I'm a stage and pole dancer who has worked at 5 clubs over 10+ years including a popular "chain club" in a metropolitan area. I'm here to answer questions about the job and the people and give you a fresh perspective on this part of the sex industry. Want to know about VIP rooms and if a stripper really likes you? Get the inside scoop here!

I'll be here until I'm sleepy and I'll post the proof pictures below!

Me today: http://imgur.com/43KAATW

My "stripper desk" at the club:http://imgur.com/wqHxwPn

Me in the green room before stage:http://imgur.com/8Mi73Gj

Me in the green room with another dancer: http://imgur.com/6vUWAqK

My warm up pole routine, bonus shitty camera work. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=mH2woV530hw

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Alcohooligan68 karma

In your opinion, are most dancers doing in it out of necessity or do they enjoy it and plan on doing it long term?

ThatSquareChick89 karma

Most do it out of necessity but you'll find a couple of girls at every club who really do love it.

DonKanailleSC51 karma

Do you have to deal with a lot of trouble while giving private dances? Like customers who want to touch you. Is touching allowed? Or maybe stalkers who follow you home?!

ThatSquareChick112 karma

Touching is allowed at our club, dancers discretion only. No slobbering, handjobs, blowjobs, sex, fingering that I know of because the police occasionally send an undercover just because.

As for creeps? At the club that's what bouncers are for. You don't take risks with your safety, if you get a bad feeling about a guy don't dance for him. A gut feeling has saved many people from getting hurt. It's not worth the risk. Don't trust anything someone tells you back there unless it's the price for one more song.

As for following me home, take my advice and don't even live in the same "city" that you dance in. I drove 30+ miles to any of the clubs I worked at because a long drive means I definitely noticed if a creep was trying to follow me. Then you call the cops and follow instructions.

Emblematic83 karma

police occasionally send an undercover just because.

"Just because"

ThatSquareChick145 karma

Yep. These fuckers hated us because we could have touching in the club. They wanted to bust us for prostitution SO BAD. Every time there was a whisper that some girl fucked someone or let her finger them and we'd get these big dudes come in that didn't talk much, bought a half hour in VIP, didn't drink, wouldn't let us fool with their watches or ties (things girls do to get "personal") and left right after. Those guys are under covers.


What's "slobbering"

ThatSquareChick27 karma

Mouth stuff, kissing, licking, sucking, biting, drooling and hickeys. All of that is a no no


Oh, has anyone ever tried to surprise you with a finger blast of the butthole?

ThatSquareChick7 karma

My very first lapdance a guy rolled up a dollar bill and stuck it in my asshole.

I cried, was mortified, hit the guy a lot, threw away the dollar.

Then the other girls laughed with me, told me don't ever do dances and only be bent over the whole time, be mindful of my situation and MAN THE FUCK UP.

I did and never got another poke in the bunghole!

MicroChango37 karma

What does your SO think of your occupation? Does it ever raise any questions? How do people react when you tell them about your work?

ThatSquareChick82 karma

My husband actually gave me courage when I said I wanted to try it. It was something I'd been interested in since I was 17 and I was 22 "then". He was from a bigger city and went to some club and got to know the dancers pretty well and he knew that we were just people doing a job, a job without clothes. He advised me that as long as my dancer life and my private life don't cross over then it's possible to have a good career in dancing. I don't bring my work home with me. They can watch all they want but he gets all of me all the time.

People are pretty shocked because not only do I not look or dress like a stripper out of the club I also don't drive a Bentley. I have a lot of fun picturing what people must think like, "she doesn't look like someone who sucks strange dicks or snorts cocaine off of toilet tanks but..."

Gronkalicious47 karma

People are pretty shocked because not only do I not look... like a stripper

In the nicest way possible you look exactly like what I'd assume a stripper looks like. Pretty but a bit worn down.

RJHSquared20 karma

She probably meant how she dresses/acts in public. Not how her skin is aging.

ThatSquareChick2 karma

Indeed. Everyone ages just some more gracefully than others.

ThatSquareChick3 karma

That's natural at my age. I'm nowhere near busted but getting a little aged to be on stage anymore.

now_its_a_dick_joke41 karma

So... you DO suck strange dicks and do cocaine off toilet tanks though, right?

