Hello Reddit, I’m Tony Hale! You may know me from my current role as body man Gary Walsh on HBO’s VEEP or as Buster Bluth from Arrested Development. It’s time to AMA!

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Edit: Thanks so much for asking all the great questions!!!! Happy Happy Wednesday!

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ogfergison2467 karma

Were the producers of Veep reluctant to bring you on knowing that they would need to crop out your hook hand every episode? Does this show how great of an actor you are to overcome that tragedy and continue your career as an actor?

Tony_Hale2012 karma

Thank you very much. They've used CGI.

mrsmeeseeks1725 karma

Heyyyy brother. You and JLD are the best together. How often do you two improvise your scenes? I don't think I ever laughed as hard as the bathroom scene and that random bike book that was in your bag.

edit: omg I got to call Tony Hale brother, my life is complete

edit2: here is the bathroom scene, spoiler alert?

Tony_Hale1275 karma

Thank so much! They give us 2 weeks of rehearsal before we shoot and they allow us to play with the material. They work very hard on the scripts but allow us that freedom. very grateful for that.

BrigadierRayRay474 karma

From what I hear, two weeks of rehearsal seems like a lot. How common are rehearsals in the film industry and how much time are you usually given?

Tony_Hale908 karma

In TV...very rare. Typically you show up and shoot.

Chickens-dont-clap1546 karma

Which Arrested Development cast member was the funniest off camera on the set?

Also, I'm guessing you don't have any, but can you give us any info on the future of AD?

Tony_Hale2638 karma

Will Arnett made me laugh hard. I get all my information from the internet...do you have any news?

Bmbaker1545 karma

Hi Tony! I'm a huge fan, and I am also your non-celebrity doppelganger. I dress up as you for every Halloween an it's always a hit. Would you mind flying to my city in the US for a day so we can hang out and take selfies together?

The proof: http://imgur.com/mfzerwg

Tony_Hale1029 karma

Do you even have my nose??? Well done!

Friedso1265 karma

Hey, Tony! You were in "Beginner Pottery", one of my favorite Community episodes, way back in season 1. How was your experience?

Tony_Hale1243 karma

Great. I love Joel McHale and the Russo Brothers directed the episode who directed the pilot of Arrested Development. Love those guys.

HampsterParty121232 karma

What was your favorite moment when filming Arrested Development?

Tony_Hale3799 karma

When sweet Buster went on a cussing rant about his mother. He had a lot of inner angst.

get-it-away913 karma

BUSTER! Have you received any new awards from army?

Tony_Hale1032 karma


adedward671 karma

Hello, u/Tony_Hale! Big fan.

I'm hosting a get together with some friends later on. What are your bare necessities to ensure the party is off the hook?

Tony_Hale2132 karma

Juice of course.

joeybdot627 karma

What's the last great book you've read?

Tony_Hale1990 karma

My daughter's 4th grade essay...she killed it.

StockmanBaxter550 karma

My wife and I are huge fans of yours. Buster and Gary make both Arrested Development and Veep so much better.

How often do you slip in a few of Buster Bluth's mannerisms when playing Gary Walsh?

Accidental or on purpose?

Tony_Hale1153 karma

There have been times when Gary is peeking around the corner that I feel I've morphed into Buster.

cpietr01541 karma

Do you have any advice on dealing with a mother who gets off on being withholding?

Tony_Hale639 karma

Hilarious. Codependency is awesome huh?

dont_trust_my_lies447 karma

What was it like having to amputate your hand for a role?

Tony_Hale1025 karma

Awful. But I'm a method actor. Do what you gotta do.

g4yg4n438 karma

Hi Tony! I'm a huge fan of AD and Veep. The cast on both seem to get along so well, and everyone seems to have such a fantastic sense of humor. Have there been any really memorable scenes for you that were hard to shoot because some cast members couldn't stop laughing? Thanks in advance for your time and your response. Can't wait to see what comes next for Arrested Development!

Tony_Hale1318 karma

On Veep...I'm constantly cracking up. Julia once told me "Tony, you know you're not watching the show, you're in the show"

communikay394 karma

My wife admits she has a crush on you. What is a flaw about yourself I can tell her so that she'll be disgusted with you and once again attracted to me?

