma

prograf, cellcept, prednisone, klonopin, cannabis.

radradruby13 karma

I am an RN who works in an ICU with burn and electrically injured patients. What do you remember from your time in hospital after first injury? What can health care professionals do to make sure people who have experienced similar injuries receive adequately compassionate care?

MitchHunter16 karma

I remember the nurses who loved their job andthe ones who were just at work. The ones who just do it as a job should not have patient contact, they are rude.

The good nurses are what keeps patients sane and happy, well as happy as they can be in such a situation.

My favorite nurse would always bring in a radio for me, talk to me, hang out with me. Even after being released we still remained close firends. He even flew into Boston for my transplant.

Sometimes you guys don;t manag pain properly but I also know their are laws on how much can be given.

For the most part just treat your patients as you would anyone else and not a victim you have pitty for.

MrReey11 karma

So do you feel more Nick Cage or Travolta?

MitchHunter19 karma


AlwaysBeClosing_FL10 karma

Is your face immune to wrinkles/blemishes/freckles? Do you notice a difference between the color tone of your face v body when you tan? Science, your beard, and you are awesome!

MitchHunter21 karma

We don't know yet, I havent aged much from 30 to 35 so it's looking promising. I'm not allowed to tan, my meds put me at a very high risk of various forms of skin cancer

TheMeltingSnowman725 karma

Wow. Hats off to you matey. Can I ask, afterwards, did you ever wake up in the morning and look in the mirror and in your bleary state and forget that it had happened for a moment, and expect to have seen your old face?

Plus, have there been any times you've bumped into people you haven't seen for years and they have/haven't recognised you? What's the ratio?

MitchHunter7 karma

Nah, that's never happened, I always see me when I look in the mirror.

I get recognized by everyone who use to know me before, so the ratio is very very low.

beka_targaryen5 karma

You said you've met you donor's family. What was that like? What was their reaction? Do they think you look like him now? Sounds obvious, but I've read/you've said underlying bone structure helped you look like your "old self" as opposed to just wearing a mask.

MitchHunter13 karma

It was very emotional to say the least, and no they don't think I look like him at all.

NotAlwaysMean3 karma

Wow, you look great dude, no homo. Was your eyesight affected at all? I imagine all that current can't be easy on the eyes.

MitchHunter6 karma

I have perfect eyesight, 20/10 eagle eyes as my eye doc said.

Myl0g3 karma

What was the surgery like? What was it like immediately after the surgery?

MitchHunter16 karma

Well, I was kind of unconscious for the surgery and the three days following, but from what I was told, I came to as I was being wheeled out of the OR and was trying to get out of bed, I must have been really drugged up to think I could have got out of bed without my fake leg lol.

It felt like I was wearing a mask at first, which was a weird sensation.

GrundleHuffer2 karma

So you feel like a voyeur when you visit jerk town?

MitchHunter14 karma

Never been to a strip club in Boston.

dicklesswizard1 karma

Following the surgery, I am sure there was a huge adjustment period, and please forgive me if I come off as ignorant.

Did you catch yourself in the mirror and not know who you were looking at? Or was it more of a familiar sight, like I know that person?

Looking great man, is there further surgery planned to assist further healing? Or are the surgeries over?

MitchHunter6 karma

Honestly I could see my own traits showing through even before the swelling went down. Wasn't really an adjustment phase at all.

There are few minor surgeries around the nose and eyes.

Thanks bro!

DonkeyNozzle1 karma

What is your favorite movie and why is it Face/Off?

Sorry, I'm sure that's a played out/insensitive joke. But seriously, way to go OP. There's a lot of little shit people get bogged down with in life and you'reo chugging along after having gone through something so monumental, and actually ground breaking. Thanks for the AMA!

Edit: thought I was original. I wasn't. I apologize for disappointing you, op

MitchHunter9 karma

I'm a huge fan of Boondock Saints, but the second one was a let down.

vaultboy11 karma

Do you remember anything from the accident? If so, what was that experience like and what does it feel like to be electrocuted?

MitchHunter6 karma

I don't remember 30 mins before it or 27 day after. I was in a coma.

I'm glad I don't know what it feels like to be electrocuted.

rekag1 karma

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us!

Can I just ask a question you probably get a lot regarding your transplant - how come you got one? It's not something people would just go out and do so I'm just wondering how that happened.

MitchHunter3 karma

Googling my name will give you the full story or looking up my old AMA, but to make a long story short, I was in a car accident, driver hit a utility pole, the female passenger was struck by a down wire and I pulled her off and got blasted myself, 10k volts 7 amps for roughly 5 mins. Majority of the electricity exited my face.

Mimos1 karma

You look great!

What were the possible complications?

Were you scared going in?

What was recovery like?

How has your life changed since the operation?

MitchHunter6 karma

Thank you!

Terrified and excited at the same time.

Not bad at all, easier than I thought it would be.

A lot, I became anti-social for a while for reasons i still can't explain. I still have introvert tendencies but I also love going out.

KarlKastor1 karma

Have you ever met someone who knew the donor? What was their reaction?

MitchHunter6 karma

I have not except for their family.

sweaterdresses1 karma

What do you expect to see in the mirror?

MitchHunter3 karma

To see myself which I do. I look similar to my old self, just not exactly like I would if I never got in the accident.

Eloping_Llamas1 karma

If you wake up in the middle of the night and go to the bathroom and look in the mirror do you sometimes get startled by a face that is not your face?

I am sure you must have suffered some tragedy that required the transplant so it must have been some time since you saw your face as you knew it but it would seem to me that in the middle of the night on your own it might give you a fright.

Also, do you have to take drugs so your body doesnt reject the tissue?

Hope you have a long healthy and happy life.

MitchHunter3 karma

I look like me so no, mirrors/reflections don't freak me out.

I take prograf, cellcept, and prednisone.

Thank you!

Eaele1 karma

How is it like being on your local news? Do you get used to it?

MitchHunter3 karma

It was a fun experience but it wasn't just local. Once a local station does a story on me, their affiliates in other states run the story too, Yeah, and even world wide news, documentaries, radio shows, ect.

wuts-uppy-puppy1 karma

Do you watch Game of Thrones? If so, do you have a special affinity for the Many-Faced God plot line? I know I would.

MitchHunter2 karma

I have not watched it yet though I do have it all downloaded.

boostedka891 karma

Has the accident affected how you feel about riding in a car? And if you have a car what is it?

MitchHunter1 karma

If I am in a car with a stranger or someone I don't trust fully, I get freaked out sometime and I hate to use this sjw feminist word, but I get triggered as a passenger in the above mention scenarios.

I have an Elantra - shitty I know, but I love saving money on gas. Looking into getting a motorcycle soon!

ScorchingBonzai1 karma

So how much of the face did you need a transplant for? Was it just parts of the face or the entire face up to the ears and hairline or something like that?

Bertrum1 karma

Do you have a "phantom limb" equivalent reaction to your new face? Do you sometimes mistake old parts of your face to your new face? How is the actual sensation? Can you physically feel a new layer of skin or is just like your old face and you don't notice anything?

MitchHunter3 karma

I do bot have phantom pain/sensation in the face as the nerves have fully regenerated into the new face. When I first got it it did feel like a mask, but now it feels as normal as yours does.

I get severe phantom pains in my amputated leg.

Empty_Null1 karma

Man your skin looks smoother than mine. Have quite a rough skin due to eczema scratching. Have any skincare tips?

MitchHunter3 karma

I really don't do anything special. Now special creams or anything. I use Old Spice Swagger as body and face wash in the shower, rarely use lotion.

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Yeah I look hideous