ThatSquareChick43 karma

No, I suck strange toilet tanks and snort dicks.

ArenzXC-24 karma

So your husband knows that you're having sex with customers all the time? (Young guy here. I don't really know how strip clubs work xD)

ThatSquareChick24 karma

Um. Strippers do not have sex, strippers get you to spend money specifically to not have sex.

Akoraceb36 karma

I use to kick it with some strippers when i was on heroin and man what a time it was they would get me so high. Are drugs a norm for dancers? How dose management feel about the dancers drug useing?

ThatSquareChick89 karma

Drugs and strippers go hand in hand. A lot of girls do it because they make excellent money dancing and promptly hate themselves for it. The stigma that dancers are all whores actually convinces a lot of girls deep in their minds that there is something dirty about getting guys to pay you for spending time with them. They fall for the trap of "what if my parents knew?" Or "I'm not a good person because I strip".

Girls get drunk, smoke weed, do coke and shoot up for the same reasons everyone else does. There's just a higher concentration of people more likely to engage in risk-taking behaviour. Check it out: I'm a pole junkie. If there's a pole, I want to swing on it, it literally gets me high. It's FUN being up on stage and dancing around. Some girls drink and get high because they love that hazy feeling.

So yeah, strippers do drugs. The managers don't want you to get caught. If things are kept quiet enough, a club owner will turn a blind eye, might even participate. They might put up signs about no drugs but there's a bathroom. They might even do bag searches and kick you out if you get caught with drugs but it's usually not until it causes a problem for the club.

SmurfESmurferson32 karma

How did you get into the industry? What about it was so attractive?

ThatSquareChick53 karma

Freedom. You could make your own hours in the beginning, just show up when you want to work go home when you want. I already didn't have a shyness problem so being naked just came naturally (ha ha) so I was like "All I have to do is walk around in my underwear and be fun? Shit, sign me up! The money was really good back then even for someone not good at asking for private dances and so life went on and I kept going and before I knew it I'd been in 4 years.

SmurfESmurferson21 karma

You could make your own hours in the beginning, just show up when you want to work go home when you want

Same reason I got into sales.

I'm guessing your sales put mine to shame (but I'm a straight gal, selling to straight gals and gay guys)

ThatSquareChick8 karma

Neat! What do you do?

amw1574 karma

make your own hours in the beginning, just show up when you want to work go home when you want

Forgive me, I'm not trolling, but how can that be good for the venues you work at?

I'm sure a venue wants to be sure to have a few dancers on-site at any one time. And I'm sure a venue never wants to be without any dancers on-site. So how can you come and go as you please, without the venue having an over- or under-staffed situation?

ThatSquareChick5 karma

Oh please. Strip clubs have at least 30 girls just waiting to come in. Sometimes you have to turn a few away because you've already got 20 in that night. It's part of the business and there's always an amateur girl or two just WAITING to start her career that night. Only dive clubs ever have a shortage.

Phroneo30 karma

What do you look out for when approaching guys to increase your chances that they will get a lap dance off you?

ThatSquareChick34 karma

Did they make eye contact with me and not look away immediately? Better go say hi! It's about body language. I'm not sure if you're asking me about mine or my potential client's?

Phroneo11 karma

I meant do you get more money from guys who are a bit fat, nerdy, handsome, old/young, glases etc.

ThatSquareChick40 karma

You can never tell. Someone wearing flip flops and Bermuda shorts might throw around way more money than the guy in the business suit. The young guy might spend a lot or nothing and an older guy might be a fetish seeker or looking for a no strings relationship after his wife died.

parsifal11 karma

Whoa! How often is the widow thing happening?

ThatSquareChick30 karma

Often enough where I don't get sad anymore. These are OLD dudes. Sometimes too old to even get aroused, I completely understand.

ThereComing14 karma


I went to a strip club twice 6 months apart. I saw an old dude there and I mentioned it to a girl. She said he was there like every week because his wife was dead.

ThatSquareChick11 karma

One of the guys I saw followed his wife last year. Three of us went to the funeral there weren't many people and we didn't attract attention to ourselves, just went to pay our respects. I'll miss Mr. Bill, he always had a joke and a hug.