Tony_Hale588 karma

I have a full on dad bod.

thebabybananagrabber389 karma

LOVE all of your characters!! How much of of Buster was an influence on Gary? Also who is worse....Selina or Gange?

Tony_Hale547 karma

There's bits of Buster in Gary definitely. Wow...that's a hard choice...I think Gange would win in a cage fight.

jheazy360 karma

ARMY must have another 1/2 day today?

Tony_Hale237 karma

Of course.

siahbabedblsiah348 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA, TONY!

I am a huge fan of yours. Your acting on Arrested Development was one of the best comedic performances I've seen.

I have two quick questions for you. First, was there a scene that you almost couldn't get through filming during Arrested Development because it was hard not to laugh?

Second question: Any juicy stories involving you and other Arrested Development cast members, on or off set?

PS: My favorite scene that you were in isn't talked about as much. It's when you can't see, and you're talking to (I believe) a pinata, thinking it's Lucille 2. Your head is bouncing back and fourth. Your vision is blurry. "Como...EsTOY." My favorite line that you say in the series, that my buddies and I still recite, is (bleep bleep bleep bleep) "YA OLD HORNY SLUT!!!", when you're frustrated with Lucille.

I am in tears laughing just thinking about it.

Tony_Hale749 karma

Most of my scenes with Will Arnett were really hard to get through. Stories...Liza Minelli took my wife and I out to lunch once and told us amazing stories of her life. I'll never forget it.

smorbach328 karma

Who is your favorite bluth? EDIT: and why?

Tony_Hale1039 karma

Lucille of course.

vegetarian_foster267 karma

Dear Mr Hale,

I sat next to you at upright citizens brigade show about three years ago. You were with your wife and seemed to be enjoying a lovely night out. After the show, I summoned the courage to introduce myself. I looked to you and squeaked, "Hey, you're that actor from The League, Dr. Andre, right?" This is when you politely chuckled at my mistake, held out your hand and said, "oh no, I'm Tony Hale." Now, while I was a huge Arrested Development fan, unfortunately I was so embarrassed that I sort of slithered away outside. Then, about half an hour later while I was eating some sushi with my parents, you walked by, and, now filled to the brim with excitement for getting a chance to correct my earlier mistake, I called out to you, "You're from Arrested Development! You're Tobias!" Oh. My. God. Vegetarian_Foster you imbecile. Anyway. I am sincerely sorry, and I hope you know that I still cringe at how inept I was that night. So, Mr. Hale, my question for you is do you accept my late, late apology for mistaking you for not one, but two different actors?

Tony_Hale325 karma

Please do not cringe anymore!!! If you had any idea of how many awkward things I've done...you would feel so much better. I'm an awkward disaster!

SaturnianGazelle267 karma

How much of Veep is improvised? Who's the quickest? Is there anyone in particular whose improv regularly gets cut?

Tony_Hale476 karma

Matt Walsh is a master improver. I've learned a lot from him.

BrigadierRayRay257 karma

First of all, let me say that you're a master of your craft. I'm a drama student and I was wondering if you could say anything about your method as an actor or how you approach text to produce such real characters that aren't just comedic caricatures? Thank you so much and please keep making me laugh forever.

Tony_Hale764 karma

that's so kind. Thank you. Hmmm...even though characters are extreme, I always try to find the vulnerability and honesty. Don't always succeed with some but try. As an actor though, remember to stay present. This business will force you to always look to the next thing. not worth it, stay here. And also, this business will say "you have value when..."...not true... your value stays the exact same before and after "success".

isawaa252 karma

Hi Tony, big fan of your work in AD!

Did the cast noticed/knew every joke that Mitchell Hurwitz put in the series? I watch the show every week in Netflix and I'm constantly finding new jokes that I'd never noticed.

Also, which Jessica Walter is the worst mother, Lucille or Mallory Archer?

Tony_Hale374 karma

I only watch each episode like 2 times so there's TONS I missed...i love when people come up to me an talk about the show. They inform me of so much stuff.

MehPsh219 karma

For someone whose never seen VEEP, but is a fan of you, why should I watch it?

Tony_Hale602 karma

It's a fantastic satire of what is probably happening behind the scenes in DC. A must watch! Start from the beginning.

