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My 15 yr old son was shot with a 12 gauge shot gun in the face. He is 2 weeks post op for the mandibular reconstruction. They doctors don't seem very confident in how to repair the mid face area. We have thought about a transplant, but are worried about the long term meds that go along with it. Also wether he will still look like himself, or someone else. What is your medication regimen like?

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Any info would be appreciated.

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Jakob did it himself. He doesn't remember anything from that day. He says he isn't suicidal now, and wasn't before, but it's really difficult to think of a scenario where it was an accident.

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I too had that issue. I never really mentioned it to my gynecologist because I thought it was a psychological thing. There were times when intercourse wasn't painful at all, then there were times when it was unbearable. I ended up having a complete hysterectomy after an ovarian cyst ruptured. Turns out I had a severe case of endometriosis. Now there is no pain at all with intercourse. I could have saved myself 9 years of stress if I had spoken to my doctor more openly.