AgainButShittier6 karma

Can I get a lap dance?

ThatSquareChick26 karma

Sure you want just a lapdance? You can get a half hour with free drinks and no undies for just a little more! ;)

Soloride42015 karma

I'll ask it. Where and how.

ThatSquareChick15 karma

You got me. I'm semi-retired. The club I was most at home at was sold to another owner and I just said "fuckit. Moving to Colorado soon anyway."

ThatSquareChick18 karma

Not where I'm from. That kind of thing will get the whole club shut down. It's those kinds of scenes that give us a bad name. Some dancers do outside work but they don't tell many people about it, it carries a lot of stigma. I personally think prostitution should be legal but I wouldn't go that far.

You can warn a liveable wage doing the least amount of effort.

I am also staunchly child free. I love animals, video games and pointy bangy things. Children are fine when they are someone else's.

PythonEnergy7 karma

pointy bangy things.


AgainButShittier8 karma


PythonEnergy13 karma


ThatSquareChick4 karma

Ding ding ding!!! We have a winner!!!

FlyTaggart14 karma

So, since you mentioned it, how DO you know if a stripper really likes you?

ThatSquareChick24 karma

When she will still sit and smile with you even if you don't always spend money. Everything else is just an act. If a girl sticks around even when there's no money in it there's something else in it.

mercenary_sysadmin8 karma

Protip: just because a stripper sits with you when you aren't spending money still doesn't necessarily mean she wants to fuck you. It is 100% entirely possible that she just likes you as a person, and not as a person whose anatomy she wants to insert into her own anatomy.

Strippers are like any other women. Sometimes they like you as a friend, sometimes they are into you for physical/sexual/romantic stuff. Sometimes they're clear with their signals, sometimes they aren't. Just because you're in a strip club doesn't make navigating that minefield any easier, and doesn't mean you get to shortcut any of the steps. If you're into a stripper who's been spending non-paid time with you, and you're into her as more than a friend, tell her that and see where it goes, don't just assume either that you're automatically in for sexytimes OR that no stripper would ever date someone she met in the club.

ThatSquareChick3 karma

I'm gonna take this and copy paste it to everyone who asks how to get a stripper to like them. Great comment!

mundotaku14 karma

Have you thought about making your own strip club?

ThatSquareChick112 karma

Yeah! With blackjack and hookers!!!

But seriously? No way. The NIGHTMARE of trying to make sure the girls are classified to the labor department correctly and the taxes and which fees are legal and how do you pay them a wage AND give them the freedom they need while not denying them hours and shit? No thanks.

I wouldn't want to be a sleazy club owner who calls the girls "independent contractors" then treats them like employees and screws them over with fines and fees just because they can. I'd want to offer my girls wages and benefits while still allowing them to make their own hours and wear whatever brings them business. The legalities of it make my head spin so no I don't think I'll ever own my own club.

ncurry182 karma

The independent contractor part is for tax purposes. It is so the strippers themselves are responsible for their taxes rather than the club having to withhold and report for them.

ThatSquareChick12 karma

WRONG. That's what they SAY. Then they turn around and give you a dress code, minimum booking hours and days. You become an employee, following their rules and pricing for the low low price of FREE! They don't have to pay you because you have the "opportunity" to make a lot of money. Not only do they not have to pay you but the owners will fine you for behaviour they don't like, make you pay fees you didn't sign up for and make you work days you didn't want to. If you're going to treat me like an employee, pay me 3.50 an hour! It's not rocket science! Then, you can keep girls from suing the FUCK out of you.

Cugudor13 karma

Has anyone ever made it rain on you with hundreds?

ThatSquareChick30 karma

Yessssssss. You seriously haven't lived until you've rolled around on a bed covered with money. Doesn't matter if it's 1's or 100's it's just plain fun.

This guy's dad owned some...thing..I dunno... and had a thing for girls who put on a good show. I have a good show so he started whooping it up and actually threw three racks on my stage and came back every weekend for the whole summer. I did very well that summer and did a fucking metric shit ton of e although not at work.

rey_sirens2211 karma

Hey there! I was wondering, as a 19 year old girl who is contemplating getting into the scene one day (however my boyfriend doesn't really approve so that may be a problem) what was it like for you when you first started? Did you already know how to dance and just walked into a club and said "give me a job"? How did you choose which club you worked out? What are some potential bad practices to look out for when finding clubs to dance in?