A_Smack_of_Ham176 karma

What actor have you worked with that made you break the most?

Tony_Hale362 karma

Julia Loius Dreyfus...definitely.

NowhereMan1965169 karma

Mother Boy or Bagman? I love both shows and thanks for being so funny!

Tony_Hale165 karma

Thank you!!! Both very awkward names.

mmize266136 karma

Did your recent Funny or Die shoot for "Captain America Civil War Reenactors" make you want to be in a real Marvel movie in the future?

Tony_Hale283 karma

Yes!!! However, I would definitely need a fake muscle suit to cover up my dad bod.

TranscendMaxExposure118 karma

Favorite memory from AD? Also, what's your third favorite color, and first favorite dance move?

Tony_Hale246 karma

Hearing stories from Liza Minelli, orange, running man.

thomfountain112 karma

What's your favorite Jonah insult?

Tony_Hale497 karma

Frankenstein if Frankenstein was made entirely of dead dicks.

theblackfool91 karma

You're fantastic. Just wanted to get that out there.

Are there any shows you want to cameo on? What's your favorite minor role you've done?

Tony_Hale219 karma

YOU'RE fantastic! Hmmmm...I love Masterchef. My daughter would lose her mind if I was a guest on that show.

raving97180 karma

While playing Buster, did you ever get to do a rendition of a "chicken dance" ? If so, we're you permitted to create the dance or was a version of it created and shown to you?

Tony_Hale298 karma

Buster had too much compassion for chickens to make fun of them.

sofiavenegast74 karma

what is your favorite line from veep?

Tony_Hale446 karma

Jonah being called the largest single cell organism.

wastelanderness70 karma

What was it like to be on Good Mythical Morning with Rhett & Link?

Tony_Hale83 karma

Love those guys. We've been friends for awhile and I appreciate what they do.

Sheittanis66 karma

Oh shit, I loved your work in Arrested Development. What would you say was the most challenging thing to do during that time? And how was it working with the rest? I always got the vibe that the sets/cast had chemistry off-screen as well

Tony_Hale106 karma

Most challenging...hmmm. It was my first show experience so at first, I was a bit overwhelmed but then got into it. The cast, writing, Mitch Hurwitz...gift to work with those people.

Mutt122362 karma

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Tony_Hale177 karma

Love this question! Mint chocolate chip!

Bokonon-60 karma

Hey Tony! Hope you are doing well!

I was wondering, what ever happened to the show 'Boldly Going Nowhere' that you were going to do with the guys from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia? Is there any plans to make it still? Or has it fallen off the table at this point.

Thanks for your time, and I will hopefully be seeing you next month at the Veep event for the Just For Laughs festival in Montreal!

Tony_Hale201 karma

So glad you're going to be in Montreal! Really excited about that. Had such a great time on Boldy Going Nowhere...such a great team...but I guess it Boldly Went Nowhere.

ThumbsUpGunsUp59 karma

Tony, my boss says she knows you....how do I know if she's telling the truth?

Tony_Hale195 karma

Is your boss my highschool bully from Tallahassee, Florida? Than I don't know him.

kkthedoctor52 karma

Hey! Great to have you on reddit 😁😁 me and my housemates find arrested development so hilarious, we can never figure out how you guys keep straight faces! Is there any particular time when everyone cracked up on set? 😊😊

Tony_Hale134 karma

I cracked up every single day...very unprofessional.

PM_Moi_Something50 karma

If you could be a bagman for anyone in real life, who would it be?

Tony_Hale168 karma

If I do it for anyone other than my wife, I'll be in trouble.

Richard_Shaft41 karma

I'm a huge fan, and I think you're great in everything I've seen you in! Between Veep and AD, do you ever fear that you will be typecast as a weird timid guy in future projects?

Tony_Hale125 karma

Weird and timid is interesting. Bring it on!

A_Smack_of_Ham40 karma

Is it hard to type answers with a hook for a hand?

Tony_Hale63 karma

I've gotten good at it.

T4STE37 karma

This isn't a question but you were awesome in Happythankyoumoreplease. And of course as my fave char in AD, how much juice could Buster actually drink?

Tony_Hale74 karma

Thank you!!!! There are no limits for Buster with juice.

mmize26636 karma

First of all totally love all your work!

