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Hey Aziz, huge fan! (Like everyone else here I guess)

Thanks for all the laughs you've given, you've truly helped me and many others through some less than stellar times.

What in your opinion is the most underrated thing you've done? Or what is something you've done that you feel deserves a bigger spotlight? Any regrets?


Some white kid from Michigan.

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You're fantastic. Just wanted to get that out there.

Are there any shows you want to cameo on? What's your favorite minor role you've done?

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Hey guys! Huge fan!

Few questions cause i'm greedy like that. I, like many people I'm sure, discovered you when you first showed up on the Gorillaz album. Since then I've got some of your own albums and enjoy them immensely. Later on you also did Superfast Jellyfish with them. Now that they have confirmed a new album, any chance you'll make a new appearance with them? What was it like working with Damon Albarn? I've heard a lot of people can have trouble working with him. Who was the most memorable musician you've ever worked with? Anyway, thanks for being an important part of my life, it's always great to hear you pop up on my headphones.

Keep doing what you do guys!

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I texted my fiance and told her how thrilled I was that you responded. She wants to know if she can have concert tickets since we are best friends now.

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What's your dream franchise to star in?