ThatSquareChick-16 karma

First off, fucking dump ANY man who is threatened by dancing. That guy doesn't have the self confidence needed to date a dancer.

Now then, I had only danced when I was in ballet and tap in high school and I was a huge dork so I didn't really know how to dance when I first started. I hadn't really even watched a lot of stripper movies either so I didn't know what to expect. No one expects you to know how to dance at first. A lot of guys are attracted to that and you'd make money till you got some moves.

Do you know the difference between a sexy dark place and a seedy dark place? Without being old enough to drink you won't have the experience of being in both dive bars and dark bars. Imagine that good clubs remind you of a fancy restaurant and bad ones remind you of a truck stop. A good club will have friendly, approachable bouncers and staff. A good club's house girls will not start talking behind your back until you out on your shoes.

A bad club will have just one bouncer and he probably will make you want to sink into the floor if you watch him. A bad club has a bartender that makes you "feel" like an amateur, leads you to a dirty, dusty green room and leaves you without answering any of your questions.

My real recommendation? Don't start dancing until you've worked a real job anywhere for a year. I am assuming you've freshly graduated and haven't had a job yet? Or not? Either way, be sure you know how hard it is to make hourly shitty money before you go off to make 100's a night. It teaches you how to budget a little better than just jumping into "free cash for undie night".

rey_sirens2220 karma

This may be really weird coming from someone who is thinking about becoming a dancer, but I actually work at a daycare right now😅 it's terrible though and I definitely think I would appreciate the money more and be more money conscious if I were a dancer.

But on the issue of my boyfriend, I really don't necessarily think it's his fault that he's insecure about it, I'd probably be nervous to find out that he wanted to be a stripper too, but is there any way that I can help him cope with the idea? I don't want to dump him but I really think I could be good at this. I'm confident and I think I'm really sexy and I'm sure if I practiced I could be great on a pole. But I just don't see my boyfriend not being hurt by the fact that I want to share my naked body with other people.

Also (sorry for all the stupid questions haha) do you think that it'd be stupid for me to start dancing so young? I don't want to be one of those girls who starts out knowing nothing about the industry and then gets completely blown out because it wasn't what I expected. Are there any trade secrets that a newbie should know?

ThatSquareChick23 karma

It's not weird at all. Lots of girls lead "double lives". Some girls really are dancing to make it through college.

There's really nothing you can do to help your man cope. Bringing him to the club is not only frowned on but unless you guys get off on swinger play it'll just make him more nervous. Just keep telling him you're a professional. Don't come home drunk. Don't come home high. If something is bothering you about work, don't hide it. Let him know that he's your support. Don't ever hide anything from him about what you did for the money, don't do anything you'd be ashamed of telling only him about doing for money. Remember, he's feeling like there's a part of you that is somehow "better" than the part he he gets. Let him see that the person you are at work and the person you are at home are different but they're both you.

As for breaking in too young, it's like having kids. You kind of just "do it" and pick stuff up along the way. Some clubs have friendly girls who work together, some are filled with catty bitches. No matter what, you have to be confident. You have to walk in there like there's no way they wouldn't want you. Not "my shit doesn't stink" but rather "I'm self aware and not gullible."

Observe. Listen. Watch how the girls act and how the guys act. Watch how management acts. Look where other girls put their things. Watch where other girls sit and where the bartender goes. You'll just want to spend a day watching to see "how" a club operates. Trust your guts. If you feel like there's something off, it won't ever go away. Just leave.

Don't touch other girls things, even if they are on the floor or draped over your stuff. Carry your own alcohol and pole wiping rag. Carry enough things with you to a club where you do not have to use anything of the club's.

Make friends with the Dj and bouncers but for the LOVE OF GOD don't fuck them. Making friends will lower the amount you have to tip them vs quality of service they will provide.

rey_sirens227 karma

This has been so informative :) you seem really genuine and helpful and I don't wanna clog up this thread, would you mind if I PM'd you with more questions?