Arrested Development or Veep? Which cast is more fun to work with? I'm sure being on set is hilarious for both.

Tony_Hale81 karma

Julia Louis Dreyfus is a slave driver! No, she's the best in the biz.

Georgiabulldawgs1628 karma

Hey Tony! What is your favorite scene from Veep?

Tony_Hale125 karma

When Selina walked through the glass door and Gary wouldn't give her a mirror to see her face. He was horrified.

ImRichieDagger23 karma

Hi Tony! I'm a huge fan of your work. How did you get involved with Yoga Hosers? I love Kevin Smith and the trailer for that looks insane (in a good way).

Tony_Hale40 karma

He kindly asked and I'm excited to see it. The little sausage guys crack me up.

paco10419 karma

Hi Tony! Who would win in a fight: Gary or Buster?

Round 1) Buster still has both his hands

Round 2) Buster is a monster (has a hook for a hand)

Round 3) Selina and Lucille join the fray and fight alongside Gary and Buster, respectively

Thanks, and I love all your work!

Tony_Hale61 karma

great question 1) Buster would be hiding in a corner and Gary would be consoling him 2) Buster. And Gary would block Buster's hook with his bag. 3) Lucille would take us all down.

Jfm5099 karma

Has your role as Garry been aided by playing Buster for 4 seasons, both being quite timid and idolizing a mother figure?

Tony_Hale43 karma

There's definitely similarities but i feel Gary could counsel Buster and be a friend. Buster needs it.

Flippy_Tippy7 karma

When I explain your role in Veep I call it a 'subdued' Buster. Would you consider this accurate? Or do you think there are some glaring differences? If so please point them out.

Tony_Hale12 karma

Gary would definitely stand up for Selina whereas if Lucille was in trouble, Buster would just be rocking in a corner. But i think Buster needs Gary as a friend.

Clever_BigMack6 karma

What was your favorite scene to shoot on AD and why?

Tony_Hale15 karma

When Buster went on a cussing rant about his mother...all his issues beautifully came up.

fatscumbag6 karma

You are very prompt I appreciate that. What do you appreciate in your celebrity crushes?

Tony_Hale15 karma


StockmanBaxter5 karma

How much improv is there on Veep?

Tony_Hale9 karma

The spend a lot of time on the scripts but then give us rehearsal time to play around with it. So fun.

pm-me-ur-window-view5 karma

Hi Tony!

What books, movies or tv shows do you think Gary Walsh enjoys?

Tony_Hale17 karma

He goes home and listens to a recording of ocean waves. Only thing which detoxes him.

mmize2665 karma

Did you take any props or pieces from the sets of your shows? Maybe something Buster got from Army?

Tony_Hale6 karma


foof1824 karma

What was your favourite arrested development moment?

Tony_Hale6 karma

Anytime Buster lost it. Loved it.

Henry-Jones-Jr3 karma

Heyyyyyy brother - you get the chance to play the main role of any movie... which movie do you choose and why?

Tony_Hale6 karma

I loved Punch Drunk Love. Loved it.

rbevans3 karma

Where did you find your inspiration for Buster Bluth and did you ever find the juice stash?

Tony_Hale6 karma

At the time, he was pretty much a 7 year old in a 32 year old body.

TranscendMaxExposure3 karma

Favorite music to listen to at the moment?

Tony_Hale8 karma

Penny and Sparrow.

Meunderwears2 karma

What would your "body man" carry in his bag for you?

Tony_Hale4 karma

Daily devotionals.

Shaysdays2 karma

How cooperative was David Cross on the set of the Chipmunks movie?

Tony_Hale10 karma

We didn't work on Chipmunks together...he was on the previous movies. I was on the recent one. He's a great dude though.

SaulsAll2 karma

What is it like to be almost exclusively known for a single type of character? Is it a conscious decision to always go for parts that are "awkward milksop," or do casting agents just seem to overlook you for different roles? Have you ever considered a more dramatic or villainous role, or do you prefer to always take on similar, comedic characters? If you were to branch out, which direction would you take?

Tony_Hale2 karma

Thankfully I've been able to play other kinds of characters in other shows and movies. But i am very grateful for Buster and Gary!