ThatSquareChick11 karma

Well, sure but I'm sure there are others who will want to know the same things you do so keep asking!

GlacierPineapple10 karma

Biggest dick you've ever seen/felt?

ThatSquareChick90 karma

There was a guy and he would buy a VIP, behave very well through it and then whip his GIGANTIC dong out before leaving. It happened about once a month. He wasn't a jerk and everyone knew who he was and what would happen if you got into a VIP with him. He wouldn't wiggle it at you or smile creepy it was like this weird, quick heyheresmydick and then he'd leave quick. The thing is, is that it was the hugest fucking cock I've ever seen. You couldn't be mad at him because the thing was so big I'm sure it hurt being in pants.

Whenever he came in it was everyone looking at each other "hey, who wants to see a dick for 2 seconds for 200$?" And because he never touched anyone with it or asked for anyone to interact with it at the club OR later we just kind of laughed at it. It was a freak dick. It wasn't threatening although I'm sure it could have crushed a puppy.

CaptCurmudgeon10 karma

How long into your career before you told your family what you do for a living?

ThatSquareChick38 karma

HA! My husband's parents knew right away. Why lie? My parents? If my grandma found out what I did it would be over, I'd give the poor woman a heart attack. I just tell her I work behind the bar, not on top of it.

His parents are really cool, they see it like I see it. It's just a job and I'm not sucking cock or making films so they're ok. His mom used to be a janitor so she knows what it's like to have to tell people that just because you have a weird job that doesn't mean you're weird too. It's all about what you're willing to do for money. Being naked doesn't actually cost me anything and people don't vomit when they see me so I'm ok being naked around people. So I get a big return on a simple investment.

emstyler13 karma

You said why lie and then you lie to your family

ThatSquareChick13 karma

I only lie to one person. Gramma. Everyone else knows what I do. She's 86. I think I'm allowed that.

facethehorizon10 karma

i once read a Cracked article that stated that the stripper industry was absolute hell on the knees, ankles, back, etc.... are you at all concerned about that affecting your health in the future, and does your job provide adequate health insurance to cover?

ThatSquareChick24 karma

I've broken a wrist, cracked a tooth, had my knees blow up with fluid and had countless times where I was too sore to move the next day. I can definitely feel how it's affected me over the years.

Health benefits? HA!! Strip and incur medical costs at your own risk. We don't get paid a waitress wage much less get benefits.

facethehorizon1 karma

i'm sorry to hear that :(

i guess that brings me to my next question..... is it worth it?

ThatSquareChick15 karma

Fuck yes! I lived a whole decade exactly how I wanted to and I don't have any debt. Even if I spend some of my life with busted knees it's still worth it.

SweetLittleButtercup7 karma

Ah, I saw your comments earlier and hoped you would do an AMA!

Any regrets?

ThatSquareChick19 karma

I regret biting the pole and losing half a tooth.

I regret moving to Nashville. Even though I got to broaden my horizons and get a friend and some life experience I didn't have, I wish I'd never gone. My life would be totally different. I would have still been dancing but I feel like simply being happy where I was would have been so much better than falling for the stupid trope of "the grass is greener in a bigger city!"

I regret not getting a boob job when I was 25. I'm still an excellent candidate for boob surgery but at this point it would mostly be for my self-confidence and my husband's digital glee.

SweetLittleButtercup3 karma

Ouch on the tooth thing. Just get too into it one day?

I've never heard good things about Nashville. Maybe visit, but never stay. At least you got something out of it, even if you wish you hadn't moved there.

Why boobs at 25? Just never cared for the size? I'm a DD and always felt like they were too small.

ThatSquareChick7 karma

I wear 8 inch heels. One day I was fucking around on stage without them, forgot to compensate during a hair whip and when I bent at the waist around the pole I just bit it square on. Just awful! So scared that people would think I was ugly but no one seemed to notice.

I used to have DD boobs from birth control. When I got off the BC, all the fat on my body melted off and I got left with sad little pancake egg titties. Once, I gained about 20lbs after getting out of jail and I saw what I could be if I just got a boob job. I was floored. I didn't even look like me. I just couldn't keep up eating THAT MUCH FOOD. Jesus Christ it was a lot of food and rollerblading 12 miles every other day. You'd have to see it.

Awesomefusion7 karma

how come you went to jail?

ThatSquareChick24 karma

Weed. Got caught with a couple plants in my bedroom and me and the husband both caught felony charges on it. I sat 3 months and he sat 6. Bullshit if you ask me.


How bitter is it going to be when it's completely legal everywhere in like 10 years? I hope they expunge the records of every weed offender once it's leagal.

ThatSquareChick2 karma

I was bitter when I was seeing commercials for the "VICE TV" and they were doing specials on how weed wasn't as harmful as everyone thought.

taracus3 karma

Weed. Got caught with a couple plants in my bedroom and me and the husband both caught felony charges on it. I sat 3 months and he sat 6. Bullshit if you ask me.

How did they motivate the sentencing?

Was he considered more responsible in some way or was it just a case of "a man can handle an extra 3 months"?

ThatSquareChick3 karma

Man can handle extra three months. Stupid bastards.

motherwarrior6 karma

My god, you are strong. That is an incredible amount of athleticism you are exhibiting. How much do you practice?

ThatSquareChick3 karma

Every other day. I'd love to have my own pole so I don't have to leave the house!

ent4rent6 karma

How much do you make annually? Do you have a retirement funded? What's the most you made in one night and one customer?

ThatSquareChick16 karma

I make somewhere around 19-20,000 annually. I haven't put away for retirement so much as invested. I have a court case pending which will be what I would have gotten from saving for retirement but the number isn't clear yet so to be determined later this year.

I once gave a champagne room dance to a guy who loved to throw tips as you were shaking around on his lap. I don't know if he meant it or if he was grabbing from the wrong end of the roll but he was tossing 100 dollar bills like 1's. By the time he had finished there was just over 2000$ on the floor, in the couch, stuffed in my socks....just everywhere. It took a moment to try to get track of all of them and when I went out to tell him/thank him, he was gone.

It ALWAYS fucking happens like that too. Be dancing around, nothing special, guy walks up and throws a rack before he walks out. You just get lucky.

Vonderbock16 karma

WTF?!?!?!? $19-20K? Holy sheeet you must suck...and not literally. I mean, you must be the noon dancer.

Wikicomments7 karma

She could be lying for tax evasion purposes

ThatSquareChick2 karma

I'm actually guesstimating. I don't get a car every year but I get to pay my bills by doing something I really like: being up on stage. So maybe it's more like 25,000 a year but I'm not rich.

Fabreeze632 karma

But... surely when you do your taxes, you have an idea of what you made? If you have guys throwing 2k at you, albeit NOT OFTEN, that's more than a "month" of income based at 20k per year. Somethings not adding up.

ThatSquareChick2 karma

Yeah, the fact the 2000 day came at the end of January when my average is about 350 a week. A good week is 500, a great one is anything over that.

AgainButShittier2 karma

Should I become a stripper?

ThatSquareChick3 karma

Depends. Why do you want to strip?

steponmeiring5 karma

How long will you do this for? What will you do after?

ThatSquareChick10 karma

I'm done for now in kind of a holding pattern. I'm trying to move to a different state and if things turn out well for me I may get a boob job and continue for another 3 years or so. I'm only 32 without kids so my physical condition is still good and I'm kind of in love with the pole. So, I guess you could say that if I'm too old to show off then I want to teach others how to pole. I've taught a few girls over the years and it's really something awesome to know that she will succeed and part of it is me.

hotwifefun8 karma

Can I just say that one of the reasons I don't go to strip clubs anymore is that I'm now older and can't really relate to women in their early 20's anymore. I'd love to be able to watch a woman closer to my own age, that I'm more attracted to and have more in common with.

ThatSquareChick2 karma

We exist! Nearly every club has their older women. Sometimes you "think" those are younger ladies but I used to fool people all the time. Makeup is a magical thing and so is exercise!

AyyLMAOdazdank5 karma

The important questions.

You play video games?

ThatSquareChick5 karma

Absofuckinlutely. I even have gaming tattoos! Games are a huge part of me and definitely a large part of my day.

AyyLMAOdazdank2 karma


All time favorite?

ThatSquareChick11 karma

Original Team Fortess. I will heavy weapons the SHIT out of that.

Right now though I'm replaying Grandia for playstation and getting my Destiny on pretty regular

Cyrotil2 karma

Unrelated to your otherwise interesting AMA :) Not sure if you played it but Grandia Xtreme on the ps2 was the shit.

ThatSquareChick3 karma

I'm getting there, gotta finish Grandia and Grandia II first.

PlumScone5 karma

What is/was dating like with your job? How does your husband feel about it? Does he give you any rules regarding your job? (Being allowed in the VIP Room)

Also, what if the guy you're giving a lap dance smells?

ThatSquareChick17 karma

Rules? It's my job, I'm doing it and I'm not doing anything shady in there like touching penises so what would be the problem? It's just my job not something i do because I have a fetish for strange people.

I don't mind rubbing up on strangers but that's part of my "dancer persona". Imagine it like this: I am like a magician who does close-up magic. I am an actress who acts on your lap. Who I am at the club is just like who other people are at their jobs. You might be super polite at your job in the office but at home you can just be you. Dancer me is the real me, just certain parts.


Who knows why a guy stinks and unless it's any bodily fluid then why care? Some guys come in right off the job. Some guys come in after marathons and working on cars. It's not my place to ask or judge because a guy is gonna pay me based on my ability to not judge.

SteveHeaves5 karma

How do you feel about Nashville's "3 Foot Rule" and the other laws regarding strip clubs?

ThatSquareChick10 karma

The three foot rule is shit. People want real human contact. You can get better on tv

ThatSquareChick3 karma

I've been looking for that club for ages. Called a performance club, the girls get wages and dance as background entertainment, there's food at tables, girls can hang but don't do private dances.

That's what I want.

ThatSquareChick3 karma

Yep. It's embarrassing but if I'm in front of someone and I gotta fart and can't walk away, I do a pole trick then come back down, easy peasy!

ThatSquareChick3 karma

Just be normal. Don't give off any hint of being desperate. I know it sounds like a bad romcom but once you walk in the door it's very very hard to get past a client relationship.

MrPopo92 karma

Guys ever try to slide a finger in? Does it turn you on when giving a guy a lap dance and he gets aroused?

ThatSquareChick10 karma

Dudes try that shit all the time like I can't feel your finger going past where I told you it could legally go. That's why I said it can't go in there, because I don't want it there and it's illegal. If I wanted a guy to finger bang me I'd go home.

When you get aroused its like a compliment. We may have good chemistry but for the most part I'm a professional doing a job, well enough for you to think I'm really turned on. When the dance is over, the scene is over...cut.

87_was_good2 karma

Have you seen any underage girls working? If so, where (in vague terms) and how many. Is it common?

ThatSquareChick7 karma

I have seen them come in the day after they turned 18. Some of the girls who worked before my time started early but I didn't get to hear any if those stories :(

ThatSquareChick2 karma

A 1994 ford tempo. Hahahahaha. One of the girls gave me a diamond necklace for driving her home when she was drunk for three months straight

ThatSquareChick2 karma

I don't so drugs at work so I don't know about it much but I do know that YES you can totally get a bill that high, they could have been really shady and kept running a credit card. There are ways to do this and guys rarely dispute the charges.

ConchitaMylove2 karma

Hi current stripper here....what is your sales pitch to get a dance after collecting your tips? Are you the type that would sit with them for a while before closing the sale?

ThatSquareChick2 karma

I'm definitely a shmoozer. Sometimes when a guy is at stage I'll just ask him "you wanna go have some fun when I get down?" And a lot of times that works. Sometimes when I'm on the floor I'll just walk up, ask to sit, comment about whatever they've got their eyes on and wait for the moment. If the moment passes and no dance, I wish them a good time and move on. I might stay if nothing's going on anyway and they're funny.

khuku24q1 karma

What is HYPE may never die?

hellnoggin1 karma

How has your job changed your view of men?

ThatSquareChick3 karma

I relate to them much better now. Even pervy guys are still human. Everyone is human, everyone gets mad. I don't think the guys who come in are just sleaze bags like I did at first. I respect a guy who knows what he wants and has enough balls to ask me.

vanillathunder121 karma

Do you have any thoughts or opinions on RCI Hospitality (formerly known as Rick's Cabaret, largest and only publicly traded gentleman's club)? Management, working environment, professionalism, pay, culture, employees, etc.

Edit: For a little more clarification, RCI owns the following:


Club Onyx

XTC Cabaret

Jaguars Club

Temptations Adult Cabaret

Vivid Cabaret

Foxy's Cabaret

Downtown Cabaret

The Seville

Cabaret North

Cabaret East

Vee Lounge

Tootsie's Cabaret

Silver City Cabaret

Club Dulce

ThatSquareChick2 karma

I very much appreciate the effort that Rick's took to get us out of the dark and into the stock market but they still did the no-no when it came to classifying their dancers to the IRS.

Ricks got sued about this in 2014 and clubs all over are scrambling to either conform to the laws regarding independent contractors or hope that they don't piss the dancers off enough to sue.

I used to work for ANOTHER big chain with a Lady's Name instead of "Ricks" and it was only different from the other private clubs in a few ways:

Advertising. Holy bejesus did they advertise. It was FANTASTIC! People would say they saw our commercial, heard our radio ad, saw a flyer, got a business card or even a piece of our merchandise and we got a LOT of business even for being in Nashville. I LOVE giant crowds!

Specials. We did a half hour showcase where all the girls had to drop everything (unless in a dance) and come up to "showcase" on stage and then we picked up merchandise and tried to sell dances "3-for-40$" that included a swag of some kind. (I still have shirts, hats, porn, an umbrella, duffels, golf balls, golf tees and golf towels) then you paid the club 20$ and you kept 20$. If the guy didn't want the merch we got to keep it. A lot of things in my home are from this collection.

Promotionals. All the clubs with our name did these, you'd get four or five of us who were exceptional in heels for extended periods and send us to concerts and conventions as mobile ads. We would get teeny weeny shirts and itty bitty booty shorts (both with the club name) and a bunch of flyers and business cards. We'd have our makeup done professionally and then go out into the crowd, giggling coyly and handing out little cards with "free drink" on them hoping that when these drunk bastards got out of this event they'd still want to party. We'd go for the whole thing (I got to see Judas Priest, Whitesnake, Ted Nugent AND Lynard Skynard this way) and wait in our little party shuttle for anyone who wanted a ride DIRECTLY to the club. Buttfuck it all, it WORKED.

Black_Delphinium1 karma

Have you ever read or heard of the book Bare: The Naked Truth About Stripping? If so, what do you think about it?

ThatSquareChick7 karma

Yes but since it was about peep show dancing and a significantly different view of lap dancing I couldn't really relate. I got into dancing without being in debt. I never worked with a house mother who abused us or took our money and my husband has enough confidence in himself to know that money isn't what I'm with him for, I don't have any relationship problems because I dance. These differences made it hard for me to enjoy that book.

[deleted]1 karma


ThatSquareChick5 karma

Me today: http://imgur.com/43KAATW

My "stripper desk" at the club:http://imgur.com/wqHxwPn

Me in the green room before stage:http://imgur.com/8Mi73Gj

Me in the green room with another dancer: http://imgur.com/6vUWAqK

second-and-sebring-2 karma

I think the "stripper desk" photo has a bottle of E-juice. What flavor, and what E-cig do you have?

         -yes I vape

ThatSquareChick0 karma

I have an innokin itaste and that's a bottle of banana crush juice. Tastes like goddamned banana bread.

southern_gypsy1 karma

I see you're talking about the Nashville area. What shops do you frequent? TN Vape in Hendersonville, Gaslight in Gallatin are a couple I can say have some pretty good juices. I never go into the heart of Nashville, I stay on the outskirts away from the madness of the big city. Haha

ThatSquareChick1 karma

I used to live in Nashville, I live back in Wisconsin now.

second-and-sebring0 karma

Thank you! That does sound delicious! If you like fruity dessert flavors, try out key Lime Pie, one of my favorites!

ThatSquareChick1 karma

The ones I've tried taste like soil. But then again limes have a kind of taste like that too so...